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MTM Manal Rayess

Every night when you drift to sleep, a fairy comes from the land of Forever Alive, and checks the torch that was set ablaze for you by the sun in the dawn of that day. She will decide whether to give the last blow to the already dying fire, or whether she will take it and plant it in the eternal soil of the Forever Alive land. Aside from this cute bedtime fairy tale, but the takeaway is that whether you had lived a day that never dies or just passed through another day is something that can be actually inferred: by the amount of vivid memories you created, the amount of love you felt, the amount of smiles you planted, the baby steps or big leaps you made towards your dreams, the amount of inspirations you sparked, the amount of happiness you spread, and the amount of influence you made. Your age is measured by the number of blown-away torches, but your life is measured by the number of forever-blazed torches. In one word, it is how you “Carpe Diem”, how you seize the day (as in the famous Latin phrase).

We are blessed to be living in a world-class city that became an icon of happiness, dynamism, dreams, young hopes, forward thinking, and opportunity. The Hope Probe is the name that is given to the spacecraft that is be launched from UAE to the Mars in 2020. “Connecting Minds..Creating The Future” is the theme selected for Expo 2020 to be hosted in Dubai. Ministry of Happiness is the first ministry of its kind in the world. “Year of Giving” is the theme of the year as named by UAE leadership. From the heart of this vivid city, Dubai Toastmasters Club joins the fast-paced rhythm and defining values of Dubai. In every meeting we rejoice the surge of happiness and joy. Every meeting is an opportunity of each of us to grow. Every meeting we come together from diverse cultures and backgrounds to share, connect, and grow. We have agreed in our Excomm Committee that we want to seize the opportunity to lead the club for this year and go few miles further, and achieve new things, together. And when the fairy of the Forever Alive land comes to examine our end of year torch, we hope that she will take it with her to rise ablaze for so many years to come! EDITORIAL TEAM MTM Manal Rayess Editor-in-Chief

MTM Biji Devassy Senior Editor & Proof Reader

TM Bosco Mascarenhas Graphic Designer





Dear members, imagine that there is a bank which credits your account each morning with AED 86,400, carries over no balance from day to day, allows you to keep no cash balance, and every evening cancels whatever part of the amount you had failed to use during the day. What would you do? Draw out every pound, of course! Well, everyone has such a bank, its name is Time. Every morning, it credits you with 86,400 seconds. Every night it writes off, as lost, whatever of this you have failed to invest to good purpose. It carries over no balance. It allows no overdraft. Each day it opens a new account for you. Each night it burns the records of the day. If you fail to use the day's deposits, the loss is yours. There is no going back. There is no drawing against the "tomorrow". Therefore, there is never enough time or too much time. It is never the question whether we have enough time to do things, but it is rather whether it is a priority or not. We started this year with some objectives in front of us, we set our target up high to push each one of us to reach further. We want as your elected Executive Committee to set a standard and to leave a legacy. We shared with you our objectives for the year at the beginning of the year and we knew this is going to be hard to achieve. We knew it is almost a full time job, but we made it a priority. We helped each other to stay focused on the available time bank we have and we pushed each other hard to deliver our

APRIL 2017

promises to you. We worked together as a team, we agreed, disagreed, laughed most of the time and had heated discussion some other times. I would like to share with you some of the technical achievements we made today to enhance productivity, broaden reachability, and make a difference. As of today and we have our new website that matches the weight of the first club in Dubai - We have our new Facebook page to share the club activities and news - We have our Instagram account where we share the meeting photos We have our meeting planner software to manage and track the meeting speakers & role-players - We have our new accounting software to manage and track the club revenues and expenses - Today we are proud of the effort and time we have allocated to our club and we realized the benefits of making our club a priority in our Bank of Time withdrawal.

Abdel Rahman El Housseiny President - Dubai Toastmasters Club




Someone once said,

admired her effortless way of connecting to people, relating to people and completely accepting people for who they are.

"To be Happy you must be your own Sunshine" On rare occasions, we may come across individuals who are so happy and such followers of positive living, that you wonder, just what makes them so cheerful? Do they have no problems? No challenges in life? Have they led such a perfect life that they have no idea what it means to be sullen or just annoyed? Interestingly, a friend of mine that I've known for more than twenty years, taught me the lesson that people can lead so very different lives from what we may imagine them to lead. During my college days, it would not be an exaggeration to say that she was the most popular girl in my college. Everyone knew her, she had a kind word for everyone. She was friendly outgoing and eternally cheerful. More importantly, she seemed eternally blissfully happy. Being away from my home for the first time, I was just getting used to living in a hostel and learning to live in a different environment. When I spoke to her for the first time, I found her behavior remarkable. I

APRIL 2017

I was quite certain that she would undoubtedly have a rosy family and a magical stress free home environment. Sadly, it couldn't be further from the truth. She came from a home that was severely affected by an acute financial crises. A home where not only the parents did not have harmony between them but lived far away from each other for the sake of peace in their family and to pay off the debts they had. While many may justifiably struggle to cope with a personal crises of this nature, my friend was determined to celebrate life in the best way she could. She led a life to the best of her abilities, helped others in any way she could and best of all, created happiness wherever she went. At the end of the three years, she completed her degree with flying colours and received the prestigious "Student of the Year" recognition too. As a classmate and friend of this unique personality, let me share some of the principles I've observed her follow during the three years I enjoyed in her inspiring company -



She is a beautiful example of how life can be lived through the practice of "Positively Living It".

Love yourself as much as you love and help others. What you cannot change, accept it or let it go. Accepting who you are, gives you conďŹ dence. Be a symbol of optimism and goodwill - how you react to circumstances plays a critical role rather than the circumstances by themselves. Leading a life of gratitude - for the health and happiness you experience, despite the imperfections in your life. Enjoy the humor in life even if there not many elements in your life that do not merit a smile. Laugh whenever possible at funny or ridiculous moments in life.

By determining the quality of our life through the decision to be positive and contented, we are not merely making our life happier but also creating a happy impact in the lives of those we come across. Positive thinking enables us to accept who we are, what we are and motivates us into becoming who we are meant to become. Being members of Toastmasters International, we are not only encouraged to lead a more purposeful existence but our personality growth is nurtured in a very positive, mutually supportive learning environment. Practicing a positive philosophy as a way of life along with understanding of the fundamental values that Toastmasters upholds, enables us to comprehend life better.

Enjoy life by living it to its full radiant glory - live life with PASSION. Refuse to be smitten by the negativity bug - keep your emotional wellbeing free of negative thinking. My unforgettable friend, eventually went on to complete her doctorate in Psychology and today leads her life in happy contentment as a Professor and Social Activist.

APRIL 2017

After all, life is not measured by just how we lead our own life but also by how many lives we have been able to inspire during the journey. Seetha is A Toastmaster for 12 years; Seetha Sagaran is a Personal Development Trainer and Lifestyle Consultant. She resides in Dubai with her family and pet dog. She enjoys hearing from her readers and can be contacted on her email:


Imagine you are at the last phase of your life with your family and friends around you and you are sharing your most exciting lifetime memory;that exciting moment when you had an iPhone 7+ while everyone else was still using the iPhone6.Is this the type of memory you want to have?


We understand life is all about the memories, yet we are a product of our society, we live in a society obsessed with consumption. Houses, cars, technology and fashion are all items we don’t need but pushed to buy with money . We don’t have to impress people we don’t like.We focus on what makes us famous, not what makes us happy.We assume we will find happiness by accumulating possessions. It is like assuming we will satisfy hunger by taping food all over your body. As a result we spend more money on therapy fighting depression. We also assume that the happiness we get from buying items will last as long as the item itself, but this is wrong. A study published in the Journal of Positive Psychology shows people who bought expensive product, devalued the same product a week later. The study concluded happiness provided by items fade quickly for simple reasons.

| C R E AT I N G Y O U R M E M O R I E S |

a) We get used to it, what once seemed novel and exciting quickly becomes the usual which is the enemy of happiness. b) We keep raising the bar, new expectations. As soon as we get used to it, we look for a better one. c) Comparison, we buy a new car and are thrilled with it until a friend buys a better one. We think that things we buy are part of us but this is wrong, they remain separate from us. In contrast, our experiences are part of us.We are the accumulation of everything we’ve seen and done. Whatever we do becomes part of us and shape our identity. Experiences is anything that leaves an impression on us: a) Learning a new skill or hobby, take a class in kite surfing or skydiving. b) Getting a camera and join a photography club. c) Cooking classes d) Not only is the act of learning a new skill fun and rewarding but it broadens our horizons, giving us fun lifetime activities to enjoy. The experience of spending time and money on our own

APRIL 2017

development is a fantastic way to meet new people and explore avenues of life you may never have considered. Think about Toastmasters as an experience and numerous people we came to know by starting this experience. Or the thrill of doing something totally outside of your mental and physical comfort zone like climbing mountain Kilimanjaro, Game drive safari in Kenya, white water rafting in Nepal. Expanding yourself as a person rather than seeking for the short-term happiness, makes us more happier in the long run. Experiences do not fade away. Instead they give you a rich identity that will make you a far more interesting personality than others who own the latest gadgets. There is no guarantee that you will always have a good experience, but even tough bad experiences will be a part of your identity as they play a key role in shaping your personality and you will never forget them. I asked my son what was your second last birthday present I got you? It took him an hour to remember. When I asked him what is the name of the dolphin we swam with 3 years ago at Atlantis? He immediately shouted with a big smile, “Her name is Lexi”. Life is about memories not diamonds, fill your life with experiences not things. Create memories to tell not stuff to show.



You’ve probably read more than a few articles about this subject, and most definitely heard about how destructive procrastination may be to your personal life and career. So why to read more on the topic?, you’re probably thinking. Well, this is not another “stop procrastination now” article with a few easy steps. There are many self-development experts out there with many must-read articles about this subject. This is my personal take and analysis of the subject, and what I’m hoping to accomplish is to help you understand why we procrastinate, the thought process.� � The majority of people procrastinate on different levels; important life decisions, like marriage; and other less important routine decisions like paying bills, delaying phone calls, etc. In our modern age of disruption, procrastination hasn’t changed, but its effects have multiplied by many folds. One thing is constant of course, the human emotional drive and state of mind hasn’t changed much. The founder of the Swedish flat pack giant IKEA, Ingvar Kamprad said: “You can do so much in 10 minutes time. Ten minutes, once gone, are gone for good. Divide your life into 10-minute units and sacrifice as few of them as possible in meaningless activity.” Most, if not all, successful business people and recognized characters follows this. So why do we slip into this dangerous habit if we are aware how damaging it is to our great potential.� To understand procrastination, we need to understand how our mind works. The human mind is a very powerful thing, but it is also powerful in resisting change. Think about it this way: Your conscious senses are alarmed by a task or an important endeavor that you need to chase or start. In a split second, your mind decides

| W H Y P R O C A S T I N AT E |

whether to press on and go through, or to stay still. This happens so fast that we don’t notice it or rationalize it.� �

outlook completely and instead of huffing and puffing the day away.� �

Almost everyone knows that the brain has a fire alarm system, i.e. releasing stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol to help us survive dangerous situations. Similarly, the brain does that in a more subtle way, when there’s minor danger. “Stay here it’s safer, we don’t know what’s out there.. it might be dangerous”. Now if you show that sentence to a family development consultant, he will tell you that’s probably something a protective parent will say, and what this does is hinder the development of the child, making the child less open to change, and not very outgoing. They will tell you that the recipient of this message is not going to be very confident or successful. This is exactly what happens if you listen to the part of your brain that tells you this.�

So, what can you do?� �

Doing so will pull in procrastination, and eventually will lead into mediocrity. There’s another way to think of this: Imagine that there is a little monster that lives within each one of us, and this monster feeds off laziness, indecisiveness, conformity, and passiveness. This may eventually turn into laziness of the brain and become a life routine.� We can all think of one person who has the super power of getting through their to-do lists or daily tasks so effortlessly. This is not always easy as it may look. Being efficient takes a lot of perseverance, persistence, and more importantly practice. Practice taking control of your mind and your subconsciousness. Begin by approaching things in a positive manner, this will change your

APRIL 2017

Here are a few practical tips:� Manage your priorities.�To start with, you need to know if this task or idea is important enough to take space in your mind. Ask yourself, is it the right time to think of this? Is it urgent and important? This will help you understand your priorities. Many times we find that our minds are full of plans that are simply not important right now. This saves your cognitive energy.� Teamwork�No matter how smart, talented, self-driven, or passionate you are, your success relies on your ability to work within a team. Some tasks that may look like mountains if you tackle them alone, can be easily achieved if you coordinate with others. "Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships." --Michael Jordan� Focus:�Focus is a scarce thing in our time. We are bombarded with mobile notifications, phone calls, emails, and many more things. Always stay focused on the task at hand. Never get sucked into the multitasking myth. It’s better to focus on a few things and do an excellent job at them, rather than scattering around ten things and getting nothing done.� � Finally, it is important to acknowledge the progress you are making and celebrate the new punctual and effective person you are becoming.


DTC Forum


CAREER MTM Sohayla Sibai

Your positive mind said: every day is a new opportunity, another chance, and a new beginning: embrace it. Your negative mind replied: if you haven't achieved yet, what makes you think that you can achieve it now? You may have this conversation inside your head, while you are doing your job interview that you thought it would only last 30 to 60 minutes, only to realize that this is not the case in deed. On that sunny day you will wake up, start preparing yourself to your dream job interview, by wearing shining suit that you prefer because it brings you good luck. Walking to your car with your mind fluctuating between negative and positive thoughts, getting ready to be stuck in the traffic jam, trying to relax and applying all the lessons and exercises you learnt to be confident, trust yourself, and defeat the hesitance while keeping a smile. This is your time. You walk to the interview room face to face in front of that first typical question: “tell me more about yourself!!” You may have practiced answering all those questions: “why do you want this job, what are your weaknesses and your strength?” but what if the interviewer throws surprising questions like: “have you ever stolen a pen from work?”, “If you could be any animal, what animal would you like to be and why?”, or “Who do you think would win the fight Spider-Man or Batman?”.

APRIL 2017


At that moment your mind will experience tough times trying to demonstrate an alert, witty, and eloquent conversation style. Your day will end with promises; maybe you will get that job, maybe not. You will spend time thinking about your long day, you will ask yourself:

DTC Forum

Was I good? Should I have answered the questions in a different way? In fact, it can't be easy to organize your thoughts on the spot. So, we all need a place that enables us to improve our communication skills in a safe, encouraging, supportive environment. Toastmasters club is the place where you can boost your career because it will give you the most important skill you can learn: • You will develop the confidence to face your fears • It helps you practice organizing your thoughts • Practice thinking on your feet • Preparing presentations, planning, listening, organization, time management, facilitation and a lot of specifications you can have it only by being member in Toastmaster So, Toastmasters program is much more than public speaking club. The skills you learn can improve your ability to share your message with style for your career and also everyday situations. I have experienced this myself and I know that the most qualified person for job is not always the one who will be recruited, but it is often the confident person who knows how to express himself who is most probably to be offered the desired position.

APRIL 2017


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A COMPLETE FAILURE OR THE ONLY WAY? MTM Manal Rayess Our club had witnessed a heated debate session moderated by DTM, Past DTC President, Past International TMI President, Col. Mohammad Murad. The topic was “For or Against Formal Education?”, or as put by the moderator: (Most of the formal education is a complete waste of time). . Apart from the fact that we were stunned and so much in awe of the performance of our guru orators, that everyone requested for the debate to be extended for couple more rounds, but the topic itself is a very controversial one. I rarely attend mothers’ gatherings and the topic of education system and schools doesn’t top the list of talks. I strongly agree with the main point emphasized by the Against Formal Education team, which is many world icons who had shaped our world into a better place, were school dropouts. Take Steve Jobs and Richard Branson for example. But again, as the other team rightfully argued those are the rare cases on which we cannot build our conclusions on. My take on this is that learning is natural, the sense of wonder is an instinct, play and joyful discoveries is their way of making sense of the world. The schools should be the medium that nurtures these values and adds knowledge, problem solving skills, and sense of community among other values. If the school doesn't teach children how to love their world (and fellow humans) and appreciate its beauty, if it doesn't cultivate their capacity to further discover it, be part of its brighter future, and defend its values,if they are not learning to appreciate. If they are instead losing their sense of wonder, then it is just another routine we do passively or another investment into the pockets of some businessmen that we take passively. The educational system is like any other system, most probably needs to go into cycles and spirals of tweaking and improvements before we can say we have a near-perfect product. Add to this the challenge that we live in a rocket-speed changing world and our children APRIL 2017


need to be adequately equipped to be engaged in, let alone survive in.

DTC Forum

Few parents have concluded that the formal education system in its current format is not sufficient and doesn’t meet their expectations. They chose to go for homeschooling. But how many parents can afford to go for this option, and what is the guarantee that it will be a better alternative? And how can they compensate for the absence of the community element, or learning within a big group? I do agree that formal education, in its current status quo, has drawbacks. I still find official scoring and testing system a terrible thing. But I don’t think that the solution is to abolish the whole thing. I think that the parents do their best choosing the right environment, do their homework at home by being the good examples for their children, and be mindful of the missing parts and try to comprehend it on a separate effort, with extra-curricular activities for example. And yet, the biggest school is life, and we are all lifelong students if we keep our natural passion and curiosity to learn its lessons!

APRIL 2017


THE BOOKMASTER This was a man ~ Jeffrey Archer A Review by TM

Aravind Krishnan

I have been closely following Jeffrey Archer’s The Clifton Chronicles from the first book onwards, which explores the lives of the Clifton family across three generations. Here are some of Archer’s most powerful, memorable characters, including Emma Clifton, who waited many years in wartime to be reunited with her lover and future husband, Harry, and rises to become a female chairman of a renowned shipping company as well as confidant of British prime minister Margaret Thatcher. The rich plethora of characters also includes Harry Clifton, a writer of the “William Warwick” series who tirelessly seeks to bring to justice a controversial Russian author; Sebastian Clifton, their son, who experiences love and loss, initially gets into trouble for his wayward ways, yet rises in life due to his sharp instincts and business acumen. The previous six books in the series all ended in cliffhangers, and thus we come to the last in the series, This Was A Man, awaited with much excitement and anticipation.

APRIL 2017



Archer is a master of keeping us hooked, and once I read the first few pages, I simply could not put the book down. Every chapter ends with an unexpected surprise and there is a wonderful mix of sports, political intrigue, humor, boardroom battles and romance. We can identify with most of the characters presented, especially as the author claims that the stories are semi-autobiographical in nature. The writing is witty and dramatic for the most part, but as the book hurtles towards a moving and unexpected conclusion, tears formed in my eyes as the author penned some beautiful and heartfelt paragraphs when the time to conclude became nearer. It’s worth mentioning that Archer’s final twist is among one of the saddest unexpected twists found in a novel. Yet, without giving spoilers, I felt the book gave its memorable characters the send-off they deserved. There are drawbacks to this particular novel, however. Unlike in previous editions, where there were devastating consequences for some of the characters involved, in ‘This Was A Man’, the conflicts presented have unusually neat resolutions (except towards the end). Many of the newer characters introduced in this novel do not seem to be as well developed as the core cast of characters in the series, and so become somewhat forgettable. Those characters that do seem interesting disappear without trace. Several readers may also not agree with the blatant political leanings demonstrated in this novel either. Another criticism that can be highlighted is the novel’s excess focus on its most colorful character, Lady Virginia Fenwick, at the cost of exploring Emma Clifton’s later years, and further development of the relationship between Sebastian and his wife Samantha, one which had been initially extremely rocky! It’s always quite sad to leave a book series as addictive as the Clifton Chronicles, as Harry, Sebastian, Emma, Giles, Virginia, Grace and Jessica say goodbye to all of us as they have become familiar friends to us readers. Indeed it’s amazing to see how much of a workhorse Archer is at the age of 76, and as one of my favorite authors, I look forward to many more evocative pieces of writing from Lord Archer in the near future.

APRIL 2017



Traveler or Tourist

by MTM

Nimmi Shibu

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore…Dream… Discover.” – Mark Twain I am a person who loves to travel and explore the world and was blessed with the opportunity to do so. During my single and ready to mingle days’ work gave me the liberty to explore the South and Far East Asian countries. Learning was double fold as those days I was a traveler and not just a tourist.

| T H E T R AV E L M A S T E R |

If Korea showcased development of all sorts, Singapore showed me what a man-made jungle looks like. If survival was for the fittest and the finest I learnt that skill at Vietnam tasting their delicacies of all sorts. Australia made me strong with their professional approach whereas Laos made me feeble with their personal approach. Culture and values inherited from Indonesia and Fiji helped me to rewind and relive life in their exotic beaches. After exploring one end of the globe my next aim was to explore Europe. If profession didn’t demand travel I would make personal demands to travel. After all marriage does have its fair share of fun and frolic. So why beat around the bush when you have someone who can bear the expense in the name of second honeymoon. After a decade of persuading, persuasion and pestering my better half took the lead and we decided to go on a proclaimed dream vacation: 9 countries in 21 days. This time we were tourists who took on the Thomas Cook package and were of the firm believers more the merrier. So we were joined by my extended family and formed a dozen to hop on the tour. Entire tour we were addressed as Dozen! The whole fun of this trip started from the inception of the idea, visa application and its chaos, shopping for summer and winter clothes, buying suitcases that are handy and smooth and the list went on and on. Though the trip wasn’t too heavy on our pockets the pre and post expenses did leave some big holes in our pockets. Thanks to social media and our selfie craze, I was very clear that I would not repeat my dress on the whole tour � As tourists we were promised maximum quality sightseeing and in minimum travelling time. Few of the star attractions included the London

eye, overnight cruise to Holland, wooden shoe factory visit, Amsterdam canal cruise, Swarovski crystal museum at Wattens, Rhine waterfall, Vineyard and Champagne making, Eiffel Tower, romantic gondola ride in Venice, to name a few. However, my favorite from the whole experience was the visit to Titisee in the Black Forest and the Alps of Switzerland. Some experiences can’t be shared in words as they need to be experienced on a personal account. “NOT I – NOT ANYONE else, can travel that road for you. You must travel it for yourself.” So plan your next holiday destination and help us all plan our holiday too. For it doesn’t matter if you are a traveler or a tourist…what really matters is to Explore…Dream… Discover!

EXCOM 2016-17



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