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The Speech I won’t forget by TM Abdel Rahman El Housseiny FEBRUARY 2017





MTM Manal Rayess

After releasing the first issue of The Orator 2016/2017, we have received many positive feedback and encouragement from DTC members. In our club, giving constructive feedback and evaluation is something we make sure to encourage and maintain. After every speech, you can see members scribbling words of encouragement and honest but positive feedback on a small piece of paper and give it to the speaker. I was so happy to receive many comments commending the work. After every successful achievement, one can either fall into the trap of complacency which may result in same or even less quality, or put a little extra effort and take it to a higher level, even if it is just a tiny bit higher. The choice I made with my team is to go for the later option. Well, it was not exactly a choice we could indulge, but rather an expectation we wanted to meet.

TMOD theme and role, meet our President and senior members, you would know that this is a club that is serious about fulfilling its commitment of the Toastmaster’s Promise “to prepare all of my speech and leadership projects to the best of my ability...”. We try harder to get things better. Couple of meetings ago we had a fellow Toastmasters member who went completely blank while delivering her project, and she withdrew. Couple meetings later she delivered the project again and won the Best Speaker trophy for that meeting. We have also celebrated another fellow member achieving the DTM recognition. We have seen our President pushing us not to stop watching our newly launched Facebook page grow and expand, but to act fast and revamp our website. The last meeting we attended before the release of this issue held the theme “A Little Extra”. This is the legacy the Dubai Toastmasters Club built and maintained for 20 years. And this is what as VP PR I pledge to try to maintain “to the best of my ability”. I hope this issue brings a better quality and richer content and I wish DTC a very happy and successful year! EDITORIAL TEAM MTM Manal Rayess Editor-in-Chief

If you visit our club, listen to the project speeches, and watch the




MTM Biji Devassy Senior Editor & Proof Reader

TM Bosco Mascarenhas Graphic Designer




| M E SS AG E F RO M T H E P R E S I D E N T |

Fellow Toastmasters, in our club we learn and practice public speaking, we meet and greet new people and above all we have fun and learn during our meetings. But there is a complete different dimension that fasts track our development and add another beautiful flavor to Toastmasters experience which is the annual club contest. Competition could be sweet or sower and sometime both sweet and sower yet it is a wonderful, unforgettable taste and learning. Competing in Toastmasters journey takes you to another complete different level, it pushes you to think more, practice more, pay attentions to details watch several speakers and contact your mentor several times for guidance. We have witnessed in our Tall Tale contest and our club annual contest the presence and excellent performance of our seasoned and new member and let me take this opportunity to congratulate the winners of our Tall Tale contest: DTM VP Menon, TM Amer Yaghi and TM Aadil Kadri for their excellent performance. Special congratulations for DTM VP Menon for winning the Division B contest. We have witnessed also our annual club contest conducted on Jan, 13th our winners TM Aaminah Kabli in International category, Abdel Rahman El Housseiny in Humorous category, Nimmi Shibu in Evaluation category and TM Biji Devassy in Table topics category will represent our club in the area contest on Friday March 31st. The winners from the area contest will proceed to the division contest, and the winner at the division will proceed to DTAC (District


Toastmasters Annual Contest) on May, 18-20 in Bahrain and the winner from the district will proceed to the international convention to compete within 102 other districts on August 23-26, 2017 in Vancouver, BC, Canada. I encourage you all to block your calendar on Friday March, 31st, we are the biggest and oldest club in the Division with 63 members and we expect all our members to be there at the contest to cheer for our club members at the area contest. We are approaching the end of the first Quarter of year 2017 and third quarter of our Toastmasters year. We have gone through wonderful experiences together during this period including: Reverse meeting, Speech Marathon, Panel evaluation, Education sessions, Tall Tale contest, Joint meeting with Desert Voice club, Club Annual contest. There are still some other wonderful experiences in our objective list this year in the planning phase. I encourage you all to make sure you attend our meeting number 559 and witness our seasoned members performing a debate session. First team: DTM Uma Radhakrishnan, TM Deepack Gulati and TM Aadil Kadri and second team DTM Ramesh Ananthramen DTM VP Menon and TM Seetha Sagaran with a surprise debate session moderator. Do not miss this session and block your calendar on March 13th. Abdel Rahman El Housseiny President - Dubai Toastmasters Club



| M E S S A G E F R O M T H E V P E D U C AT I O N |

WINNING IS NOT ALWAYS SO IMPORTANT THAN PARTICIPATING This is a very common proverb and you might have already heard of it. In Toastmasters, we encourage everyone to participate in the contests by saying, “Winning is not always so important than participating”. I will not try to justify it, instead I will try to convince you with my personal story. Before my Toastmasters journey, I was not able to talk in front of group of people. Whenever I tried, my heartbeat rushed and words wouldn’t come out from my mouth. One day my friend invited me for one of the Toastmasters meetings. That day I learnt about this non-profit organization that helped people to improve their communication skills. After thinking for few months, finally I decided to join Toastmasters in March 2014. I was very lucky that I joined Dubai Toastmasters Club out of more than hundred clubs in Dubai. Since then, I have regularly attended the meetings and tried to grab every opportunity to speak. Finally, it seems that the magic of Toastmasters worked for me and now I feel comfortable to speak in public and in front of audience. It all happened due to my regular participation in speaking projects and roles. Every speech and every contest is just one step towards the journey to become world-class public speaker. If you keep participating in speaking roles then the day is not too far when YOU will be the winner. Syed Yasir VP Education




Valsakumar P Menon, DTM




It was the year 2002. I was 35 , doing well professionally, working as a Senior Manager with a reputed organization in Dubai. Life was good and I loved my job except for one challenge! I just could not muster the courage to speak to a group of people. When it came to one on one conversation or to speak to a group of friends, I had no issue. Be it within the organization where I worked or outside in the community, put me in front of an unknown audience and I would be tongue-tied. My memory would give up on me. I preferred to be uncommunicative at the management team meetings in my company, I am sure people thought I didn’t have much to say. But it was not that I didn’t have anything to say, it’s just that I was scared to face the audience. I suffered from,what is called in today’s world, Glossophobia. . But I was greatly in awe of people who could! So I nurtured this secret dream, to be a speaker & trainer, some day, some time. But I thought that it would remain just a dream, because to be a speaker and trainer one needs the guts to speak in front of people which obviously I didn’t seem to have. Those days I came across a gentleman who also happened to be the friend of our CEO . He would visit our organization occasionally on the invitation of our CEO to give us some coaching and education sessions. I loved the way he spoke. One day as he was stepping out of our office I gathered enough courage to ask him “Sir, I want to be a speaker like you. How can I improve my speaking skills?”. In reply he had just two words to say, “Join Toastmasters”. At that moment ,I would never have had imagined ,that those two words had the capacity to give my life a 180 degree turn. I had no clue what FEBRUARY 2017

Toastmasters was all about but he gave me the contact details of Dubai Toastmasters Club and that’s when the magic of Toastmasters began in my life I joined this club in the year 2002 and it’s been 14 years since I have been a member of this club without any break in membership. But these 14 years with the Toastmasters program have changed my life completely. From being a person who couldn’t utter a word in front of an audience, today speaking is what I do for a living. Today my dream of being a speaker & trainer has come true. Today my dream of being an entrepreneur and running my own business has come true. The Toastmasters program has a lot to do with these positive changes that have happened in my life. Today I am a better person because of the Toastmasters program. The journey in Toastmasters initially was not easy. I would run away from most of the roles that were given to me. I was scared to go up there and do those roles. But the encouragement, support and T H E O R AT O R


| J O U R N E Y I S T H E D E S T I N AT I O N |

motivation from my club members slowly helped me to come to terms with my fear and the transformation process started. It took me 7 months to do my icebreaker speech. Each time the VPE slotted me to do my icebreaker speech I would chicken out. I was forced to do it the fourth time. Today after 14 years, to achieve my DTM recognition was a dream come true for me. At the outset of my Toastmaster journey,achieving DTM was the last thing on my mind. It was a goal which was there in the horizon. I knew I would reach there one day but wasn’t sure when. I was never in a hurry to reach there either. What was more important for me was to keep improving and becoming better as a speaker and leader. I was enjoying this journey of learning and that was more important than reaching any milestone. The milestones just kept happening and finally after 14 years of enjoying this journey and learning so much I happened to cross the final milestone of being a DTM.

I am so glad I came across this wonderful life-changing program and as a Toastmaster I can never thank enough, Dr. Ralph C Smedley for creating this program for us. Today I try to do my bit in promoting this program within the community so that more and more people can benefit from the Toastmasters magic. We also bring this program to children through our Gavel clubs and Youth Leadership Programs. The earlier children get exposed to this program the better it makes them! As they grow up they cope much better in the competitive environment that they are thrown into. The Toastmasters program has brought into my life some amazing friends. This program has given me so much confidence that I am better equipped to cope with the various ups and downs that I face in life. In short, this program has helped to bring out a better version of me. As a new year 2017 beckons us, I wish all Toastmasters and their families a very Happy New Year and wish you all the best in your Toastmasters journey. This is one journey that never ends because there is no end to improvement. In the Toastmasters journey “The Journey Is The Destination”. May this Toastmasters program help you in its own way to transform your dreams into reality! Happy Toastmastering! Valsakumar P Menon is the Managing Director & Co-Founder of UV Consultants LLC,a training company based in Dubai, UAE, which specializes in offering trainings that add Unique Value to both corporates and individuals. He can be contacted through


MISTAKES Dr. Balan Vijay Kumar




| 2 5 CO M M O N L E A D E R S H I P M I S TA K E S |

One way to improve leadership skills is to understand and avoid common mistakes that leaders make. This process requires an objective assessment of one’s own leadership. Self assessment is not easy for a leader who has a self justifying attitude or who prefers to deny and turn a blind eye inwards. Take a look at 25 common mistakes that leaders make – 1. Emoting Excessively – Leaders who emote excessively tend to be reactive and less objective. This affects the quality of their leadership.

6. Being perfectionist – if you try to be perfect, you lose your

2. Distancing – means standing apart from those you lead. As this gap increases communication fails. This often happens unintentionally and a leader needs the skill of self and social awareness to monitor, prevent and correct it.

7. Not delegating enough – If you don’t delegate, the whole

3. Being arrogant – this often leads to over-promising and under-delivering. Arrogant leaders are not liked very much as they may, often inadvertently, belittle others. Is arrogance one way of hiding one’s lack of confidence as a leader? 4. Leading to please others – some leaders desperately want to be liked. This is a major handicap – for leaders need to hold others accountable, and be frank or confront when needed. They may also need to make hard choices when it comes to people. 5. Being autocratic and directive – you will end up with a passive team. Especially when facing challenges, it is likely that leaders may fall into the trap of getting into an autocratic mode. FEBRUARY 2017

sense of priority. Unimportant things take up too much energy as you try to push your team towards perfection.

purpose of being a leader is defeated. Also you run the risk of burnout. Not trusting enough may be one reason why delegation is not done. 8. Trusting too much – Trust has to be earned and earned continually. Nobody in the team must be exempt from this process. Trusting more than warranted can be a leader’s downfall. 9. Pushing too hard – leads to burnout and attrition. Adequate rest leads to best performance. 10. Unable to keep to deadlines – planning right from the beginning to finish in time is vital. 11. Hypocrisy – not doing what you say, or saying one thing and doing something else can confuse your team; and leads to a ‘loss of respect’ for the leader. T H E O R AT O R


| 2 5 CO M M O N L E A D E R S H I P M I S TA K E S |

12. Compromising on your values – can lead to short term

people and situations and do not make a strong enough objective analysis before they act on these feelings. This can

benefits but ends in disaster in the long term. 13. Spells of complacency – when things are going well, it is easy to look away, and that is often when mistakes creep in. 14. Stop learning – in today’s world, this is a recipe for disaster. 15. Aiming to maintain status-quo – this happens in good times, but leads to failure in the long term. In a world of constant rapid change, status-quo is rarely a solution. 16. Over-optimism about people – people change, skeletons pop out of their cupboards, limitations show up over time – never take anybody for granted. 17. Lack of confidence in your people – optimal confidence based on objective parameters is the ideal. Let team members earn your confidence. Be fair in this regard – if you cannot show confidence that an individual deserves, they will lose their initiative. 18. Overconfidence in your strategies – strategies need to be constantly reviewed to be appropriate with current demands 19. Lack of confidence in your strategies – once strategies are developed after adequate effort and accepted, they must be regularly monitored, but trusted enough and put into effect. 20. Unable to objectively examine your own feelings – weak leaders often get carried away by their own feelings about FEBRUARY 2017

lead to irrational leadership decisions. 21. Lack of clarity in communication – this can lead to ambiguity and confusion 22. Lacking sensitivity – unable to ‘read the room’. Such leaders have to be ‘told everything’ and can miss important signs. Not everything is expressed in words – often body language needs to be sensed, and this demands a degree of sensitivity from the leader. 23. Not picking up the impact you and your decisions have on people and situations – again, this can lead to a failed leadership. 24. Not giving appropriate feedback – a balanced, objective and appropriate feedback is vital for optimal performance and growth of every team member. 25. Indecisiveness – leaders often need to take quick decisions, often in the face of inadequate data, and so, involve risk. Preparing for eventualities can decrease this risk to some extent. Identifying and correcting such common leadership errors can make you a better leader. Can you find a few more common leadership errors and add to this list? T H E O R AT O R



MEMORIES MTM Seetha Sagaran

Seetha is A Toastmaster for 12 years; Seetha Sagaran is a Personal Development Trainer and Lifestyle Consultant. She resides in Dubai with her family and pet dog. She enjoys hearing from her readers and can be contacted on her email:





Even today, after 22 years, the hilarious incident when I skidded outside my college campus hall with my umbrella, makes me smile. It was just after our insipid play had concluded. When the lukewarm applause had died, my mind was swirling with thoughts on how our play could have been improved upon. I had barely begun walking on the pebbled track to the gate of my college when it happened. Refusing to look at the faces of the amused (am not sure if I heard a few chuckles as well) onlookers, I had walked ahead. Head held high, with my umbrella and mustering the shreds of dignity I had, after nearly falling on my face. Actually, I find it even more amusing today, because I know I could have handled the situation quite differently and with little mortification. "How?", you may ask. Simply by sharing their amusement with a huge smile. A smile that conveyed, "Yes, I know it is funny!". Indeed, looking back, I can imagine how funny I must have appeared walking with an umbrella and skidding on the pebbles on the pathway. Laughing at ourselves and our follies is a great way to learn, grow and enjoy a stress free life. For those of us who are Toastmasters, we can vouch that this is a wonderful and positive forum to be in. As a Toastmaster for the last 12 plus years, the joyous memories of the years that I have been a part of this great organization continue to bloom and cast their fragrance in my life. Some of our most beautiful memories or experiences add value to our life. They give us the wisdom of learning and enhance our enjoyment of life.�While the distressful memories would have taught us a valuable lesson it is our focus on the happier ones that can help us lead happier lives.�Instead of believing that a trip down memory lanes exudes the guilt of self-indulgence, if we were to look at the experience with deeper respect, we would be pleasantly surprised. Nostalgia, especially positive memories promote our well-being and happiness. Some of my memories of serenity can be described as waves of soothing tranquility accompanied by blissful awareness of the world we live in.





When I recall those memories, I recall the glistening lakes of Shillong. During that trip in 2005, as our car swept through the lush green hills, we could see the setting sun enhancing the lake with a rich golden honey warm glow. Another memory that comes to my mind when I think of scenic serenity is my trip to Gothenburg in 1994. Our friend had taken us to a quaint restaurant that was perched up on a hill. A lush green hill that overlooked a picturesque scenic lake. From where we sat, while a playful breeze played with the snow white curtains of the French windows, the lake had glittered in the soft wintry afternoon sun. Our memories are treasured not for merely their powerful visual impact on our state of mind. The feelings, sentiments, and emotions that are awakened lead us to the learning we enjoyed or in some cases we reluctantly experienced. One such memory that I associate with regret was the one in childhood, when I was accused of tampering with a recording of a movie at a neighbor's home when I had no role in it. It had been a petty case of miscommunication and misinterpretation. But one that as a child of 8, had upset me purely for having been accused of crime that I had not committed. Today, I wonder with amusement just what had stopped me from standing up to the accusation and clearing my name. Was it the childish fear that I may not be understood despite my explanations? I don't know. What I do feel about that memory today is how it had taught me a lesson. A lesson on the importance of showing greater patience when someone is attempting to explain themselves in an awkward situation. Our memories play a powerful role in helping us learn from the adverse experiences of the past. Perhaps more importantly, they equip us to face life with better resilience and greater vitality.





FOR A SPEECH MTM AAMINAH KABLI, CC Choosing a Topic Deciding on a topic to speak about has always been the most challenging part of my project speeches. Here are a few things to consider as you brainstorm:

speech, then it’s easier to learn it, present it and convince the audience of what you are trying to say. The easiest option to go for when you are stuck is to tell a personal story. But then the question arises: What message am I trying to convey through my story? Remember: your speech needs to be purposeful.

Does your chosen topic help you achieve the project’s objective? For example, talking about a holiday trip when your speech objective is to research the topic would be pretty futile. Similarly, you could talk about the educational system if the objective of your speech is to use descriptive language, but it’s just easier to pick a topic related to food, travel or celebration where there are more opportunities for you to be descriptive.

Is my speech relatable? This doesn’t mean that every single member of the audience needs to agree with what you are saying, but it is important that the content of your speech is interesting enough to capture and maintain the attention of most of the audience. So yes, you could talk about global economy if you can make it simple enough and interesting enough.

Do you know enough about this topic to be comfortable talking about it? If you have to memorize too many facts, then the answer is probably not. If you are comfortable with the content of the

Basically, other than sex, politics and religion, you are free to pick any topic under the sun, and there are many (just Google speech topic ideas).





Writing Your Speech

Practice, Practice, and More Practice

I suppose everyone has a different technique they use to write their speeches. The time, effort and method vary from speaker to speaker and you will eventually find the way that suits you best. Here is just the way I do it:

This is probably the most important part of your pre-speech preparations, and often taken lightly. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Step 1: Jolt down some broad ideas that you would like to talk about. So if my chosen topic is friendship, maybe I want to talk about an incident in my life, mention my closest friends, give a bit of research about the benefits of friendship, use some quotes and so on. Step 2: Start writing about each of these broader themes more specifically. Just start typing free-flow. Don’t worry about structure, grammar or language. Just keep typing everything you want to say about that aspect as the ideas run through your mind. Just type, type, and type all the ideas that emerge till you have about 800 words. Usually this gets me started into a flow that I end up with a thousand words. Step 3: Organize your speech. Now that you have your content, you can rearrange your ideas, delete jargon, correct grammar, add or delete content etc. Read and re-read till you are satisfied with what you have. One very important advice that my mentor gave me was that make sure the beginning of your speech ties with the end. It would be useful to read out your speech to someone else just to see if it makes sense to the general audience. FEBRUARY 2017

Practice is not just memorization It is not enough to memorize your speech. The more you practice, the more confidence you have while prepping for your speech, the more opportunity you have to include, voice modulation and body language. Ideally, this is how it should be, but most of the times we finish writing up a speech draft on Sunday and put in some last minute of don’t-make-a-fool-of-yourself practice on Monday. There is a big and quite noticeable difference between 2 weeks of prep and 2 days of prep. Get in touch with your mentor I cannot stress enough on the importance on using your mentor. I am going to go ahead and admit that yes I don’t probably contact my mentor as much as I would like to. However, every time that I have taken feedback from my mentor, there has been an evident improvement in the quality of my speech. Why? Because this is an opportunity for you to get feedback before your evaluation. A second opinion from an experienced toastmaster! Send your speech to them or take a video of yourself delivering the speech and send a simple video. Their feedback is going to be an evaluation before your actual evaluation and if you do as they say, your evaluator’s job is going to be a tough one. T H E O R ATO R



On the occasion of completing and publishing his book 3 Steps to Financial Freedom, we interviewed our fellow Toastmaster Aadil Kadri. Aadil is a Certified Financial Planner and he works in financial advisory. How long you have been a Toastmaster ? Although i wanted to join Toastmaster in 1999 but someone told me that this is for individuals who have a good command on English language, so I did not join it at that time. However, I once came as a guest, and immediately I joined on the same day. That was on 12.04.2010.

How much time did it take for you to write this book? Almost 5 years. I remember in 2011 while taking my first trip in Dubai metro from a Book launch ceremony in the Mall of the Emirates by a very good client of mine. I thought if he can do it why not me? And if I can do it why not you ? FEBRUARY 2017




What is this book all about? Financial Freedom is what everyone is aiming for and looking forward to achieve. This book helps you to achieve it in 3 simple steps : Debt Management: how to eliminate debt and live a debt -free life. Money Management: how to use key techniques to develop a saving/investing mindset. Financial Planning: how to create a personal Financial Plan (a step-by-step approach).

What inspired you to write this book? In my 20 years of advising clients in Financial Planning industry, I have come across 3 kinds of individuals and families: a. Those who are living their lives in the materialistic world by taking lots of Debt and later on struggling to pay back this Debt. b. Those who know the importance of saving money and want to save but due to the current standard of living and lifestyle are unable to save. c. Those who are saving/investing but without any objective or direction. This has inspired me to help all of them so they can start at any given point, wherever they are in their financial plan. FEBRUARY 2017

How do you think this book will help people in their lives? This is a book for anyone and everyone - whether in the beginning or mid level of his professional career, or even someone who is about to hang his boots for retirement. This book is for people who are in Debt and people who are desperately trying to get out of Debt. This book is about letting individuals know how the misuse of a credit card can be detrimental to one's life. It is for individuals who are willing to save money but do not know how to. I have tried to show few simple and practical methods to help individuals accumulate corpus for desired objective. This book also gives guidelines for people to form a saving habit with basic financial planning.

How has Toastmasters helped you in your journey to writing this book? After joining Toastmasters and finishing my CC and CL, I got associated with the Speakers Bureau of Dubai and started delivering seminars on the core area of my expertise and that is Financial Planning. This has helped me to better understand the mindset of my target audience and better assess their need to such kind of simple yet basic knowledge of personal financial life organization skills.

What is your main objective of writing this book? I wanted to reach many individuals and families on the said subject of the book on Financial freedom and if at least my efforts can change one life I will be happy that my call to "secure your tomorrow today" is accomplished. T H E O R ATO R


DTC Forum


MILESTONE Valsakumar P. Menon, DTM

The Toastmasters program is just pure magic. This program is so simple yet so powerful. It’s so simple that anyone and everyone can take advantage of this wonderful life changing program and benefit from it. But in its simplicity lies its power. It is so powerful and it can drastically change one’s life for better. I was someone who could not utter a single word in front of an audience 14 years back when i joined Toastmasters. But today as a trainer, speaking is what I do for a living. This program is not just about communication & leadership. It's much beyond that. It is all about giving life to your dreams and magically moving it from being just a dream to making it real. I would like to take this opportunity to thank my mentor for the last 14 years DTM Uma Radhakrishnan and the many other Toastmasters who guided me, mentored me, coached me, supported me, encouraged me. There are so many of them within DTC and also in other clubs. Learning has been immense from each one of them. I am what I am today only because of each one of them. It's been an amazing 14 years and I have enjoyed every moment of this journey. I look forward to the next phase of my Toastmasters journey; a journey of moving from one level of excellence to the next level of excellence.





ORATOR #1 TM Deepak Gulati

It would be fair to say that I am tanked with loads of inspiration and joy after reading through the magazine, (WAIT), AWE-INSPIRING magazine that you have privileged us with. I have seen many good and great magazines, however, in my opinion this is the most flavorful club magazine that I have come across so far, with each ingredient positioned together so well. From articles, to travelogues, forums, letters, flashbacks, recommendations, book reviews, and from crisp to crispier pictures, this issue did see the best of an online magazine coming from an established forum like ours. It is nothing but a piece of art, like a fine dine relish which you eat with your eyes first and then start to taste each ounce of it, in this case, it will be words. If nothing less, the attempt to create such a magazine would have created an urge for the reader to go through the full issue without blinking an eye and that in my opinion is an enormous achievement and I have nothing less to say but HEARTY CONGRATULATIONS. Thanks for this and making your PR efforts count for yourself and others in the club. Congratulations to each and everyone involved. Awesomeness unfolded!




THE SPEECH I WON’T FORGET TM Abdul Rehman El Hosseiny

DTC Forum

“Happiness Skill” by Gemma Zust, that was delivered in Feb. 2013. It was an eye opener for me that happiness is not a destination or a journey but rather a skill that we need to acquire like any other skill. Gemma presented touching stories and quotes about how we can practice this skill and how it affected her personal life. Gemma with that speech went all the way to the 2nd runner up at the division level speech contest.

THE SPEECH THAT MOVED ME MTM Smita Fizel The icebreaker project offers us a glimpse into the life of the newly joined speaker. For this reason amongst many others I have always had a love for the P1. It also gives me the opportunity to know a snippet or two about the person. Enough to start a conversation and build rapport with a fellow toastmaster. But I have often been blown away with the stories that come out of this first step of a Toastmasters journey. One particular story which moved me and stayed with me is that of a determined toastmaster. This young man told a story of constant striving even though life seems to have given him a hard start to say the least - he grew up in an orphanage. Afterwards, I found myself compelled to approach this young man and tell him how impressed I was by his will and strength. A year later, he now calls me Didi (sister). FEBRUARY 2017




Women were only allowed to The current International President of Toastmasters is Mike Storkey, an Australian businessman with 25 years of membership in Toastmasters.

The Toastmasters magazine is now available online to be accessed via a desktop, laptop, ipad, tablet, or smartphone through the following link:




join Toastmasters & compete in the International Speech contest in 1973, 49 years after its start! But this year 5 of the ten ďŹ nalists in the World Championship of Public Speaking were women.

DO YOU REMEMBER? The Toastmaster’s Promise

As a member of Toastmasters International and my club, I promise To attend club meetings regularly. To prepare all of my speeches and leadership projects to the best of my ability, basing them on projects in the Competent Communication, Advanced Communication or Competent Leadership manuals. To prepare for and fulfill meeting assignments. To provide fellow members with helpful, constructive evaluations. To help the club maintain the positive, friendly environment necessary for all members to learn and grow. To serve my club as an officer when called upon to do so. To treat club members and our guests with respect and courtesy. To bring guests to club meetings so they can see the benefits Toastmasters membership offers. To adhere to the guidelines and rules for all Toastmasters education and recognition programs. To maintain honest and highly ethical standards during the conduct of all Toastmasters activities.




PAN TOASTMASTERS CLUBS The Seattle General Toastmasters club had created a role called the “early bird” to be called upon right after opening the meeting by the President to present physical or mental activity as a warm up. For example, the “early bird” role player may ask everyone to do a yoga stretch or walk around the room. In Seattle General Toastmasters club every attendee, including guests, is asked by the President to stand and share “a sentence or two about what he feels on the occasion of national/international day or week or month of “something” depending on the date of the meeting. This gives everyone an opportunity to speak. 100 members of clubs in Taiwan gave “Flash Mob” performance at the Taipei Main Railway Station to celebrate District 67 conference theme “Dream Big, Conquer the World”. They all danced on the beautiful song of “You raised me up so I can stand on mountains”. The nice performance can be found at

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April Fool’s Meeting 2014

Shared by TM Abdel Rahman El Housseiny



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Early Days Meeting Agenda

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THE NEWSMASTER DTC Annual Speech contest is took place on 6th January 2017. On December 16th, 15 DTC members attended a Judges training organized for all area Toastmasters clubs so that they can take part in the speech contests.

Our senior club member VP Menon won Division B Tall Tale Contest which was organized on Nov, 18. Our club member Aadil Kadri published his book “3 Steps to Financial Freedom” in November. In his book, Aadil shares his 15+ years experience in the financial domain. Our senior member VP Menon received the Distinguished Toastmaster recognition this November from Toastmasters International. DTM is the highest recognition received by members in their journey at Toastmasters.




D’CHAPS GOT TALENT TM Deepak Gulati Well I wouldn't really want to call it a "Lost passion", only for one reason. I don't want it to DIE. Yes, photography for me has taken a back seat now but with an attempt to revisit and share few of my best clicks (in my opinion) could be having the hidden power to rekindle my passion towards photography. A note for the budding photographers, my experience of photography has been more of having a different view (from the viewfinder), which ultimately turns into a new perspective altogether, rather than waiting to get into the technical nuances of photography and then start shooting. So, if you are not very sound technically, do not let that be a hindrance towards making photography a passion of yours. However, learning manual photography will add a totally different dimension to your clicks. So just go out there and brings the shutters ... up.

i t a l u G k a p Dee


i t a l u G k a p Dee FEBRUARY 2017



THE BOOKMASTER The Shopaholic Series ~ Sophie Kinsella A Review by MTM

Aaminah Kabli

The shopaholic series is a set of books revolving around the trials and triumphs of Rebecca Bloomwood. Lovingly titled as ‘the world’s favorite shopaholic’ Rebecca is someone you will fall in love with before anything else in the book. Smart, young and totally trendy, Rebecca can absolutely not pass by a store without “having-a-peek”. Whether it is a bad day at work, financial issues, or guys’ problems, there is nothing that “a little bit” of shopping can’t fix! Not to forget sales, new season collections, Vogue Magazine’s must-haves, and one surely deserves a treat at the end of a good day, or not? (You get the point). Basically Ms. Bloomwood loves shopping, but there is just one teeny tiny problem…she is broke. But I haven’t even gotten to the best part yet. She works as a financial journalist who spends all day writing articles on how to manage money wisely. Her favorite method to do so: To hide her Visa bills under the bed and hope they’ll disappear. Of course this is not what she writes in her articles! This one she likes to keep private Rebecca travels across London, New York, India, Milan, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas, and with each new Journey comes a new adventure. It is always when she is almost out of a puddle that she steps into a new one, muddier and yuckier than before. And just when things get muddled up the most, she emerges from the tangles, fabulous as ever, to save the day and ride off into the sunset (with all her shopping bags). The shopaholic series is like a good rom-com printed on a book. This is one book (or 8 books for that matter) that will permanently paste a smile on your face. Yes, I am continuously laughing to myself while reading the book or smiling like a fool. Yes, I do get concerned stares from those around me. The thing is, you cannot read these books and not feel your mood automatically lifted. And when you finish it, don’t worry! You have many more ahead. FEBRUARY 2017




Aloha! Having loved Hawaiian music after watching The Descendants, I imagined what it would be like to visit Hawaii and submitted a conference proposal, which was accepted! So I was in unchartered waters, navigating to the far corner of the world. But the journey was smooth, and I shall always remember the friendly immigration officer at Los Angeles Airport asking me about my resident country Malawi! After 32 hours in the air I should have been exhausted but the excitement of being in Hawaii was contagious! The first morning was really






aquamarine Pacific Ocean for the first time with

Hawaiian Memories by TM



Aravind Krishnan FEBRUARY 2017









Many memories flash by. The hike up to Diamond Head Crater with an incredibly hyper-active guide, and the awesome views. The one-day excursion with two colleagues I met at the conference and being tossed around by the harsh waves of the Pacific to their laughter. Going on a beautiful coastal road straddling the crystal clear blue waters and idyllic beaches and wishing I could stare at the ocean forever. And finally, going on a sailboat with Honolulu behind us and cheering as it navigated the large waves in the golden evening light. That was the evening before I was to return, but I never wanted to go back. That night, I spoke to some local Hawaiians who wistfully spoke of the decline of their local culture and music. I was also moved by the haunting legend of the Kukaniloko Birth Sites. Nevertheless, life has a way of reminding you of past adventures, and the ‘Aloha Hawaii’ product range at the Bath and Body works shop, brought

Picturesque Hawaii

a smile to my face. Mahalo! FEBRUARY 2017




GOOGLE KEEP This is oďŹƒcially my tool of choice for note taking, tasks listing, appointment scheduling, and thought organizing. Like all Google apps you cannot but love the simplicity and smartness. You feel that it understands you, what you mean, and what you need. As you would also expect from Google, it is natively integrated with other Google services. You can also access it from from the Web or using your smart phone.

MINDMIESTER This tool is my favorite one to organize my oating thoughts very naturally. It helps to create mind maps. I use it for my brainstorming. Whether it is a personal development plan, a project plan, a speech plan, a SWOT analysis, a Website planning, or any other type of thought SEPTEMBER 2016



organizing in the format of mind maps.



MTM ManalRayess FEBRUARY 2017





MTM ManalRayess FEBRUARY 2017



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The Orator | Club Magazine 2 - February 2017  

Dubai Toastmasters Club Magazine

The Orator | Club Magazine 2 - February 2017  

Dubai Toastmasters Club Magazine