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Commercial batteries are specially designed to meet the demand of the commercial vehicles in the world. The commercial batteries that are available in the market have polypropylene container. These are used in trucks, tractors and other general equipments. Features of commercial batteries

Polypropylene containers are leak proof. Equipped with calcium and silver alloy lead plates. Completely maintenance free High cranking power You will get the right kind of commercial batteries for your vehicles that are designed in silver technology. The prominent characteristics of such batteries are; • Corrosion resistant • Improved self life • Offers dependable performance • Free from maintenance • Higher cranking power • Resistant to vibrations as well as sudden shocks.

Commercial Batteries

These finest batteries for are used in trucks, buses, etc. companies that are known for preparing best batteries are Bosch, Exide, Varta etc. Exide batteries develop graphite technology which improves the performance of the battery. • • • • • •

Corrosion resistant Improved self life Offers dependable performance Free from maintenance Higher cranking power Resistant to vibrations as well as sudden shocks.

Qualities of the commercial car batteries You will get some of the premium brands selling Commercial batteries for heavy vehicles, trucks, lorries, buses and agricultural machineries. You will find specially developed Commercial batteries to support such heavy duty vehicle’s engine performance. You can buy some of the best quality products at an affordable rate and also get vehicle servicing from these renowned companies. In order to buy batteries you must identify your requirement first. Find out if you need the car for long distance trip or for carrying goods from one state to the other. You will get a variety of batteries suiting different types of vehicles, namely; • • • • •

Trucks and buses Highway vehicles Off highway vehicles Agriculture vehicle Industrial equipment if any

Thus, you can use some of the industry recommended engine battery that are made in latest technology to protect your vehicle engine and help them perform under heavy roads and severe condition.

Commercial Batteries

Exide Commercial Batteries Exide professional batteries are known for offering absolute support to the heavy duty vehicles.

• • • • • •

Voltage: 12 Volts Capacity: 142 Ah CCA: 850 A Length: 349 mm Width: 175 mm Height: 290 mm

Exide manufactures and supplies batteries to different vehicles and even the commercial equipments like generator etc.

Commercial Batteries

Varta Commercial Batteries Varta commercial batteries are produced to support power, performance and offers absolute comfort to the driver. The innovative Labyrinth lid technology as well as the Acid Reserve Design makes VARTA Promotive Blue the robust battery of choice for professionals. This battery needs no maintenance and is packed with impressive features like Energy Control for everyday situations and the ability to provide maximum power reserves even after prolonged rest periods. This makes VARTA batteries most suitable in a variety of applications like construction, agricultural, municipal, delivery and heavy goods vehicles that need to carry out demanding work.

Commercial Batteries

Moura Commercial Batteries Moura Commercial Batteries support high performance, efficiency and durability. Team Moura is committed to innovate quality products for commercial vehicles. Features; • Capacity at 20h SAE (AH) = 170 • CA at 0degrees SAE (A) = 1000 • Dimensions (mm): 512 long x 211 wide x 233high • 12 Volt Sealed Maintenance Free • Shrink Wrapped Handles

Commercial Batteries

GS Titan Commercial Batteries GS Titan commercial batteries are basically renewable energy batteries. They are the first company to launch solar commercial batteries in America. Features; • Dimension of the battery : - 345L x 172W x 232H • Maintenance free CV battery • Vibration resistant • Safety venting • Deep cycle • 2 year warranty • Suitable for tail lifts and high hotel loads • Designed to handle 24/7 shift patterns • Dimensions: Length 345mm, Width 172mm & Height 232mm. These batteries work perfectly in extreme weather conditions and are maintenance free. Team GS offers reliable performance and is customized to suit the demand of micro hybrid vehicles. This helps in reducing CO2 emissions and assists in maximizing fuel savings in high urban traffic conditions.

Commercial Batteries

Energy Commercial Vehicle Batteries Energy Commercial Battery details; Energy 622 Commercial Battery Cold Cranking Performance (Amps) 680 Amphere- Hour Capacity at 20-Hour Rate (Ah) 130 Calcium Technology Length: 509 mm Width: 216 mm Height: 207 mm In total there are 13 types of energy commercial vehicle batteries from which you may select your preferred equipment.

Commercial Batteries

Duceller Commercial Vehicle Batteries The mostly used commercial vehicles are installed with a standard capacity batteries and higher capacity batteries in the same box size, e.g 643 (95ah), 663 (112ah) and 629 (180ah), 629S (192ah). Most modern commercial and agricultural vehicles use this battery. You can invest in the most updated version and drive comfortably.

Commercial Batteries

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Commercial Batteries  

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