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Bosasa RMS Shines bright at ORT Airport A star shines brightly for Bosasa Security Officers at OR Tambo Int'l Airport (ORT). They consistently demonstrate the gold standard of private security.

Michael Mlondzo and

Rachael Baloyi are Bosasa Security Airports' team leaders of distinction. Gavin Watson contends that our security officers are not security guards but intelligence agents. Michael and Rachael, supported by members of their teams, were recently honoured as proud recipients of the service excellence awards from both Bosasa and ACSA at ORT. As it is, Bosasa Security is clearly gearing to set the standard against which all private security companies will be measured. They have answered with satisfaction Bosasa Group CEO Gavin Watson's question: What is a security guard? To see how they rate against Gavin's definition of an intelligence agent, we review their recent run of achievements. Michael Mlodzo, Bosasa Security HBS coordinator at O.R Tambo Int. Airport surprised a syndicate in the process of smuggling three women out of the country. The suspected customs check-out dodgers were clearly in cahoots with employees of a security company whose name is known to Bosele. Using the lowly lit underground channel, an attempt to sneak them out to an awaiting plane by the errant security guards was botched by Mlondzo and his team. Continues on page 4

Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year! from

Papa Leshabane

Letter from the Group CEO

Velile Phato

Dr Thembi Modungwa

Gratitude to GOD: If you can do either all of the following or only some of the following, you need to say “Thank You” to GOD. If you can see; hear, breathe; walk; talk; think; feel; touch; smile; read; laugh; eat, then you are alive and you carry the essence of life in you. We tend to take this major gift of life for granted and we should thank GOD daily for blessing us with these faculties. So many people would give anything to have the faculties we have and we need to treasure this gift. Therefore, say “Thank You God!”

Dr Denise Bjorkman

GRATITUDE Gratitude is defined as “thankfulness; appreciation; gratefulness”. As we reach the end of 2012 and have the opportunity to take stock of 366 days, [for 2012 was a leap year] as the leadership team we want to encourage you with the following: We declared 2012 as our Bosasa year of the “Breakthrough”. And truly we can see how GOD has answered every petition that we put before HIM. We look back and confidently state that it has been a year of miracles, our “Breakthrough” year. And without compromise, we end the year with “thank you” in our hearts. Let us have gratitude to GOD; gratitude to one another and gratitude to Bosasa as an entity. If we end 2012 with the mindset that better things are yet to come, 2012 has set a sound foundation for the future: Bosasa, a High Growth Group.

Letter from the Editors

The last two months I have enjoyed watching the Olympics and the Paralympics. Seeing these exceptional people in action really highlights what a competitive edge is, and how the contestants made the cut in the first place. It is a metaphor for Bosasa. We know that being competitive is not enough. In the swimming cycling or running for instance, every second counts. You will have seen the lengths that participants go to shave nanoseconds off their records to get a gold, silver or bronze medal. Even the choice of head gear is taken into account as a contributor to speed. It's important to be in the first three. There were lessons for us all from the Olympics and Paralympics. We learned that adversity is no obstacle and countless ways could be explored to overcome seeming disability. We learned that attitude, discipline, training, goal directedness and attention to physical and mental health are keys to success. What came home to me was that being fit

Gratitude towards one another: Do you have the opportunity to work and interact with fellow people on a daily basis? Be it your team members; clients or the community as a whole. Then Bosasa team, we are blessed. And we need to say “Thank you” to one another for simply sharing in life. Amidst any human failure; disappointment; or conflict, there should be a “Thank you” in our hearts towards our colleagues. By taking their presence for granted, you are failing to recognise them. Therefore, just go to one another and say “Thank you!” Gratitude towards Bosasa: Bosasa is an exceptional entity with exceptional people. And Bosasa has been good to us all. We carry the Bosasa heart and brand in us. As you work in Bosasa, you are contributing to your own livelihood. And in the spirit of gratitude, Bosasa says “Thank you” and we reciprocate by saying, “Thank you Bosasa.” g -27


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As we close 2012 and open , “T ple ses peo : o 2013 by faith, as Bosasa e M to s th sing ct aid bles l bles prote leadership we declare the s D u to ia d OR ons spec u an on yo ORD following over Bosasa and L L yo e he s s is n t nd hi ith th less smil y the u his s you, our people: e Th n a el w D b RD Ma e yo son , ro sra OR LO ou. giv his me a A of I e L the to y nd nd Na May the GRACE of y th ay us or a on a My 'Ma ou. M racio is fav r Aar ael in em.” our LORD JESUS y eg r e h h b you enev of Is ess t d CHRIST be with an how ' Wh ople ill bl e lf w s ce. p you. e e a pe ss th Mys I ble GOD bless. mb



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was a lifestyle. They wanted 'gold' badly. Bodies and minds were honed to peak performance. They did not flag a single day - they measured themselves against the best and then some. The contestants got there because they had what it takes to position themselves with the winners. Bosasa holds the leading edge with its products services and people because we have those so called hidden ingredients that place us at the front. The World Bank has just released its global Competitiveness Report. True the compilers were writing about countries and their ranking in a global index, but this ranking was achieved by the performance of the companies within countries. The Report looks at a range of pillars: innovation; business sophistication; technological readiness; goods market efficiency; (the right mix of products), higher education and training; infrastructure and capacity; the efficiency of personnel and health.

Read the report very closely and

exclude the reference to financial institutions which we are not, and we score very high on the Competitiveness Scale. Bosasa is one such company that has contributed to the wealth of South Africa. It suggests we too are a notable asset to the country, the region and our clients. As with the Olympic contestants, the trick is to remain in the lead. 'Yes we can' is our motto using the words of US President Barack Obama. Bosasa teams have what it takes. Let's continue to show the world in the coming year.

Bosasa RMS shines bright at ORT Airport


Group CEO and Editors Letter


Urgency and education meet momentum and change


Kgwerano on the road to success


Time for Mam’ Phindi to enjoy her retirement


Your blood donation saved lives


Why is Bosasa a great company to work for a survey reveals all


WATSonline breaks down corporate barriers


What a weekend of soccer excellence and


Marketing & Branding Solutions


family fun! Lindela gets new water heating systems


Congratulations Doc Thembi


Thank you for your contributions


Going on Holiday?


Truthonline / Watsonline blogs


“We aim to inform, educate, delight & entertain” 03

All the Bosasa RMS staff who were recognised Joe Gumede was on hand with words of encouragement

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They stopped and searched them. They also seized the errant security guards' airside permits. They were falsely counting on their ill-conceived hopes that everyone has his price for which he can be bought. Fears of likely terrorist links with the 3 women whose faces were covered throughout were said to be as real as they were potentially perilous. They were scheduled to travel to Somalia via Heathrow with the help of contacts providing safe passage. The three women did not have any travel documents in their possession. When confronted by Bosasa Security officers they asked that their escort, a possible syndicate operative, be called on his cell phone for an explanation. The operative offered Mlondzo a bribe of R80 000 if he let them go and went to meet him at the airport's parkade. Even while questioning the suspects, Michael flatly declined financial advances made to him. Rachael Baloyi proves that Bosasa Security officers at ACSA are intelligence agents. They observe, process and act swiftly. While driving on the freeway from the Super South end of the airport, Rachael saw two men pulling a trolley that was laden with steel drain covers. She took a mental note of their physical appearance. She proceeded to the airport and soon noticed that the drain covers were missing. Without further delay, she hastily returned to where she had spotted the men. When she could not find them, she conducted her own investigation, starting with the nearest scrap metal yards. The first one drew a blank but she found the stolen steel covers at the next scrap yard. She demanded to know how the company sourced the steel drain covers. She finally located them and brought them to justice. She also made a


positive identification of them on the CCTV camera footage to support her findings. Both cases Michael Mlondzo and Rachael Baloyi brought against the suspects are being prosecuted. Michael and Rachael and their teams were recently awarded with Excellent Service Awards by both Bosasa Security and ACSA managements at two separate award ceremonies. Bosasa Security chairman, Joe Gumede told the early morning parade that the entire Bosasa Group was proud of them. He also conveyed the CEO's message that they were not mere security guards who did not think. They are far better than that, likening them to intelligence agents. They are constantly observing what is happening around them and processing it. Bosasa Security director at ACSA, Sylvester Simelane, encouraged the rest of the team to follow the example of those who were awarded and “make names for themselves�. It can be noticed from this experience and many other previous ones that Bosasa Security rewards security officers' efforts in spite of what they are achieving being in the normal course of delivering their duties. Security officers are often tempted with bribes. Areas such as the O.R Tambo Int. Airport are no exception to this unfortunate phenomenon. These areas are places where criminal syndicates and possible persons of interest to Interpol such as international terrorist agents use for passage. This therefore makes it important that Bosasa Security should reward its officers for resisting such temptation and remain loyal to their commitment. VP

Sylvester Simelane addresses the impressive parade


Urgency and education meet momentum and change The last quarter of 2012 marked a paradigm shift in Bosasa Group. Papa Leshabane, MC, expertly handled proceedings

The Extended Management Meeting at the Silver Star Conference Centre became a site of a declaration of the new revolution. Papa Leshabane, Communications Director and Chairman of Kgwerano Fleet Solutions kept an expert handle on the proceedings throughout the day with a steady supply of wit. So palpable was the change element that Bosasa Group CEO, Gavin Watson drove this course of action. The CEO mobilized management and staff to respond to their daily responsibilities with urgency. He prepared the leadership to raise the Group's momentum for its next level of engagement as a high growth company. This meeting brought the regional directors, coordinators and unit leaders of business units across the country as well as heads of support service departments into a sharp focal point centered on change. They sought the Group CEO's direction as he laid emphasis on the growth path charted. Some distinct drivers of change stood out. Speed and agility At the top of the list of talking points was the need for speed and agility. This would deal complacency its final death knell. The leadership identified urgency and education as the lifeblood of development and growth. A swift response to the Company's client needs would allow the group the agility to adapt to the turbulent world of business and rapidly changing environment. Complacency Gavin Watson said we need to think intellect and capital together

only of the operations they were involved in, but of the back-office

working towards a higher value Bosasa. He told the company

support their operations received.

leadership we need to discover our hidden value in our corporate brainpower to make Bosasa a leader in the era of the intangibles economy as this would increase productivity and stamp out complacency. The CEO made a firm move in preparing the group for change. As changes in the financial markets pose a stormy threat, only companies that have planned and prepared for it will weather such a storm. Bosasa's ability to remain a highly competitive and a much acclaimed Company pivoted around remaining vigilant.

The Watson Institute is undergoing a revolution of its own. In keeping with high growth trends, it has recently been repositioned as the Watson Corporate University. It is set to be the creator of strategic capability and the custodian of know-how. Instead of seeing training in a trainer driven mode, the Corporate University will be employee-needs focused. It won't be a “Let's train them just in case they need this set of skills,� platform. Instead, training will be tailored and focused for organizational effectiveness. The continuous and multiple methods of training will go a long way

Education and being a learning organization Bosasa has not left it entirely up to its employees to up the

towards ensuring that as many employees as possible gain access to the courses provided.

knowledge ante. For starters, the Group's CEO shares his wealth of knowledge in leadership and business management with

Bosasa Youth Development Centre Chairperson, Thandi Makoko

employees through his blogs. Staying on the cutting edge of

and Managing Director Jackie Leyds shared incisive reports about

business and beating the competition locally and globally requires

developments and rapid growth within Youth Centres. This follows

an aggressive and constant acquisition of knowledge.

Jackie and her team's recent trip to Canada where they compared notes on best practice.

The Watson Corporate University The Watson Institute of Business Leadership has fulfilled a critical role of developing the business skills of employees it earmarked and sought to position for strength in their business units. These employees would bring a functional understanding, not


certain parts of the patrolled area. It

Innovation Though innovation sits at the bottom of Gavin Watson's list of

then records the date and time of the

success indicators in his presentation, it is not the least important.


In fact, it has been the key driver of success of the Group since inception. Innovation and Intellectual Capital sit at the centre of the

The smoothly rolled out Biometric solutions in

Bosasa corporate brain. With it comes Gavin Watson's call to

airports and court buildings have been hailed as yet

“Think big, new and innovatively.” It also stimulates creative

another feather in Bosasa Security's already colourful hat. This is

debates across functional team environments.

another innovation that will give the client the peace of mind for which he yearns.

Proof of this is an all innovative aquaculture project Andries van Tonder has been fine-tuning. The project is aptly named Bio-

Innovation fuels Kgwerano Fleet Solutions' service offering. This

organics. It is soon to be opened at the Luipperdsvlei site down the

explains why they are always improving their systems. The new

road from Mogale Business Park. Production of prawns in closed

Trust Master system they have implemented integrates the

houses is set to start in April 2013. Bosasa has a unique approach

purchasing, financing, fuel, maintenance and disposal of the

to aquaculture. Not only does it have the potential to contribute to

vehicles. “This means a quicker turn-around time for the client

rural development plans of our nation, but it also promises to bring

and detailed tyre and maintenance expenditure reporting. Manual

employment to these almost abandoned parts of the country.

vouchers are now automated. Our clients also get automated SMS notification updates,” says Asanda Mpatshwa, Kgwerano

Another key development is the joint-venture between Sondolo IT

Senior CRM.

and Sunworx. Sunworx is the distributor of innovative, renewable energy solutions. It is a godsend in view of our energy woes as power utility seeks to hike electricity tariffs by yet another unaffordable amount. With Sondolo IT's national footprint placing it securely in every city and dorpie of the country, Sunworx can deliver power to the powerless multitudes.

Remedy for complacency Focused mentoring would lead the Company's leadership strategy. The constant change and improvement is already “igniting new ideas for a change reaction.” After this meeting of renewal, the Bosasa Group leadership, across the country is poised to carpe diem and give it their all. VP

Bosasa Security Chairman, Joe Gumede is ensuring that Risk Management Services (RMS) also contributes to innovation within the Group. He announced the implementation of The Mag Touch

Jackie Leyds and Thandi Makoko engaged the delegates

System. This system gives the client a good night's rest knowing that the Bosasa Security officer has walked the beat he undertook to make. Every time he goes on patrol, he pushes a button at

State of the art facilities at Silverstar Casino


Kgwerano on the road to success Kgwerano Fleet Management Solutions is continuously and

Kgwerano Fleet Solution has 12 000 vehicles on the scheme for

exponentially growing its management and intellectual capital.

maintenance. The Fleet Solutions service provider's General

The result of this can be seen in the management of the national

Manager: Customer Relations, Asanda Pantshwa and his select

Department of Transport for government officials' vehicles. It is

team of provincial CRM managers went on a national roadshow

becoming increasingly efficient. Unlike most fleet management

campaign to interact with the clients. Kgwerano's agility and

companies that look after commercial vehicles, Kgwerano Fleet

constant desire to keep the end user of their services informed has

Management looks, largely, after privately owned but government

recently prompted them to further upgrade their software. The

subsidized vehicles.

client can now generate on-demand reports and this has been

Fleet management inherently includes a range of functions. Among them are vehicle financing, vehicle maintenance, vehicle tracking and diagnostics, driver management, speed management and fuel management. Health and safety have rightly penetrated every area of management. They are probably

proven to happen in real time. An SMS service has also been added to this bouquet of value services. Kgwerano Fleet Solutions chairman, Papa Leshabane’s ultimate quest is to be responsive to client needs. “Time is of the essence and we want our turnaround time in all that we do to show consistent improvement.”

critical aspects of fleet management. As a premium provider of a function which allows government departments that rely on transportation in their delivery of services to remove or minimize the risks associated with vehicle investment, Kgwerano Fleet Management enables the respective departments to improve efficiency and productivity.

This effective use of improved software capability reduces their

An area of fleet management that gives Kgwerano Fleet

overall costs and has already begun to yield desired results. It also

Management Solutions the leading edge is its software package –

ensures 100% compliance with government legislation on vehicle

TrustMaster Fleet. The software enables Kgwerano to accomplish

maintenance. The duty of care is transferred to Kgwerano and

a series of specific tasks in the management of all aspects relating

handled with the utmost care . Now that Bosasa deploys Research

to the government subsidised fleet of vehicles. The specific tasks

and Development investment in these functions, it can use its

incorporate all operations from vehicle acquisition to disposal.

surplus capacity to deal with its own fleet management

TrustMaster is a software package replete with a host of special

requirements in-house. That places it in an expert position of fleet-

features and capabilities. Software for managing a commercial


fleet allows functions such as vehicle profiling, trips profiling and vehicle efficiency. This relates to a fleet which is wholly owned by a transport company.

Vehicle accidents are a common occurrence for Kgwerano


A subsidised motor vehicle scheme for government officials which is managed by Kgwerano Fleet Management Solutions is ideal for

sseccus ot daor eht no onarewgK Tyres are a costly but vital component in reliable motoring

proper and adequate maintenance. An increase in the funding needs for replacement can result in higher maintenance costs due to aging vehicles. Kgwerano takes into consideration that privately owned vehicles used for business journeys are treated exactly the same as company owned vehicles. Directors and government heads of departments have an equal responsibility under the law to ensure these vehicles are also roadworthy and correctly insured. It is vital that even the government, just as companies would do, has a 'Driving at Work' policy in place covering every element of their business vehicle operation, especially given the large number of vehicles involved and who owns them. Kgwerano is up to the task of seeing to these vehicles' sound running condition from acquisition to disposal.VP

Screenshots of the Kgwerano Fleet management system

Increasing fuel costs are putting the pinch on motorists

80 09

Time for Mam' Phindi to enjoy her retirement When Eunice Dlamini delivered Bosasa's valedictory speech at the West Rand Primary School for Principal Lillian Phindi Xakaza, there was great emotion. Lillian has been an inspiration at the school for 32 years. To Eunice, Lillian has been a friend, mother, sister and mentor over the years. “Lillian Xakaza has been more than an educator in her time,” shared Eunice from the podium. “She has served the school and the community as an unswerving change agent during and after the Apartheid era. A woman of courage, she made sure she beat an iniquitous system. She has also driven an era of innovation by producing tomorrow's thinkers which linked with Bosasa's own vision.” The school has had an inextricable link with the Bosasa Group of Companies which has been a loyal supporter and sponsor of her vision. It is the spirit that she engendered that drove Bosasa to sustain its commitment and faith in this special school. Phindi Xakaza recounts her school's relationship with Bosasa on her last day as principal of West Rand Primary School, after 32 years at the helm. Mam' Phindi, as she has become known by this acknowledgment of endearment, sang praises of CEO Gavin Watson whom she called bhuti , a brother who came through for her every time. Phindi recalled at the time when mining operations were shut

Eunice Dlamini delivers a heartwarming farewell speech

down. Mine management approached her to inform her that they were closing down the school. She resolutely protested their decision presenting a compelling case of the community's needs being abandoned by mining authorities who had seized to care. Mine bosses also made a strong case that they could not support the school once they would have left. When Meritum took over they came to the rescue but maintained a safe distance. Dyambu which later became Bosasa became truly involved in the wellbeing of the school. “This school would have closed down a long time ago had it not been for the goodwill of Bosasa. They supported us in virtually everything,” Phindi told the gathered guests who had come to bid her farewell as she prepared to retire at the age of 61. Bosasa became involved with the maintenance of the school. The school was assigned a maintenance coordinator who is


Bosasa's payroll. Bosasa Youth Development Centre Education Director, Dr. Louis Scholtz helped design programmes for the development of educators. As he sat in the function to bid Phindi farewell, educators expressed their heartfelt gratitude to Dr Scholtz for his contribution to the educators' development. Bosasa Group Executive Chef, Allister Esau and his team prepared a buffet lunch complete with all the trimmings, making sure that the guests had a scrumptious meal by which to remember Bosasa. Phindi has spent most of her time at West Rand Primary School and it was time to dedicate her time to her husband and family. VP Phindi Xhakaza


Your blood donation saves lives When you give blood you do so to save lives. Who knows, your contribution could be saving your own life or that of your family. November saw a Blood Donation Day organised by Lynn Loots of HR in support of Employee Wellness efforts. MBP employees were ready to donate with a generosity of spirit that was heartwarming. As people arrived to donate blood there were mixed feelings. “It is the first time I am giving blood and I know I will do it again. It was a great experience knowing that the little I had to offer could save a life and it contributed to the South African Blood Banks dwindling reserves” shared a beaming Constance Malungani. We ask Dr. Thembi Modungwa of Employee Wellness why it is so SANBS staff expertly co-ordinate proceedings

important to donate blood. “We do not often stop to think what blood is and how it saves lives. There are three types of blood cells which keep us alive: red, white and platelets. Red cells contain haemoglobin. They are red because they draw oxygen

Dr. Thembi reminds us: “The bottom line is that blood means life.

from the lungs. White blood cells protect our immune system.

In Christianity it is believed that the Blood of Jesus had to be

They go everywhere in the body and they attack bacteria and

shared for people to get eternal life. The blood drive is part of a

viruses that come our way. When people get sick they produce

culture of giving that Bosasa has adopted from inception. You can

more white cells. Then we have platelet cells which are made in

expect blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes testing days in

the marrow of our bones. They help with clotting so that if we get

the future.” DBJ/TM/DM

cut, we do not bleed to death. The cut is then sealed. So blood supplies oxygen, enough fluid to keep the heart pumping, and cells to fight invaders. Without blood we die”

Bosasa Staff eagerly donate blood at MBP

According to enrolled Nurse Sannah Mbathane of the SANBS, “up to three lives can be saved with a blood donation” Leukaemia and sickle cell anaemia are illnesses that require blood. The story is told of how little Lesego Khunou who suffers from the latter, has relied on blood donations from the age of ten. This has not held her career ambitions back. Lesego went forward with a college course, fitting in blood transfusions along the way, with the support of her tutors. She inspires all those around her. Many who came to donate blood admitted shyly that they had their misgivings. “I hate needles” said Irene Mlauzi. “But, this was a painless exercise and I will do it again, now that I know and understand the procedure. When I saw what others were doing I knew I had to be part of this. It made me feel so good.”


Why is Bosasa a great Company – a survey reveals all What do you think of Bosasa and its leadership? Jackie Leyds and Doc Louis Scholtz find out. Would you like someone to research how effective you are with your vision, planning, work, strategy and decision making? Most people say 'no' emphatically. It takes high self-esteem, integrity and strong conviction in your work to expose yourself like that. Willingness to conduct such a survey also shows an ethic of transparency and good governance. Recently Jackie Leyds and Doc Louis Scholtz decided to investigate staff perceptions and experiences. Together they identified criteria that make great companies and great people which align to these experiences. Bosele shares the results of both the organisational and the WATSonline surveys. If people aren't happy with their lot, a project, a company, or a country can implode. Read up on every revolution and palace coup in history if you are not convinced. Most of these revolutions


Bosasa staff survey 2012


took place because leaders simply did not care whether their people saw purpose and meaning in their lives. Greed and selfishness was the downfall of all. Happiness on the other hand is a reflection of deep pride, a sense of belonging and knowledge that the difference you make to the Company is appreciated. But CEO Gavin Watson believes in his people, is concerned about their growth and happiness and breaks the mould by sharing his experience, beliefs, values and vision which is why he mandated the organisational surveys. These tell you what is happening on the ground, they are a starting point for growth and change and they assist planning and decision making. In order to look forward, we have to look within. The valued members of Bosasa staff, who are the building blocks of the Group, share why Bosasa is a great company to work for. Bosele staff can testify that they are stopped frequently in the street by strangers to ask how they too can become part of this great organisation. Read on! What did the survey look for? The November survey looked for twelve indicators which have proven themselves over time in all organisational climate testers. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12.

Commitment Morale Direction and Strategy Diversity Organisational Politics/Ethics Employee/Management Relations Communication Staff Development Decision making/Coordination Innovation Teamwork and Task Support Quality of Service

These indicators exposed deeper levels of trust, integrity, pride, quality of service and relationships, creativity, communication and unshakeable belief in the Company. The chart below clearly shows overriding satisfaction – a belief that the leadership is doing things right for everyone. Quality of service, innovation, commitment, high levels of communication and staff development stand out. Morale stands at an outstanding 89% with commitment at all-time high of 100%. Beat that! Bosele challenges any company in South Africa or beyond to deliver the equivalent of these findings.


You said it Organisational surveys are a reflection of democracy at work. You said it. The survey captures what you think and feel.


research shows that leaders, who have the courage to do barometer surveys which test the working climate have the same results: they run companies that are productive and innovative and team spirit pervades every division. We know. DBJ

WATSonline breaks down corporate barriers WATSonline began as Gavin Watson's outreach to his people. Unlike most companies where employees have a vague idea of what is on the CEO's mind, conveyed by mission and vision statements pasted on walls in reception areas, the WATSonline blogs were different. Eight years ago, the Harvard Business Review published a seminal article on how to get a high return on company energy – more specifically the energy of its people. They called it ROM – Return on Management. It became one of the most popular articles of all time, as it caused CEOs to examine whether company realities existed in their heads only or whether they were communicated effectively to staff. It asked 'Are you on the same page as the CEO? Do you know where you should focus your energies to add value?” It was the norm for the executive to talk among themselves, leaving management and staff down the line to do guess work on what was expected of them. Those CEOs who did share their expectations, hopes plans and vision had startling results. Companies grew exponentially. There were no blogs those days, so this medium could not be exploited for the benefit of all. WATSonline blogs Gavin Watson embraces modern technology. His blogs engage rapidly with what the HBR wanted to get across. From these blogs came striking, memorable and pithy slogans which in turn became an internal currency. We all know them and cite them in our daily interactions: teams2think and teams2trust are two unforgettable slogans. Here are the results of the WATSonline survey which looked at the importance of the blogs and their contribution to company culture and brand: a sense of fruitful two way dialogue between the CEO and staff, the need for frequent communication, their relevance and the contribution to personal growth and relationships. Employees felt that their relationships with staff throughout the

go to for Gavins blogs and video clips

Group improved, giving them renewed confidence in applying knowledge, leadership and communication. They felt in touch with what was really happening throughout the organisation. Most felt highly motivated to take their expertise to greater heights and most of all it opened up a world of knowledge, learning and a desire to know more. Personal reading of other related material doubled because of the interest these blogs stimulated. The bottom line The bottom line is that this mode of communication works. It relieves tension, builds confidence, stimulates discussion and encourages innovative thinking. Two blogs a week were identified as meaningful to stimulate reflection and test application. Bosasa achieves another leadership “first”. DBJ


What a weekend of soccer excellence and family fun! Papa Leshabane and Gavin Watson greet the players and officials before kick off

After the whistles, the vuvuzelas and the voluble pop music playing through jumbo speakers had quieted down, we all reflected on the success of the Bosasa National Soccer Tournament and Family Fun Day. The thrill of winning lingered on in the champions' camps as they waltzed off all smiles, all the way to the bank. What a weekend of soccer excellence! The children could not get enough of the jumping castles, loaded party packs and getting their faces painted. This year the soccer tournament invoked the popular clichĂŠ, go big or hamba lala. Bosasa went national, bringing our coastal regional teams where the Pulse of Bosasa beats in concerto. Having realized how big this tournament was going to be, the chairman of the tournament and Full Facilities Management Director, Ishmael Mncwaba had roped in Procurement Director Dudu Dube. Veteran Catering Coordinator Catherine Mathabathe was also brought in and she tweaked the menu until it was just right. Over 2 thousand meals were served on the 3 pulsating soccer days to everyone's satisfaction. Directors Papa Leshabane and Joe Gumede supported all the teams to the end. Thandi Makoko would not miss the action for the world despite driving over 700 km to a meeting in

Sis Thandi Makoko eagerly handed out awards to the deserving winners

The ladies showed the men how the game is played

The impressive field of dreams


Harrismith and back. She still made it for the finals and handed the medals and winners' cheques at the end. And as another popular cliché, “ladies first”, saw its own invocation, Bosasa ladies from Bosasa Security at ACSA at O.R Tambo, MYC, North West Youth Centres and Lindela raised the standard of soccer in a manner that had never been seen before at Bosasa. The Bosasa Women's Soccer Tournament launched the first leg of the tournament. Played at the Lindela Sports Grounds in October, this venue came up trumps. A festive mood was easy to create and capture here. As an elimination round and the semi–finals that would determine the strongest ladies' teams, the games set the tone for what was to come in November. The two matches that were played on the day clearly showed which were the strongest of the four teams. For starters, Mogale Youth Centre ladies had their way with ACSA O.R Tambo ladies without much of resistance from their opponents. The Airport Jet-legs (assuming that's what the ACSA ladies were) took a 5 – 1 hiding from the MYC ladies. Meanwhile, the ladies from the Platinum province of the North West also put 8 easy ones past the defending champions' goalie. Lindela ladies, the reigning queens who, by the way, won last year's tournament failed to score this year. The line drawn in the sand between MYC Goals galore were scored on the day

and NW for the ladies finals. Thanks to the Bosasa Board of Directors giving the nod, the first Friday of November became a national sports day at Bosasa. Even MBP had an early shutdown. Male teams from the provinces

Group CEO, Gavin Watson hands over a cheque to one of the winners

and Gauteng operations descended on Lindela Sports Grounds with pomp and ceremony. Ten teams did battle for the R30 000 top prize. Bosasa Security at O.R Tambo Int. Airport were drawn against the Western Cape while Full Facilities at DCS went up against Limpopo. Lindela was pitted against the Eastern Cape and MYC against the 3 North West province Youth Centres. Full Facilities at GoldFields was set against KZN. Total prize money stood at R60 000. Continues on page 16

The children enjoyed the facepainters


What a weekend of soccer excellence and family fun! Continued from page 15

The top 4 teams to reach finals were determined by the highest

New-comers Western Cape performed well despite having to

number of goals scored and the least conceded. So Lindela

settle for second best in the finals and receiving the R12 000

released a volley of goals scoring a record 9 – 0 goals against the

runners-up prize. For the second time in a row, DCS supporters

EC. It just rained goals, much to the supporters delight. It was

won the R5 000 prize for the Best supporters. DCS and MYC

therefore small wonder that Lindela would be the champions of

were said to have quietly slipped out the back rushing home to

the tournament. North West ladies had also given ACSA an 8 – 0

lick their wounds. VP

drubbing in the semis. They too came up victorious in the ladies finals scooping the R8 000 prize. Both Lindela men's team and NW ladies team were selected for the coveted Man and Woman of the Match Awards (Sibusiso Ngqosa and Prudence Landela respectively) as well as Top Goal Scorer Awards (Makhahlane and Katlego Mangoeng respectively).

A quick team meeting before kick off


The fans were in full voice

Lindela gets a new water heating system Hot and clean running water can no longer be seen as a luxury for the well-heeled few. It is a pressing human rights matter. A cold shower in the middle of winter can hardly be accepted as humane. Bosasa has always brought an effective human rights element into its service offering, from managing youth centres and Lindela to catering at correctional facilities and the mines. It is for this same reason that upon realising that coal fired boilers were not a sustainable option, Bosasa began to switch to newer and greener technologies. A new hot water heat system has since been installed in a section of the Lindela Repatriation Centre. According to Louis Minnie, engineer and head of Turnkey Operations, the heat system uses the ambient outside air temperature to heat the water. “The unit is able to heat the water efficiently with ambient temperature as low as 0°C, but at lower temperatures it is equipped with a 60kW backup boiler,” he says. This may sound too technical and out of a layman's reach. What it really means is that the technology used is able to covert ordinary surrounding air and heat it quicker in order to heat water up to a very hot temperature of 60°C. The single handle mixer gives it a modern feel. Turnkey Operations is Bosasa's own fully fledged maintenance and structural support service department which undertakes millions-worth of specialist maintenance as well as building and heavy current contract work. Louis Minnie proudly demonstrated his team's technical expertise in planning and executing every element of this upgrade project. This gives the water heating The new Boiler unit which will deliver hot water to Lindela

system a life span of over 25 years. With the in-house technical expertise to support it, this new system will keep heating water for many years to come.

The system can deliver 4600 litres of mixed water at 50°C with a maximum temperature setting of 60°C. The showering system has also been upgraded. This allows it to work with a single tap engagement system allowing just enough water to be discharged through greener and modern water saving shower heads. Major modifications had to be done to the existing boiler room before the new system could be installed. The removal of the old coal boiler has been welcomed in line with the Bosasa's ideal of an environmentally responsible corporate citizen. The upgrading of the boiler room has had to be factored to allow for the installation of a new electrical reticulation system. In view of all the requirements and in order to let the boiler room meet the installation requirements, Bosasa Technical staff performed additional steel works. “By replacing the coil boiler, Bosasa Operations has once again succeeded in our commitment towards our client, the inmates Louis Minnie of technical inspects the new Boiler unit

and the environment,” adds Louis triumphantly. VP


Congratulations Doc Thembi The dedicated Doc Thembi has strong views about education: 'I knew what I wanted, I knew it needed hard work and I knew I had to study through a reputable university. I chose RAU (today the University of Johannesburg).' Not happy with her studies she decided to advance herself. As much loved Mayoress of Mmabatho, she learned powerful governance skills which she consolidated with studies of governance and risk management at UNISA. She served as a strategist for the SOS Children's Village umbrella body, the National Energy Regulator and held senior lecturing posts in psychiatry at the University of the North and Pretoria. She is a specialist in SETA accreditation, manual and policy design and heads education for the South African Council for Coaches and Mentors. She and her colleague Dr Denise Bjorkman run Employee Wellness under the leadership of Jackie Dr. Thembi Modungwa

Leyds and Thandi Makoko. They both serve on the advisory board of the Watson Institute of Business Leadership. They provide strategic services for STATS SA, the Department of

Bosele congratulates Dr Thembi Modungwa of Bosasa's Employee Wellness. She has just been awarded another prestigious appointment, to the Mental Health Review Board of

Health and Social Development and Fort Hare University. Thembi is a director of PACST, Job Centre Trust, the Youth centre Foundation and CoachonLine.

North West Province. The last six years have seen a progression

She is the mother of twin girls: Dineo an accountant - Masters in

of senior executive appointments which have included CEO of

Financial Investment candidate, Dithoto, a mechanical engineer-

Orion Business Solutions (the Orion Hotel Group) Chairperson of

PhD candidate, both extraordinary achievers in their professions.

Sterkfontein, and Mental Health Review Board Member of

Her message to Bosasa staff is a simple one: “I believe that this

Gauteng Province. She has since become regarded as a national

is one of the most extraordinary companies. It delivers on its

authority on all aspects of mental health.

promises of employee growth. Under Gavin Watson's leadership

'Doc Thembi' as she is affectionately known at Bosasa, has a history of exceptional achievement. Born into an impoverished family where night time was a broken sleep on the cold kitchen

and example you can achieve anything. His belief in his staff is exemplary. Make the New Year work for you. Honour his conviction and deliver on your potential�. Dbj

floor, Thembi vowed to make something of her life. She began her career as a nurse but after saving zealously she put herself through Matric at Damelin and then through University at her own expense, qualifying with a doctorate as a social scientist in the mental health field focusing on self-mastery.

Thank you for your contributions! This was a year of discovery for Bosele. This year was one in

national foot print and then shared these with us. The editorial and

which we identified creative talents which expanded the value and

design team thank every person who made a contribution to

interest of our publication. If you are someone who enjoys reading

Bosele this year. So join our creative club and share your journeys

the credits, you will have noticed that contributions to our in house

of discovery in Bosasa with everyone. Any news is welcome. This

magazine expanded dramatically. We have discovered a world of

coming year we are planning to match new trends in in-house

fresh new writers who wish to share their insights with every

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about the heroes in your units, special achievements, and

with individuals who became monitors of activities throughout our

moments of celebration - or just being part of the Bosasa Group's success story. Tell us, we will tell everyone. PS


Going on Holiday?... some tips for your safety and security General house safety 1. Keep a first aid kit at home and in your car. Make sure that every member of the household knows how to use it. House Safety checks before leaving: 2. Lock all doors and windows, and activate the alarm 3. Make your house seem lived-in. Install a timer on certain lights (and radios) Get friends to look after your house. Ask them to open and close your curtains every day and to regularly empty your mailbox 3. Don't tell everybody you are going on holiday – news will get out 4. Cancel newspapers In case of medical emergency: 1. Stay calm 2. Store an emergency number on your cellphone and keep a list of emergency numbers next to your home phone. In the event of any other type of emergency: 1. Stay calm. Have an emergency number on speed dial on your cell phone. Speak clearly! Don't waffle. State your name and contact number in case your phone cuts out immediately

2.Describe the injuries and state how many people are injured. Give street names, the nearest intersection and describe landmarks. 3. Alert oncoming traffic by switching on car hazard lights. Do not move the injured 4. In case of an accident with another vehicle, do not move the vehicles.

General road safety: 1. Never drink alcohol or take drugs before or while driving. 2. Don't eat too much before a long journey. 3. Rest well before a journey. 4. Don't wear tight clothing, dress comfortably. 5. Wear sunglasses in direct sunshine. Don't wear tinted glasses after dark 6. Keep your car well ventilated and alternate driving with someone else 7. Stop every two hours or every 200km. Go for a stroll or splash your face with cold water to wake up. 8. Do not drive inside the yellow line. 9. If travelling with others, try and rotate driving responsibilities on a long journey. DBj

Employee Wellness

Vehicle accidents are a major risk during period holiday times

Emergency services are under tremendous strain and pressure during the holidays


Internal communicator to our Employees and Human Capital

External communicator to our Complimentors and Extended Stakeholders

A Collection of Blogs From Gavin Watson


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Leadership of the future Our Operational Teams are Entrepreneurs


of Decisions 04


Revolution - Think




The new source of wealth




Bosasa Soccer Tournament



“teams2build” Are you building our Bosasa Client

Gavin Watson


relationships 08

Let values drive your decisions



The Hallmark of True Leaders Leadership Reproduces True


This compilation of blogs posted during January and February has been prepared for you in the faith that it will inspire, guide,


mentor and motivate you in both your professional and personal lives


Founder of

people, passion and purpose

Institute of Business Leadership

Future Technology Solutions


"teams2serve": Our Operational Teams are Entrepreneurs of Decisions." Making Smart Decisions. Last week I had a meeting with our Kgwerano team. Once again I realized how important decision-making is and that we as Bosasa teams have to be conscious to make smart decisions. To ensure good decision-making, we need to build the function of assigning clear and specific roles into the character of each team. Good decision-making depends on this. It sounds simple enough, but many organizations struggle to make decisions as a result of “some” people feeling accountable or “nobody” feeling accountable at all. The key therefore is to be clear in the role differentiation: •

Who has input,

Who makes the decisions and

Who gets it done?

And in providing clear role differentiation, accountability for actions will follow.

Within our Bosasa “Entrepreneurial Think and Do-Approach” [our Bosasa ETD-Approach], lies smart decision-making - “Entrepreneurial Thinking”. As we empower our teams to “Think Entrepreneurially” their decision making will lead to productive teams.

Entrepreneurs Think RAPID Entrepreneurial decision makers have 5 critical roles and the five letters in RAPID correspond to these 5 critical decision making roles [they do not follow chronologically, however together they make up RAPID].

Recommend, Agree, Input, Decide, Perform.

1.RECOMMEND Team members in this role are responsible for making a proposal, gathering input and providing the right data and analysis to make a sensible decision in a timely fashion. TIP: In the course of developing a proposal, consult with the people who provide input, do not just hear and incorporate their views but also build buy-in along the way. One needs to have analytical skills, common sense and organizational structure when recommending to the team. 2. AGREE. Team members in this role have veto power - yes or no -over the recommendation. Exercising the veto can trigger a debate between themselves and the recommenders, which should lead to a modified proposal. TIP: If that takes too long, or if the two parties simply can’t agree, escalate the issue to the person who has to finally decide. 3. INPUT These team members are consulted on the decision. Because the people who provide input are typically involved in the implementation, recommenders have a strong interest in taking their advice seriously. TIP: No input is binding, but this shouldn’t undermine its importance. If the right people are not involved and motivated, the decision is far more likely to falter during execution. 4. DECIDE This team member who is the formal decision maker is ultimately accountable for the decision and has the authority to resolve any impasse in the decision making process and to commit the organization to action.


5. PERFORM Once the decision is made, a person or team will be responsible for the execution. In some instances, the people that are responsible for implementing a decision are the same people who recommend it. TIP: Writing down the roles and assigning accountability are essential steps, but good decision-making also requires the right process. The most effective process is grounded in specifics but simple to adapt if necessary.

Our Bosasa Decision Making Culture In Bosasa we have developed a culture of being an entrepreneurial, decision driven Group with sound, timely and effective decision-making processes in place. We have the ability to make good decisions that build value in Bosasa and we are able to make these decisions quickly. Some of them will be the big strategic decisions, the ones that tend to matter most but just as important are the critical operating decisions that drive Bosasa’s day-to-day activities and are vital to effective execution. Tools to empower you: Here are a few principles to assist you as a team in your decision-making: 1. Action is the Goal. Good decision-making doesn’t end with a decision; it ends with implementation. 2. Ambiguity is the Enemy. Clear accountability is essential: who contributes input, who makes the decision, and who carries it out? 3. Speed and Adaptability are Crucial. An organization that makes good decisions quickly has the ability to act on opportunities and overcome obstacles. The best decision makers in your team create an environment where people can come together quickly and effectively to make the most important decisions. 4. Decision Roles. The key is to involve the right people at the right level in the right part of your team at the right time. 5. Well-aligned Team. Clear roles for decision-making are critical, but they are not enough. If the team does not reinforce the right approach to decision making through its processes, incentives, information flows and culture, the behavior won’t become routine. 6. Practicing Beats Preaching. Involve the people who will live with the new decision roles as they contribute to designing them. The very process of thinking about new decision behaviors motivates people to adopt them. In conclusion: As we live the “Entrepreneurial Think and Do-Approach”, in this week focus on the entrepreneurial value [opportunity and growth] of “Thinking and Making Smart Decisions” in your team. It will lead to growth. Identify the RAPID roles in your team and work on the above principles, for this is part of “Entrepreneurial Thinking”. Have a blessed week. GOD bless.


"teams2lead": Leadership of the Future. WE ARE STRATEGY-FOCUSED AND OUR STRATEGY IS LEADERSHIP OF THE FUTURE. Last week Thursday we had an exceptional Bosasa Group Leadership meeting. Our various teams gave feedback as to their unit’s activities and overall performance. As a Group we are performing exceptionally well. I can confidently state that we are witnessing the rising of an even Higher Growth team. In lieu of the future, it is important to briefly re-iterate the past. Since 1996, Bosasa has been hallmarked as being a pioneer and visionary leader. This is what Bosasa was called to be. This is who we as Bosasa are and will remain. Therefore we are going to continue in this spirit. With these two traits specifically embedded in our brand identity we believe that Bosasa will become known in the hearts of many as a Group with a Higher Purpose. Thus the prominent call to continue as future visionary leaders. Throughout 2012, I have consistently communicated the message through WATSonline that we have to focus on the development of our leadership culture. I have also shared the importance of developing our Intellectual Capital. Re-iterating the outcome of our Strategic Leadership meeting, I want to share the content of an email I received from Dr Louis Scholtz over the weekend. It is self-explanatory and confirms, subsequent to a year’s mentoring and guidance through WATSonline that Bosasa is pioneering the way for the leaders of the future. The choice however remains an individual one and you can choose what you want to follow. As Bosasa, we do not only follow in the pursuit of destiny, but we shape the way of destiny. Herewith the content of the email as taken from the Harvard Business Review, Human Capital Review. “Human Capital Review - Requisite Leadership for the Emerging New Order: The Qualities of Future-fit Leadership – the Imperative for Leadership Excellence Going into the Future”.

•E: Engaged. Through being engaged at the coalface, where the daily moments of truth are created in building the envisioned legacy, this leadership is present, visible and involved. In no uncertain terms they show the way by being the change they desire others to be. This leadership invokes, generates and unleashes bountiful energy, in themselves and others, to undertake the future-directed journey in order to actualise the inspiring dream and therefore the legacy, since the legacy provides people with purpose and meaning. By being involved “boots-and-all” through the example they set, they also act as the source of the renewable energy required in pursuit of making the shared, desired future the present tense.

•R: Responsible. This leadership has the courage to stand up and be counted, especially when the going gets tough and ethical, defendable positions have to be taken in pursuit of the envisioned legacy in the emerging new order where no safety nets exist. This future invokes the risks associated with different mindsets, innovative thinking, bold actions and experimentation. They are unafraid to take full responsibility for their own decisions, actions and outcomes, and of those travelling the journey with them as they engage with a different future. They do not seek scapegoats or shift blame when things go wrong, but own up to their own accountability and that of their co-travellers.

•S: Serve. This leadership has moved beyond itself and sees itself humbly in the service of others and a greater, common cause in bringing about the envisioned legacy over the longer term. By giving the precious gift of themselves, they have moved from being egocentric – what is in it for me – to being socio-centric – the greater, common good which is more enduring than the leaders themselves. Not my agenda, but our agenda; not my interests and needs, but our interests and needs, within the bigger scheme of things, now and for the future. In the process, the leadership is willing to make significant personal sacrifices in pursuit of the greater, common cause and good.

•H: Heart. This leadership is firmly grounded and rooted in passionately and genuinely held beliefs and values which inform all of their thinking and actions, which serve as the fountainhead of their acting ethically under all conditions and circumstances. They have an unambiguous personal stance founded on a solid rock of personally held beliefs and values. These beliefs and values resonate with their aspirations of a lasting, worthy legacy which will leave the world a better place. Because their thinking and actions flow straight from their hearts as the centre of their lives, they come across as genuine and authentic as leadership, and are experienced as such. They are seen as being true to themselves and what they stand for.

•I: Integrity. Given their heart-connected, personally held values and beliefs, this leadership consistently and honestly acts with courage in terms of convictions, regardless of the persons, situations and circumstances involved, although the application of their convictions may be adapted to a setting. There is no difference between their talking and walking, even if it is to their own detriment. In the process they face up to the true reality which they disclose faithfully and with truth, although diplomatically. They therefore demonstrate the bench strength of a trustworthy character.


P: People. These leaders gets things done with people whom they see as the only true unlockers of value and wealth creators in bringing about the desired future as expressed in the shared, envisioned legacy with its commensurate dream. People are not only means but are ends in themselves to this leadership. In travelling together towards realising their shared dream, they treat people with dignity and respect. They adopt a mindset and style of nurturing and caring towards people whom they enable and empower to become more than they believe they can be and are at present. This leadership understands that without taking the people along the risky journey of making the future, the present tense cannot be undertaken. In this way, even greater legacies and dreams can be pursued because of the enhanced passion and energy which this leadership unleashes in the people involved. Conclusion The emerging new order sets the imperative for leadership excellence. The very nature of this order gives rise to the need for different and better leadership fit for this order with its commensurate challenges, issues and problems. This necessitates firstly, the reformulation of our definition of leadership which has to refer more to leadership than THE leader; more to stakeholders than followers; and more to the past, present and future; and secondly, the identification and application of the mission-critical qualities of better and different leadership fit for this order. Using the term “Leadership” as acronym, some of these very qualities have been suggested. The sum total of all ten qualities is necessary in order to bring about a mega-competence at leadership excellence fit for the emerging new order. In the final instance, the very existence of humankind may depend on bringing about this much needed leadership excellence for future security.

A Final Word:

Discuss this email in your team meeting. Use the content of WATSonline to be empowered. Bosasa we are the new generation of leaders. Therefore, let us remain focused, positive and committed as we forge ahead as “teams2lead”. GOD bless.


APPRECIATION Time Management Time management is of utmost importance if you want to increase your level of productivity. Every leader should be able to set the example to their team members of how to optimize the hours in the day in order to obtain higher levels of productivity. Time management means to work within the amount of hours you have in a day in order to prioritize your tasks and complete them accordingly. The real key to enhance your personal productively is to focus on the most important commitments that add the most value to your plans. Ask yourself this question: “How can I do less but achieve more?” Well, it is really a matter of reprioritizing your work and shifting your focus to the significant tasks to be executed. Plan and strategize a productive workflow schedule for yourself and team. Here are a few pointers to assist you. Determine what to do. Figure out which tasks are most important to perform then commit to doing only those tasks. Doing this is not as easy as it sounds as your current workday is probably filled with all kinds of time-wasters. Like: •

answering irrelevant e-mails

surfing the Internet and social media sites

long tea/smoke breaks

arriving late and leaving early

personal issues.

Keep a time–log of your current work schedule, you’ll be surprised at how much time you’re wasting. 1. Schedule. Once you have identified the most important tasks, then schedule time slots and durations for each task. Also learn to say “No”. Basic scheduling principles to follow: •

Delegate wherever possible.

Create a due time for every task you accept by asking: “How long will this take?”

Set priorities but remain flexible.

Establish routine for daily, repetitive tasks.

2. Focus.

If you’ve correctly identified what you need to do and scheduled time to complete it, focus on completing those tasks with razor sharpness. Eliminate external distractions by cutting yourself off from them. Get into a workplace where you can do good, solid work. Internal distractions that draw away your focus are: Multitasking - Multitasking doesn’t always work. Where possible, stop trying to multitask and your productivity will soar. Procrastination - Letting things slide rather than getting down to business.

Stop procrastination by:


Visualizing the results you want to achieve. Build memory lists.

Break big tasks into small steps and get started. If you think it, ink it.

Disable the Internet and focus.

Identify your next action step and timeline.

Stop thinking and deliberately start doing. Think about how you think.

Have a mental pep talk: “I will do this, whether I like it or not.”

Perfectionism – Avoid waiting until everything is perfect before you start.

Negative selftalk – Stop convincing yourself something is too difficult. Electronic distractions – Being entertained rather than being productive.

3. Process. Information needs to be processed. Organize incoming information into a system so that it is in the right place to be accessed when required. Eliminate unnecessary incoming information. Only keep what you need. Discard unwanted information. Once you learn to get your time management system working smoothly pay attention and consolidate everything into a single manageable timesaving system. Remember your goal: Higher productivity. If you preserve your time, you will succeed. You will have more energy because you will not be wasting your day on unneeded tasks. Leaders cherish time. Remember, time is given freely, do not waste it freely. We are “teams2think” and “teams2manage”. Manage your time and you will be surprised at the increase in productivity. In your team meeting get all your team members to work out an effective time management schedule. Have a blessed week. God bless.

"teams2think": Revolution - Think! A group of our Bosasa leadership attended a Knowledge Resource Course about the Neuroscience of Brain Performance. We were required to complete questionnaires based on various facets of our individual performance. This included mental; physical and social wholeness. We underwent the training and an assessment was conducted. Our individual results were given based on pre-and post observation and we received an overview of our current status as individuals. One common denominator was high-lighted consistently, and this is the capacity to think: Brainpower. My personal experience during this entire process was extremely humbling as I realized that Bosasa is truly at the cutting edge of development and forecasting of the future. We are Strategic Visionaries. We are the “thinkers” of the future. To define “thinking” as a mere process of thought is to dis-empower this GOD given ability. Every aspect of our lives entails intense “thinking” capacity and within a corporate organization such as Bosasa, “thinking” is paramount to the wholeness of every team individually and Bosasa as a whole. In the WATSonline emails I have consistently emphasized the urgency to adapt and to increase your “thinking” ability, develop through training and capacity to improve. It is with urgency that in this email and blog I re-emphasize the need that you embrace this mindset and gear yourself to become a leading thinker


of the future. For this is where not only individuals but also corporations for the future are going! They are “thinking” future and Bosasa, being a highgrowth group of the future, is called to pioneer from the premise of “thinking” and experiential implementation. In this email I would like to elaborate on one component of the Knowledge Resource Training that complements our Bosasa corporate culture, the ability to think and think innovatively. It is important as Bosasa leader to develop your brainpower for future aptitude and agility within the setting of a united team and high-growth group for the future. As mentioned before, thinking includes so much more than mere “thought processes”. The human brain is intensely “wired” to observe; reason and make decisions. It is, other than the spirit of passion, probably the most important virtue any leader of the future needs to possess, improve upon and invest in. As Bosasa team members we are united as a network, a network of “brainworkers”.

[In the following email we will be sending out this week, Dr Louis Scholtz will be sharing some of the areas covered during the training. This upcoming email focuses on the holistic approach of Neurosciene and the attaining thereof for each individual.] For this email, let us take a look at our three slogans “teams2think”; “teams2lead” and “teams2unite” and how they are foundational to each other. FIRSTLY, the word “THINK” is defined as the following: •










call to mind;




devise or evolve;


bring into given condition;

concentrate one’s thoughts;

exercise the power of reason;

weigh or consider an idea;

recall an image to mind;

have care or consideration;

dispose the mind in a given way.

Revolutionary? Notice how from the premise of personal perception we have limited the power of “thinking”. We tend to think that “thinking” is mere thought processes, however to “think” as futuristic leaders, we need to have a revolutionary approach towards “thinking”. “Thinking” involves many functions, roles and responsibilities of leadership thus our “teams2think” culture. From the position of embracing the fullness of the ability to “think” comes the ability to lead. A true leader understands that “thinking” is foundational to vision and leadership, thus resulting in “teams2lead”. As we develop ourselves individually, we will develop our teams and the future will become a reality as we strategically think and lead, and thus developing our “teasm2unite”, developing our united corporate brainpower. “teams2think”; “teams2lead”; “teams2unite”; “teams2value” As we operate in our various business units and teams, we think individually however also “think” as one team. Taken the diversity of the term


“thinking”, imagine when a team thinks together. It is brainpower at work and the requirement of unity is essential. If we do not operate as “teams2unite” the power and strength associated with “thinking” will be applied negatively and this will be disruptive in any team. Therefore, as we focus on “teams2think” we are “teams2lead” and imperatively “teams2unite”. At our training we were encouraged to obtain the book “thinkoneteam” by Graham Winter. I am going to quote a short section from his book, confirming furthermore the approach we have fostered, “teams2value”. “Be accountable for the value stream” “People often want to know whether they should focus on their own business unit or think as one team, but this isn’t an ‘a’ or ‘b’ answer. Both are important in a networked world because we need people to be accountable to deliver their projects, their service or their products, and we need them to partner with other in the business along the line that specialists in lean manufacturing call the “value stream”…” We are connected as a network of brainworkers, with the focus of “thinking” for the future, developing a high-growth group that brings hope and encouragement to all our team members. These are all aspects vitally important to the holistic approach of Neuroscience and true leaders understand this. A TIP TO DEVELOP YOUR “THINKING ABILITY”

Leadership is more than mere management. You need to develop your cognitive skills and comprehension in order to associate with the vision and the people you are leading. It is a gift, however also can be acquired by training and continuous development of your brainpower and “thinking” ability. And therefore as Bosasa leadership we want to encourage you to identify methods to develop your “thinking” capacity. Simple examples are that you start off by: • reading more, • getting involved in uplifting social activities, • researching your area of expertise and skill. As Bosasa leader, take time to re-evaluate your comprehension of “thinking”. Understand why “teams2think”, leading into “teams2lead” and thus “teams2unite”… important to our “teams2value”.

In our following email a comprehensive description of the importance of a whole Bosasa Corporate Brain and how to individually and corporately attain this. Be proud of our Bosasa brand and culture, for we truly are the forerunners and pioneers. Thank you to our entire Bosasa team, you are part of the making of a legend. Have a blessed week. GOD bless.


"teams2think": THE NEW SOURCE OF WEALTH PRODUCTIVE THINKING THAT ADDS VALUE As Bosasa leadership we are continuously emphasizing the ethos and culture of developing “knowledge based” solutions to enhance our productivity. We are driving the focus on human capital and encouraging our teams to be “teams2think”. Our teams are becoming more innovative, developing and implementing business intelligence software and integrated systems - the foundation of our unique “knowledge based” solution. This is essential for the present and future growth and value of our group. We are also disciplined in our approach to encourage the application of our team’s “thinking capacity” [“teams2think”] when it comes to making decisions and strategic planning. Our culture of focusing on our “teams2think” inevitably results in the increase of our intangible assets, adding a unique component to our overall value as a group and creating a different source of “wealth”. The source of this wealth: The successful application of what we call our Bosasa Corporate Brain: Our Intellectual Capital at work. THINK PRODUCTIVELY In this blog I would like to share a few habits and principles I have fostered in my personal life that added to personal success. They “created” intangible value in my own life and aided the increase in my levels of productivity. If you apply some of the basic principles personally, you will be able to apply it successfully in your team environment too. Team discipline stems from personal discipline.

1.Start with your thinking: •

You are as successful as you “think” you will be.

You need to develop your thinking ability and have a positive mindset; be focused on the results you plan to achieve.

The people you commit to [your clients; employer and team] expect results. If you are “results” orientated, you will see value add as well as high levels of productivity in all areas of your life.

2.Be productive in your career or job: •

Consider your working environment as an ongoing learning process.

Keep working on personal trust and integrity as key fundamentals.

Invest quality time into developing your career.

3.Work towards becoming a better leader:• Motivate and inspire your team to maximize the productivity of everyone in the team. •

Ensure that your leadership style develops sustainable relationships – with your team and your clients.

4.Develop essential skills:• Increase in the knowledge of your particular field. Study and use the knowledge gained to implement more effective and efficient ways.


Articulate your ideas and information clearly and concisely.

Develop your presentation skills so that you can articulate and communicate your position intelligently - with authority and conviction.

5. Be productive daily/add value:• Develop daily habits that will enhance your productivity. Integrate them into your daily routine. •

Maintain productive habits when working with your team and whenever you are travelling.

Meetings need to be managed effectively and efficiently to produce results and add value.

6. Lastly and most importantly - personal productivity:• Formulate your ideas and goals in order of importance. •

Ask yourself this question: “What do I want to achieve and how?”

Remember the 80:20 principal: spend your time on what adds value and adds to your own personal growth. This will result in growth in the group.

By successfully implementing these principles, you will build reputation and integrity. To develop and foster the culture of “business intelligence in a knowledge-based organization” is going to require a lot of training, discipline and a mind-set change. You need to embrace this culture personally, develop personal areas of discipline and re-align your thinking. Then you will be able to embrace this culture in Bosasa. THINK CHANGE: •

In the latest business research and business journals the one constant is “change”. Only organizations that can adapt to change will show growth and create wealth. This ability to change requires futuristic and creative “thinking”.

Business intelligence, knowledge based solutions and increase in our Intellectual Capital is the proof of Bosasa’s “Corporate Brain” at work- our “teams2think”. Ask yourself: “Will I embrace this challenge and become part of the Knowledge Based Organization we are pioneering for the future?” “The new source of wealth is not tangible or material, it is systems, business intelligence, information, knowledge applied productively to create value.” Gavin Watson. GOD bless.

"teams2unite": Bosasa Soccer Tournament, Louder than Words: The Sense of Family On Saturday the 3rd of November 2012, I saw in action people with passion, purpose and conviction to belong. It was our annual Bosasa Soccer Tournament and our Bosasa teams arrived from the various provinces in South Africa. They proudly represented the unity in their working teams as they united to play the game of soccer. Their families and children were part of this momentous day. Activities were organized for all and we enjoyed fellowship and fun. On arrival, various of our team members walked up to me to convey their appreciation for the effort our organizing team made to put together a day in which they could compete, enjoy and bond as a group. There was a sincere gratitude for the opportunity to interact and build relationships with their fellow Bosasa teams. My heart was stirred when our team members spoke passionately about Bosasa. I could not help but to think of the outcome of many conversations we as leadership have had in the past few weeks. We have been debating the commitment of our people. Now, I want to personally thank everyone who could and made the effort to join. Your commitment speaks louder than words. And to our team members from Mogale Business Park who came in support of your

fellow Bosasa family, I personally too want to thank you.


OUR BOSASA BRAND Our team members who participated in the Soccer Tournament live our Bosasa brand. These are our men and women at the forefront of all our activities and I was humbled to see how our Bosasa brand has permeated through various levels of leadership and reached the heart of our people. In our leadership meeting in October I declared that our people, our Human Capital, is one the most valuable asset that we as Bosasa have. And without a doubt, it was displayed on Saturday. To all who attended and made the day, our “Culture Club” day, a huge success, thank you. As leadership we are proud of you and thank you for living the message of Bosasa. This message being that together we do make a difference and impact the lives of people we meet, be it our own employees, our clients or the community as a whole. You are our true, authentic brand custodians. OUR BOSASA TRADITION

Our annual Bosasa Soccer Tournament is an integral part of our Bosasa ethos and culture. It is one of the future motivators to increase our Intellectual Capital in the Group, our intangible assets and values. By continuing our “Culture Club” we meet and find one another in a different setting other than in the working environment. This weekend we once again witnessed Bosasa team members who displayed appreciation, passion and excitement towards Bosasa and loyalty for being part of the Bosasa brand. This makes the heart of Bosasa, our 16 year vision and passion, live on with greater zeal and purpose. In this week, instead of discussing the blog in your team meetings, make it a personal time of reflection. How passionate are you about your life; your calling; your purpose; the company you work for; the people you bond with? CONGRATULATIONS: •

To our team of organizers: Congratulations! Once again you made the annual Bosasa Soccer Tournament a huge success and a day of fun and unity.

Congratulations to our Western Province and Lindela soccer teams for reaching the finals. And then congratulations Lindela for taking the Bosasa 2012 Soccer Cup!

To our North West Heartbreakers Ladies Soccer team: You are exemplary and your enthusiasm is contagious. You also had the best banner, representing the brand on display.

“Sincere commitment builds a brand of longevity and purpose.” Let us remain “teams2build”; “teams2brand”; “teams2care”. GOD bless


"teams2build": Are you building our Bosasa/Client relationships? Last week we had a leadership meeting in which we discussed the important role we have as a service provider to deliver quality service as required by our clients. As service provider we are responsible to deliver service excellence. This takes continuous assessment on our side and the question is: How do we ensure that we do not become slack in service delivery and keep our competitive advantage? Understanding how to identify, develop, organize and sustain an appropriate network of relationships that brings new ways of working, ideas and opportunities plays a key role in the quest for our Bosasa competitive advantage. For relationships to thrive there has to be mutual trust. As leadership of Bosasa we have to focus on our relationships with our clients and always ask ourselves the question: “Do our clients trust us to deliver quality services? Have we built a reputable reputation when it comes to service delivery?” Our relationships with our clients are of our most valuable intangible assets and we have to manage these “assets” with care. So how do we continuously develop the culture of trust in our client relationships and practice the attitude of always adding value to our clients’ needs and expectations? We have to take all client feedback seriously and use it as a tool to improve upon our service delivery. Here are a few points to assist you to manage and monitor your client relationships and service delivery standards: •

As Bosasa we need to remember that relationships are partly the engines of success, and we have to keep a close eye on the state of all key relationships.

Define and map your key relationships and find ways to listen to those people continuously. Develop “sensitivity antennae” to ensure that you stay in tune with how they think and feel.

All our team members have to be focused on service delivery. Working at Bosasa is not merely a job but a responsibility and an opportunity to make a difference.

Whichever unit you are running, bring your client ‘into’ Bosasa, tell them about all we are doing, the stories of the people.

By building a relationship of mutual trust, you will have the confidence to honestly ask them whether your unit and team is delivering and accomplishing what they require, and so your clients will have a real voice in the group. People want to belong!

Define the reputation we want – often also expressed by our clients.

Assist your team members to ‘feel’ what your clients feel by telling them to do the following: “Put yourself in our client’s position, would you be happy?” This emotional engagement drives confidence, action and improvement. This will help all our team members to live the reputation we want. Brand loyalty.

Be aware of the “reputation gap”: The difference between the promise you make to clients and the experience clients or stakeholders receive.

Narrowing that gap, or even managing it away, is a goal if you want to be trusted.

Service excellence must be your motto.

Make the building of trust in all relationships a strategic objective. Understand what you need to be trusted for.

Continuously communicate our Bosasa values and beliefs to our clients. If people don’t know you, they won’t trust you.

Trust is as important as any other strategic goal. Manage it as any other key asset: Preciously!


Worse than losing reputation, are the consequences of a bad reputation - the destruction of a good reputation - the destruction of relationships. Managing reputation is therefore about managing the risks around the intangible asset of relationships - for it is upon these relationships that the future of any organization depends. As Bosasa leadership and team, we need to listen to our clients and ensure that their service requirements are met. That is our work! It is our commitment and our promise. And to build our Bosasa/Client relationships, this should be our priority: Do what we promise to do with passion and do more than what is expected! In this week speak to your teams about the way they are dealing with clients. Make them aware of the responsibility they carry and share with them the opportunity they have to make a difference that will contribute to Bosasa being a High-Growth Group, inevitably their own future growth. Have a blessed week. GOD bless.

Let values drive all your decisions _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ “But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” Matthew 6:33 For all business leaders, may this email encourage you to continue in your pursuit to perform all your duties with courage. Remember that GOD has chosen you to be a leader and this appointment is to be cherished. As a leader you need to be very aware of the principles you implement in the organization or team entrusted to you. An extremely important part of principles is the value of openness. Principle-driven openness means that every decision you make needs to be taken against the backdrop of principles and transparency – without a doubt GOD’s Word and HIS guiding principles and values. When you are the leader of a business, these values need to support the organizational health. In essence, the organization should be built upon these values. And they should drive convergence and commitment to people. When you do this, your team will feel honored and they will be open to your suggestions and decisions. For this is what GOD expects of us, to value people above profit. People will trust you. Be consistent in all you do and hold the people in your team at the centre of your value system. When you place GOD’s priority first, all other things will be added unto you. GOD bless

The Hallmark of True Leaders: Leadership Reproduces Leadership. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ True leaders never allow the success of those who follow them to threaten them nor allow jealousy to set into their hearts. True leaders thrive on the success of their followers, for this is evidence of their own significance. True leaders welcome the progress of their followers and fellow team members and true leaders train people and mentor them into the people they have been destined to become. Often you hear the phrase, “Nobody helped me, so why should I help others?” If those are the words that you utter and the evidence of the attitude


of your heart, you are merely duplicating the behavior of those who were in your life. That should not be your mindset and you should use the experience as a learning process. Leaders need to transfer power and decision making. True leaders are not afraid to delegate authority and accountability. If as a leader you are concerned to not make decisive decisions on succession planning, you are delaying the growth of your team organization. If you are concerned that the identification of successors will create jealousy, antagonism, or ill feelings within your team, organization or even congregation, you are restricting the growth and significance of the entire grouping. It is vital to start mentoring . As a leader seek GOD’s wisdom, deal with the internal issues as a man or woman of GOD. Solomon sought GOD’s guidance when confronted with the issue of defining which woman was the true mother of the baby presented to him [1 Kings 3:25] and so too will GOD give you supernatural understanding and wisdom to deal with issues that can hinder the growth of your organization. James 1:5 says, “If any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to him.”

Succession is not an option - it is a must! Ensure that you choose the correct people, mentor them, guide them and grow them! Jesus has 12 disciples who HE taught for 3 years. Then HE sent them out. Commence the training process and allow your people to grow. That is the nature and the characteristic of a true leader. You cannot hold on to what has been given to you. You need to develop it and grow it into a vehicle that will establish and grow GOD’s kingdom where you operate. This is the hallmark of significance and a true Kingdom minded leader! May you grow in your leadership position as you continue to humble yourself before GOD. GOD bless

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Give yourself entirely to those around you. Be generous with your blessings. A kind gesture can reach a wound that only compassion can heal

Steve Maraboli It's not how much we give but how much love we put into giving

Mother Teresa I have found that among its other benefits, giving liberates the soul of the giver

Maya Angelou

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