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Progress in 2010 goals - Lucas EPs: 2008/2009 – 192 2009/2010 – 347 Absolute growth: 155 Relative growth: 81% X+L: 2008/2009 – 8 2009/2010 – 47 Absolute growth: 39 Relative growth: 487% Why we Grew and Initiatives for X+L: Initiatives with focus on X Before L 1- Focus on strategy of X Before L: Deep education for LCVPOGXsthrough functional coaching, creation of X Before L Working Group, Re-integration framework for Eps and “X+L story” in order to increase awarenessand commitment for this organization goal in the country. Results: Growth from ZEROin 2008/2009 to 20 in 2009/2010, with progressive growth in the quarters according to the strategy implementation. 2- Focus on growth for DT Pool and non-peaks – In order to stimulate X before L we decided to focus on DT Pool to send members for DT experience in the beginning of their @XPin order to prepare them for further Leadership positions. For this we capitalized on the results for on-going recruitment. Results: 148 of Absolute growth and 345%of Relative growth in DT pool for OGXin 2009/2010 considering growth in non-peaks Q4: 433%and Q1: 400%(on-going recruitment). Other Initiatives with focus on X After L: 3- Legendary Eps: Creation of promo material for our X+L Epsbased on previous Leadership experiences, promotion in the network and specially for partners countries such as Poland, India and Turkey in order to stimulate their Raising of MT and TT TNs for Ukrainian EPs; 4- Implementation of criteria and minimums for X+L in National campaigns and LCscriteria (Just Raise It and Final Race) 5- Specific Coaching and Tracking for LCsregarding X+L; 6- Financial discounts from national level to stimulate raising of X+L EPsin Q3(non-peak for raising) Results: 240%in Relative growth for EPwith X+L RAISEDand 287%of growth in X After L Realizations in 2009/2010.


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