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Reggae beats are waiting for me in Jadło (Pablopavo from Nomada) Well, they’re not waiting for me anymore. It all ended two years ago. They used to have some garages here, but it was before I can remember. Then the barracks were home to three clubs: Aurora, Jadłodajnia Filozoficzna and Diuna. It was incredibly cold in them in winter, but still they hosted the best parties in town and almost half of the local artists began their careers there. Everything ended quite suddenly: first Aurora closed down, then Jadłodajnia Filozoficzna burnt down, and finally someone closed down Diuna. And that’s how the courtyard at ul. Dobra 33/35 turned from the liveliest spot in Warsaw into a dull, empty space (photo 9).

Michał Wieczorek - Born ‘88 and a fourth-generation Warsaw citizen. Proud of the fact that he has never moved house. Just about to graduate from Baltic Philology. Never parts with his iPod and in his free time he turns into a music journalist.


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