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I’m looking at the Vistula River just like Prus a hundred years ago (Pablopavo from Nomada) Prus used to wander around Powiśle district to reflect on the condition of human nature and to observe sand miners. They are long gone and the district changed from a shabby neighbourhood into a very trendy place. You’ll find the Copernicus Science Centre here next to some modern lofts. The only horrible and totally out-of-place thing here is this pseudo-artistic cloth hanging from the crosstown bridge. Maybe when you’re reading this it will have already been gone, but I doubt it (photo 7). The Gold Duck in Tamka likes golden silence (Pablopavo from Barbakan, Vavamuffin’s song) It’s my number one in Warsaw monuments. I’ve passed it almost every day for the last 23 years. I walk on the footbridge over ul. Tamka and see the Duck; it looks very unobtrusive, almost timid. It is standing there hidden in the fountain by the street. In winter it is covered by a coat of snow, in autumn by falling leaves; you can hardly spot it from your car or when you’re going on a bus. What’s more, since last year it’s been overshadowed by a hideous mural with Chopin. Well, at least the Duck still has the golden silence it loves and a fiver in its crown (photo 8).


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