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Stonecast de Gaulle is frowning at us (Pablopavo from Do stu) Quite a new monument, but is it really as horrible as some people say? I don’t think so. It’s not beautiful - just plain simple. De Gaulle seems to be heading into emptiness and what’s more, this statue is a copy. That’s why as far as location is concerned it’s perfect (photo 5). Warsaw just like Algeria (Pablopavo from Do stu) I don’t think the Palm was on the rapper’s mind, nor was Algeria the main drive for Rajkowska (the artist who created the Palm). I find it hard to believe but the Palm is already nine years old. These years passed so quickly it seems as if the Palm has been here since forever. But is Warsaw really like Algeria? Maybe in July (photo 6). I z nowu N omada wyc h od z i na miasto

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