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Ewelina Tomczak | dziennikarstwo: kierunek; fotografia: specjalność ma. Na nowo uczę się pisać i czytać. Marzenia: otrzymanie literackiej Nagrody Nobla i obserwacja, jak jedno z moich zdjęć staje się zdjęciem historycznym.

When I was wandering on the streets of Ochota trying to find all the stencils Waciak talked about, I came across numerous meaningless signs, a lot of other stencils and street art stickers. It actually made this walk even more interesting, because it shows proves that various forms of street art interfere with each other, there’s a kind of dialogue between them. Whether you like it or look down on it - street has been here in Stara Ochota for at least 20 years, mainly thanks to such people as Waciak. It makes this city more colourful and that’s probably why now the city starts to give green light to ‘spray artists’. Although at the beginning, just like Waciak said, people didn’t pay much attention to street art, now it’s different: most of us respond to it very emotionally. And it’s great, because that’s exactly how we should react to art. Waciak’s other works - look at photos 7, 8, 9. P.S. If you still want more, go to ul. Wawelska 5 where Skra Stadium is situated. On its walls you’ll find plenty of amazing graffiti pieces. Waciak’s works will not be there, but you might meet the artist himself taking a walk with his kids.

Ewelina Tomczak | Faculty: Journalism; specialisation: photography; I’m again learning the art of reading and writing. Dreams: Nobel Prize in Literature and watching as one of my pictures becomes a historic event in the world of photography.

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