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1/ ul. Osikowa 3

3/ skrzyżowanie al. Conrada i ul. Reymonta

4/ ul. Wrzeciono 35

Marymont Ruda Kępa Potocka Park is one of my favourite parks in Warsaw. On summer weekends is really crowded: there are bikers, mums with kids, people are walking or roller-skating, some are fishing, others canoeing, sunbathing or just feeding ducks – it really is a fantastic and super-friendly place to relax.


Sandra Młynarska | I’m interested in culture and art, especially street art. I’m dreaming about a trip around the world and helping to save lemurs on Madagascar. I like going to concerts, riding my bike, strumming the guitar, being lazy on Sunday mornings and drinking hectolitres of green tea.

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