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1.11 These portraits on RWT (Roundabout of Tibet) are I guess face of heroes. Good job, NeSpoon. You need to look close to spot the light-beige paint on the white background. Respect. Question for today: the red scarf, above the mural with trumpeters - is it GLUED or PAINTED? Anybody? 2.11 Go everyone and feed your eyes and souls! It’s not that it’s worth it - it’s because you just have to.

Małgorzata Mróz | I’m 23. I’m a student of English Philology and a former student of Philosophy Studies in English at Warsaw Uni. I’ve lived in Warsaw since I was born, but street art is something I’ve taken to recently, mainly because I move around this city on my bike. Apart from studying, I work as a teacher and practise my hobby which is hairdressing.

Karolina Kamińska | I’m 22. I study Laboratory Medicine at Medical University of Warsaw and in my free time I work in a hairdresser’s atelier. Most of my life I lived in Międzyborów - I’ve only started to discover Warsaw when I went to high school here and then moved to Wola district when I started my studies. Now I know that falling in love with Warsaw was just a question of time.

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