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Adapted and Illustrated by Liam Borthwick

After spending a beautiful morning at the lake, a fisherman struggled to catch a single fish.

Empty-handed, the fisherman decided to make his way back to his cabin.

Inside the fishermans cabin he found an unexpected guest. It was a big brown bear, smearing honey around the wooden floor.

The fisherman knew better than to corner a bear, so he yelled at the top of his voice outside the cabin.

The startled bear immediately darted out of the cabin and into the lake.

Mystified, the fisherman followed the fleeing bear to the lake where the bear stood.

The bear had its honey-covered paw outstretched over the water. Tasty insects started to gather.

Suddenly, a large trout leaped out of the water and towards the insects. The bear calmly swatted the fish to the shore.

The bear carried on swatting the fish to shore until a big pile stacked up.

Later, the bear began to eat his fish. Whilst eating, he heard a grumbling noise of the fisherman’s stomach.

When he’d eaten all that he could, the bear left the remaining fish and then walked away.

The fisherman made his way over to the remaining fish and gathered them up.

The fisherman walked slowly back to his cabin thinking quietly to himself.

The fisherman said to himself, “This is the first time a bear has paid me for stealing my honey!�

The Fisherman and the Bear