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Product design 2 Compete ACCD in Pasedena 2007

Compete To provide performance product for a non-mainstream sport, sail racing. I had guidance from Frank Kirkeland, Olympic Sailor 2004 and former Norwegian national coach throughout the whole process. Features 1 EVA rubber so the shoe is waterproof up to the neoprene boot. The EVA goes also back of the velcro so if the water get so high up it still wont get in the shoe. 2 Velcro to attach the boot, meaning that the shoe is waterproof all the way up to the leg. 3 Sailing rope as lases. Sailing rope is much stronger than normal laces, and will not tear. It’s a problem that the lases tares off. 4 High breathable mesh so the shoe has a good airflow. 5 Soft rubber so the shoe get a good grip to the deck.



A collection of projects I have done up to 2011

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