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Personlig sikkerhet i seilb책t: Triton Hypbrid Diploma project AHO 2010

Details Helly Tech material provides a water-and windproof plus breathable surface and the zipper is asymmetrical positioned to avoid contact with the chin. The life jacket has big pockets where you can warm your hands in, and a knife tamp on each side for easy access attachment of pocket knife. Should you fall into the water, the luminescent yellow collar and the strategically placed reflective material will make you clearly visible. By pulling down the zipper on the sides the life jacket will become more spacious and provides room for several layers of clothing.

Inside Triton Hybrid has a number of benefits in comparison to lifejackets on the market today. The placement of the buoyancy material on the lifejacket gives better movement in the upper body and arms, and the mesh panels gives better ventilation. Buoyancy foam provides good support and also protect the chest if shock / impact occurs.



A collection of projects I have done up to 2011

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