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I. Fly to Britain From Chicago II. Visit the many Cultural Centers in Great Britain. III.Travel across the English Channel IV.Visit Point du Hoc and other Normandy Beach Landings in France. V. Travel to the Netherlands by Train. VI.Visit the Museums in the Netherlands. VII.Travel by Train to Poland. VIII.Visit the Wawel Castle in Krakow. IX.Travel to Austria on a Train.

I will fry to Great Britain from Chicago, Illinois to London. Once there I plan to look around at all the different cultural centers that London has. It would be interesting to see how England’s history of imperialism had affected the culture within its own country. By visiting the cultural centers I can see how England’s many travels around the world has made a large sphere of influence. It is demonstrated by the different centers listed below. Flight From Chicago to London $1507.00

The Hungarian Cultural Center.

The Islamic Cultural Center

The Korean Cultural Center

Crossing the English Channel


After I wander my way around London enough, I will drive through the countryside enjoying the view on my way to the English Channel. Once there I will pay for a ticket to cross over into France. It will be an enjoyable crossing as I watch Britain slowly disappear and the coast of France come into view. Once in France I have a scheduled tour for the WWII beach landing sites. This will give me great historical content and an interesting topic to look into. After the tour is over I plan to look at the different things at Point-duhoc and imagine what the soldiers felt when they charged the beach and the large cliff. All in all the tour cost me about $40.00.

For the rest of the trip I decided that It might just be best to travel by train. So I plotted the rest of my course into the heart of Europe following the train tracks and using a taxi when necessary. I totaled that it would cost approximately $680.00. The train, I feel, is the best way to travel. I will explore the cities in the day time and when I am all done I can get on the train and sleep as I travel to my next location. This way I can catch up on my sleep while still on the move. Then I get the full experience out of being in Europe. Not to mention it saves money on living cost. I sleep in the trains and therefor I have no need for a place to stay in. Train traveling is the most cost efficient and beneficial ways to go on a European Travel.

Once I have taken the train to Amsterdam I shall take my time there not only to view the culture and admire their food, but also to check out a few of the local museums. The museums that I am looking at are different in what they show about the Dutch culture. The first one is the Scheepvaart Museum. It gives a great insight to the Dutch Navy history such as the East indie Company. It would be interesting to lean more about such an astounding topic.

The Scheepvaart Museum


The Amsterdam Museum

$12.87 The second Museum is the Amsterdam Museum. It is not so much about the navy as it is the land history. It holds more of the ancient artifacts and tells the story of the people. This would be interesting as to learn more about the Dutch Culture and where it came from. After my visits in the museum, I would also travel around the town and see what local attractions there are for me to get involved in.

After I leave the Netherlands I would take the next train to Poland where I would travel to Krakow and take a short tour of the Wawel Castle. The tour also includes a tour of the Kazimierz. This is a Jewish section of the city. It show helps to show the diversity of religion in Poland and also the different cultures. The Castle Itself has great historical qualities that make it a great place to visit. Under the Austrian occupation attempts were made at making it into a military base. They were using it as a build up prior to WWI. The Castle has a great historical value and I can’t wait to take the tour and find out more. The tour alone only cost


After my tour in Poland I am about half way done with my great journey, and I would hop on another train and head to Vienna Austria. While there I will just be able to enjoy the sites and look at the beautiful architecture. Then I have set up a personal tour with someone that can take me around to the different areas of the city. It will be interesting to hear about Austria and Vienna and their history prior to WWII.

After my visit in Vienna I will ride the train to Izborsk Russia and tour the fortress there. This is a Fortress from the medieval times. It was the Slavic Krivich Tribe settlement. It will give me some perspective on Russia’s beginnings and how far behind it was. After I visit the settlement I will travel around the surrounding area to experience the culture and

After my visit to Izborsk and the fortress I will take a train to St. Petersburg Russia. This will be a great place to visit because of its cultural diversity. This was the city set up by Peter the Great in order to westernize Russia and bring it into the modern age. This made it full of the architecture of the time and grand buildings. When there I will tour the city on my own and experience the rich culture there. I will find historic monuments and places. All in all it would just be a great experience to see this city life in another country.

My last Visit will be to Moscow, Russia. This is an exciting city that holds much history for Russia. It has been attacked several times and even changed from capitol to city and back to the capitol again. It has also ben modified several times due to westernizing czars with strict rule. All of these events makes Moscow a great place for cultural diversity and ethnic background experiences. This is a great city to end my trip in and the memories will last forever. While there I will also be visiting red square and Lenin's tomb. The great communist leader that made a huge impact on Russian history.

Transportation/Living Flight to England English Channel Crossing

Cost $ $

1,045.00 24.46




Travel to the Netherlands



Viting the Museums in the NethTravel to Polond Visiting the castle Travel to Austria Tour of Vienna

$ $ $ $ $

32.17 150.00 18.40 123.00 304.00

Train to Russia and in Russia



Visit the Different Sites and Locations. Flight Back to America

$ $




This is the cost just for the travel and visiting the different sight. I did not take into account for food. This is all depending on what you want when you get there.

The Euopean Journey  
The Euopean Journey