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Middlesbrough Futsal Club Sponsorship Season 2011-2012


Thank you for taking time to look at sponsoring Middlesbrough Futsal Club. Middlesbrough is England’s most popular futsal team and is leading the way in the sport in this country due to years of hard work and dedication.

At Middlesbrough Futsal Club we have ambitions of being the best and we have everything in place to achieve that in the coming seasons with a team based around local talent. We can’t, however, be successful without funding and if we are to achieve our aim of competing for the national title this season and ultimately playing in Europe, we will need to secure private sponsorship or investment.

Sponsoring Middlesbrough Futsal Club will bring about many benefits for a company. We are a community club with a strong emphasis on the local area and work with organisations such as the council, Teesside University and schools to enhance our reputation. We also have a loyal fan base, the only club in England to do so, who follow us home and away and have further enhanced our reputation within the futsal community.

We also have an international reach and this summer will travel to Barcelona for a pre-season training camp with FC Barcelona Futsal, the Spanish Champions. We are regularly featured on the global futsal portal, and have been seen on, and amongst other high profile websites.

We can lay claim to having Liverpool and England star Stewart Downing as honorary president and we have recently broken a world record for the longest ever futsal match, playing over 36 hours.

This brochure presents all ways you can support the club and the benefits you will receive by doing so. There are packages from £100 so any company or organisation, whatever size their budget can afford to sponsor Middlesbrough Futsal Club.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at, or call our chairman, Damon Shaw on +44 7807 146 319. You can also find this brochure online in HTML format on where you will also find more information and news about the club.

Finding sponsorship is one of my biggest challenges as chairman. Last season we had to rely on player contributions to fund the season, which wasn’t ideal and restricts the development of the club. Despite this, we still came close to reaching the national playoffs, finishing third in the FA Futsal League North. We ran a fund raiser at the end of the season allowing the deficit to be met, but we are now once again at square one, struggling to meet the costs of the coming season.

We need to at least have all costs covered so the players, who commit a lot of time and energy into representing Middlesbrough in The FA Futsal League, don’t have to dip into their own pocket. Going down this route would cause us to lose several key players. I am so proud of the team for their efforts in recent years and I believe they are now ready to bring the national title and UEFA Cup futsal to Teesside.

With a sponsor on board we will not be worrying about paying the bills and can concentrate on getting the best out of the players and investigating further areas of funding.

We are a very well publicised and supported club, the best in England, and any company getting involved with us will instantly be associated with the club, while also supporting a local team representing the town at the highest level.

We have 10 out of 11 currently signed on players all from Teesside and the average age of the squad is 21. We are proud of the area we come from and represent and will always promote the town, the club and any sponsors, in the most positive light possible.

I really hope you will consider sponsoring us. This really is a great time to get involved with the club and this sport. There are packages to suit any budget from £100 to £8,000, and you can be sure we will do you proud!

Yours faithfully,

Damon Shaw Chairman & manager

Main sponsor - £4,000 Becoming the main sponsor of Middlesbrough Futsal Club would give you full coverage of all areas of the club for maximum visibility and effect. As main sponsor you would be prominent anywhere Middlesbrough Futsal Club appeared. We would be willing to have two main sponsors, one on the home kit, one on the away. Your logo would appear on the following areas of the kit:    

Home shirt Away shirt Training kit Tracksuit & Polo t-shirt

Your logo would also appear in club materials as follows:       

Official club website Facebook profile picture Twitter background All posters/flyers Official programme (online/print) Match tickets Any others not covered here

You would also receive the following adverts:   

2 x pitch side board (3m x 1m) Website advert Full page programme advert

We would also run a high profile tournament under your name, like the Audi Cup, or the Emirates Cup normally held in preseason. The minimum we could run successfully with for 2011-2012 is £7,900, which would allow us to fund all first team activities as follows.      

Hall hire for home matches Away travel coach hire Kit Filming of matches Marketing Pre-season tournament (only included in £4,000 package, or for £500 extra with a £2,000 package)

The remaining funding required would be found in other areas as outlined in the rest of this brochure.

Player sponsorship - £100 Player sponsorship will allow a company or individual to get closer to the club for only £100. Your logo will appear on the player’s profile page under his name, with a link to your website. There will also be a page dedicated to the players in the match day programme which will feature all player sponsors. Each squad member is being asked to look for a sponsor themselves, so their personal kit costs of tracksuit, training kit, holdalls are covered. It is a perfect way for a small company or fan to show their support for Middlesbrough Futsal Club. What’s more, at the end of the season, each sponsor will be presented with a signed shirt by the player they sponsored. Players available so far: 1. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 21. 22.

Eliot Brown Josh Poyser Ernesto Casan Lopez James Risbrough Richie Dacombe Sean O’Brien Ryan Harker Mikey Roberts Robbie Bettson Peter Bulmer Theo Furness Lewis Kirtley

The staff also need kit and are available to sponsor:   

Damon Shaw – Manager Jamie Bettson – Assistant manager Kate Foks - Physio

Most players have a twitter account, which is visible on their profile page. They will be encouraged to tweet occasionally, linking to your twitter. The main club twitter account will also follow and RT your tweets. The players with twitter are highlighted in yellow.

Match sponsorship - £300 Match sponsorship is a great way to get exposure for your company and have a day out with a difference - at a national league futsal match! Costs of hiring the hall for home games is one of the largest and you can help us out, while also benefit from some advertising at a specific game. The matches, all played at Thornaby Pavilion will be well attended this coming season and will be a memorable experience for anybody attending. What’s more the last match we streamed live had 400 viewers and we intend to stream all home games live this coming season. The match sponsor will receive the following as part of the package:        

20 complimentary tickets Signed shirt VIP area with buffet Pre match pitch side photo Logo and link on the live stream Logo and link in the match report Full page advert in the match day programme Logo on the match tickets (if booked at least 6 weeks in advance of fixture)

A full list of our home fixtures for 2011-2012 is as follows – all 1:30pm kick off and subject to change. 2nd October 2011 – Liverpool 13th November 2011 – Sheffield 8th January 2012 – Leeds 5th February 2012 – Manchester 19th February 2012 – Tranmere Victoria 4th March 2012 – Crewe 25th March 2012 – East Coast (Hull)

Match ball sponsorship - £150

Like match sponsorship, sponsoring the match ball is another great way to have a day out while getting exposure for your company or organisation and is as above, except the package includes 10 complimentary tickets and a signed ball rather than a shirt.

Mascot experience


Being a mascot for your favourite team is a dream come true for most children, and at Middlesbrough Futsal Club we can offer a mascot experience like no other!

Fully indoors and in a safe environment the mascot will be treated to a pre match tour of the changing rooms and will have their photo taken with the team and their favourite players. They will also lead the team out in front of the unique crowd at Thornaby Pavilion in front of up to 10 friends and family and receive a signed ball.

What’s more they will also see their name in lights as they will be featured on, the club’s official website!

For £40 a full strip will be provided.

Previously mascots have been to several games and they have had a great experience.

“Boys had a great time,thank you. Enjoyed the game and will be looking forward to the next one. You were a shade unlucky, hit the bar on a number of occasions and their keeper seemed to have a blinder. Thank you to your players for being so friendly towards our boys.” – Hilton Wordsworth

Birthday parties - £20 per head

If your birthday coincides with a Boro home game, why not celebrate in style and have VIP treatment and a game of futsal on the hallowed Thornaby Pavilion pitch with your friends?

For 10+ children, a birthday party with Middlesbrough Futsal Club will go down as follows:

On arrival the party will be taken to the home and away team changing room where they can get changed into their own kits ready for the big match. Each team will be given a coach from the club and will be given a team talk and then taken through a 20 minute basic coaching session on the pitch.

Once warmed up and prepared for the match, the two teams will play a 15 minute each way match, still being coached by their Boro player, but not before official team photos, coin toss and handshakes!

After the game, the winners and the birthday boy or girl will be presented with a signed ball and everybody will be given their packed lunches to eat while Middlesbrough and their opponents take to the pitch to start their warm up.

As the teams line up in the tunnel ready for the match, the party will join them to escort them onto to the pitch, birthday boy/girl first!

Finally, you will be taken back to your seats in the stand and you can support Boro along with the noisy home fans!

Birthday parties can be tailored to suit you, but the timings will be as follows: 11am – arrival, changing, team talk 11:30am – warm up/coaching 12 noon – match starts 12:30pm – lunch/Middlesbrough warm up 1:20pm – line up in tunnel 1:30pm – Middlesbrough kick off 3:00pm – full time – birthday boy/girl photo with man of the match

Pitch side advertising - £350

A simple advert on a banner by the pitch for the benefit of the fans for a whole 70 minutes (approx) can be a great way to promote your business. We have 12 boards sized three metres long one metre high, available for the season priced at £300. This works out at £50 per match and will be viewed by up to 300 people at the stadium, as well as a potential audience of thousands online via videos and photos.

To add value to your advert, we will also add your banner to the website underneath the live stream of the match with a link to your website in a virtual pitch side banner!

Other kit advertising - £1,000

We have the back of our shirt and shorts available to any company wanting to advertise their brand on the kit, without becoming main sponsor. You would receive a scaled down version of all the benefits of becoming main sponsor.

Academy sponsorship - £2,500 While we would only run the academy if it was covering its own costs, it would help to have a sponsor to relieve some of the pressure on meeting minimum numbers at each age group. To have full sponsorship and naming of the Academy we would want you to cover 50% of the costs over a two year period, and this currently is estimated at £5,000. You would receive a scaled down version of the Main Sponsor, while also having your logo on all junior strips. We would only be interested in securing academy sponsorship once we have reached the £8,000 required to run the first team.

Beyond this season

When working out costs for the coming season and beyond, we are naturally looking at the costs of everything from basic running costs to turning fully professional. The absolute minimum we can survive as a top club on is £8,000 per season, but as was stated earlier, the aim of the club is to compete at the top in England and Europe and this would require eventually turning professional.

We have predicted costs of £71,000 to hire a part time coach and pay players a small fee per game. This would eventually increase to £340,000 for a full professional team and a few staff members. By this point a lot of the costs would be covered by ticket sales, merchandising and TV revenue, as the sport grows and grows in this country.

There is potential for investment in Middlesbrough Futsal Club to somebody who is keen to taste success and has an interest in the region and in local sport. The return on investment would be seen when the inevitable TV deals and larger sponsorships are coming in, which The FA have assured us they are working on. You only have to look at the Spanish league to see where the sport is headed in England – it’s just a matter of when, not if and in Middlesbrough Futsal Club we have the potential to be leaders not just in England, but in Europe, with the talent pool available in Teesside.

An investment into a futsal arena (also to be rented out to communities, schools, concerts) for the club in Middlesbrough, saving costs of £1,000,000 over 15 years is also an area we are keen to look into.

To discuss any potential investment opportunities please contact Damon Shaw on or on +44 7807 146 319.

Sponsorship brochure  

Sponsor Middlesbrough Futsal Club

Sponsorship brochure  

Sponsor Middlesbrough Futsal Club