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March Issue 38

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–Setbacks and Discoveries

Today we set out to ride a new trip plan, which I dubbed the “197 Country Roads Ride.”...


After breakfast at Fabio’s in downtown Newland, NC, we made our way north to US 19E, where we turned south for the 25 mile ride to Spruce Pine, NC. This portion of Highway 19 is a very scenic and enjoyable ride and it passes through several small communities along the way, including Cranberry and Plumtree. If you know where to look and what to look for, you just might see the remnants of an old movie set as you make your way along this twisty stretch of road. In the late 1980s, Kurt Russell and Kelly McGillis came to this area to star in a movie entitled “The Winter People.” Some of the structures featured in that movie still remain near the Plumtree community. At Spruce Pine we continued west on US 19 to Burnsville, where we picked up NC 197 south. This road proved to be another good ride for a number of miles, with some of the most challenging curves – including several hairpins – that are to be found in the area. But there was a surprise in-store for us at the top of the mountain. Somehow I missed (or forgot!?!) the road turns to gravel once you reach the top of the mountain. According to one resident we talked to, the gravel portion of the road extends for five miles and is just as twisty as the paved road leading to the top ... and that’s saying something as this portion of NC 197 must have more switchbacks per mile than any other road in the state! Needless to say, since we were

mostly riding large touring bikes, gravel roads were not an option. So, we did the manly thing and turned around, backtracking to Burnsville. That’s okay, though, because the rest of the ride proved to be even better than anticipated and we made some discoveries

that will make for a much better ride next time we pass this way. Back in Burnsville, we picked up NC 197 northbound. This stretch of highway also proved to be very twisty and challenging. It was apparent that many local motorcyclists must enjoy running this stretch of NC 197 because there were numerous curve warnings painted on the asphalt in strategic locations. These markers aren’t subtle either; they are skulland-crossbones death symbols! That kind of message tends to get your attention and I found myself adjusting my speed accordingly. Thanks to whoever took the time to paint the warnings!We crossed over into Tennessee and continued northbound. This stretch of highway was downhill, but it was an enjoyable run. A short portion of the road ran through a beautiful pine forest and the air was filled with the aromatic scent of cool air and fresh pine.Just out of the forest, we came upon a small community called Rock Creek, where we pulled in at the Rock Creek Mart. I stopped there just to take a break and get a swig of water, but the other guys gave in to temptation, succumbing to the allure of “the best cheeseburger anywhere,” as one local


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described it. I couldn’t imagine being able to eat anything after the breakfast we had at Fabio’s. But that didn’t impede the others as they gobbled down their burgers while sitting on the small porch beside the front door of the store.Back on the road we made our way down to US 19E, where we headed west again to pickup US 321 around Lake Watauga. We continued east on US 321 back to the intersection with US 421, just north of Boone, NC.From there we picked up NC 194 — also known as “the Vilas Road” — and ran it down to just past the Mast General Store, where we turned west again toward Banner Elk, NC. The stretch of NC 194 between Vilas and Banner Elk — also known as “the Valle Crucis Road” — is an incredibly twisty road that defines the word “challenging” where roads are concerned. Not only is the road incredibly twisty, but there are also severe elevation changes, odd cambers, and some of the worst asphalt you’ll find anywhere in the mountains. The poor condition of the road doesn’t take away from the fun, though, and I always ride this road at least once when I’m in the area. It is also a designated National Scenic Byway ... kind of makes you think that someone would spend the money to fix the road. It has been in bad shape for as many years as I have been coming to this part of North Carolina, and that encompasses many years.Once we made it Banner Elk it was time to put an end to the fun and head back to the motel to get ready for dinner. I led the group south on NC 184 through Banner Elk, Sugar Mountain, and Tyne Castle (the traffic was terrible!), before turning for Linville and Pineola.

Day Six

– Rain, Rain Go Away! Well, it had to happen; we got some rain overnight and it persisted well into the morning. Not to be defeated by a little bit of moisture ... or wind ... or dense fog ... we loaded up in the truck and headed out for a day of caged sightseeing. After breakfast, that is! Our first stop was at Fabio’s in Newland for another round of his gourmet breakfast. Bellies full and figuring the overcast skies and wet conditions would make for good pictures, we headed onto the parkway for a photo session. Our goal was to get into position to shoot some photos of the Linn Cove Viaduct, but that goal was not accomplished. The entire area around the viaduct was shrouded

in a thick cloud that made visibility almost zero. So, no photos of that famous bridge today! But that was okay as we found plenty of other great shots at lower elevations. We continued working our way eastward and ended up at the Mast General Store over in Valle Crucis. The guys enjoyed the atmosphere of the store and used the opportunity to snag some souvenirs and to get in some relaxation time. Here you see the group sitting on the back porch enjoying the slow pace and relaxed atmosphere:

Day Seven

including many of the Linn Cove Viaduct. The stormy conditions, rolling fog, and intermittent moisture added some interesting dramatic effects to many of the photos that I shot. After all the photography it was on to Blowing Rock where we did some top-notch shopping, enjoyed the picturesque downtown area, and generally made the best of a day that was not really suited to quality motorcycling.

Even the Good Times Have to End

And, so ended another year’s Fall Leaf Ride, the week of riding and exploring the mountains was great. We challenged the twisty roads, snapped a ton of gorgeous photos, and just had a good time. Loading up to make the trek southward toward home I couldn’t help but feel a tinge of sadness about leaving those beautiful mountains behind. I always feel that way when it is time to head home from the hills, but even more so in the fall. I always wonder if the next day or the following week will be even more beautiful than what I have just seen. And, of course, I always start thinking about how much fun it would be to hit the twisty roads one more time … or three … before heading back to the land of the straight-and-level. Oh, well, there’s always next year. And who knows, maybe next time I’ll see you and your bike up there enjoying the beauty and the challenge of fall leaf peeping in the High Country.

– I Said “Rain, Rain Go Away … Dammit!” Rain, rain, and more rain! That was the order of the day! It rained again overnight and the showers continued after sunrise. The bad weather put an end to any organized riding for another day, but we made the best of it. Following breakfast at the Tartan Restaurant in Linville, NC, we loaded up in the truck again and headed east on the Blue Ridge Parkway for more photos and a goal of reaching Blowing Rock, NC, for some souvenir shopping. The weather was bad for motorcycling, but it was pretty good for photography. The dark overcast and wet conditions allowed for full saturation of the fall colors all around Grandfather Mountain and along the Blue Ridge Parkway from Linville to Blowing Rock. I took full advantage of the situation to By Bill McDaniel shoot a couple hundred more photographs, Continued in Next Months Issue

We want to know what your favorite ride destination is. Get some photos and tell us your story.



Knucklehead Café, located in Rockmart, GA, began getting attention from the biker community because of the Café’s name and theme, the entertainment they booked, and the attention to detail they gave motorcycle riders who stopped in. But now, Knucklehead Café is drawing in the crowds for their great American food menu as well. Whether it’s a slab of ribs, a big juicy steak, or the hand tossed wings you smell when you walk in the door, Knucklehead Café will satisfy every hunger pang and everyone’s wallet. And, if you’re lucky enough to be there on Wednesday, it’s Free Pie! The sound of your boots clomping on the wood floor, as you make your way to comfortable seating at the high tops, makes you think, “Wow this is cool”! You can order a beverage from

the beer, wine, and liquor menu—which is plentiful by the way. While seated, take a look around at the surrounding brick walls and the intriguing eclectic motorcycle displays; they make a great atmosphere for eating and enjoying the company you’re with. After you’ve satisfied your hunger, to really top off the experience, take a look around their General Store area and pick up some of the special sauces and seasonings to go. Some of the best home cooked meals start with special sauces and seasonings! So the next time you’re out and about, make Knucklehead Café in Rockmart, GA your next destination dinner ride, and when you do tell them Born To Ride sent ya! BORNTORIDE.COM | BTR 25


You are riding along in the left lane of a oneway street, with a car ahead of you on your right. As the two of you enter an intersection, the car swerves left across your path to make a turn. Strategy: Because traffic was light, the driver may have forgotten that he was traveling on a oneway street and never looked in his blind spot for you. Since there was no traffic in the oncoming lane, he felt free to make a normal left turn (without signaling), inadvertently trapping you in his path. There was no way, short of watching for the non-existent signal, to predict that this driver was going to turn left. But remembering that intersections are always situations of increased risk, you might have prepared for this by taking actions to separate yourself from the other vehicle. By riding so close (and inside the driver’s blind spot) you effectively hid yourself from the driver’s vision and greatly increased your exposure to danger. For more information go to


Call Stefanie Drake Burford when you need her! 1-844-STEF-LAW •

One of the most uncomfortable and negative aspects of riding an air-cooled V-twin motorcycle is the heat the engine generates. This is especially true in the hot weather and at slow speeds when the heat coming off the engine pours over your legs. For some people that uncomfortable feeling can be a huge decision maker for taking a trip on the bike or not. Aside from being uncomfortable, the heat is really damaging to your engine—your engine is laboring and your oil has stopped its enginesaving protection. What is the solution to this problem? You can press on or pull your bike over to cool down … or thanks to the outstanding invention of LoveJugs those days are over. The master-mind and inventor behind this amazing product is Dave Sandel, president of Hammerhead Engineering, LLC. Dave labored 4-1/2 years, conducting intensive R & D to develop and perfect his dual-fan cooling system. Born To Ride had the pleasure of recently interviewing Hammerhead Engineering’s CEO, Steve West. Because this is such an important product for all V-twin motorcycle owners we are pleased to update the exciting Love-Jugs story


and let you know where they will be set up during Daytona Bike Week 2016! BTR: Why would a V-twin motorcycle rider need Love-Jugs? West: The product is fantastic! Every V-twin rider needs this product. All air-cooled engines get hot, and there is no other way to effectively keep them cool under all conditions. No one has been able to create what Dave has created. He is the brains of the organization; I am the mouth. Prior to my coming on board, Dave built the prototype and sold 100 of them on eBay. He stopped selling for a year and a half, so these pioneers became our field testers. With feedback from these willing beta testers, Dave implemented improvements and perfected an already exceptional product. Most of these prototypes are still on the road. BTR: You call Love Jugs a perfect product. What basis do you have to make such a bold claim? West: There are many things about the product that make it beyond exceptional. This is the result of our president’s extensive inventing and engineering experience, along with over a half century of riding and working on Harleys. On top of all the extensive research and development,

Dave is an absolute perfectionist. He often drives me nuts with his compulsion for perfection. If you look closely you will see the perfection that is in each Love-Jugs component as well as the whole. For example, our custom made fan motors are embossed with a raised Love-Jugs logo, even though no one will ever see them unless they looked inside the rear grill. The same is true of even the heavy-duty clamps that will be hidden under the tank. More important, these are the strongest clamps made in the world and we hand solder the connectors to make them even stronger. Even our rubber grommets are perfectly made with a special formula rubber. If somebody felt the rubber it feels like iron—not rubber. The quality and workmanship that goes into Love-Jugs is exceptional, and that is the reason I can confidently say that we have a perfect product. BTR: Is there one feature that makes Love-Jugs the most effective cooling system in the world? West: What really makes the product stand out is that it keeps the V-twin engine cool under all conditions. No one has been able to create this until now. Love-Jugs are patented as

Become a Love-Jugs Dealer, -561-499-0974,

the exclusive air cooling device for all V-twin engines. The patent number is engraved in each Love-Jugs stainless steel body, along with an individual serial number for each unit. BTR: What are the experts saying about LoveJugs? West: In 2015 the motorcycle media began to recognize the value of Love-Jugs. Most of the major motorcycle magazines and electronic media have already published stories. With all the coverage there has not been an unkind or negative word. Your readers can read the full articles on our web site at http:// I must give props to Ron and Debbie of Born To Ride. Your magazine was in on the ground floor with us. The three articles that were written about Love-Jugs have been accurate and favorable. Your readers are informed about the benefits of Love-Jugs; consequently, Florida is one of our most active markets. There was an article written by highly regarded expert Jimmy Kay for Two Wheel Thunder. Mr. Kay begins his article saying that he tested Love-Jugs with the intention to expose LoveJugs as a fraud. After putting his Love-Jugs through grueling testing, the reporter finished his article by reporting that Love-Jugs had achieved his highest recommendation. BTR: How did the name ‘Love-Jugs’ come to be? West: As you know the cylinder heads are called jugs, and of course the double entendre is associated with women’s breasts. We are mindful not to go over the top with all the obvious puns. The public has that privilege. We find that men enjoy the name and that women laugh about it. Ultimately, everyone finds it memorable. The Love-Jugs name has been extremely helpful for us. We’ve never had anybody say anything negative about it! BTR: What do you attribute your great success to? West: First and foremost, our miraculous product that leads to Love-Jugs love. We’re turning people’s relationship with their motorcycles around. Everyone loves their Harley’s, but when they overheat it becomes a love/hate relationship. Love-Jugs eliminates the excessive


heat. BTR: Steve, you told me that word of mouth is a huge part of the success of Love-Jugs. You say that you started a referral program that ‘gives back’ to those who are sold on this amazing product. West: People are getting the word out about Love-Jugs without any encouragement. I believe they should be rewarded for helping us spread the word as well as encouraged to keep putting the word out by sending them Reward Bucks. So every time somebody refers a new client, I send them a $25 check. For every tenth referral I send $100 instead of $25. Over time, that person can pay for their Love-Jugs just from the referral program! BTR: Steve, you also mentioned some good news for the Indian motorcycle owners! West: Yes, we are about to roll out Love-Jugs for Indian motorcycles. We have a lot of Indian motorcycle-owners waiting for this day! Perhaps by the time your readers are reading this we will be installing Love-Jugs on Indian motorcycles! And the Victory will be next. Soon we will have Love-Jugs available for the 3 major American brands. BTR: How do you see the future? West: Let’s start with my ultimate vision which is that Harley-Davidson will eventually see the practical benefits of Love-Jugs for their great machines and they will install a unit on every motorcycle that rolls out of their plant. But for now, Love-Jugs is arguably one of the most talked about aftermarket items in the HarleyDavidson world. With several million Harley’s on the road we have an almost infinite customer base. It’s interesting that we have never solicited any dealers, yet some of the world’s premier dealers have found us by this word of mouth initiative. Our dealer family grows every day. You might wonder how this works? Our retail customers get so excited about their LoveJugs after using them on their bikes they go to their dealers and tell them about Love-Jugs. If a dealer wants to join our family, contact Adam Halstead via e-mail Adam@Love-Jugs. com or phone at 828-342-5637. Non-dealer

purchasers should contact me at BTR: If I wanted to purchase or install LoveJugs on my bike in Daytona, how would I find you? West: Love-Jugs will have three different locations available to those who want to take them home or have them installed during Daytona Bike Week. We will be set up at J & P Cycles, right at the front entrance. We also will be represented by two professional vendors (Amsoil and Cycle Solutions) who are set up at the vendor’s mall at the Daytona Speedway who will be selling and installing Love-Jugs! If you want to avoid the lines you can call Adam at 828-342-5637 for an appointment. Our great staff will explain the benefits of our anti-vibration devices as well. What Love-Jugs does for the heat, the Frame Mount Kit and the Vibration-Master will do for your vibration. We are encouraging people to make appointments for installation at any of the three Love-Jugs locations at Daytona Bike Week. In addition, Miss Love-Jugs will be stopping by the locations signing giant posters as well as Born To Ride magazines. Be sure you stop by one of our locations and meet her. BTR: If you’re not coming to Daytona Bike Week but want a set of Love-Jugs on your bike, email Steve will take the time to get you a set of Love-Jugs for your Harley! BTR: In winding down this exciting conversation, I asked Steve the million dollar question: Why should you get Love-Jugs on your Harley? West: Hot Harley—Problem Solved! The price is very reasonable, they look great, and Love-Jugs will put out your “Ring of Fire.” BTR: Thank you Steve for a great interview about Love-Jugs! All of us at Born To Ride look forward to seeing everyone at Daytona Bike Week! Susan Hurst What: Love-Jugs Where: 2016 Daytona Bike Week (three locations!) When: March 4-13 Web:

Everyone is Talking about Jugs! They keep you cool. Have them installed at Bike Week.

Get your at

The fire has been lit in Florida with a new action-thriller that is destined to be a hit amongst the biker family—Nation’s Fire has started to take shape. Ron Galletti, producer/publisher of Born To Ride TV & magazine will be on the creative side, taking his new film venture by storm, with his role as producer of the upcoming film that will star (also be produced by) the very beautiful and talented Krista Grotte who starred in The Emerging Past, Lazarus: Apocalypse, (both available on DVD and streaming services) and the upcoming Check Point film. If Ms. Grotte looks very familiar to the Born To Ride magazine she should … she was a former on air host for the Born To Ride weekly television show. The film will be written, directed, and also produced by the multi-award winning independent filmmaker, Thomas J. Churchill. Mr. Churchill has written and directed the last

three films that Krista has starred in. However, this is the first time Mr. Galletti and Mr. Churchill will join creative forces, but their backgrounds suggest an action-packed film with some serious twists. This new power trio has big plans with their first project together–Nation’s Fire. They have been scouting all over Florida, looking for special locations to film. When asked on his vision for this new exciting biker thriller, Mr. Churchill replied, “Easy Rider is the Holy Grail of biker films … I would love to make a film as great and beloved as that … we plan to come real close.” They have been tight-lipped on the story and who will be involved, but if Mr. Churchill’s most recent film Check Point is any indication, stand by for some action. The trio plan on shooting a slate of films in and around the Florida area with other joint projects to be named later. When asked

Tell us why you should be in NATION’S FIRE.

about Hollywood coming to Florida, Mr. Galletti replied, “We here at Born To Ride are very excited to have Hollywood come to Florida and maybe make Florida ‘the place’ to shoot films.” Born To Ride will be along to document the making of Nation’s Fire and will be first to bring you exclusive up to date information on the making of this exciting film. Kind of like the Nation’s Fire journal. Stay abreast and updated on casting, locations shooting, and on the new power trio of Galletti, Grotte and Churchill (GGC). Go and like the Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages for the film, as well as Nation’s for further information on this action-thriller. To learn more about the members of this dream team please visit their individual websites at, and borntoride. com. BORNTORIDE.COM || BTR BTR 35 35 BORNTORIDE.COM

Women’s World

Since February is the month for lovers. After all, midmonth is Valentine’s Day. Therefore, what a great month for spreading love and passion—for living life Extraordinarily. My heart is filled with enormous joy, gratitude, and passion at being able to share my newly released book with the world. I seek to be the “Wake Up” call for the masses who are simply existing as tourists’ in their own lives. My book “Screw Cancer: Live Life Passionately” is meant to be a voluntary wake up call for everyone not just those diagnosed with cancer. Don’t wait to live your dreams and change your life from ordinary to extraordinary until you are involuntarily forced to. Sometimes we are forced to change and see life in a whole new light due to such things as: family death, illness, divorce, loss of income etc. Being forced to change is a very difficult way to transform yourself and your life. Instead of waiting for a time where you have no choice, how about if you begin today to voluntarily create your life your way. BTR 36 | BORNTORIDE.COM

In the book I use my experience with cancer as a wake up call to others. My life is just extraordinary, and it was forced lessons that I was blessed to learn that made it possible. How many of you waste your time on things that do not matter at the end? How many live with anger and bitterness towards someone? Are you being critical or judgmental, believing your way is the only right way to live? Are you whining and complaining about things such as: your work, boss, income, your weight, looks? How about traffic, are you complaining when you’re stuck in traffic? How about being grateful that you can be in traffic and are not bedridden. How about sharing your love and compassion for your fellow human beings? Why not look for any little way you can help others and put a smile on their face? If only we could all see how much time we spend on nonsense and how short our journey is in the life. If we would just let go of the useless nonsense and help each other. Stop the nonsense, and stop the excuses for not reaching your goals. Do not doubt your abilities. Get out there and try something totally new and outside your comfort zone. Every time you step out of your box you will get more confident and realize how much power you have in you. Believe in yourself. The time to start is right now. EQ Women Succeeds believes in you. Come join the EQ LifeStyle. The newly released book “Screw Cancer: Live Life Passionately” may be purchased at IT IS TIME TO BE PART OF THE “EQ LIFESTYLE” I invite you to come check out our upcoming events (Born To Ride Women’s World: An EQ LifeStyle) at www. and/or Join our mailing list so you don’t miss out. I’m looking forward to meeting you and making this journey called life tremble with love, joy, purpose and passion! Hayley B. Colina, Esq. Founder EQ Women Succeed, LLC Hayley is available to travel the United States and internationally to share her contagious passion, wisdom, and training. Contact to schedule her at your next organization event.

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www.B Events March 4 - March 12 Daytona Beach, FL 3/4 - 3/12 Rat’s Hole Rat Armageddon Bike Show. During Bike Week at Indian Motorcycle in Daytona March 4 Super Hero Day March 4 March 13 Daytona Beach, FL 75th Annual Bike Week. Call Eagle Rider for bike rental. For more info 866-955-7887 March 4 March 13 Daytona Beach, FL 75th Annual Bike Week. Come out to Dirty Harry’s for music, food, contests and fun. Featured artists: Bobby Friss, Hairball, Great White, Vixxen, and Jasmine Cain. To see full schedule visit March 4 March 13 Samsula, FL 75th Annual Bike Week. Come out to Sponick’s Cabbage Patch for music, food, contests and fun. Daytona’s Oldest Biker Bar. To see full schedule visit March 4 March 13 Daytona Beach, FL 38th annual Bikeweek Swapmeet 9AM - 6PM Daytona Flea Market 386-206-5276 March 4 March 13 Ormond Beach, FL 75th Annual Bike Week. Come out to Boot Hill Saloon Honor Fest (supporting Wounded Combat Heroes) for music, food, contests and fun. For event details March 5 Spartanburg, SC Reguladores LEMC Upcountry Ride to Support Purity Presbyterian Food Pantry 11AM at Spartanburg H-D 864-980-1641. March 5 BTR Old School Chopper Show March 5 Lithia Springs, GA H-D Atlanta Blessing of the Bikes 10AM March 5 Tifton, GA Daytona Bike Week Pit Stop Party 12PM - 4PM Tifton H-D. For more information 229-387-8855. March 6 Roswell, GA 2nd Amendment Seminar 4PM - 7PM Killer Creek H-D. Join us


Borngreat To Ride market, promote, and your next event; There are Let some events coming up, so getadvertise out there and meet up call with404-788-3907. old friends! s, Rides & Destinations of the event. All proceeds go to the 5049. MDA. For more info 706-324-4294. April 2 Decatur, GA 2nd Annual Miles 4 March 19 March 6 Warm Springs, GA Xtreme Rider Chili Autism Charity/Benefit Ride. South Dekalb Mall. 2801 Chandler Rd. Spartanburg, SC CMA National day Cook-off 12PM; $20 per pot entry of Prayer 1:15PM - 5PM at Peach fee. For more information 706-655- Register 7AM KSU 10AM $12/rider; $10/passenger. Day of Registration: Blossom Restaurant 864-494-0402. 2463. $15/rider; $12/passenger 808-3211372. March 6 March 19 Indian Show Charlotte, NC 7th Annual Officer in Need Poker Run 9AM at Motorcycles April 3 Raleigh, NC 7th Annual EuroBike March 9 of Charlotte visit 10AM - 3PM at Historic City Market. Sexiest Bagger For more information 919-525-1159. March 19 March 10 Durham, NC 30th Annual Bike Show April 8 Victory Show & Chili Cook-off 9AM at Rommel H-D. For more information 919-596- Douglas, GA Bikes, Blues, & BBQ Festival. Douglas Municipal Gene March 11 9511. Chambers Airport. A combination of V8 Motorcycles events that ensure fun for all ages. March 19 GBA sanctioned BBQ competition, March 11 - March 12 Mebane, TN GWRRA H2 Annual popular brands, motorcycle show, and Augusta, GA Harley-Davidson Demo Swap Meet 9AM at Mebane Arts & poker run, arts & crafts, and MORE Truck at H-D Augusta 9AM - 4PM. Community Center 919-382-8097. 912-383-0277. For more information call 706-6510444. March 19 April 9 Nashville, TN 14th Annual Spring March 12 Thaw Bike Show & Swap Meet 10AM Lithia Springs, GA 3rd Annual Ride for Braselton, GA Just Track It Track - 5PM at Nashville Fairgrounds 615- James 9:30AM at H-D Atlanta. For more information visit Day. Road Atlanta, 5300 Winder 364-1828. Hwy. Sessions go from 8:30 a.m. – April 9 5:30 p.m. Registration $275/driver. March 26- March 27 Greenville, SC 9th Annual Cool Rain or Shine. FMI Charlotte, NC Annual CBA Swap Meet & Bike Show at Metrolina Expo. Hand Luke MDA Poker Run at H-D March 12 For more information 704-455-6245. Greenville. For more information 864234-3140. Rat’s Hole show Register online March 26 April 9 Call 386-454-3496 Roswell, GA Killer Creek H-D Motorcycle Swap Meet 11AM - 4PM. Sanford, NC Jaycee Burn Center March 13 OEM, aftermarket, seats, saddlebags, Benefit Ride & Music Festival 8AM Roswell, GA Killer Creek H-D St. exhaust, and more. Free to sell! For 11PM at Honda Suzuki of Sanford. For more information 919-776-5642. Patrick’s Day Party 12PM - 5PM. more info 770-777-1000. Live music, food and drinks, vendors, April 9 drawing and more 770-777-1000. March 26 Paris, TN Brad Coleman Cancer Greenville, SC Bikers of South March 13 Carolina Ride for Savannah 11AM at Foundation Rally for a Cause 9AM Greenville, SC Harley-Davidson of American Roadside Burger 864-509- 7PM Henry County Fairgrounds. For more information 731-441-1916. Greenville Bike Nite Kick-off. For 0088. more information call 864-234-1340. April 9 March 26 March 19 Covington, GA Chase’s Ride 9AM - Collierville, TN Bull Moose 6th Athens, GA CMA Blessing of the 3PM at Tubby Toms 770-778-8582 Annual Poker Run 12PM at Recycle Bikershop. For more information 901Bikes 9AM - 2PM at Cycle World of or visit 861-0130. Athens 706-548-3300. March 28 April 9 March 19 Braselton, GA Just Track It Track Jacksonville, NC Holly Ridge Liberty Augusta, GA 14th Annual Kelsi Long Day. Road Atlanta, 5300 Winder Fountain Poker Run 9AM - 3PM at Memorial Ride 9AM at H-D Augusta. Hwy. Sessions go from 8:30AM – New River H-D. FMI libertyfountain. For more information 706-556-8427. 5:30PM Registration $275/driver. net. Rain or Shine. FMI March 19 April 10 Columbus, GA 4th Annual Hot Rods March 31- April 3 Deerfield Beach, FL South Florida and Harleys Car and Motorcycle Red Boiling Springs, TN Knock the Show. Chattahoochee HD, 3230 Dust off Your Rust Spring Motorcycle Ride for Kids 8AM at Quiet Waters Park. For more info 800-253-6530 or Williams Rd. Registration $15 before Show & Swap Meet at Cyclemos March 5th, $20 afterwards to the day Motorcycle Museum. FMI 615-699- for information about GA gun laws, training opportunities, and more. For more info 770-777-1000.

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April 15- April 17 Braselton, GA MotoAmerica Road Racing Championship. Road Atlanta, 5300 Winder Hwy. FMI 714-2425954. April 15- April 17 Grandy, NC Barry’s on Walnut Island Restaurant & Lodge 252-453-2261. April 16 Lithia Springs H-D of Atlanta Open House 11AM - 3PM April 16 Orlando, FL 4th Annual Pigs Against Pediatric Cancer Ride 10AM - 5PM at Nemours Children’s Hospital. For more info 321-230-1960 or ironpigsorlando. com. April 16- April 17 Warm Springs, GA Xtreme Rider 12th Anniversary Party. For more information 706-655-2463. April 16 - April 24 Harbinger, NC 14th Annual Outer Banks Bike Week at Outer Banks of NC. For more information 252-4912091. April 17 Lexington, SC Midland Ride for Kids 12PM at Lexington HS 800-2536530. April 20 – April 24 Unadilla, GA Angel City Spring Motorcycle Rally. Off I-75 Exit 122 Bike games, bike show, bike ride, live music, wet t-shirt contest, burn out pit, vendors, and two saloons in an “Old West” theme town, and MORE! RV sites available. Reserve your RV site ASAP because they are all gone six weeks prior to rally. For more information 478-627-3168. April 21 Dalton, GA GWRRA Georgia Wing Fling. NW GA Trade & Convention Center, 2211 Dug Gap Battle Rd. GWRRA Members $35/nonmember $40/On-site registration additional $5 to each. A $15 day pass will be sold on site and is good for the vendor area, hospitality area, and indoor games and only on the day of purchase. Join us for games, vendors, food, and lots of fun. Visit gwrra-ga. com/rally.html. April 20 - April 23 Anderson, SC State HOG Rally at Holiday Inn 803-518-0326.

BORNTORIDE.COM || BTR BTR 41 45 BORNTORIDE.COM April 22 - April 24 Milledgeville, GA Thunder Rally (Spring) at South Creek. Best campground party in GA, gates open Sunday before the event. For more info 478-804-2999. April 22 - April 24 Leesburg, FL Leesburg Bikefest. Largest 3-day Motorcycle & Music Event. Live music, contests, vendors and more. For more info visit

May 7 Greenville, SC 10th Annual MMA Poker Run at Greenville HarleyApril 29 - May 1 Davidson. For more information Hiawassee, GA 2016 GA Mountain 864-234-1340. Rally. GA Mountain Fairgrounds. Registration $55/rider before May 7 April 12; $65/rider after April 12. Spartanburg, SC Run for the Regular rally attractions and major Son CMA 10AM - 5PM at Peach prize draws. FMI contact the BMW Blossom Restaurant. For more info Motorcycle Club of GA. 864-494-0402. Clubhouse skinback1861@gmail. com.

South Georgia Raffle Run 8AM 2PM at Hospice of South Georgia 912-588-0080. May 14 Murfreesboro, TN Middle Tennessee Ride for Kids 9AM at Barfield Crescent Park. For more info 800-253-6530.

May 18 Surfside Beach, SC Crude’s 6th Annual Meet & Great Ride April 29 - May 1 May 7 April 23 (Wounded Warrior Project) 9AM Columbia, SC Days of Thunder Wilkesboro, NC 8th Annual CVMA Columbus, GA Randy Couture’s Charity Motorcycle Rally at H-D Thunder 15-5 Benefit Ride 10AM Crossroads - 11PM at 415 Hwy 17. For more Ride for Our Troops at Chattahoochee information call 216-280-4755 H-D. For more information 706-576-3202. Tower. For more information 803- Harley-Davidson. For more info 19- May 22 461-1121. 704-906-6878 or May Tellico Plains, TN Tellico Biker April 23 Spring Rally. For more info 423April 30 May 7 Beauford, SC PGRC Tour 10AM - 4PM 337-8390 or Cumming, GA Forsyth County Winterville, NC Ride for the at American Cycle. Ride and golf to help Warriors 8:30AM - 1PM at support comfort boxes for kids admitted to Sheriff’s Office Motorcycle May 22 Safety Day 10AM - 2PM at Hometown Harley-Davidson. For Beauford Memorial 843-379-5225. Surfside Beach, SC Crude’s Cumming Fairground. FMI visit more info 252-439-1345. 6th Annual Meet & Great Ride motorcyclesafetyday@forsythco. April 23 (Wounded Warrior Project) 9AM May 7 Hickory, NC Leathernecks MC Poker Run com. - 11PM at 415 Hwy 17. For more Caryville, TN SCHAS Campbell information call 216-280-4755 10AM - 6PM at Blue Ridge H-D. For more April 30 Scott Motorcycle Ride 11AM - 5PM information 828-514-7959. Maynardville, TN Ride for at Cover Lake State Park. For May 30 Independence 11AM - 3PM at Li’l more information 865-824-4301 or Loganville, GA 18th Ride for April 23 America 7AM at American Jo’s BBQ. For more information Dallas, GA Healing 4 Heroes Ride 4 Life Legion Post 233. For more 865-992-9886. Poker Run 11AM - 6:30PM Pizza Shack information 770-978-1739 or visit May 7 404-259-2823. May 1 Old Hickory, TN Smith/Wilson/ Apex, NC Triangle Ride for Stones River CMT ABATE April 23 June 2- June 5 Kids 8AM at Jordan Lake State Swap Meet 9AM - 4PM at HDP Simpsonville, SC Marines MC Lunchmeat Motorcycle Consignment. For more Helen, GA Annual Southeast Poker Run 10AM - 11:59AM at Turn 1 ESB Recreation Area - White Oak Victory Rally Bavarian town of Recreation Area. For more info info 615-310-3436. Sports Bar 864-862-2261. Helen. For more information 229800-253-6530 or 506-0641 or visit May 13May 15 April 23 May 5 - May 8 Maggie Valley, NC Thunder in Lebanon, TN 5th Annual Tennessee June 4 the Smokies Motorcycle Rally at Biker Medical Clinic Ride 11AM - 6 PM at Atwood, TN Boogie Hollar Evans, GA Annual Deputy JD Motorcycle Rally 164 Clay Farm Maggie Valley Fairgrounds 828Adrenaline Bar & Grill 615-281-7279. Paugh Memorial Ride & Concert Lane. For more information 931246-2101 or 10AM at Antebellum Pavilion. For 498-2250. April 27 - May 1 more information jdpaughmemorial. May 13- May 22 Panama City Beach, FL Thunder org. May 7 Marion, SC Swamp Fox Spring Beach Spring Rally. Come out to the Durham, NC 3rd Annual Aidan’s Biker Bash at Swamp Fox most biker-friendly free rally in the US June 5 Ride 10:30AM at Rommel Harley- Entertainment Complex. For more Cumming, GA Atlanta Ride for Kids Davidson 919-596-9511. info 843-206-0862 8AM at Cumming Fairgrounds. For more information 800-253-6530 April 27- May 1 May 7 May 13- May 22 or visit Seven Springs, NC Thunder on Tobacco Sanford, NC - Silver City, NC ALS Murrells Inlet, SC Myrtle Beach Road spring Rally at Mason Dixon Park. Charity Motorcycle Ride 9:30AM at Bike Week Spring Rally. For more June 9- June 12 For more info 804-894-0558. Cleveland, GA Hooters on Scooters 3128 S. Horner Blvd. in Sanford; info 336-643-1367 Motorcycle Rally at Mountain Creek ride ends in Silver City. For more April 29 - May 1 Grove. For more information 706information 919-353-0947. May 14 Munford, TN U.S. Military Vets MC VA Jesup, GA 4th Annual Hospice of 865-6930. Hospital Fund Raiser at U.S. Military Vets


Craven Moorehead called! I certainly wasn’t expecting to hear from her but to an extent the surprise call was sort of welcomed. This statement is being based upon the fact that I really don’t have any friends and expected nothing but the silence and solitude that the simple country life offers. Her offer was too irresistible to ignore, and I accepted it less than reluctantly because I needed some diversion and excitement. You must understand her gorgeousness to relate to this story. She is extremely beautiful, and everywhere I go in her company people are envious and jealous. Let me explain. Although she has tattoos and scars, in most areas she appears to be less than 25 years old. Evidently, I’m doing pretty well for an old scruffy biker dude! All of her ample curves are precisely in the right places and the intimacy Thanks to Hallmark, February is a month that has become a that we share together is unsurpassable by any other. It’s an time in which we shall all celebrate the ones we love, if we incredible relationship that many will never experience in their have one or more, but here in the trailer park it’s pretty much lifetime. Sure, there are some bumps in the road but that has just me, the dogs the cats and 4 or 5 women. I can’t say never stopped our lifetime love, passion, and devotion. We will that there isn’t any love, but there are always problems that spend our lives together until the end of time. pop up just when you least expect it. I spent the Christmas holiday without any water because the well pump failed on the She promised to spend the entire holiday weekend with me and take me to places that I love, plus keep me company day before Christmas Eve. Thanks to Gary Ford (a pump and for the four-day event. This promise was kept and we rang well service guy 813-754-4856 for your information should in the New Year with great fervor. It was truly incredible! As you need a well repaired), I actually had water the day after promised, she took me to places that are not only scenic, Christmas which was a welcomed perk for living here in the exotic and exciting, but I was also happy to visit old friends trailer park with these aforementioned mean-ass girls. and acquaintances that I hadn’t seen in a long time. Her Needless to say, I suspect that I will not have a lot of cards, chocolate, or roses to buy on Valentines Day as collectively we desire and drive kept me strong and allowed me to forget the were somewhat angry to an extent because we all had to take loneliness and dejection that I experience when I am not with her. She is truly my heart’s desire and my only passion. She a shower with gallon jugs instead of running water. If we had a river, lake or stream nearby, this inconvenience would be no never complains and always satisfies! This, my friends is true love exemplified! problem but since we were all stranded here dry, we just had As usual in a true love story, the ups and downs are to make do with it. It’s kinda like camping. Y’all like camping omnipresent and unavoidable. Towards the end of the right? It’s pretty cool, but not when you’re accustomed to weekend, she became cold, angry, and dreary. These things having simple luxuries such as running water. It can certainly in life are part of the experience of love and filter down to the change your attitude and BO level when it’s not present. We very existence we call living. She left me here in my meager did however, make it through and are happy to still be here domicile exhausted, cold and longing for her charms. I know enjoying life! I will see her again, and I wait with a lonely and broken heart So, how did your New Year’s celebration go? I was planning until she calls me yet once again. I will forever be here for to spend my holiday weekend here in the trailer park with my her, my mistress and my true love. friends, alcohol, and bad decisions. But then, my mistress My mistress is the highway, CRAVEN


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Christian Motorcyclists Association each other as we travel the roads, there is one who shows us the way in every situation. In John 14:6 Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one can come to the Father except through me.” And the best part is that Jesus is available every moment of your life. His Word, the Bible, is a guidebook that gives us direction, truth in a misleading world, and the promise of everlasting life. When we read the Bible we can discover insights as to which way we should safely go in our lives and which pathway is free of dangerous obstacles. We find history that shows how God led His people, and His leaders, in the past. Unlike the confusing rhetoric of today’s hitting the road debris. It amazes me to hear politicians, God’s Word is always faithful, about, or experience, the articles fellow riders beyond question, and to be trusted. have encountered. When life makes it difficult to know which A friend of mine told me about riding his bike direction to go, lean on Jesus to show you to work one day and came upon an aluminum the way. When we put our faith and trust in extension ladder directly in his path. It all Him, He moves in our hearts and lives in an happened so fast that the only thing he could incredibly powerful way. In The Wind, Denny Dingler BTR 44 | BORNTORIDE.COM Check out for more articles from Christian Motorcyclists Association If you want to experience an exciting ride, head down a road that has obstacles, trash, or litter scattered across it. A person in a cage can toss an aluminum can or a plastic bottle out the window and think nothing of it. Something that small wouldn’t cause any problems for anyone traveling in a cage, but that can create an accelerated heartbeat for the biker who has to swerve in order to avoid

do was to quickly downshift, put his weight on the pegs, and hit the throttle hard as he shot over the ladder. That kind of obstacle will surely wake you up! One day while leading a ride, I was carefully watching the back end of the truck in front of me when suddenly a pillow (yes, like you have on your bed) came rolling out from underneath the vehicle. I was dumbfounded at seeing that pillow coming towards me and concerned that the riders behind me might hit it! That’s why it is so important to signal the riders behind you when you encounter obstacles on the road. You may signal with your hand or foot, but by all means you want to give others a warning so they can take evasive action. If you are in front of another bike it is your responsibility to help show the way safely past anything that would cause an accident. You know, in life there are things that will cause us to fall or take a dangerous pathway if we are not careful. Just as we need to help

Born To Ride Georgia #38 - March 2016  

Born To Ride Motorcycle Magazine. Georgia #38 - March 2016

Born To Ride Georgia #38 - March 2016  

Born To Ride Motorcycle Magazine. Georgia #38 - March 2016