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CONT Boys who Love Reading

Easy school lunches for busy parents! by Angelene Bourne


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by Hayley Merelle Coates HMC


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18-21 Raspberry & Caramel Choc Muffins Miss C’s Kitchen

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by Nadine Head


the POWER and PASSION of a KISS! By Melissa Craig


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elcome to our first SEO column. In this issue we will cover 4 key points, URLS, Title tags or page titles, Meta descriptions and keyword research. We hope you


72-75 Gifts for Blokes men’s gifts made easy!


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C L OT H I N G : W W W. A N G E L F I S H D R AG O N F LY. C O M . A U P H OTO S : W W W. L O U I S E G E O R G E P H OTO G R A P H Y. C O M

Happy 2014 Readers! As we are just about to launch into 'Back To School Week,' many of my Friends, Family & Clients have children just starting or returning to school. I, on the other hand, am on the opposite end of the spectrum, with my 17 year old Son starting University. His Graduation from Year 12 was very emotional for me as it threw me back in time to his good times and bad throughout his schooling days. And like many of you I was bereft at losing my baby to the big wide world of school. He on the other hand sailed in and took his seat without looking back. It would be a lie to tell you that it is all smooth sailing - it's not. With technology as it is today, we not only have physical bullying to cope with but cyber bullying. My Son was subjected to at least three very serious bullying acts and we had to handle all three very differently. Also, like any Mum, I suffered from 'Mama Guilt.' It didn't have to be for any particular reason and it strikes at any time but mostly I struggled with Family/Work balancing. It is the most often asked question in any Women's business forum that I have ever participated in whether that be seminars, chats or with my own coaching clients. And so I am excited to be able to bring to you a series on Family/Work balancing here in Born organised Magazine. You will find my first tips module in this issue, called 'Manage Your Mind to Manage your Time.' This will be an ongoing series and I am also available for 'one on one Skype sessions' to help you find the answers you may desperately require to ease 'Mama Guilt!' My single greatest success is my Son and the Man he is becoming. Here's to all of our Mums who are just starting out on their journey of turning good kids into great teens!

Paula Kuhnemann-Franich


organized magazine

Home Office Lifestyle

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Pelle D’arte by Nairana Skin cared for by Cosima Skin Care - Hair cared for by Jam Body & Hair Studio - Gold Coast Images

Paula Kuhnemann

back to school C L OT H I N G : W W W. A N G E L F I S H D R AG O N F LY. C O M . A U P H OTO S : W W W. L O U I S E G E O R G E P H OTO G R A P H Y. C O M



C L OT H I N G : W W W. A N G E L F I S H D R AG O N F LY. C O M . A U P H OTO S : W W W. L O U I S E G E O R G E P H OTO G R A P H Y. C O M

Angelene Bourne


Founder Angelfish Dragonfly, a premium ‘clicks and mortar’ store catering for premmie babies to ten year olds. ust over 4 years ago, a Townsville mum created Angelfish Dragonfly, a premium ‘clicks and mortar’ store catering for premmie babies to ten year olds.

Ms Bourne says her online boutique is vintage inspired with a modern twist, a one-stop shop filled with unique and gorgeous products from more than 60 of the industry’s most sort-after brands. Why did she create Angelfish Dragonfly? - I was tired of dragging my baby all over town to find the perfect dress or item for a gift in our incredible heat and there wasn’t much to offer in boutique style shops. And we bought a lot of my daughter’s clothes at boutiques in Melbourne. People would say ‘Now you didn’t get that in Townsville’ in awe of the beautiful clothes we selected from down south. - I wanted something more high end, unique, rarer than the mass produced items that were and still are currently available at larger stores. I wanted to be able to have clothing that we knew not everyone else would have if we turned up to a party. - Quality clothing that would last, be handed down and not stain like cheaper clothing did. - It was an avenue to earn money doing what I really love my passion for children’s fashion design and quality products without giving up my Music Teaching! “I do all the sourcing myself, and only stock ONE of EVERY size in the fashion clothing for 97% of our labels. So this means you need to get in early if you see a design that you really love” said Ms Bourne. From toys to beautiful, organic clothing and bed linens, décor items, outfits to impress the smallest of style mavens and accessories that can take kids from kindy to a party with the click of a mouse, Angelfish Dragonfly has your child covered.


“We carefully source and select the most beautiful stock on the market from designers in Australia and overseas including Fourzero, Sapling, Hide & Seek, Bluebelle, Haveli, Sticky Bellies, Itzy Ritzy and so many more.” Angelfish Dragonfly is full of unique and quirky gift ideas including eco-toys, Dinosnores sleep and meditation cds, colourful eco cot protectors for babies who like to munch on wooden rails and the world’s first protective baby ear muffs reducing noise by 22 db. “We’re also really focused on spreading the Sun Safe message throughout the year, featuring special hats that fit over bike helmets by Treadley, Quince Hats and all our swimwear is UPF-50+ from Platypus Australia, Babes in the Shade and Li’l Ludy. Angelene has also just introduced her own range of baby and children’s hats which are in demand. The first range selling quicker than hot cakes! Angelfish Dragonfly offers free shipping for orders over $150, free gift-wrapping and the option for free pick-up to residents living in Townsville. “If you simply can’t choose, we also offer gift certificates from $25 right through to $200.” Best of all, you can do it all online avoiding untimely toilet stops, testy tweens and those toddler terror tantrums that would make Mary Poppins cry. Angelfish Dragonfly offers friendly exceptional service with a smile, which is fast and efficient. You can find Angelfish Dragonfly at: - Cotters Market every Sunday (in front of the Holiday Inn) - North Qld Babies and Kids Market (held quarterly) Or most convenient of all online:

Easy school lunches for busy parents! A by Angelene Bourne

s a busy working mum running 2 businesses (Angelfish Dragonfly, and a music instrument sales and repair business) and teaching music at a local school a day a week, I don’t have a lot of time to put into thinking about school lunches. My main concern has always been to make them as nutritional as I can and put together quickly and simply without too much effort! Especially when I am working to deadlines at night and need my husband to take over! Here is the formula I devised to make sure our daughter has enough nutrition and food. Our school only has two breaks but I know some schools do have extra breaks for little ones so you can just adjust according to how many breaks you get by either splitting the fruit or adding extra fruit and crackers.

Easy School Lunches for busy Parents!

so she loves to get this done)

As a busy working mum running 2 businesses (Angelfish Dragonfly, and a music instrument sales and repair business) and teaching music at a local school a day a week, I don’t have a lot of time to put into thinking about school lunches. My main concern has always been to make them as nutritional as I can and put together quickly and simply without too much effort! Especially when I am working to deadlines at night and need my husband to take over!

*Apple slinky cuts in a spiral while coring at the same time. You can choose skin on or skin off.

Here is the formula I devised to make sure our daughter has enough nutrition and food. Our school only has two breaks but I know some schools do have extra breaks for little ones so you can just adjust according to how many breaks you get by either splitting the fruit or adding extra fruit and crackers. Morning Tea: 1 x yoghurt (when we are super busy we buy the little yoghurt tubs ready to go otherwise to save containers we put some in a leakproof container from a larger tub) 1 x piece of fruit (our school tuckshop has an apple slinky*


Lunch: Sandwich Fillings: roast meat; cheese (her favourite and would eat it all day if we let her!); mashed boiled egg with a teaspoon of low fat mayonnaise to bind it together; vegemite; zebra stripes – stripes of vegemite and cream cheese. These are our favourites but if your child will eat salad – go for it! We use a combination or cuts for the sandwiches: triangles, squares, strips or special sandwich cutters – but include the crusts as well, or cookie cutters as in the picture. Wraps usually only happen when I have time to make them – using lettuce, grated cheese, avocado, grated carrot and roast chicken. You can even use cream cheese instead of chicken. Snack – fruit; popcorn (made at home: ½ cup popping corn kernels with a tablespoon of oil – heat on medium and

keep shaking the pot or use a dry popping machine), cracker biscuits and cheese (if we don’t have a cheese sandwich), or homemade treat such as muffins. Drink Water bottle Sometimes a milk popper – plain, rare occasions it is a flavoured one, or a fruit juice but very rarely! Sometimes I squeeze a little fresh fruit juice into a separate small water bottle.My husband finds any kind of cooking challenging so KISS is our formula = Keep It Super Simple! If I know I have a busy week or am going away on a business trip, I buy a loaf of bread, and make all sandwiches at once. By making with the bread super fresh and wrapping individually and freezing you can just pack in one plastic box in the freezer and take out a sandwich as you need to! Makes lunch packing a breeze! I know the eco people will say get rid of the plastic! But there is no other way to freeze and keep moisture in. We use re-usable fabric zip bags (Itzy Ritzy brand from @Angelfish Dragonfly ) for other items such as fruit, biscuits, popcorn or muffins to name a few. Anything that is not super soggy to go in the bags although they do have a waterproof lining so if something is a bit soggy it won’t leak out. (the same technology is used for their larger bags that we use as a swim bag – the outside stays completely dry all day! ( ) Water bottles: we have used countless ones over the years but find the best type is one without a valve, and metal without any paint on the outside that can go into a wetsuit cooler cover. That way it doesn’t get scratched on the cement and you can wash the cover as well.


NB - A word of warning on any water bo it apart and let it dry out occasionally – w mould inside the mechanism! No wonder the water tasted bad! Variety is key!

Our daughter would be happier than eve sandwich and a piece of cheese EVERY d option as we know so to keep her interes her involved is great! Whether it be cookin to washing the fruit. She is more interesting preparation.

Fruit Salad Shapes – if you have trouble e cutting it all up at once and having easily snacks. Better still, use cookie cutters and would like, slice the fruit, and then press th (as seen in the pic)

Kiwi fruit makes the best flowers! When fo Tips for keeping lunch cool I have lived in Nth Qld all my life and up h if you are going to put things such as dairy want to make sure they are kept cool. An tw/3gzU )

In previous years of daycare and pre-prep fridge to put our lunches in, however I didn shut many times more than a domestic fridg

ottle that has a valve – make sure you pull we didn’t and got a nasty surprise to find our daughter refused to use it – she said

er if we gave her yoghurt and a cheese day! However this is not the best dietary sted we swap it around and also getting ng the muffins or whatever treat we fancy, g when playing an active roll in her lunch

encouraging your children to eat fruit, try y accessible in the fridge for after school d get the child to select the shapes they he cookie cutters into it to cut the shapes!

ood is fun they will enjoy it more!

here it gets hot most of the year! Therefore y and meat products in the lunch box you insulated lunch bag is ideal. (www.tiny.

p/ prep years we were lucky to have a n’t trust the fridges as they are opened and ge so always included an ice brick in the

lunch box anyhow. Make sure you include several thin freezer blocks, and freezing a mini water bottle or popper is ideal too. Don’t forget the spoon! This is the one thing I forgot on many occasions and was reminded of this on school pickup! I am going to give the tuckshop lady 2 bags of plastic spoons as am sure she used the most spoons! Include a little surprise note! I write little notes with felt pens to surprise my girl with a little message. This is a cute idea especially when children are going to school for the first time. I also let her have a little something that was ‘Mummy’s’ (a flower hair tie or bag tag, something not valuable) that she could keep in her pocket or bag and hold it if she was missing me to get a hug or kiss from me. Above all – get your kids excited about food and they will enjoy it. Ask them what they enjoyed from their lunch box and what they didn’t. No point in providing food that never gets eaten. Don’t fuss if they don’t eat, find out and experiment on different foods for them to enjoy. Show by example with the foods you eat and your children will enjoy their lunches. Happy School Lunches! Angelene


C L OT H I N G : W W W. A N G E L F I S H D R AG O N F LY. C O M . A U P H OTO S : W W W. L O U I S E G E O R G E P H OTO G R A P H Y. C O M

Miss C’s Kitchen Sponsored by Angelfish Dragonfly Children’s Boutique

Miss C has been cooking with her Mum since about the age of 2. “I often had her in a baby carrier when in the kitchen for basic tasks and explained all that I was doing so even if she was watching from a high chair at a safe distance for more complex tasks she knew what was happening” says Angelene Bourne, Miss C’s Mum. She started with simple tasks of mixing with a spoon to pouring ingredients and cracking eggs. She enjoys cooking fried rice with her Aunty and any kind of cakes with her Mum and Grandma. She has a super sweet tooth and enjoys any form of baking and making pancakes.


Raspberry & Caramel Choc Muffins (Makes approx 12 – 16 medium sized muffins)

Ingredients: 2 Cups SR Flour sifted (we used hi-fibre white flour – which is very thirsty compared to nor-mal flour) 1/3 cup castor sugar (can use brown sugar for more caramel taste) ½ cup oats (+ extra for decorating) 1/3 cup canola vegetable oil 1 cup milk ½ cup raspberry yoghurt 2 eggs ½ tsp vanilla extract 1 cup frozen raspberries (+ extra for decorating) ½ cup caramel cooking choc chips (+ extra for decorating) Muffin patty papers 1. Prepare muffin pans by placing muffin papers in each pan. 2. Pre-heat oven to 180 degrees celcius. 3. Into a large bowl, sift the flour. 4. Add sugar, choc chips, raspberries and oats, creating a well in the middle. (By coat-ing the raspberries in flour, they won’t all sink to the bottom.) 5. Break the eggs one at a time into a mug and beat with a fork lightly then pour into flour bowl. 6. Pour in milk, yoghurt, vanilla extract and oil and lightly mix with a metal spoon until all ingredients are combined. 7. Spoon mixture into muffin papers, filling to ¾ full. 8. Place spare raspberries and choc chips on top to decorate. 9. Sprinkle with a little oats. 10. Place in the oven for 25 – 30 minutes or until golden brown. To test if cooked you can test with a skewer – if it comes out clean and no mixture they are cooked.


Miss C’s notes: Oats and high fibre flour are thirsty and will soak up the moisture in the mixture so you may need a little more liquid such as milk. We also made mini muffins but don’t overcook or they will be dry. Adjust cooking time to about 12-15mins. Caramel choc chips are just new! If you can’t get them or would rather, replace with dark or milk choc chips. We had so much fun eating the muffins on the photoshoot we lost count of how many we ate! They were so super yummy we couldn’t stop eating them! I am sure your children will love them as much as I did!

The following is a variation on the first recipe – we were so excited with caramel choc chips we just couldn’t stop at one recipe! Caramel and Choc Muffins (recipe adjusted from the one above) (Makes approx 12 med sized muffins) Ingredients: 2 Cups SR Flour sifted (we used hi-fibre white flour – which is very thirsty compared to nor-mal flour) 1/3 cup brown sugar (can use brown sugar for more caramel taste) 3 tbsp cocoa 1/3 cup vegetable oil 1 cup milk 2 eggs ½ tsp vanilla extract ½ cup caramel cooking choc chips (+ extra for decorating) Muffin patty papers 1. Follow directions as above combining wet ingredients into dry ingredients. 2. Spoon mixture into muffin papers and cook in a moderate oven 180 deg C. 3. Cool on a rack before storing in an airtight container. Muffins can be frozen and just take one as you need for school lunch boxes or for after school treat. We often do a double batch as we don’t get time to cook all the time, as much as we love cooking and try to make the most use of our oven doing one cooking afternoon about once a fortnight or month depending on how soon the goodies are gobbled up!


WHOLESALE BABY We supply the biggest range of quality goods to a variety of retail outlets, ranging from online baby boutiques and bricks-and-mortar gift shops, to chemists, post-offices and newsagents. Our brands are handpicked and we are constantly on the lookout for what’s new and exciting. We specialise in Australian-owned brands and goods made by work-at-home-mums, but you’ll also find high-end and international brands in the mix. With such an extensive range, Wholesale Baby makes your life easier. One phone call connects you with hundreds of great products at no cost – and our personal service can’t be beaten.

Hayley Merelle Coates - HMC


ayley moved to Queensland at the age of 13, immediately fell in love with Burleigh Heads Beach, and has been a Gold Coast girl ever since. She spent 5 years

with a family, as their nanny, while completing a Bachelor of Education and Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at Griffith University, in 2005. Hayley has been a full-time teacher for seven years and has taught from Prep, up to grade seven, as well as tutored high-school students, in her spare time. She now works at the independent Silkwood School and is currently on maternity leave, with her seven-month-old daughter, Charlotte. Hayley is on her way to becoming a published author and writes under the pen-name HMC.

Her debut novel is a psychologi-

cal thriller—the idea came to her during an Abnormal Psychology lecture and the book is set to launch in the coming months. Take a PEEK - Click HERE Hayley writes on global issues, and finds inspirational pieces, to add to her blog ‘Soul Stories’. Her blog is new, but has already been nominated for ‘The Inspirational Blogger’s Award’ and is a nominee for the ‘Best Australian Blogs, 2013’. Soul Stories - Click HERE


Boys who Love Reading We all know how important reading is. It’s been drummed into us since we were little. The three ‘R’s (reading, writing and arithmetic) are still just as important as ever. But what happens when you have a child who isn’t interested in reading? Let’s face it, our boys (and many girls) would much prefer to race around the yard in their tidy whities, screaming, ‘charge!’ Reading isn’t a natural process. It takes plenty of practise for the mind to understand the concept, and it’s important to give our boisterous boys the best start. So, how do we do that? Reading doesn’t have to be taught sitting down! Here are some effective tips that can work wonders.


ead from birth

Reading should be viewed as a normal, everyday practise.

Read to your boys from birth! The newspaper, or back of a cereal box are fine to start with. Babies hear the different intonations in your voice.

A male role model with a passion for books

Get a male role-model, or someone

the boy has respect for (Dad, Grandpa, a family friend) to read to him. When he sees a male reading, it shows him that it’s not only okay to read, but it can be a wonderful thing.

Active learning -

Young boys are active and love to move. When teaching

reading I use physical activities in the classroom. You can do the same at home. Alphabet: use sticks, sand, water and paint brushes on the concrete, to write the letters and say the sounds. Dramatic retell: Retell the stories through dramatization. Kids love this, especially when you’re the audience and they get the chance to make you laugh. Art or Clay Modelling: Use clay to create the characters and scenes, backdrops to retell stories. ‘When a child is immersed in a story, their imaginations are free to run wild.’

Clear Instructions - Tell your boys why you are reading something, or why you’d like them to. Boys reading a recipe to you in the kitchen is a good one. They feel valued and helpful.

Add value to books

Find out what your son enjoys and offer them as special gifts

Action ahead of emotion in plot If a story is emotionally charged, boys may zone out. Identifiable characters who are actiondriven, are more likely to keep him engaged.

Humour Who doesn’t love a good laugh? Many children love humorous books. I get why, too. Paul Jennings, Andy Griffiths, these guys are great for the Primary School child.

Magazines and the internet For older, reluctant boys, look for magazines of topics they are interested in. There are a host of online magazines, just like this one. Magazines are picture books for adults, full of colour and interesting, shorter stories. Rather than push them on your older child, just mention them, and make them readily available. Planting a seed is more effective with teenagers.

Good luck! Peace , HMC



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he stories we read as children stay with us all our lives; especially those we hear and read when we are seven or eight, and into our PreTeens. Even as adults, we remember those favourite stories we heard and we read in our early years. They help form our view of how the world is; how the world should or might be and where we fit into it. Sitting and reading a story with your child is a wonderful gift.

When writing Stories My Nana Tells, she says one thing is paramount. ” The stories must be memorable. Every story has a moment that will have your child say ‘wow, I didn’t know that!’ ” she said. ”That’s why we write them. So you can share another “wow” moment with your child when they say “I didn’t know that!”“

Stories My Nana Tells is a great birthday gift for Grandparents to share throughout the year with their Grandchildren, the gift that comes every second week. Finding good reading material for your Written for younger readers, 7 – 12 child can be difficult. Looking for enyears old, each story comes with 12 – gaging stories, of the right length and in 20 questions to help children develop a format that allows flexibility for busy their comprehension skills. lifestyles is a challenge for many parStories My Nana Tells is a subscription ents and grandparents. based, story-telling service, with a new Writer and forward thinker, Lesley Dewstory every two weeks, for less than ar created Stories My Nana Tells to help $2.00 per week. parents and children to embark on an amazing adventure together, all the while strengthening family bonds and igniting your child’s imagination and love of reading.

Get your first story FREE today, at


s a h a n a n is h t d n a n u f is e lif ! u o y h it w e r a h s o t s ie r o lots of st

My Stories Nana Tells

Meet 'Nana'

“I think it`s beyond wonderful that you`ve chosen to share your imagination, with the world`s children. Really special work!”  @Manly_Mel  ”The Fig Tree was really well written. Vivid imagery”  Alexis Avila

“Lesley Dewar has gone from being one of Western Australia’s most respected financial planners to the author of exceptional stories for children and grand children world-wide”. Peter Taliangis

Remember when your Nana shared amazing stories with you? Now our children & grandchildren can all have ‘Stories My Nana Tells’! ‘Stories My Nana Tells’ are memorable! They create a “Wow, I didn’t know that!” from your child. Feel your heart warm, when they say to you "I didn't know that, Mum!"


f i r rS T STOR Y u o y t e FR


JOIN FOR FREE ! CLICK HERE FOR YOUR FIRST FREE STORY! Join our facebook community of parents, grandparents and children - sharing the joy of families, story telling and being connected through the power of the Internet.

! OW

Lindy Cook


indy Cook is a Naturopath and Nutritionist with a passion to inspire healthy eating and support the environment. Lindy has lectured at Endeavour College, been a regular corporate speaker and worked in private practice for over 15 years. She runs My Green Lunch Box, an on-line store for all your lunch needs and home to the environmentally-friendly fundraising program for schools and kindergarten - promoting rubbish free lunch days in schools. My Green Lunch Box Health & Nutrition talks for children and parents are also available. Contact or visit her website for more information. “In Australia, as elsewhere across the globe, obesity is a major problem. In children a high intake of processed, ‘junk’ foods and an inadequate consumption of fruits and vegetables, are important risk factors for mental health problems and reduced cognitive ability. My Green Lunch Box is a wonderful initiative that helps lay the foundation for a lifetime of good eating and helps prevent so many of these avoidable diseases associated with obesity and poor nutrition. This contrasts to other forms of fundraising, such as the standard chocolate drive, which go against healthy eating practices”. Dr Felice Jacka, World Expert Childhood Nutrition“At last a fundraising initiative that supports the environment and your school by offering a variety of well designed lunch boxes, bottles and wrapping options to help parents avoid using packaging that often ends up in landfill.” Tamsin O’Neill - Editor, Green Magazine


Saving Our Planet, one lunch at a time!

My Green Lunch Box is your solution to Rubbish Free Lunch Days - it’s a simple, environmentally friendly fundraiser for schools and kindergartens.

Visit our on-line store & check out the gorgeo us range of products. There are plenty of lun ch box recipes & nutrition tips too!


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Fresh baby & toddler food, a first for the Australian market! Developed by Michelin star trained celebrity chef - Luke Mangan, is passionate about providing fresh, healthy, natural food to our little ones with quality ingredients that aim to develop their little palates as early as possible. These fresh, tasty & nutritional meals are packed with flavour but its what’s in the bowl that counts: - 100% Australian ingredients - No added salt, sugar, artificial colours or flavours - No preservatives or genetically modifies ingredients Each meal stays fresh in your fridge or popped straight into the freezer. Try some today! Refer to our page or website below for further details.

Luke Mangan


uke Mangan is one of Australia’s leading chefs and restaurateurs and is highly regarded internationally as a shining example of Australia’s culinary culture.

Luke currently owns and operates glass brasserie, Hilton Sydney; Salt grill, Hilton Surfers Paradise; Salt grill and Salt tapas & bar, Singapore; Salt and the adjoining World Wine Bar, Tokyo; and Salt grill onboard three P&O cruise liners. Luke’s newest venture, Salt grill, opened in Jakarta in March 2013. Luke is also the consulting chef for Virgin Australia. In addition to running eight busy restaurants, Luke has written four cookbooks and most recently, ‘Salt Grill Fine Dining For The Whole Family.’ He has launched his own range of gourmet products and also makes regular appearances on number of TV shows, both in Australia and internationally. For more information, please visit


STEAMED JEWFISH WITH ORANGE, FETA, DATE & MINT COUSCOUS Serves 4 Ingredients 4 x 180 g (6 oz) jewfish fillets or other firm white fish fillets, skin on extra virgin olive oil, for drizzling Couscous 225ml orange juice 200g instant couscous 20 mint leaves 4 dates, pitted and thinly sliced 1 large orange, segmented 4 tablespoons toasted almonds 150 g (5 1/2 oz) soft marinated feta cheese extra virgin olive oil, for drizzling 2 tablespoons white wine vinegar

For the Couscous Bring the orange juice to the boil in a small saucepan. Place the couscous in a large bowl and pour the orange juice over. Tightly cover the bowl with a lid or plastic wrap and leave for 10 minutes. Run a fork through the couscous until light and fluffy. Thinly slice about two-thirds of the mint and add to the couscous, along with the dates, orange segments and almonds. Crumble the feta over, drizzle with olive oil and the vinegar and mix through well. Season the fish with sea salt and freshly ground black pepper and place in a steamer. Cover and steam for 7–8 minutes, or until just cooked through.

To Serve Pile the warm or cold couscous onto serving plates and garnish with the remaining whole mint leaves. Add the fish and drizzle with olive oil to finish.





Do you have a Mummy Tummy? With a ‘Mummy Tummy Tuck’ you won’t need the light off! Now you can leave the light on without embarrassment. Take charge & make a positive

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Dee Tozer

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Paula Franich Paula Franich is a proud single Mum to her Son, who will complete his Commerce Degree with a Double Major in Finance & Economics before he turns 19. They live Beachside on the Gold Coast and share a ‘build others up, not tear them down’ philosophy. Paula’s greatest success is her parenting of her Son & she is now sharing her advice with other Parents, especially Mother’s who cannot find the elusive ‘Work/Family Balance’ they so desire. Paula continues her journey through parenting, chronic ill health, divorce, grief and dating after 40. She is able to share both heart wrenching & joyful advice that she has experienced first hand, including being a Step-Parent. Her generosity of spirit and good sense of humour will endear you to her Sessions. Paula was ‘Miss International NZ 1985’ and is the original Founder & Creator of ‘connect2mums’ and the ‘AusMumpreneur Awards’. She continues to live her purpose of influencing the lives of women and their families through her unique blend of Business Mentoring and Life Balancing.

Contact Paula at: for ‘One on One FamilyWork Balancing Advice Sessions.’



To Manage Your Mind, You Must Manage Your Time Paula Franich Work - Family Balancing Coach’


ith today’s career and business options, women are consciously choosing to be SuperMum AND SuperCareerWoman. The ‘struggle seems to come with the juggle!’ How do we come out tagging ourselves even half a success as a Par-ent, with so many balls in the air at once? To be effective, and not have the ‘balls of chaos’ fall down around us, it is imperative to be able to manage our time. Being a successful Parent means that one constant always remains the same and a priority-You are a Parent! I’m often asked by my Coaching Clients how they can do it. Here are some of the effective steps that I have followed in order to juggle my Son as a priority plus grow globally successful brands as well as helping others to do the same. Calendars, Time Schedules, Weekly Planners, and To Do Lists are great tools but can be ineffective if you don’t know the meaning of and difference between what is considered URGENT and what is considered IMPORTANT. What is URGENT to your son, your husband, your mother and your client, who all seem to simultaneously call, text, skype, email, FB, tweet and yes shock, gasp, horror, drop in for a home/office visit unannounced, is not necessarily URGENT at all. To each of them, it is, after all, they are the only person who exists in your World and hence believe THEY should be YOUR first priority ALWAYS! So you drop everything, take calls that delay you, sit with them when they drop in and then scurry around like a ‘crazed person’ to meet that deadline or pick up the kids from school on time. Not great management of your time right? To be more effective in the home AND office, learn to Manage your Mind (and train theirs)!


Step 1

that each individual believes their demand of you is URGENT in their mind.

Step 2 

in your own mind, if their demand is URGENT (eg child has bro-ken arm at school-deal with immediately) or IMPORTANT BUT NOT URGENT (eg your partner wants you to pickup his suit at the drycleaners for a meeting tomorrow).

Step 3
Next to each item on your ‘to do list’ write either URGENT TO ME, IM-PORTANT TO ME, URGENT TO OTHERS BUT CAN WAIT. Step 4
This for the day


will help you prioritise your ‘jobs’

Step 5
Put ‘phone time’ into your plan for the day. DO NOT pick up the phone every time it rings. Let it go to voicemail and return calls in your ‘planned phone time’. Most phone calls are not URGENT TO YOU.

Step 6
Establish in your own mind that it is ok to set rules and boundaries with those around you regarding your time and the demands they make of you. Let them know that you will return phone calls/ texts, IN YOUR PHONE TIME during the day/evening. Step 7
Train them to text you if they believe it is an URGENT MATTER (as you can quickly scan texts to see if a family member is ill etc and then respond if the text is URGENT TO YOU).

Step 8
 Repeat Steps 1-7 with regards to emails. Step 9
Train your mind to DELEGATE! Hire a Cleaner to clean & de-clutter your house and hire a VA to clean your business clutter & help you establish better systems.

Step 10
B R E A T H E again……


aula Kuhnemann-Franich is a proud single Mum to her Son, who will com-plete his Commerce Degree with a Double Major in Finance & Economics before he turns 19. They live Beachside on the Gold Coast and share a ‘build others up, not tear them down’ philosophy. Paula’s greatest success is her Parenting of her Son & she is now sharing her advice with other Parents, especially Moth-er’s who cannot find the elu-

sive ‘Work/Family Balance’ they so desire. Paula continues her journey through parenting, chronic ill health, divorce, grief and da-ting after 40. She is able to share both heart wrenching & joyful advice that she has experienced first hand, including being a Step-Parent. Her generosity of spirit and good sense of humour will endear you to her Sessions. Paula was ‘Miss International NZ 1985 and is the original Founder & Creator of ‘connect2mums’ and the ‘AusMumpreneur Awards’. She continues to live her purpose of influencing the lives of women and their families through her unique blend of Business Mentoring and Life Balancing. Contact Paula at: for ‘One on One Family/Work Balancing Advice Ses-sions.’


w w w


p e l l e d a r t e


c o m

Nikki Fogden-Moore The Vitality Coach


lmost 10 years ago I founded Life’s a Gym whilst living in Europe, and have been on a mission to help people realise how easy it can be to look and feel their personal best – without turning their lives upside down. My vision is not about weight loss or diet tips and strict regimes – but about empowering my clients and those around them with the knowledge, inspiration and support systems to make the best possible choices for their long term health and wellbeing. I do this by cutting through the clutter, providing simple and tangible tools, connecting incredible individuals and bringing the best in the business together. To me it’s all part of ensuring we can have an educated and conscious life. Whether it’s on one of our five star retreats in Noosa, Maui or Fiji, presenting at a corporate conference or working one-one with my VIPFIT clients the message is the same: ‘You can create the life you want.’ I am extremely excited to be able to work with incredible brands and experts in their fields as part of my new 360Fit series video, my own podcast channel and the writing I do with Women’s Health & Fitness Magazine and now Born Organized Magazine. I hope that this inspires you to live your best life, engages you in how you can do that immediately plus provides you with a sense of connection to intelligent and quality advice on how we can make our lives and the world we live in truly fantastic. Every day we have the chance to be amazing and do something amazing. I look forward to sharing that journey with you.”

Nikki (39) is the Head Trainer at ‘Women’s Health & Fitness Magazine,’ and Founder and CEO of international five star fitness company, ‘Life’s a Gym.’ Nikki’s motto is to work hard to create the life and the body you want. She divides her time between writing, presenting, running retreats and collaborating on brand and lifestyle projects with Layne Beachley, Ben Wilson, Emma Snowsill and her partner brands. She is a brand ambassador for Tara Wolf Jewellery, Body Science, C Coconut Water and Brookfarm. Nikki has been running corporate vitality programs since 2004 for leading brands and companies and continues to do so with a soon to be released ebook on wellness in the workplace. Nikki is also a regular key note speaker, presenter and MC - highlighting key topics around creating the life you want, vitality and how to seamlessly integrate healthy living into daily life. Her top presentations are: ‘The 7 Steps to Success’, ‘BRAND YOU’, ‘Active Living’ & ‘Wellness in the Workplace’. Nikki creates exclusive Vitality packages for the Outrigger Hotels & Resorts and bespoke


Nikki Fogden-Mo or e programs for companies from small business to multinationals. Since 2004, Nikki’s incredible Bodibreak retreats have continued to ensure a range of specifically created Bodibreak experiences to take your life and body from average to amazing. Along with a team of hand select trainers and experts to inspire, instruct and empower guests, Nikki specialises in creating lasting change effortlessly! These uber successful 5 star fitness Bodibreak retreats have been operating in Noosa, Fiji and now Maui. Nikki says “Writing for magazines like ‘Born Organized Magazine’ enables me to share practical and effective tools for busy people to fit healthy food and exercise into their lives. The greatest gift is to empower others with clear and tangible information that enables them to make the best possible choices to fit vitality, long term health and sustainable wellness into daily life. It is my mission to be authentic and engaging with content, programs and experiences to inspire readers to be their personal best”.

w w w. t h e v i t a l i t y c o a c h . c o m . a u

The Vitality Coach Top 10 Travel Fitness Tips


Written by: The Vitality Coach, Nikki Fogden-Moore,

Be creative - think outside the box of your normal exercise routine. Try to remember exercises, stretches and routines that you do each week in a class or with your trainer and do these on your own. Learn from your current routine at

home so you can take it away and mix and match while you are traveling. Try new things! 2. Pack light – for a weekend away for me it’s my running shoes and an outfit or two pending the location. If I am going for longer I pack CrankIT straps and a skipping rope. Ask to borrow a yoga mat if you are at a big resort or just put on your shoes and head out the door if you’re in a city or the countryside to explore. Hire equipment when you are there for example; learn to surf, rent a bike or stand up paddle boards. You’ll be working out without knowing it and can do these activities with your family too. 3. Explore where you are on foot or by bike - Swop heels for trainers and see the sites on foot as exercise. Even if you’re on a shopping weekend you can get up a bit earlier or take time during the afternoon to walk the city as your exercise. Explore the shops before they open to know your way around. The best way to get a feel for the place you are staying


is to discover it on foot or rent a bike.

w w w. t h e v i t a l i t y c o a c h . c o m . a u

4. Use core workouts or express sessions if you have limited time. 90% of my yearly travel is for work and I am on the road every week with early starts and late finishes. This means very limited time to train or do longer more regular exercise sessions. I counterbalance this with daily express sessions for example: • 15minutes Express Session: Quick walk or jog followed by a super set of 25 push ups, 25 crunches, 25 tricep dips and 25 prisoner squats. Finish with 3 yoga poses to stretch – for example downward dog, triangle pose and a classic forward bend. • Skiing this season? Then add some core work and stretching to get an integrated workout, prevent injury and get the most out of your time away. 5. For longer trips pack some suspension straps: Take your gym with you with some suspension straps – I always take these on trips of 4 days or more and it ensures I can train on the spot for just 15minutes a day or longer combined with cardio. 6. Skip your way fit: Light weight and super easy to pack a skipping rope will roll up and fit in your shoe. I pack one with me on weekends and longer trips. Skip as a warm up and cool down at different tempos then add your core work and body weight exercises in between. You’ll be surprised how effective skipping is for agility and cardio condition


7. Use Nature as your Gym: Embrace the surroundings. If you are on an island paradise or beach holiday, then head to the water for your workouts. In the country side or even in a city that has amazing parks then head out to explore by hiking, running, walking, biking or even look at horse riding for a more adventurous twist. 8. Use the gym or pool if there is one – research where you are staying and what facilities they have onsite. Pack your swim goggles and squeeze in a few laps between dinners and other activities. 9. If you are a gym bunny then look at doing a 10 pass session for a local gym, spin or Pilates class – it’s an amazing way to meet new people and be inspired by different instructors and places to workout. 10. Save articles and workouts: Load up your ipad with the exercise videos, download the mag for ipad or take a snapshot of the exercises on your phone if you can’t take the magazine with you. There is so much information available, get back to basics and go for some functional fitness while you are away. Download yoga videos, Pilates or apps that have a variety of exercises you can chose from. Check out for some of my workouts you can load to your ipad


Face to Face Paula Franich, our Editor & long time user of Cosima interviews Angela Tyler, the Founder & Developer of Cosima Skincare,

What inspired you to start Cosima? My pursuit of a toxic free life had lead me to discover many products that claim to be natural simply are not, especially in skin care and I was quite sur-prised what was put into these products. I was so sick of products that didn’t do what they “promise” as I like to call it “hope in a jar”. So I set out to make skin care that made a visible difference to the skin and improve the skins health. Skin care that provided Real Visible Results and free from any chem-ical ingredients. There are a lot of nice natural products on the market but I didn’t notice results so I set out to make a range that was not only organic but out performed its chemical counterparts. I wanted to challenge the conven-tional skin care brands and create something that was scientifically proven to be effective but completely chemical and synthetic free. Today Cosima is the first 100% natural, organic certified cosmeceutical skincare range in Austral-ia.

Why do you think using natural skincare on our skin is so important? I want my skin to looks its best and radiate so I “feed” my skin the very best I can.

own greed be-cause once they are gone they are not something we can ever replace. I would also like to see greater transparency and consumer information on the products we are eating, drinking and personal care products with warn-ing labels detailing the potential health effects on them so people can make informed choices about their health.

What is your favourite product?

As hard as it is to choose, our Flawless Eye Cream -Natural Botox® Alter-native would have to be up there.

It helps you achieve flawless eyes without injections. It’s a multi-functional eye cream with clinically proven actives targeting the signs of ageing such as fine line and wrinkles, loss of elasticity, firmness, tone, dark circles and vas-cular (vein) imperfections. The eye area appears more even and radiant. Although you will see results instantly, results continue to improve the longer you use it. We have so many testimonies to back up these facts. You can find it here: http://tiny. tw/3gxH

What do you love to do when you aren’t working?

I am a big foodie so I love to cook for my Family! I also love research, reading & shopping. I was born to shop and if there is music then you will find me dancing!


F: T:

*We would like to point out in terms of our Magazine’s integrity that Paula became an advocate for and used Cosima long before becoming involved with the brand’s PR.

The skin is the largest organ our body has and absorbs what we put onto it and whilst most people are very conscious of what we eat because that “feeds” our internal organs we also need to “feed” our skin with the best most pure ingredients as they are the most nutrient dense. I liken using chemicals on the skin lo eating chemically laden junk food every day, you would not remain healthy and vibrant for long on a diet full of junk/fast foods so why do we expect optimal health/skin health when applying skin care full of chemi-cals.

What legacy would you like to leave behind for future generations? I would like to leave behind cleaner more sustainable world that “consumes” less and that preserves our current rain forests, river, national parks etc in place of building them out or draining their recourses for our


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I n e

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o you have a product or service that you would like us to review?

Born Organized Magazine

With over 500,000 hits since Born Organized Magazine was first published in 2013, let us get your brand noticed!

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Melissa Craig Erotica Author


elissa Craig, in such a short time has risen to prominence being recognized by peers and readers alike for her work as an erotica author. Her profile is such, that she is a sought after panelist on various media forums both nationally and abroad. She continues to offer a special brand of writing that has carved her a niche in this genre, so much so that even E.L.James herself has re-tweeted Melissa’s tweets, follows her Facebook fan page and Melissa on Twitter. The 50 Shades of Grey author that rocked the world by storm, that has over three hundred and sixty-eight thousand followers on twitter only follows 446 people and Melissa Craig is one of them. Yes Melissa Craig leaves her readers thirsting for more. Melissa’s work draws upon the backdrop of an island in The Great Barrier Reef, and the sultry North Queensland surroundings which have lead her to becoming an international best seller in the UK, USA, France and Germany. Melissa provides opportunities for aspiring/selfpublished authors, directors and Indie musicians alike, which was


recognized through an honorable mention at the United States International Women’s Day Columbus, Ohio. She produces a podcast with a syndicate in the thousands with her co-host and American Author Charity Parkerson, all about the written word, available on iTunes. Melissa is part of a worldwide author network reaching over two million followers on twitter at present and growing every day. Her blog is recognized worldwide that has subsequently lead to opportunities judging in writing competitions in America. Her erotica works have gained recognition through awards here in Australia against New York Best Seller Sylvia Day in the 2012 Romance Readers Awards in the Erotic Romance category with media resulting in the Sunday Mail newspaper article “Erotica Steams Ahead” and various interviews on radio shows in Sydney and TV shows in the UK. Now we at Born Organized Magazine have the pleasure of gaining Melissa’s insight as a columnist, in between writing about men’s hard bodies. It’s a hard job, but someone has to do it. Enjoy it any way you can!

the POWER and

PASSION of a KISS! Melissa Craig


ith the school year approaching, mums are busier than normal. Just as Christmas winds down it starts all over again, however the only things on your mind are getting those supplies for school. Whether it be books, stationary, shoes, backpacks or uniforms your time is dedicated to the preparation of another year of education. We are stressed and sometimes the one thing that always gets forgotten is pampering you and your partner. And by all means I don’t mean going out and spending lots money on weekends away or going out for dinner. Gosh, going back to school and Christmas cost enough as it is, plus you don’t have time in your schedule. You’re busy thinking of a million things at once and time is a contributing factor, but a kiss or two a day doesn’t cost anything and doesn’t take long. A kiss will revolutionize your relationship. The one thing I have found through studies is that kissing is the key to helping put things back on track. Kissing stimulates endorphins (testosterone when addressing it clinically) which is responsible for sex drive, it releases neurotransmitters associated with wellbeing and pleasure. That’s why I always include a lot of kissing in my books, as kissing and the feeling of euphoria helps stimulates the reader to connect with the characters mind, body and spirit. A simple thing you can adapt into your everyday world, especially now at one of the most stressful times of the year. Twenty seconds a day is all it takes. Yes twenty seconds to help re-establish the excitement of sexual anticipation with your partner. A ten second kiss departing in the morning and a ten second on reunion, can positively influence your feelings for each other. Try it. A ten second kiss is a lot longer than you think and of course during that time you may as well open your mouth, allow your tongues to entwine and experience the warmth travel all the way down your inner core. For ten seconds, twice a day you can forget about all your school stress and focus on embracing one another, feeling each other’s strength and the love you share. It’s time to stop thinking, hurry up let’s get this done already with a quick peck. Take a moment to focus on one another and be lost in the moment of the kiss. Excite one another again with that magnetic pull, the passion of lips locking is power. Everyone can manage twenty seconds a day, even for the busiest couples. A kiss or two a day will help bond a couple ever more deeply with each other. I know a kiss to me means more than anything, it ignites that flame, it makes you breathless, and it will end up lasting more than ten seconds that’s for sure. Pucker up and put that lipstick on. Don’t forget you are important and it’s not always about the kids. Pamper yourself with the passion of a kiss. Enjoy it any way you can! Mwah!


The glint in Juan’s chocolate brown eyes gave the impression that he wanted to take charge of her whole body inch by inch. “I’ll make time to see you in a bikini,” he promised, moving closer to her. She held her breath. Her pulse leapt double her normal. He had pulled out the big guns and used her weakness: his come-hither eyes. She instinctively stepped back, feeling the fronds of the potted palm tree behind her brush her arm. She shivered. She didn’t trust herself. Jenna needed a cold shower. “Ah ...Cool,” she stammered. “I’ll switch some staff around so I can spend some time with you.” They stood staring at each other in silence. “Your espresso, Sir,” said the young girl, passing it to him. Juan didn’t take his eyes off Jenna as he absentmindedly reached for his coffee. Jenna watched him slide his tongue over his luscious lips after sipping it. Jenna found herself leaning towards him, yearning to taste his lips. Juan pulled his phone out. “Tomorrow’s good for me, plus Friday night,” he informed her. “Tomorrow it is then. Be at the wharf by 8am. It’s still in the same place. Here’s my card if you need to contact me.” Jenna saw him look it over. “How about your home number, since your phone’s broken?” Jenna accepted Juan’s pen. She could feel her blush deepen at the reference to her clumsiness. On handing both back, Jenna noticed the card went straight behind the condom packet in his wallet. Good to know he’s prepared. “It’s going to be good catching, up Jen. Just like old times, hey?” he winked at her. “Yeah… sounds good to me,” Jenna couldn’t help but smile in response, knowing all too well that he was talking about sex. “Well, I had better get back to it. Though...I don’t know how I’m going to concentrate now after seeing you. Eight in the morning is too far away,” Juan declared before stepping closer to her, inhaling deep and slow. He looked her over again. Jenna’s breathing became shallow and she lost her balance, falling further back behind the big pot. Glad that the thick palms stopped her making a complete fool of herself, she felt like she was back at high school. “Come here!” Juan commanded gruffly. He grabbed her around the waist and laid his lush lips on hers. She was stunned by the slow, soft strokes of his tongue. Jenna couldn’t help but feel light headed. The room started to spin as he pulled away. “Wow, Jenna,” he panted. “You still taste so good.” He crushed his body against hers. She felt everything she should with his hard on. Now behind the privacy of the palms she slid her hand down to his butt. She pulled his hardness towards her niche. God his butt is hard and his cock even harder, she groaned in thought. “Thursday, tomorrow… I’ll be there, Angel, for sure. Make sure you keep Friday night free,” he pecked her innocently on the lips, but his eyes were glazed with lust. Jenna continued to embrace his ass with both hands. She rubbed herself slightly up against his big boy and smiled. The hunger for him clouded her mind, but she managed to force her head to nod, agreeing, while basking in his beauty. Juan’s arms were still wrapped around her and he began to run his hands down her back to her ass. He left goose bumps in his wake.


Ample Attraction Excerpt

available on: Amazon Book Depository Barnes & Noble: Booktopia, iTunes, Kobo most online book stores. For those that live in Brisbane why not drop into the Dymocks City store as they stock Melissa’s paperbacks, some are even signed first editions. 2GB Shop, Sydney also sell her award nominated erotica book “Ample Attraction” Facebook Fan Page:

Linda Bizon
 bach practitioner, flower remedy producer
founder Sacred Space Essentials


acred Space Essentials came into being through my own personal use and experiences with Flower Essences, also known as Flower Remedies.

Rescue Remedy™ was my introduction to flower essences over 20 years ago, when my herbalist suggested I try it to help me live with epilepsy. It made the world of difference, and became a turning-point in my life, inspiring me to study Bach Flower Remedies at college the following year. I began making my own personal combinations in an atomiser, as I’d spilt many bottles with loss of co-ordination and muscular control in a seizure. Through my need to access the Essences quickly and safely, our first Tranquillity product was born. Flower Essences help all living things return to their natural state of balance and harmony. People are not the only ‘beings’ who experience distress, or lose their sense of peace and tranquillity in any way. Animals and plants go through changes that adversely affect them also. My 20 years as a Flower Remedy Practitioner have given me opportunities to address a variety of issues. Life constantly challenges us all, and Flower Essences are a wonderful way to help us rise up to meet whatever the moment requires with comfort, ease and grace. Recreating Sacredness in one’s life is vital for wellbeing. We were born to be happy and to live our life to its fullest potential. With flower remedies we can support ourselves how and when we choose to. The healing vibrational energy of flowers raises our own frequency, they raise our spirits. Flowers always have. Flowers have been used for centuries for celebrations, ceremony, and for wellbeing. Indigenous Peoples of many countries have used the healing properties of flowers in many ways. The application of Essences in our day-to-day living is endless, and it is my heartfelt passion to introduce the benefits of using Flower Essences to those who would not normally seek out such forms of ‘healing’ in their lives. I also wish to share the magic and mystery of Essences with those already familiar with Flower Remedies. Flower Essences are gentle, subtle, yet effective. They have always worked well for me, so I confidently offer a money-back guarantee with our products. I am dedicated to the ongoing Research and Development of Flower Remedies. Flower Therapy is my life and my passion.


Sacred Space Essentials for People, Pets & Sacred Spaces found at:

Sacred Space Essentials Restore balance to your body, mind, heart and soul through Flower Essences prepared personally by Linda Bizon. Bach Flower Remedies & Sacred Space Essentials Flower Essences available for People, Pets, Places and all Sacred Spaces. Purchase a spray bottle of Tranquillity for People (100ml) for $29.99 or Tranquillity for Pets (100ml) for $29.99 and receive 50% off a Gift Pack of 3 (15ml each) Remedies from either the Essential Blends or Pet Health range (pay $13.99 - value $27.99)

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Nadine Head

Psychic Medium & Founder of ‘Vorce’ Deep Relaxation & Healing Technique I am passionate about helping others find their own passion in life, their life purpose and full potential... creating all that they desire for themselves and their loved ones, through the spiritual guidance, knowledge & wisdom I receive for them and by doing my bit to help restore balance, peace and harmony throughout the universe through right action and the reconnection to ‘Oneness’. I have been blessed to have been given a wide variety of ways to connect with the spirit world since early childhood. I am the Founder of ‘Vorce’ Deep Relaxation & Healing Technique... The healing energy of oneness... a self-healer… healing within... healing the world. I believe one person can make a real difference to the future of our planet but together as one we can achieve true greatness.


My Personal Journey Nadine Head - Psychic, Medium & Healer.


’ ve always had the ability to see clearly into the

heart and soul of those around me so I learnt to use my gift to help guide and heal their pain whilst I myself secretly suffered in silence. My world was falling apart, my self-confidence, self-esteem, self-worth and self-respect were depleted more and more with each passing day. I struggled to find my place in the world and to lead a somewhat normal life and by the time I was 40 years of age I had been diagnosed with long term depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue, post-traumatic stress disorder, weight gain and numerous physical health related issues. I was a mess! My body was rejecting all medication making life much harder than it needed to be. I was exhausted, confused, frustrated and fragile; with 16 years’ experience as a Reiki and Seichim Master everything I knew about healing myself seemed to be failing me. I felt that all hope was lost. I needed an intervention and little did I know that I was about to receive one.


I remember this day very clearly. I was so tired I could barely function at all. Then I suddenly noticed a sense of peace come over me and my surroundings. I laid down, closed my eyes, looked toward the heavens and softly said “Please help me relax as all I want to do is rest my body, mind and soul”. What happened next was unexpected

& incredibly amazing. I was taken deeper and deeper into a relaxed state of stillness on all levels of existence. It was like nothing I had ever experienced before, and I knew that I was receiving a healing of some sort as it was similar to the other healing energies I had known. At the same time it was quite different and I was taken to new heights of awareness. After some time I began to ask questions and I immediately made a connection with an ‘angelic light being’ who explained to me that the energy I had experienced was called Vorce and the ‘light being’ then began to deliver all I needed to know about this incredible healing energy; how Vorce worked, the amazing benefits for mankind and our planet, and what I was meant to do with this incredible gift. The information flowed quite easily and I began a journey of self-discovery, self-healing, channelling and documenting all I needed to know about Vorce. Over the next several months I took it all in. I worked on healing myself and in time I realised it was to be my life’s mission to present Vorce to the rest of the World. I finally had the answers I was looking for; I had found my place in the World and I knew that this was going to take me on an incredible journey. It meant making some big changes. It wasn’t easy but with the help from Vorce I found salvation in my own core beliefs… I found myself!

Two year later I was able to present Vorce to the public in the form of a workshop and I’m always astounded at the profound and amazing result Vorce offers those who seek its guidance and healing. I no longer doubt myself and I’m very proud of who I have become. I am on an incredible journey with Vorce by my side. It hasn’t been easy but it is the greatest journey of my life and it isn’t over yet. Vorce continues to take me to new heights throughout my life showing me a better way of life and rewarding me with simple pleasures. I am super excited to be able to share my journey and this amazing healing energy with Born Organized Magazine Readers and as a regular Columnist I will be sharing more with you about Vorce, Spirituality and the Spirit World. In each issue I will be selecting one lucky reader to receive a ‘FREE mini reading.’ To be eligible all you have to do is send me ONE Question via email, ensuring you mention ‘Born Organized Reading’ as the email subject. Send your question to: Readings My readings are a combination of all of my naturally developed abilities; I have developed these gifts since early childhood and have been reading for the public for 23 years. I currently specialize in your ‘Soul’s Path’

Readings, with highly accurate results. Your ‘Soul’s Path’ Reading offers you an insight into where you are right now on your souls journey, what you need to know and do to move forward, and how to discover your life purpose and full potential, creating all that you desire. Private Readings are available at Fees on application. Remember one lucky reader will receive a ‘FREE mini reading.’ To be eligible all you have to do is send me ONE Question via email, ensuring you mention ‘Born Organized Reading’ as the email subject. Send your question to: We will publish your Question & part of my Reading in our next Issue (with you remaining anonymous). Unfortunately I will not be able to answer everyone’s questions. Love, Light & Blessing Nadine x PS. Please join me here at my Facebook page: © Nadine Head 2010

Use this coupon to claim $10 off! Simply type in these numbers: 121282 upon any purchase from the HMC website to claim your coupon

Chris Baker

Website Design Aust


fter 8 years of operating his own retail store where he sold music in-store and online Chris Baker launched Website Design Aust in 2008.

Having owned a successful small business and website that was shipping well over 400 items per day, he relates to what today’s business owners are going through and the type of help they are seeking. He took control of his ecommerce website in 2004 and learned most things the hard way, by making mistakes. Chris searched for someone to explain things but had no luck whatsoever. After refining his own website and making others for friends he felt it was time to do more research with the aim of launching Website Design Aust to assist and support small business owners to sell online. Chris says, “I completed months of training online which was focused on SEO and HTML coding before launching the business, as well as numerous other training programs. Most days before the launch of Website Design Aust were spent searching online, learning, testing things, attending webinars, analysing websites, and trying and testing more things until I was happy.” Chris believes that his honest straight forward approach, and explaining online in normal language instead of technical jargon helps his clients greatly. Knowing what small business about having been there, done that also has a big impact. Chris specialises in eCommerce Websites and now develops extensions and options that can be added to websites. “Our latest development is a marketplace


website that allows multiple sellers on one site, ideal for local shopping strips or small towns” After many successful website launches, and happy clients, Chris started designing Facebook Apps (LinkMySite) and offering services such as advanced SEO, Google Adwords assistance/training, Google Analytics assistance/training and more. This has proved extremely popular. 2010 saw the start of WinStore, a point of sale system to use instore that drives websites. Many clients were spending countless hours in physical stores during the day, and finding they needed to update the stock on the website after hours. WinStore takes care of all that and manages your website from your point of sale. This year Chris is investing a lot of time into Smartphone Apps aimed at assisting bricks and mortar stores as well as websites. Apps that have loyalty programs, vouchers, events, maps, locations, catalogues, videos and even menus for food outlets. Chris Says, “We create highquality apps for you at an affordable price and provide you with the complete mobile solution necessary to take your business to the next level.” Chris believes all website owners should have FULL control over every part of their website and be assisted every step of the way. “Some may say I am fussy about having things right, I believe I’m just passionate about helping people have a great online presence. I take personal interest in every website I build, my main aim is to see a fantastic website, and more importantly a successful small business owner.”


urls, tags, meta descriptions and keyword research


elcome to our first SEO column. In this issue we will cover 4 key points, URLS, Title tags or page titles, Meta descriptions and keyword research. We hope you find them useful and informative and enjoy your online experience. Here is a tip to start with. When thinking SEO think of Google as blind person looking at your site. We need to tell them what each link, image and page is about. They can’t physically see it so the more we can tell them the better result the user has, and more importantly, better result we have on Google.

SEO Tips -#1 Search Engine Friendly URL’s What are they ? Well a simple example is all our Facebook pages. We claim the name and it removes the numbers after to make it easy to find.This creates SEO friendly URL’s and same goes for your website. Here is an example of before and after, using “womens tops” as an example. A URL is the web address of the page, that page could be a category or product or whatever. So on my (pretend) website i have a category called WOMENS TOPS. If i don’t have SEO friendly URL’s the web address might be something like “” so the URL we are looking at is everything after the / in this case index.php?route=product/category&path=10 which means nothing to Google or your visitors. Change to SEO friendly urls and it becomes So the keywords “womens tops” appear in the web address, makes it easier for customers and now Google, to know what that link is about. Let’s take this one level further and click on a product in that category (red top). The URL for that product becomes So these URL’s are important as it shows your keywords and more important helps tells Google what that page/link is about. In this case “womens tops” and “red top” put the combinations together and do the maths. “red top” Womens top” “womens top red” and so on.


Here is an example of a URL on my website

SEO Tips -#2 Title Tags or Page Titles What are they ? The title tag or page title shows in the top of your browser, if you have tabs open, look at the wording that is in that tab. This is the title tag (see example below). Title tags are a key point of SEO and can have a huge impact on your search results.

last character or word. Just as important they should be a minimum of 30 characters. Page titles should be readable and describe the page, it is one of those important “first impressions” visitors see on your site, or on search engine results. These also show as the first main line in Google search results so it is important for Google but just as important for those people searching. What you have in the Page Title (first line of google results) may be the difference in someone clicking on your result or clicking on the one below/above you.

Example of Google search result above. Page Titles will often show if another website links to yours, or more so in things like facebook and other social media. Start a post on facebook and enter your website address, you should see a preview. This preview will show the Page Title of your page you linked to (and possibly meta description). It is meant to be an accurate description of the page content for both your users and search engines like Google. This is one of the first things Google and other search engines look at to determine what the page/site is about. Be careful of the length of them as google only shows the first 65-75 characters, and same with most social media sites like facebook. If they are longer it gets cut off and shows the cut off point like this “........” after the

SEO Tips -#3 Meta Descriptions. What are they ? Meta Descriptions are the 2 lines of black text that show in google results. When you do a google search, on each result you see the first line which is in Blue and a clickable link (page title). Under that is the website name (url) in Green, under that is the 2 lines of black text. (see image above). Example below, taken from a search for “black shoes”

first line = page title 2nd line = url

remaining lines = meta tag description

WITH META DESCRIPTION (NOTE: see at end it has “boots, Heels ..” this meta tag description is too long)

WITHOUT META DESCRIPTION (NOTE: this has been grabbed off the page by google as no meta tag description present) You can see the difference, top one with meta description provides more info and therefore entices more clicks. Which one would you click on ? Think of meta descriptions as a free Advert. You have 156 characters to use, that YOU can control what shows on google. Use these correctly to encourage click thru rates and provide info people (and google) are looking for. There are different meta descriptions for different parts of your website, you should review all of them. Meta descriptions also need to done correctly or it is possible your site may be ignored by search engines or worse still banned. TIP: to see your site and how your pages are displayed in Google results, do a Google search and type in site: www.(yoursite)

and research actual search terms people enter into the search engines when conducting a search. Search engine optimization professionals research keywords in order to achieve better rankings in their desired keywords. In simple terms if you are doing any SEO work on your website it all comes down to keywords. Think of keywords as the ingredients to make a cake. You need the right ingredients or you are wasting your time, no point doing SEO for things people just don’t search for. I recently done some SEO on a baby website, a massive search term was Essential Baby. One may think, great lets target that because heaps of searches for it. WRONG, Essential baby is a blog, very popular one. If you spend time and effort targeting that you may be attracting the wrong market. My suggestion is don’t target that, go the next best non competitive search term, and consider advertising on Essential Baby Site. Google recently retired the keyword research tool, making it harder to do this research correctly. There are a number of tools out there if you can work out how to use some of them. I recently partnered with Market Samurai and this has to be the best keyword research tool available without a doubt. Believe me i spent weeks and months finding and researching the best option.

Good keyword research is essential to implement successful SEO. If you need to do keyword research, here is link to a free trial and a great video explaining what it does.

SEO Tips #4

(NOTE: affiliated with Market Samurai and full disclosure)

Keyword Research - Keyword research is a practice used by search engine optimization professionals to find

In our next issue we cover the topics of backlinks, H1-H6 headings, Original Content and smartphones.

Gifts for Blokes

men’s gifts made easy! Gifts for men of all ages and occasions including birthday presents, new baby boy, father to be, dad, grandad, bridal party gifts and Valentine’s Day gifts.


inding gifts for men can be difficult and at times downright stressful. You ask them what they would like and often you get the answer back “nothing”. Well you have to get them something... At Gifts for Blokes we understand the dilemma - so much so, that’s why we created the business over 6 years ago. Gifts for Blokes was created after having “drinks with the girls” one Christmas.

Everyone had done their Christmas Shopping, all except the blokes in our lives. Gift cards looked like the only answer without resorting to clothing. The wish was that we all had somewhere to go where we could look at gifts for men, mainly because some of us get distracted by pretty things and forget the blokes or there is only one or two men’s gifts that were just, well, ho hum. Following Christmas, the thought wouldn’t go away and founder, Heather Winchcomb, who was working in the web industry at the time, couldn’t get it out of her mind. She recognised that it was a great niche market and niche markets tend to work well online. As ecommerce was still in its infancy, she saw it as an opportunity to start her own business and then just a few short months later Gifts for Blokes was born. Starting with just a small range and a basic ecommerce website, the business has expanded to well over 800 products. The range now includes not only general gifts for men’s birthdays, Christmas and Father’s Day, but speciality lines for “new blokes” aka baby boys, new dad and father to be gifts as well as gifts for the men in the bridal party. Late last year, the website was completely overhauled and rebuilt which has resulted in a better shopping experience for customers as well as being operationally easier for the Gifts for Blokes team. As well as the website, Gifts for Blokes also has a blog and is active on many social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and YouTube. The team are constantly on the lookout for new trends in the web industry as it continues to evolve and also in the gift industry, scouting around for new and different products to suit men of all ages and tastes. Gifts for Blokes offers a fast, friendly and personal gift shopping experience. We can even wrap your gifts (upon request) for free! Just add a comment in the message section of the shopping cart, asking for the order to be gift wrapped as well as a short gift message e.g. Happy Birthday Dad, and we will look after it for you!


So stress less when you are looking for gifts for men, drop by the Gifts for Blokes website and have a browse, with the range being added to all the time, you never know what you may find.


FAST FRIENDLY SERVICE – AUSTRALIA WIDE SERVICE Gifts for men of all ages and occasions including birthday presents, new baby boy, father to be, dad, grandad, bridal party gifts and Valentine’s Day gifts.

Gifts for Blokes - men’s gifts made easy!


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