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By Deon Summerville

Introduction  Many animal rights activists are fighting against the

exploitation of animals in the food, pet, entertainment and fur industries as well as the experimentation industry where animals are used for medical research and product testing.  This PowerPoint gives a brief look at each industry and why animal rights activists are opposed to the use of animals in them.

Food & Fur Industries  As a largely meat-eating society, activists argue that more regulation is

needed because of the harsh conditions that exist on farms that raise animals for slaughter  Many of the animals raised for food or clothing are born, reared, and then die under the most extreme forms of confinement, never experiencing even the slightest bit of kindness or mercy

Pigs inside of a factory farm. Animals in factory farms are usually placed in small enclosed spaces, and are bunched up together.

Pet Industry  Activists target the pet industry’s bad history of breeding practices ,

cutting costs in order to maximize profits, and their sophisticated marketing to increase demand so that more animals are produced as pets  The problem with this is that supply always outpaces the demand, so there’s a surplus of animals, most of which have to be terminated by animal shelters

Entertainment Industry  Most animals who are used in circuses and rodeos live only

to entertain humans, and they receive little to nothing in return for the amusement they provide  On top of that, the animals in zoos often go mad from being caged up so long, since its in their nature to roam freely in the wild

Experimentation Industry  Activists argue that product testing no longer has to take place on

animals given the alternatives developed in recent years, and likewise with medical experimentation  With medical experimentation, many activists debate over whether live animal research contributes enough to human welfare to justify animals’ suffering and death

Animals In the Industry  

animals in the industry