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4 - Glastonbury line up 8 - James Blakes’ triumph 12 - The return of Daft Punk 14 - Hurts’ dark new track. 16 - Don Broco live 20 - Bastille close their tour in style


RETURNS The biggest news story of the past month was the unexpected reveal of the iconic Glastonbury Festival line up. The iconic Rolling Stones will be headlining the prestigious pyramid stage on the Saturday night for the first time ever. The phenomenal Arctic Monkeys will headline for the second time, at what feels like the peak of their career; they now have four UK number one albums and a new release on the horizon whilst banjo wielding Mumford & Sons will close the Sunday night. Flying the flag for British Breakthrough, Foals, The xx, Alt J and Two Door Cinema Club will all be playing The Other Stage whilst Hurts, James Blake, Daughter, Bastille and Jessie Ware will perform on the John Peel Stage. Meanwhile, the main stage will be shared by a barrage of talent including Elvis Costello, Primal Scream, Vampire Weekend, Laura Mvula, Ben Howard and Haim.

DON BROCO Interview

Was the success of your debut album a surprise? Matt: We didn’t know what to expect from the new album, we aLways believed in the songs and we believed we had written an album that was capable and worthy of getting the exposure it has received. Did you expect to sell out your UK tour? Tom: When we first announced it would have been like a dream but as the first leg of the tour sold out and then the second leg was

announced we thought it would be so awesome if we could get the whole lot to sell out. Matt: Looking at the poster with a sold out marker is really quite satisfying. It’s far from the days where you would be hoping that 20 people would turn up to a bar in a backwater town. Favourite tour? Tom: I really enjoyed the Billy Talent tour that we did last November, in some of the biggest venues we have played as a band.

Matt: For me it was Four Year Strong last February, it just had a different feel to it, it was the first time we felt big time, the venue was more professional, just everything felt like we had taken that little step up in terms of exposure.

Advice to upcoming artists?

Favourite superhero?

You can see the full interview here: h?v=iLwIUC62DXA&feature=play er_embedded

Matt: Batman, probably the more recent batman Tom: Superman I’d say, to to be fair. Matt: Yeah but which Superman? Tom: I would say, definitely not Dean Kane.

Tom: The main thing is to obviously work hard and push yourself out there at every opportunity, try and do as many gigs as you can and don’t give up even if it feels it isn’t going the right way.

JAMES BLAKE Overgrown Prescient electro from one of the UK’s most innovative and creative musician and producer.

Hotly tipped electro singer songwriter and producer James Blake releases his second album in the UK this week. In 2011 Blake broke from the basement party circuit thanks to a Brits’ Critic’s Choice nomination and a runner up spot in the prestigious BBC Sound Of poll. His creative and atmospheric debut has now sold over 40, 000 copies in the UK and earned the young musician a Mercury prize nomination. With the shadow of his debut firmly cast,

Tracks such as ‘Digital Lion’ do not grasp for attention, instead they drift by and captivate you on their travel. The album is consistent not monotonous, the tracks rarely vary from the detailed layers of electro and pained vocal, but this makes the LP feel one solid piece whilst each track still has an air of individuality ‘I Am Sold’ varies from ethereal to gloomy and bass heavy pretty sporadically. Whilst ‘Voyeur’ begins almost demo like, before synth adds an extra depth whilst Blake’s vocal seems to span for eternity. The piano returns for closer ‘Our Love Come Backs’ which offers a welcome release from the electro heavy nine tracks previous, the only way I can describe it is an immersion and this final track brings you slowly to the surface and prepares you to face a world without pulsating bass lines and trippy electro synths.

‘Overgrown’ had a real job to step from beneath it.Blake has not re-imagined his sound, neither has he returned to his mixtape routes, he has simply evolved to create an accomplished follow up. Electro is far more apparent on this album, it becomes more experimental and in turn makes for a truly enthralling experience. You only need to give first single ‘Retrograde’ an attentive listen to notice Blake’s infinite knowledge of subtlety and how to build tension within his prolific view of electro and dub step. This surpasses the first LP and offers a vibe that brings consistency to ‘Overgrown’.

This album has already received universal acclaim from critics, it matches and then surpasses the debut and shows the immenseness of James Blake’s talent. He has complete artistic freedom to now pursue further EPs and to take this stunning LP on a large tour, with support from the rest of his impressive discography.



Sempiternal A new chapter for Bring Me The Horizon but a large step towards cracking the formula. Bring Me the Horizon released their 4th studio album last week. You can’t deny their hard work and determination to put heavier music on the map, being one of the most accessible bands this side of the spectrum due to vocalist Oli Sykes’ high profile. ‘Can You Feel My Heart?’ really sets up for what is to come and it’s an epic opener. Other noteable tracks are single ‘Shadow Moses’ which oozes confidence and really has BMTH conventions such as guitar squeals which one would expect from them. Sempiternal represents a new chapter in the life of Bring Me the Horizon.


DALE HANSON Out of the Shadows This album creates a calm and soothing atmosphere. If you were to close your eyes you could almost imagine Dale Hanson sat around a camp fire, on a summers evening, serenading his friends.Not as fashion forward as other solo artists in his genre but still worth a listen.


INHERIT THE STARS Inherit the Stars Overall, Inherit the Stars have released an absolute stormer of a debut album. If you’re a fan of post-hardcore, especially bands such as Fightstar and Funeral for a Friend, you might have found a worthy replacement.

4.5 WAITING FOR SUSAN People EP Their brand new EP, People, they bring their modern twist on classic folk to the masses. Folk isn’t my favourite genre of music but Waiting For Susan are refreshing and I certainly look forward to hearing more from this promising, local folk band.

4.5 ANDY JONES Down and Out in Mercia EP ‘Idle Me’ sees a Celtic acoustic leaning vocal with a sweet tone, excellent lyrics of bygone drug-fuelled days but a careering accent. A problem with the whole project to date as there doesn’t seem to be an identifiable ‘Andy Jones’ in there.


DAFT PUNK Get Lucky The Robots are back with a timeless Disco Classic “Get Lucky’

After weeks of teasing Daft Punk finally release the first single of their first album release in 8 years ‘Get Lucky’ The French Duo’s last studio album 2005’s ‘Human After All’ and the Tron Soundtrack in 2010 was underrated by the Muso world and didn’t do well in record sales compared to their first two albums 1997 ‘Homework’ and 2001 ‘Discovery’ but there is no mistaking the hype surrounding the release of ‘Get Lucky’. So what do we make of leading


‘This is without a doubt, going to be the track of the year’.


‘I forgot Pharrell was that cool’.

single of new up and coming album ‘Random Access Memories’. ‘Get Lucky’ is a 70s disco throwback filled with the best guitar riffs money can’t buy courtesy of funk God Nile Rodgers and that recognisable falsetto courtesy of Pharell Williams, the Robots themselves inject their own electro vocal vocoder and unmistakable beats to the mix which makes a timeless modern day disco classic out of ‘Get Lucky’. The duo stayed away from machines and embraced musicians for this album, if this is a taste of what’s to come then I for one can’t wait for ‘Random Access Memories’.



‘Classic dance vibes from icons of electro’.

H U R T S Blind One of the most understated moments from the new album is turned into a cinematic masterpiece. Hurts have selected ‘Blind’ from their powerful second album ‘Exile’ to be their next UK release. Following from the anthemic‘Miracle’, ‘Blind’ offers a nod away from art rock and uses electro and synth particularly well. The bridge adds a sense of familiarity and consistency.This track takes the engaging lyrics from the first album and adopts the dark, twisted undertone that is synonymous with ‘Exile’. The track is brought to life by the dramatic accompanying video that was released this week. Ominously, Theo almost did ‘cut out his eyes’ as he cries in the track. Whilst filming he slipped on wet cobbles and landed on metal railing.

FOES Tu Casa Another band riding the Birmingham indie wave are Foes. With a simple and catchy guitar riffs accompanied by piercing percussion and a great instrumental bridge, it feels like a ready made festival jam.

3 IS TROPICAL Dancing Anymore Production by Luke Smith has already replaced their quite experimental and frenzied earlier indie-electronica. The song itself is more of a dinner-party toe tapper than a dance anthem but it does retain an incredible electronic feel of sparse old synths.

4 MS MR Hurricane The track is taken from their debut EP ‘Candy Bar Creep Show’. It is one of the band’s most accomplished sounding tracks, a bass heavy intro rumbles on throughout, a simple beat and rolling melody.

4.5 THE JOY FORMIDABLE Little Blimp One of the most frenzied and quick paced tracks from the spectacular ‘Wolf’s Law’, this little grunge rock gem showcases the band’s true instrumental talent.


DON BROCO The Slade Rooms Wolverhampton

Pure Love took to the stage next and boy were we in for a treat! An alternative rock sound with a modern attitude, fronted by ex-Gallows frontman Frank Carter. Once the crowd was going Frank then headed over to the sound guy, handing him his mic and heading to the bar to get the round in for the rest of the band while they rocked out on stage to finish off the song. Don Broco (Rob Damiani – lead vocals, Simon Delaney- guitar, Matt Donnellydrums, Tom Doyle – bass) entered the stage to a stripped down techno sounding version of their killer guitar chord riff from their title track Priorities, a teaser of what was to come. The stage lights up and the Bedford quartet explode into their set with the track Priorities and their infectious synchronised walk routine setting the Slade Rooms on fire! Don Broco set consisted of nearly all the songs off their debut album with a couple of tracks from their ‘Big Fat Smile’ EP. Throughout the night front man Rob Damiani controlled the crowd with huge circle pits, the men moshing and the girls swooning for more; turning the crowd into one huge heated dance party! Don Broco visited Wolverhampton Slade Rooms for a crazy gig as part of their soldout UK tour. Lee Jarrett was on hand to document the evening.

The night opened with Decade from Bath. They hit us in the face with a pop punk sounding punch which was complemented so well by Alex Sears and Connor Fathers harmonised vocals. These lads bring a beefy sound with raw emotion throughout. Decade are definitely ones to watch out for this year.

Don Broco’s live sound carries a thick hook happy punch which is as tight as the album recording its self. The lads closed the set with the insanely catchy second single and track off the album, “Hold On” performed with flawless vocals, killer guitar playing and an electrifying performance.

EELS O2 Academy Birmingham

An Eels show is not your average rock show. In fact any Eels show is not your average Eels show. They are a band renowned for recreating themselves live and not sticking to the conventional rules. This Saturday was no different. This time, they warmed and wowed the crowd with the white-hot skills of a man shredding his air guitar for fifteen minutes. Much like the aforementioned sentence, you quickly realise that the one recurring factor of an Eels show is that it is tinged with irony.

classics from their earlier works (Electro-Shock Blues, Souljacker, Daisies of the Galaxy) and performed fantastic renditions of Fleetwood Macs “Oh Well” and the Small Faces “Itchycoo Park”, ending in the cacophony of distortion of “Souljacker Part 1” and a menagerie of harmony of the new album’s title and closing track “Wonderful, Glorious”. This, of course all happened around constant band members hugging and a tear jerking moment where singer and guitarist renewed their Vows of Rock. Still sensing the irony? Good.

After a charming set from New Jersey born singer Nicole Atkins, Eels hit the stage through the echoing announcement of an unknown mistress, warning the audience to “hold on to their hats” – like some sort of clean up on aisle 5 Tesco announcement from hell. The Band then took to the stage, one member at a time, clad head to toe in Adidas tracksuits with the thundering applause of yet another sold out crowd cheering when E finally made his appearance.

However, as the lights came on and the crowd emptied the building, I found myself waiting in the venue with a select few, watching roadies and crew “pack down”. After around 15 minutes of waiting in a now near empty venue, the Eels burst back onto the stage, to perform another 2 songs. The lucky few that stuck around were amazed, with smiling faces all around. Eels closed this secret set to applause from a few that matched that of the previously packed venue, and with that the show was truly over, leaving me remembering why this band is so acclaimed, why I have seen them 4 times, and why they are truly Wonderful and Glorious.

the band played a mixture of old and new songs starting with brand-new tracks from their latest album ‘Wonderful, Glorious’. They then smashed through

BASTILLE The Kasbah, Coventry

On the final night of their tour in Coventry, Bastille had to bring something special to a hungry crowd who had now memorised every track from their brilliant debut ‘Bad Blood’. Support was provided by the solemn and skilled To Kill A King, friends of Bastille. They played a short set made up of selections from their debut album ‘Cannibals with Cutlery’ and their two previous EP’s. Time for the main event, the lights dim and the crowd’s cheers are ferocious as the band appear and begin with the electro heavy title track ‘Bad Blood’.

Tracks such as ‘Laura Palmer’ and ‘Weight of Living Pt II’ were lifted by soaring choruses, piercing synth and mass singalong. Downplayed moments came in the shape of B side ‘Sleep Song’ which shows a darker, more baroque rock side to the band and Dan Smith’s vocal, whilst their infamous cover of City High’s ‘What Would You Do?’ brought mass excitement from old and young fans alike. Album tracks such as ‘Icarus’ had been reworked within a short time, which was promising as the band already have a sense of self reflection. Their most commercial mix tape cover is their mash up of ‘Rhythm is a Dancer’ and ‘Rhythm of the Night’, this

created a mass 80’s style electro rave before leading into set closer ‘Pompeii’. The encore was short and sweet, a slight break from synchronised jumping for tender album closer ‘Get Home’, before fan favourite ‘Flaws’ restored the sense of mania, They thanked the audience for their continued support with the tour and album before swiftly exiting; they are a truly exhilarating live band that work in co-operation with their fans to create an insane electro charged atmosphere.




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