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The Story. We are a Danish GOTS certified design brand based in Copenhagen. We create beautiful organic kids interior and every piece is made exclusively with the best materials and highest attention to details. We believe that making an effort with every little detail in the design, is what makes our products unique. We do our best to make them exceptionally high in quality and we focus on bringing functionality and a high level of purity and aesthetics into every piece we design. Our design is based on our own experience as parents. We put a lot of love, heart and soul into every product to make sure it is perfect in every way, considering both the fact that it needs to be beautiful, practical, functional and adding value to the everyday life as a parent. In this catalogue you will find our very carefully designed collection of products. We do not follow the typical seasons, and we do our best to make products that are timeless in the design, so that our products will last season after season. All our products are made from sustainable materials and we are a GOTS certified company. We take production very seriously, and the suppliers we use are also GOTS certified, and having this strict certification requires that they live up to the highest standards in all of the supply chain; from when the cotton is grown to when the products are made by the very talented seamstresses. It matters to us that we support fair working conditions, because in the end we will know that our design comes to life by people who also care and who take pride in their craftsmanship. Have a look at our catalogue and please let us know what you think, we are sure you will love it just as much as we do!

With love, BORN Copenhagen

Flora Babynest

N ight Sky Babynest & Bedding

Babynests. Our signature product. The reason why BORN Copenhagen exists. Our founder, Maiken, was on the search of the ultimate babynest which could live up to her high demands both in terms of quality, sustainability, aesthetics and most importantly safety. This was the result. Our organic babynests are designed to give the best beginning of life for newborn babies. They are made with thick and firm sides as well as a nice and firm 3 cm mattress. Our unique design hides away the strings that adjust the size of the nest - we want to be sure that babies cannot reach or get in touch with the strings. The mattress can easily be taken out through the hidden zipper closure. The mattress is covered with fabric to increase its life span and to make it easier for the customer to remove and insert the mattress. Be sure to add our headpiece with matching prints. They are double layered with an inner membrane to make sure that when the baby spills or drools you do not have to wash the entire babynest, but only need to wash the headpiece. Made from 100% Certified Organic Cotton // Breathable 100% polyester filling 3 cm. removable 100% Polyurethane foam mattress with a soft lining cover Adjustable in size through hidden strings // Can be used from 0-8 months Measurements: Inner: 70x31 cm / Outer: 80x46 cm

110-01 Leaves

110-02 Midnight Dust




110-04 Flora

110-03 Night Sky





Midnight Dust Babynest

Midnight Dust Toddler Nest Flora Bedding

Bedding. Because we understand the importance of a good night's sleep for your little ones (which also gives you more sleep in the end), we have designed our bedding to be gentle and soft to the skin of your baby and child, yet still 100% breathable. Perfect for mommy and daddy too. Our bedding comes in baby, junior and adult/single size. It is made from the softest GOTS certified organic cotton and the duvet is luxuriously closed with a hidden YKK zipper. The pillow case is made with an envelope closure without any buttons, strings or zippers and thus best for the child to lie on. Our bedding has been made with focus to all the little details, which is why the inside seams are finished with French seams. This not only provides an exclusive look and feel, but also makes it stronger, adding to the durability of it. Perfect for parents who wants to let their children dream away in the softest bedding made in the highest quality and it's GOTS certified organic, naturally.

100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton Duvet closed with hidden YKK zipper | Pillow case with an envelope closure French inner seams for an exclusive look and feel, as well as added strenght making it last longer Measurements: Baby Size: Baby duvet: 70x100cm / Pillow Case 40x45cm Junior Size: Junior duvet: 100x140cm / Pillow Case 40x45cm EU Size: Duvet: 100x135 cm / Pillow Case: 40c60cm Adult / Single Size: Adult duvet: 140x200cm /  Pillow Case 60x65cm

121-02 | 122-02 123-02 | 124-02 Midnight Dust

121-01 | 122-01 123-01 | 124-01 Leaves

121-03 | 122-03 123-03 | 124-03 Night Sky

121-04 | 122-04 123-04 | 124-04 Flora

All bedding comes in a matching tote bag. Naturally made of 100% organic GOTS certified cotton.

Leaves & Night Sky Bedding

Bed Bumpers. Our bed bumpers are designed to fit most of the standard cribs on the market. They provide a cozy and safe sleeping environment for the little ones, making sure that tiny arms and feet does not get caught in the bars of the crib. Our bed bumpers are 4 cm. thick. They have hidden YKK zipper closures on the ends, but do not worry about the washing situation. We have covered the foam with a smooth white inner lining cover to ease the process of applying the outside cover to the foam. This design is both beautiful, practical and functional and we are sure you will love it and appreciate the high quality and attention to details. The bed bumper comes in a beautiful matching fabric bag that can be used for toys or laundry afterwards.  Made from 100% certified organic cotton | Filling: 100% Polyurethane foam Hidden YKK zippers in both ends | Measurements: 345x30x4 cm Inner smooth white cover to make washing easier. Also it covers the foam which will naturally change color over time. This cover makes sure that this is not visible and adds to its durability.

130-02 Midnight Dust

130-01 Leaves

130-03 Night Sky

130-04 Flora

Flora Bed Bumper

131-02 Midnight Dust

131-01 Leaves

131-03 Night Sky

131-04 Flora

Junior Bumpers. Our junior bumpers are the perfect cozy bumper to fit any bed. It works really well for children who have just moved to a junior bed to provide some comfort, a snug feeling as well as preventing your child from banging their head into the bed. Our junior bumper is especially great for children who have been used to a regular bed bumper in the crib, and who still sleeps a bit uneasy. This will help them be calm.

Our junior bumper is 200 cm long and 12 cm Ă˜. It is filled with recycled oekotex standard 100 polyester filling and has an inner membrane to prevent the filling from piling. It has a beautiful piping to match our other products.

Midnight Dust Junior Bumper Flora Bedding

Night Sky Junior Bumper & Bedding

Midnight Dust Toddler Nest

210-01 Midnight Dust

210-03 Night Sky

210-01 Leaves

210-04 Flora

* these are just drawings - packshots not available yet

Changing Mats. Our new changing mats have been designed to fit the needs of both baby and the parents. It is very soft to lie on and still very firm to make nappy time changes easy and cozy. Our changing mats are coated with acryllic coating which is both water repellent and most importantly safe for the baby to lie on. We all know that little accidents will happen, and most of the pee can quickly be removed with a towel, but sometimes the cover needs to be washed, and here is where our changing mat is different. We put in a very long zipper (invisible) covering two of the four sides to make it really easy to remove and put back on. No more hassle when those accidents happen! On the inside the changing mat foam is covered as well to ensure even higher protection of the foam as well as to add to the ease of changing the outside cover.

Dimensions: 50 cm x 65 cm / Height 8 cm Cover: 100% organic cotton Filling: 100% oekotex standard 100 certified recycled polyurethane foam

Midnight Dust Changing Mat

Cover: 190-02 Incl. pillow: 191-02 Midnight Dust

Cover: 190-01 Incl. pillow: 191-01 Leaves

Cover: 190-03 Incl. pillow: 191-03 Night Sky

Cover: 190-04 Incl. pillow: 191-04 Flora

Nursing Pillows & Covers. Our nursing pillow covers fits the FOSS FLAKES nursing pillow, which is considered the best one in the market and has won several tests. Our cover is made of 100 % pure organic GOTS certified cotton and has an envelope closure on the back, to make sure your baby can lay safely and not on any zippers or buttons. All our nursing pillow covers have a lovely piping which gives a fantastic durability and an exclusive look and feel. We have both options available; including FOSS FLAKES pillow or only cover.

FAQ about the FOSSFLAKES pillow: The Fossflakes Nursing Pillow is designed to provide optimal support for both mums and babies while breastfeeding. Regardless of which position you prefer, the nursing pillow will provide support, easing the tension in your neck, back and shoulder and helping you get a calm and attentive time with your baby.

200-02 Midnight Dust

200-03 Night Sky

200-01 Leaves

200-04 Flora

Kapok Pram Pillows. Our 100% organic pram pillow is made from our well know GOTS certified organic cotton, and filled with the purest organic kapok. The natural kapok is a sustainable fiber which is allergy friendly, temperature regulating and antibacterial. Perfect for your baby and for use in the stroller / pram. We have chosen to fill it with kapok primarily because it is temperature regulating. Your baby spends a lot of hours in the pram or stroller when you are outside, and because your baby will be in direct contact with the pillow we believe it is the perfect filling to use here. Our organic kapok pram pillow fits ALL prams and stroller. Due to the very flexible sides it will fit both smaller strollers as well as the larger prams we typically use here in the North.

Please Note: This pillow should only be used for babies who can sit by themselves.

160-01 Night & Day

Soft Book. It's never too early to get kids hooked on books. With our Night & Day soft book baby will be able to play and explore the beautiful night sky and discover the beautiful nature on the daytime side. The soft book is perfect in the stroller for the baby. Also use the book to tell stories during the day it's perfect for keeping baby busy during tummy time. You can also use it at night to share stories about your day and prepare baby for a good nights sleep. Perfect for newborns and babies because of the great contrast and subdued colors. The perfect gift for expecting parents. An essential at home and on the go. Made in organic cotton, of course. Filled with 1 cm foam and short tie strings in each end of the book. Measurements: 100 x 17 cm | 100% Certified Organic Cotton | Filling: 100% Polyurethane foam Hand drawn illustrations by BORN Copenhagen | CE tested after European standard EN 71-1 Packed in a beautiful white gift box with gold lettered logo and text.

Night & Day Soft Book

Pacifier Clips.

180-02 Midnight Dust

180-01 Leaves

180-03 Night Sky

180-04 Flora

Pacifier clips made from GOTS certified organic cotton. Measures max. 21 cm including clips and elastic. The clip is free from nickel of course, as well as rust free. Lives up to European certification standards.

Leaves Pacifier Clip

Baby Wipe Covers.

140-03 Dusty Grey

140-05 Night Sky

140-04 Dusty Lavendar

140-02 Midnight Dust

140-01 Leaves

140-06 Flora

Baby Wipes are essential in the changing bag, at home and when going out of the house with your kids. However they are not pretty! We have the solution: a cover. Our popular Baby Wipes Covers are created in all our prints/colours to suit all modern mommies and daddies on the go. The covers fit most standard baby wipes packages and it is easy to use with no zippers or buttons, so the changing situation is as easy as ever. It can also be used for a tiny bag to include a half empty box of baby wipes and a few diapers. Easy to bring with you on the go. The covers are water- and dirt repellant on the inside and the outside, because we know it will be used in many different situations and places. Of course, all is made in GOTS certified organic cotton.

Midnight Dust Junior Bumper Leaves Bedding

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