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Borja MenduiĂąa

Product designer

Hi, I am Borja MenduiĂąa In June 2018 I finished my degree in product design at the EASD Mestre Mateo, University of Art and Superior Design. I like to investigate new techniques, programs and solutions to apply in my work, especially in product visualization. My short-term goals are, travel, to learn the German and French language, improve my English level and to continue doing courses to learn new programs and techniques.

And now I am looking for a new challenge.

WORK EXPERIENCE ASIDEK CT SOLUTIONS, VIGO, SPAIN Head Product Design - 2017 - Actually - Industrial Designer / Renderer in ASIDEK CT SOLUTIONS, realization of renderings, Variants and configurations of fences and handrails in Autodesk Vred.

TWNDRA, VIGO, SPAIN Product & Graphic Design - 04/2017 - Actually - Designer at TWNDRA, merging the textile world with product design and 3D printing. This is a brand that creates together with another person, we give free rein to our creativity creating products related to fashion, product design and 3d printing, encourage us to visit our instagram account and see our projects:

GROO STUDIO, VIGO, SPAIN Product & Graphic Design, Community Manager - 2017 - Actually - Personal brand in which I work every day developing new projects and products, encourage us to visit my instagram account and see my projects: groo_studio.

ORTIGA_STUDIO, PONTEVEDRA, SPAIN Industrial & Product Design - 2017 - 2018 - 3D Designer, cad design with solidworks, realization of footwear project and materialization through 3D printing for a fashion collection, you can see it in your Instagram account: Ortiga_studio.

MOONOFF, SANTIAGO DE COMPOSTELA, SPAIN Industrial & Product Design internship - 03/2017 - 04/2017 - External practices, work done: 3D modeling, CAD, compositions and graphics, related to the management of programs: Adobe (Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign, Lightroom ..), Solidworks, Autocad, Powerpoint, Render engines (Keyshot, Vred. .).

EDUCATION EASD MESTRE MATEO, SANTIAGO DE COMPOSTELA, SPAIN Degree in Product Design - 2013 - 2018 - Graduate program in product design.

EASD MESTRE MATEO, SANTIAGO DE COMPOSTELA, SPAIN School leaving examination - 2016 - Diploma in modeling a character in Zbrush with the teacher J.C. Abraldes concept artist.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION LANGUAGES - Español (SPAIN) - mother language - English - medium level (B1)

COURSES - 2018 - Course on Prototyping and product visualization in Cinema 4D. - 2018 - Course 3D animation with Cinema 4D. - 2014 - Course of construction of a 3D printer FDM.

TECHNICAL/JOB - RELATED SKILLS - Practical experience in building 3D printers and working with them in the process of product prototyping. - Practical experience in mask last and footwear design. - Practical experience in using laser cutting and engraving machine

COMPUTER SKILLS - 5 years of experience with the programs: Solidworks, Solidworks visualize, Autocad, 3D Max, Zbrush, Rhinoceros, Shoemaker, Cinema4D, Arduino, Processing, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign, Lightroom, Premiere pro, Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Keyshot , Ultimaker Cura, Autodesk Vred, Zsuite, Repetier-host, Autodesk Sketchbook.













T-0167, TRIKE



Fragments of Nature


Inspired by the danish brand Bang & Olufsen and the Romanian brand Meze, born Trilox, a collection of earphones and wireless headphones that are compose for a pieces of Oak wood satin, polypropylene carcasses and perforated leather.

Sound exit cavities

Smooth Polypropylene case

Ventilation entries Oak wood satin casing

Metal mesh, protects the interior from dust and dirt

Rubber cable

Wooden headband

Plastic headband

Protection headband



Wood case Blocking rotation cup Fork Wood cup set

Wireless & speaker set


Perforated leather pads

The headphones are available in three colours, off white, anthracite black and grey.

During the rendering process playing with the appearances and textures of the pads, in this case with boost texture.

CARS RENDERINGS Autodesk Vred //

I like to download 3d models of cars and to investigate the textures and materials when rendering. In the bottom image analysis of surfaces in the rendering process.


Fragments of Nature


Continuing the collection of headphones and trilox earphones, a sound equipment has been designed following the same line, this time only in black. The set is built in oak wood satin, abs with glossy finish, and black polished aluminum for the buttons. The equipment consists of two wireless speakers that adapt to the half-circular shape of the central body, and this central part is where all the electronics are incorporated, inside the housing.



For the creation of this project have been taken references of various eras and styles, it could be said that designers like Eero Aarnio, Karim Rashid or Charles and Ray Eames have been transcendental in the development and inspiration, but we must also highlight the nature, the fundamental reference of this project. All the pieces that comprise the collection follow the same line in terms of materials and shapes that give the silhouette of each product, the basis of the inspiration of this project, to put the reader in situation, part of the ramifications and diversifications that they are created in the roots, as well as in the nerves of the leaves and the outlines and contours of the trees (Walnut). The project consists of a collection of furniture for hotels consisting of six pieces, an armchair, a stool, a low table to match the two previous pieces, a magazine rack and two luminaires, one floor and one table. All the pieces follow the same line, and have as a common component between them a walnut base, also the shapes and organic contours compose and describe the same silhouette in all the pieces of the collection. Materials are also common among most pieces, 316 stainless steel, walnut, polypropylene, textile (felt, leather) and synthetic rubber are some of the materials that shape the pieces of the collection.


Research has been focused on several hotels, which are clear references of the target audience of this collection, what is sought in this public are large spaces, pleasant environments with lots of natural light and reflecting a space of peace, tranquility and harmony, all this together with a wide natural or artificial vegetation that conditions the spaces of the hotel such as vertical gardens, a very common resource used in indoor spaces, receptions or leisure rooms, rest rooms, living rooms, terraces (indoor or outdoor spaces). outside) etc .. In the aforementioned there is no reference, but it would be talking about hotels of demographic situation in the epicenter of cities or close to them.

Another diversification of this target public are those hotels that are located in large rural plots, either near the sea or in the mountains, surrounded by nature and where the use of plant species is no longer necessary in the spaces of the complex itself. You will find yourself surrounded by an environment of nature, these hotels will normally be located away from the cities in isolated environments.

Therefore and finally two lines are established in terms of the target audience, on the one hand those city hotels in which the spaces conditioned with vegetation are prioritized and recreating a small natural environment within the mundane hustle and bustle of the city; and on the other hand those hotels / resorts located in remote areas, isolated from cities, in natural environments, places to go to disconnect from the world, routine work and everything in general, in this type of complex would be absurd artificial conditioning of the natural and of the vegetation since they are already surrounded by it.


Stainless steel sheet

Walnut base with satin lacquer Nuts Sbr rubber separator Stainless steel base Screws Felt base


Walnut veneers with satin lacquered finish

Stainless steel sheet

Walnut base with satin lacquer

Nuts Stainless steel base Screws

Felt base


The stool can be stacked with each other up to a maximum of six units.


Polypropylene shell

Stainless steel sheet Screws Stainless steel structure

Polypropylene shell

Nuts Sbr rubber separator Walnut base with satin lacquer Felt base Stainless steel base Screws



Support for leds

Tulip piece (Polypropilene) Vertical shaft (Polypropilene)

Walnut base with satin lacquer Screws Felt base

DESK LAMP Polypropylene shell Support for led Led Battery Circular steel sheet Polypropylene shell Walnut base with satin lacquer

Screws Electromagnet

Walnut base with satin lacquer

ARMCHAIR Lead polypropylene shell Stainless steel structure

Leather cushion

Rear polypropylene shell

Sbr rubber separator Nuts Polypropylene shell Walnut base with satin lacquer

Stainless steel base


Felt base

01 FOOTWEAR PROJECT less is more”

BUBBLE SANDAL Collaboration with fashion designer NoemĂ­ Montenegro

T-DRA COLLECTION Personal equipment

T-dra Collection



The process

The process

FOOTWEAR & ACCESSORIES PROJECT Collaboration Ortiga_studio


EME DESIGN // LOOP Mountainboard, Longboard & Skateboard

TRIKE T-0167 Trike

EME DESIGN Auxiliar table

Finally, talk about my sketches, I like to capture my ideas and design with pencil and pen (Pilot G-TEC-C4, Pentel BK77 SUPERB and the rotring uni pin) in my notebooks moleskine, I always carry one with me everywhere. After having the idea drawn I like to pass it to a computer in Autodesk Sketchbook and then start modeling in one of the computer-aided design programs.

portfolio BMM  
portfolio BMM