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And even more interesting is to rethink the architecture which was not designed initially from the form of projection that we’ve seen, but for economic or speculative purposes, to transform it into a new dress for the family who will live in it. This would be very intriguing and professionally satisfying, though more complex than it was before, than another kind of architecture. The difference will be that the change may be much more significant.


To conclude this method of emerging ideation, the way to project this kind of architecture is similar to doing it again by following these parameters, which is a way of devising interesting architecture because it meets the requirements to generate an architecture which thinks about the people who will live there and therfore this is functional, a direct contrast from purely speculative and economic power that has encouraged much of the architecture in recent decades. There are always positive a ways of projecting that meets these requirements, giving added value to architecture and creating something unique and special. Particularly adapted.

Manifesto of re-reading Naked House  

Manifesto of re-reading Naked House by Borja Castillo