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Vision for Re-reading architecture At the beginning of the book the aim of the course is described, which is focused on the re-reading of the architecture in question and updating the following parameters of the new XXI century. This statement is not easy, especially since we are talking about a masterpiece of architecture in regards to a social adaptation of the customer’s home and how cultural and social conditions can dress architecture in a certain way. It could be said that this is a way to update a project that makes a particular form an idealystic creation. Throughout history there have been many ways of designing architecture, some more valued than others. This is one of them. So before understanding how the issue has been addressed, the issue of updating the project and whether it is positive or not has to be considered; it is necessary to know how Shigeru Ban designed this house and how is the methodology has been followed in the project. My personal assessment of this type of project is positive. Ideation is a path where the greatest importance lies in the social character of the architecture, making it, in turn, functional. It would be like a dress made in a very particular way, for the family that will live there and their situation. But not everything is easy and simple because the dress which we speak of is temporary, but it will become fixed over time. However the family moved forward in time and have been transformed. Due to this, the architecture in question is not as easy to project because it has to cater for amendments and the transformation of the house according to the needs of the family.


An analogy would be, according to the metaphor of the dress: if you buy a dress that is beautiful, that is perfect for you and what you need. But your situation often changes, your physique too ... and maybe after a while, the dress does not serve you as well as it once did. This could

Manifesto of re-reading Naked House  

Manifesto of re-reading Naked House by Borja Castillo