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Does part of the building get removed/changed to reflect family size? Remove/fix the pods as generations are no longer there to share the same communal space? How does the idea of ‘dwelling’ (between heaven and earth) change, or how does it stay the same? MB: I was about to say lets assign the first question to just one group for sure, because someone needs to get into contact with Shigeru ban about the life expectancy of his project or at least figure out for themselves. BC: okay Megan and I are going to do the one of them. Okay Megan? MB: The rest should be approached as one solution, each group a new strategy. Yeah BC: Sergio and Ines are together too, they told me IM: ok! BC: choose one of them Ines IM: well AJ: Who is left? I have a 3D model for the house, correction, 3D Model Started OF the house. IM: and what happens with the rest of the group? MB: We’ll start assigning. What if they can’t speak English Aaron? Do you and Emily want to go together AJ: She around? MB: I don’t think so BC: so better Aaron and Emily, it’s easier and faster MB: okay, Aaron pick one AJ: I’ll take #4 BC: Aaron, are you with Emily, right? IM: when do you want to have the work done?? MB: for noon tomorrow... So 6 PM for you guys AJ: before that, we need to present drawing for tomorrow MB: Aaron and Emily and I will take care of a panel. Oh, okay so what time? AJ: I’m with Emily, yes. 10 would be nice, if we have sketches or ideas then we could put them on a panel and upload it before class. 10am Canada… that’s it. MB: okay, so 4 Pm you guys.

Manifesto of re-reading Naked House  

Manifesto of re-reading Naked House by Borja Castillo