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emalgamate into one panel, and we can look at other interpretations of traditional Japanese architecture. BC: Could be, I think is better to work in couples to answer each question MB: So get two spanish volunteers to work on the bibliography along with one Canadian. That leaves 7 people doing drawings. So let’s cut that to two groups of 3 MB: and the 7th person can put the panel togehter BC: Then, 3 poeple on the text and 7 on the drawings? MB: Exactly. But 6 on the drawings and 1 on the panel BC: but I think they must be together MB: Well no, there should be both perspectives no? BC: I think is better that in groups of two each group develop and idea from the questions and panel it with text and drawings. AJ: we need to know what we are drawing before people start. So we should answer the questions first, that will give us an idea what to draw IM: I’m agree with Borja BC: It’s better, because, in that way there’ll be more connection between text and drawings MB: okay BC: If everybody agree, let’s make the groups IM: Well I think like Aaron and Borja, we have to answer the questions and then draw MB: Agreed BC: Then, there are two options, or do the text and after that d the drawings or each group of two people do one question, text and drawings. I think is better the second one MB: Noooo, too disconnected AJ: Aside, has anyone been able to find a site plan for the naked house? I’ve been trying to find it on Google, and Google maps but haven’t been able to. MB: Never thought to check yet BC: I’ll try. I’ll talk to the rest of Spanish people, no worries. So, we have to star. Then, make groups and start working. MB: How does the house age, what elements might need to be replaced?


What happens to increase the privacy from the encroaching neighborhood?

Manifesto of re-reading Naked House  

Manifesto of re-reading Naked House by Borja Castillo