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Chating after the email: Ines Martinez Diez: Hello Sergio Navarro Garcia: Hi!! Megan Beange: Hey Borja Castillo Alberola: Hi!! Aaron Janushewski: Hi, Did everyone get the invite to Google Group? Rubén Martínez Sanchís: Hi! IM: yes, thanks! BC: yes, but I think is better the Facebook group. Is easier to keep in touch AJ: ok, I’m happy to keep it going with Facebook, but we’ve been requested by the professor to post in GG, so I’ll just make a copy of this chat and post it on there. BC: okay perfect. So, today we have to do that, right? Any of you know Spanish? MB: Unfortunately no. French but no Spanish AJ: I’ll do it after we’re done chatting. I do not know ANY Spanish either, sorry. SN: ok don’t worry BC: hahaha okay okay. No worries. So, let’s work: we have to answer that questions, right? AJ: We’re to discuss them BC: perfect AJ: We’ll looking at what happens to the building, so those questions were just to start. We can have more or less. BC: So we have to develop all the ideas into something? AJ: Yeah, I’m not sure of a faster or easier way to doing it. Yes, we start designing. From there we’ll do some drawings. I know, for all of us... impossible MB: Allright, so we’ve established that we need to start drawing our impressions of the new ending BC: so, we have to distribute the work, because there are too many people AJ: Plus, we need to have bibliography, so other projects that might relate to our project. MB: No, I think if we have multiple people working on different drawings. We can

Manifesto of re-reading Naked House  

Manifesto of re-reading Naked House by Borja Castillo