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A conversation among the members of the group to develp our work Aaron Janushewski: Hi, so studio class if finished for today and we have our assignment for Wednesday. During studio we had to choose how the project will be proceeding. Unfortunately ‘Ending 4’ was not allowed, part of the project is to keep the existing building and make an addition/change to it according to the continuation of the story. The new story (or ‘New Ending’ as the professor calls it) is; “The house, like traditional Japanese homes, is built for the temporary; it is now coming to the end of its materialistic life. The family has changed; the Grand Parents passed on, and the children have grown up and moved out. The house is now only occupied by the parents, who now have the freedom of the home and have many friends to entertain. The area around has been slowly developed and now the house is surrounded by a developing neighborhood.” So what we have to do for Wednesday is come up with a single architectural sketch to present (which could include plan/section/elevation). Some questions to ask while thinking about designing the addition/change. • How does the house age, what elements might need to be replaced? • What happens to increase the privacy from the encroaching neighborhood? • Does part of the building get removed/changed to reflect family size? • Remove/fix the pods as generations are no longer there to share the same communal space? • How does the idea of ‘dwelling’ (between heaven and earth) change, or how does it stay the same? I suggest that tomorrow we have a chat here on facebook to discuss ideas and designs. What is a good time for everybody? I’m suggesting 12noon Canada, 6pm Spain to have the chat as it’ll give us a time in Canada to work on some ideas, but I’m not fixed on that time. We might have to show some sketches and drawings so being able to post pictures is important.



Manifesto of re-reading Naked House  

Manifesto of re-reading Naked House by Borja Castillo