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and arthritic, and the parents are retired and leading personal lives full of independent interests and social activity. The children only come home when they are on holidays and the parents are currently enjoying their freedom to entertain. Now that the father is retired -after spending most of his life outside the home- he has become an active part of the family again. Though he spends most of his time at home now, he hasn’t lost the habit of meeting with his ex-coworkers. He usually invites them to his home once or twice a week, thus returning some life to the home. The wife similarly has friends and co-workers over. Now, the house has been transformed into a space with renewed duality; the juxtaposition of the intimate/private and the social is changed but still present. The flexibility of privacy and space is still applicable, however the purpose has changed. The flexibility is no longer serving a set group of 6 people with varying needs. Instead the flexibility is responding to both the new needs of a household of 3, and the constant stream of visitors and guests. On the other hand, there is a degree of obstinacy in the family. The grandfather’s traditional customs have set the family at odds. It symbolizes a clash between the traditional and western influences in Japan. Another element of family life that has taken a new role in the home is the personal interest/activity. The grandfather has taken to the art of bonsai in his wife’s absence, growing and keeping them in the house. This preoccupation with the art of Bonsai is consuming for the grandfather and serves as the third element of his family life. Similarly, the mother and father are now both retired, and when not entertaining, have personal pursuits of their own. The father has taken to games of strategy, loves historical documentaries, war stratagem, and has taken up his study of martial arts again. The mother has found more time for her love of watercolors and can often be found moving one of the empty bedrooms around the home, a make shift studio inside, looking for the best lighting and the best views. In summary; the family’s private life has changed, the parents’ jobs have been replaced with more social activities and the personal interests of the family have now taken on a more important and dominating role in their lives

Manifesto of re-reading Naked House  

Manifesto of re-reading Naked House by Borja Castillo