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Using the Video Door Phone Making Calls on Video Door Phone It’s quite easy to using the DP101/R- Video Door Phone. You will see “Door Bell” symbol on the front panel. Press “Door Bell” button to ring the door bell and make a call. If nobody answers the call, the door bell sounds (Ding-Dong) will continuously ring until caller cancels this call by pressing “Door Bell” button again. Or, the call will be disconnected automatically after 15 seconds. NOTE: The Ringing (Ding-Dong) time can be set via Web UI for 15, 30, 45 and 60 seconds.

Answering Calls on IP Video Phone/Video Indoor Station

Front Panel The following figure shows the front panel of the DP101R, and it also indicates their functions on the front Panel.

To answer the call (Door Bell) from Video Door Phone on IP Video Phone/Video Indoor Station is similar to normal call. You may answer it in following ways:  Press the SPEAKER button.  Press “Answer” soft-function key.  Pick up the handset/ Press the  button (ID5101). You may press the “ # ” keypad (on IP Video phone/ Video Indoor Station) to open the door during answering the call (Door Bell) after making sure the visitor is the right person. NOTE: To open the door by pressing the pound (#) key, the door must have been installed “Electrical-door Lock”. - Press the “5” keypad on IP Video phone/Video Indoor Station to turn on/off the IR LED during answering the call. - Press the “2” or “8” keypad on IP Video phone/Video Indoor Station to adjust the CMOS brightness. - Press the “0” keypad on IP Video phone/Video Indoor Station to turn on/off external light during answering the call.

Front Panel

Application – Home Security Solution

Entrance Settings – RFID

Connecting with VP111 and ID5101

DP101R RFID Card Usage

Connecting with VP111 (IP Video Phone) and ID5101 (Video Indoor Station), your DP101R helps to form Home Security System and keep your home safe.

Residents scan RFID card on the reader. DP101R can verify the database to determine whether to open Electric-Door-Lock or not.

Issue RFID Master Card First Time Without any cabling, user just scans RFID card on the DP101R reader for the first time while the DP101R is on-line. The RFID card will be registered as Master Card.

Figure 6 : Screw the Video Door Phone

Add new cards with Master Card Scan Master Card on DP101R First. Then Scan New RFID Card on DP101R, DP101R will store New ID Card’s information into database.

NOTE: The RFID function is for DP101R and DP101R-WL series ONLY. AmRoad Technology Inc.

DP101R also helps to guard your premises by setting your ID5101 to view real-time video at DP101R. Or, use VP111 to make phone call to DP101R to view video outside the door. In fact, DP101R also has the feature of video surveillance.