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iPoly and The Web Interface The perfect partner for your Poly-Lock or Z-wave network Poly-Control has made an easy to use and intuitive user interface for controlling, not only your Poly Components, but your entire zwave network. In corporation with Mi Casa Verde this new User interface has become a reality. The web interface and the apps are fully integrated and can be used on an existing Vera gateway. You will get access to the applications for iPhone and Android. These are available in App-store and Android marked. The web interface is offered with you own Poly-login. Just log in to and type your username and password and you will get instant access to your home or building. Use the username: demo and the password: demo on the login at to have a look at the demo version of the web interface. This can also be used for testing the apps. The Poly-Control backend has been prepared for intergration with 3rd party programs. This makes it possible to use other interfaces than the Poly-web. It’s also possible to get your own private-label look to the apps and the user interface. Making it fit to your existing company profile. Please contact us for more info on the option for costumer specific user interfaces. The backend is prepared for integration with booking systems, work calenders or others. The opportunities are many with Poly-Control, and we make the profile fit yours.

Further info visit us at or contact us: Tel: +45 20849222

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