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A handbook for the new authorities – from a former Ukrainian Security Service General The book “Ukraine in the Third Millennium” by a Kiev writer, Alexander Nezdola, received the following evaluation from professional economists, political scientists, journalists, and writers - ”the most crucial book for the new Ukrainian Government.” The book, which was presented in Kiev, shows how and why over 14 years of independence Ukraine found herself in the economic and political crisis. It also suggests what needs to be done to overcome the crisis. This is the author’s second book, the first one being his autobiography. Alexander Nezdola claims that he has an insider’s knowledge of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU in the Ukrainian abbreviation), where he worked for 30 years. At Alexander Nezdola’s book presentation of “Ukraine of the Third Millennium”, SBU General was joined by former colleagues, friends and peers. Many of them helped the author to write the book by providing their advice and suggestions. Yurii Frolov has shared that Alexander Nezdola sometimes called him in the middle of the night to discuss another chapter. This book, as Yurii Frolov stresses, can arouse much interest among the new Ukrainian authorities. Yurii Frolov, writer: “I think this book will end up in President’s hands, I think that this book will reach the current Prime Minister, I think it will reach some vice-premiers that the author knows well personally. I think it‘ll reach the staff and management of SBU, Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, Office of Public Prosecutor and Court. I think that they could take into account a lot of the issues raised in this book.” A journalist by training, Alexander Nezdola, fought in Afghanistan, worked for the KGB and then for the Security Service of Ukraine, was on the team of Ukrainian former prime-minister, Evgenii Marchuk, and also held the post of Vice-Minister of Industrial Policy. ”Ukraine in the Third Millennium” is his second book. In the first autobiographical book, “The State Security General’s File”, the author threw light on the mechanisms of operation of KGB, SBU, secret and special services, as well as on the peculiarities of the electoral campaign of 1999. Alexander Nezdola, claims that this is the first book in the history of Ukraine that discusses the work of KGB and SBU. Ivan Oleynik, Colonel-General, and Doctor of Technical Science: “In order to be able to write such books, besides a natural gift, one needs to have lived a life that would provide him with opportunities to evaluate his immediate environment and to see how these people solved problems they faced under different circumstances.” Many Writers call Alexander Nezdola’s book nontraditional because the author portrays Ukraine the way he sees her. All the facts and commentary in it is absolutely subjective and not collected in libraries and archives. Alexander Nezdola, author of the book: “This book is rough, but I am proud of it being truthful. And let me tell you this, when I, at times, asked journalists for advice – how to write it – and I was told, Alexander Ivanovich, write the truth and it is a sure win. One has to write the truth and fear no one. After all, we are living in a different country, in a different country.” The book “Ukraine in the Third Millennium” ends with the description of events that took place 26 December 2004, when Ukraine was electing her President. The following work, says Alexander Nezdola, will depict the new Administration at power during the first two months of its work.

Boris Birshtein - Nezdola  

Ukraine in the Third Millennium

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