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BORGO SANTO PIETRO: from personal dream to luxury hotel in Tuscany.

Our hotel was born out of the passion and desire to create and share a unique yet welcoming place where nature meets luxury. The location we chose in Tuscany was essential for bringing a sense of calm, relaxation and well-being and has enabled us to transport you far away from the stresses of the outside world. Nestled in the heart of the Tuscan countryside, luxury knows no limits. With a 13th century villa at its heart, our hotel is a haven where people can come to celebrate a special occasion or to simply enjoy a taste of heaven. Hospitality coupled with an environment where clarity of mind and food for the soul are abundant. The land is not only stunningly beautiful, but rich and fertile and provides us with a bounty of organic vegetables, herbs and even honey which our kitchen transforms into culinary delights. Set on a working farm, the villa is bathed in the beauty of its surroundings – an exquisite jewel.


Our definition of luxury is attention to detail, unsurpassed friendly service and unique experiences in a comfortable yet stylish setting. We have taken inspiration from our own personal travels and observations, pinpointing the very details that make the difference between a 5 star hotel and “The Borgo Experience”. This attention to detail is also why we are the perfect Honeymoon hotel in Tuscany. We understand just how special your wedding day is and look at your honeymoon as an extension of that magic moment. Our spa is a place where you can have an array of treatments and therapies to release stress, heal and rejuvenate. The sense of well-being that is acquired can also be drawn from a calming walk in our beautiful gardens and the surrounding nature. This is our holistic approach to well being, which brings a new dimension to our definition of Spa hotel. Complete uniqueness, yet full service accommodation, has evolved us into a charming Boutique hotel in the heart of Tuscany. We have styled Borgo into a comfortable and intimate setting that reflects its noble splendor in a welcoming manner.

Borgo Santo Pietro. It’s more than Tuscany, it’s an experience.


HISTORY OF BORGO Borgo Santo Pietro was born from Claus and Jeanette’s personal dream, a home for their family. Claus and Jeanette Thottrup stumbled across the dilapidated ruin in 2001, then nothing more than a crumbling hamlet, standing amidst fields of mud and set about planning its restoration, to bring the hamlet back to life. Feeling it needed to be shared, they embarked on the long and ever evolving journey to create an intimate boutique-style hotel and have spent years lovingly reinstating it to a long forgotten noble splendour, when it was a healing retreat for pilgrims on the Via Francigena to rest and recuperate. Their vision for the gardens and desolate fields surrounding the villa involved the painstaking planning, planting of 250,000 plants and elaborate landscaping. The calming and recuperative power of the place lured them and kept them clear on their long crusade. To restore the estate to its former glory, local craftsmen worked with artisans from around the world. With furniture and architectural detailing sourced from in and outside Italy, plants from across Europe, and years of work, the essence of Borgo Santo Pietro grew into the elegant and welcoming place they always dreamed it would be.

Borgo is still evolving and growing, and with it our shared passion to ensure guests a home from home.


ROOMS & SUITES IN THE VILLA When Jeanette and Clause first bought Borgo in 2001, the main house was still a ruin and the 13 acres of ornamental gardens (with a further 20 acres beyond) were still muddy fields. Borgo Santo Pietro was lovingly and painstakingly renovated over a seven year period with the Thottrups opening the eight bedroom Villa as a hotel in 2008. All around a whole-hearted respect for the past is matched with mellow grandeur and distinctive Tuscan touches; from the Piano Room, Library and the individually styled bedrooms in the main house. The villa itself has 3 rooms ranging from Deluxe to Superior and 5 suites (including the fully secluded Grand Santo Pietro Suite).

IN THE GARDEN A pebble’s throw from the main eight bedroom villa and built around a courtyard, three of the garden bedrooms - La Mora, L’Ulivo and Il Melograno – open out onto this communal relaxation area while the fourth – Casa di Unicorno – boasts its own private garden and offers complete seclusion for those who wish to remain discreet. The original 3 garden suites – Rosmarino, Basilico and Maggiorana – on the opposite side of the main cypress tree-lined avenue, each boasting its own private garden, saw Borgo Santo Pietro expand out into its grounds in 2010. With a central fountain, plantings and garden furniture beautifully and artfully posi tioned, the central courtyard balances privacy alongside shared enjoyment for garden room guests. Kindred spirits can congregate or pull back according to their whim, making these new rooms equally suitable for a small group of family or friends as much as for individual couples. The 7 garden rooms bear all the trademark touches that define the interior design stamp of Borgo Santo Pietro with Empire-style accents set in a mellow Tuscan context. Here, richly textured brocades, velvets and gilts; lusciously-draped, plump curtain fabrics; luxuriant crystal-drop chandeliers; statement piece antiques and dramatic works of art; tapestries and embroidered heraldic symbols; murals, trompe l’oeils and marquetry blend with warm hues, wood-beamed rafters, substantial fireplaces, flagstone and stripped-wood flooring and free-standing roll-top baths in an easy-going manner. While these various elements are served up in a more ornate fashion in the main house, a lower key approach is adopted for the four garden rooms and three garden suites with their less formal style further accentuated by Tuscan stone walls and flagstone floors.



One of our most unique features is the possibility for complete privacy in one of our “FULL SECLUSION” rooms. Perfect for those guests who prefer complete discretion or who just want to truly get away from it all, these 2 options offer the best of the “Borgo Experience” as a complete retreat from it all.

THE SANTO PIETRO SUITE The name Santo Pietro translate as ‘holy rock’ and it is perhaps apt that this suite should be the conerstone of Borgo. This suite is ideal for those wanting to escape into ultimate seclusion and is the most regal of all at Borgo. It is this suite that perhaps encapsulates the need for the service and passion that Borgo presents. Nowhere is it most ideal to be able to have your evening meal from the restaurant served in the privacy of your own suite. This suite stands alone at one end of the villa, giving you luxury and space in which to indulge in your own baroque fantasy. From the living room, throw open French doors leading onto a private balcony and drink in stunning views of the entire Valle Serena. Or rise from your slumber in the magnificant four-poster bed, with doors opening directly onto the balcony, the soft scent of roses greeting you good morning. The bathroom is equally sumptuous with a huge free-standing bath, two pedestal sinks and a separate Roman style shower.


LA CASA DELL’UNICORNO GARDEN SUITE The name pays homage to T. Hardie’s novel, “House of the Wind”, where Borgo is heart of the tale and gives clue to the mystical atmosphere of this ultimately secluded garden suite. Perfect for those wanting to disappear into a cocoon of sumptuous luxury with all the trademark touches that define the interior design stamp of Borgo.  Velvets and gilts, lusciously-draped, plump curtain fabrics and luxuriant crystal-drop chandeliers lull guests into a relaxed envelope. Stepping outside french doors onto its own private garden, equally as primed and caredfor as the gardens close to the main villa, the only distractions are the butterflies dancing over antique roses. Take in the scents of the garden, surrounded by bubbles, in the bath, and in a glass of the complimentary bottle of prosecco, in the large free-standing bath in the equally opulent bathroom. This suite is situated a pebble’s throw from the main villa but is a world away from real life and all it entails.



The 800-year-old spa building, once a bakery, has been transformed into Borgo’s warm and healing holistic heart where you can relax and recuperate. The spa uses products from Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella; one of the oldest pharmacies in the world. Using only natural raw materials of the highest quality and continuing to follow the ancient procedures originated by the founding fathers, Santa Maria Novella focuses exclusively on the herbalists art, basing all its preparations on traditional herbs and oils of natural origin, combining modern technology.  Santa Maria Novella’s ethos works in harmony to our Promise; our land, our neighbours, our passion working in unison for a common ideal. Treatments from massages, facials, and hot stone therapies to aromatherapy, all use natural oils, herbs and products, with several from our own gardens.  Feel nature healing your body, in the gentle hands of our expert therapists.  You can have treatments in the Spa, on its private terrace, or anywhere else on the estate you desire.


GARDENS, GROUNDS AND FARM The cypress trees of the avenue are a cordial reception and bring you to the provoking gardens closest to the heart of the 13 acre hamlet, the villa of Borgo Santo Pietro. Weave your way through enchanted secret pathways, traditional Italian roses as spotlights of nature entice you on. Find open air privacy on luscious green lawns and refuge from the sun under the shelter of a pavilion. There is quiet seclusion in discovered grottos or courtyard congregation amongst aesthetic blossom of antique roses. Our roses, in their sheer number, are overwhelmingly evocative. Their welcome scent softly greets all those in their company.

WATER AND LIGHT Beguilingly, our fresh water infinity pool floats amongst idyllic surrounding landscape. So tranquil, it’s a panacea in which to swim, cool down or simply soak up the beauty of the Valle Serena. Enjoy a refreshing cocktail at the pool bar by day or by night, artfully concocted by the Tree House bar. Breathe in the heady scents of the lovingly grown flowers and enjoy your cocktail in one of the enclave’s many inviting candlelit lounge areas, where you can snuggle on large, comfy sofas or laze languidly on chaises lounges. Rejuvenation and healing is Borgo’s lasting calling. The medicinal garden’s harvest provides remedy in the form of products using natural oils and herbs used in our spa, emulating the past harmoniously. In season, the medicinal garden assists us in making our own tea, sipped as a soothing ritual by our guests and gardeners alike. Historically, the valley’s inhabitants worked the land in return for bread from the bakery, now our spa. This tradition lives on through our busy Borgo bees, working on the outer reaches of the estate, completing nature’s ambition, creating honey.

FROM EARTH TO PLATE Our love and our land come together throughout Borgo. The garden is key in supporting our food promise. The herb and vegetable gardens spoil our chefs with a bounty of choice, making it easy for them to delight our guests’ tastebuds with home grown produce. Delicious overwhelming aromas envelope guests walking through, inspecting their meals’ origins, relishing the beauty of the organic. Further afield the 13 acres, orchard fruits and olives hang promisingly, fruits of our good position and climate. Give in to the temptation and pick a fruit or berry on your walk through.


FOOD & WINE Exquisite yet simple, thoughtful and nurtured. We promise to serve these things to you and let the quality and the freshness of the ingredients, tell their own story. All we add is our love and passion for food. We promise to know the journey of all of our ingredients, so the meats we serve are produced locally, on free range farms and the fish that we serve, turbot, red mullet, octopus and lobster, fresh from the mornings catch, arrives daily from Mediterranean waters. Inspired by the same philosophy that is the soul of the Relais Borgo Santo Pietro, we pour passion into every detail, making your dining experience unique and unforgettable. This passion extends to the way we source all of our ingredients so that the same high quality we expect from the sea, the farm and the garden all ends up on your plate. Our meats are produced locally, from free-range farms, and our chefs select only the highest quality cuts. The fish we serve arrive fresh from the morning’s catch. Our gardens overflow with abundance, and it is from here that the wonderful and dynamic seasonal plates are created. Our gardeners tend to the organic orchards, kitchen and herb gardens all year round and work closely with our chefs to give you unique and delicious seasonal creations. Only the best picks of the harvest are used.




CHEF’S TABLE The Chef’s Table is a special privée area that allows you to observe the kitchen staff while they work, complete with all the sights, sounds and aromas that the kitchen has to offer. Not only do you get to a full-emersion experience, but the chef will come to your table and help you construct a unique meal based on the foods that you like or wish to taste. You then get to watch while he puts to form what you’ve discussed before coming back to serve you personally. It’s like having your own private chef and your own private restaurant!


GROTTO DINING EXPERIENCE The Grotto Dining Experience is a romantic candle-lit table for two to four people in the grotto area surrounding the infinity pool. Undisturbed by other diners and staff, you receive exclusive service from your own personal waiter and are left to enjoy mouth-watering tasting menu and the breath-taking setting overlooking the  Borgo  grounds and the Valle Serena hills. Whether it’s a wedding proposal, an anniversary or a special birthday, the Grotto Dining Experience promises to fulfill even the most exigent of privacy and intimacy.



TREEHOUSE BRASSERIE & FARMER’S MARKET The Treehouse Brasserie is open for lunch where you can dine outside on large, comfy and stylish sofas, chaises lounges and coffee tables or below a high-vaulted roof with beamed rafters. The balconied, open-sided bar’s 180˚ panoramic view drinks in the Tuscan landscape as an open fire comes into its own in the cooler months or as the evening temperature drops. The Wednesday evening Farmer’s Market is also now open to the public. With this market, Borgo wishes to recreate an actual outdoor farmer’s market offering the possibility to choose fresh meats, cheeses, seasonal vegetables and freshly caught fish and then having them cooked or prepared for you on the spot either on the wood-burning grill or oven. There is also a “gastronomia” buffet that offers starters, salamis and other cured meats, prosciutto, cheeses and pasta dishes, all using local and fresh ingredients. You construct your meal following the natural process of choosing and “shopping”, to preparation and then finally to presentation on the plate. So, whether you fancy a pizza or a traditional Tuscan steak, in the gorgeous corner of our garden and grotto overlooking the suggestive Valle Serena Valley, in good company and with great live music, the Farmer’s Market is quite a unique and special experience.



WINE CELLAR AND TASTINGS The cosy wine cellar at Valle Serena showcases an extensive regional, national and international list of only the finest wines. Our sommelier can provide expert suggestions and insights at the daily wine tasting sessions on offer. Years of ‘Camminare le Vigne’ has led us to a wine list that we are very proud of and believe captures Valle Serena’s philosophy. ‘Walking the vineyards’ as Veronelli would have said, and talking with the winemakers is an approach which makes our wine list a unique, loved and well-researched proposal. This is why you won’t find many famous mainstream wines or winemakers in our list. We choose what we love and most importantly, what sticks to the traditions, history and culture of winemaking. Most of our wines are produced in an organic or biodynamic way, showing maximum respect for the process, from vineyard, right up to the bottle of wine on your table.


ACTIVITIES Something for all tastes and energy levels. Borgo provides leisure or learning to be taken at your own pace.




At Borgo, we have our own in-house florist who works in the flower hut right in the middle of the garden. Guests may drop in at their leisure and observe her while she works or even take a flower arranging course if they so wish. It’s a great way to learn about the local flowers and create beautiful arrangements that can then be kept in the room or given as a special gift.

Each month Borgo invites a resident artist to come stay and work on its grounds. Guests may stop by their workshop for a chat or sign up for customized art lessons. Borgo provides the idyllic setting for inspiring the “inner artist” in everyone! All art supplies are included in the fee.

AT BORGO... Take home more than just holiday stories from Borgo, take home newly acquired skills, as taught by our inhouse experts. Whether you want to learn to cook or learn to paint, or just have some fun, Borgo Santo Pietro offers relaxing and enjoyable experiences for all tastes and ages.



Our ample gardens provide the perfect setting for a special gourmet picnic. Pick your favourite spot and Borgo’s staff will set up a blanket and bring you a pre-prepared basket filled with scrumptious goodies for you to enjoy. Or, for the more adventurous, rent one of our scooters or mountain bikes and ride off to a more remote location with a take-away basket. It’s the perfect way to relax and enjoy the surrounding nature.

Take home newly acquired gastronomy skills, as taught by our expert chefs. A real “hands-on” experience that you will never forget. Find the perfect accompaniment by sampling local wine, cheese or honey in tasting sessions on offer. Not forgetting the little chefs, who can learn the joys of home cooking in a fun and safe environment by the rustic pool bar.


JUST OUTSIDE THE GATE When curiosity calls you to venture outside the gates of the estate, speak with our reception who can provide you with everything you could need for your pending exploration, be it maps, walking boots, bicycles, driving directions or even a picnic. Let us help you make a special wine tour to secret wineries with the help of our sommelier or perhaps an early morning hot air balloon ride, and watch the sun ascend over Tuscany. Of course, the unlimited nature surrounding can envelope your senses and capture your interest but for those wanting something of the urbane, through the forest lies the beautiful abbey of San Galgano and the small chapel of Montesiepi. Indulge in the legendary and mythical history, in particular the chapel’s “sword in the stone”. Picnic on open lawns, envisioning the time of King Arthur and his twelve knights or picturing the monks and pilgrims arriving at their final destination. Close by is Chiusdino, picturesque and perfectly positioned to take in spectacular views over Valle Serena and Borgo Santo Pietro below. Wander idly, soaking up the charming and quintessentially Italian village life.


IN THE SURROUNDING AREA Tuscany offers an abundance of things to do whatever your inclination or passion. For history, art and architecture visit the captivating city of Sienna, around 35 minutes from Borgo. Immerse yourself in the rich political and religious history or simply drink in the cafe culture, watching passers by from behind your cappuccino. Florence, merely an hour away, is a cosmopolitan shopping paradise. Enjoy a personal guide to shopping or a guided tour of Florence - recognising the renaissance treasures. The romantic hill town nicknamed ‘medieval Manhattan’, San Gimignano, boasts spectacular views over Elsa Valley. Art galleries, wine shops and delightful restaurants adorn the manicured streets, 45 minutes from Borgo. Impressive architecture and virtually no traffic to hinder you, make Volterra town and the walled village of Monte Riggioni great destinations. 50 minutes and 35 minutes from Borgo respectively. For golfers, there is the skillfully created ‘Royal Golf La Bagnaia’ in Siena. The prestigious project of renowned golf architect Robert Trent Jones Jr. The 18-hole course spans over 130 hectares of wooded hills and interesting landscapes, and can be reached in 40 minutes from Borgo. For those touring Tuscan vineyards in search of pleasures of the grape, our sommelier is on hand for expert suggestions of wineries to experience and reception can help with wine tasting bookings. Montalcino, a pretty wine village, home to the famed Brunello di Montalcino wine, comes highly recommended and is only an hour away from Borgo. If you would like a private chaffeur, Borgo is more than happy to help.


AWARDS CONDÉ NAST TRAVELLER 2013 “You had me at Hello. This is the Tuscan idyll you’ve always wanted to find. The ultimate fail-safe answer to the question ‘Where do we go for the loveliest weekend?’ Borgo opened four years ago and knocks the socks off the competition. In comparison, little boutiques flounder; big castelli seem dusty, draught and old-hat… it runs like a grande dame.”

GAYOT 2013 - “TOP 10 HOTELS IN ITALY” “Once a resting place for pilgrims making the journey to Rome, it is now an elegant retreat for contemporary seekers of serenity.”

BOUTIQUE HOTEL AWARDS 2012 “The Best Overall Boutique Hotel in the world.”

ONE OF TATLER’S 101 BEST SPAS IN THE WORLD – TATLER SPA GUIDE 2011 “An immaculate Tuscan masterpiece… a glamorous private country house.”

WINNER OF TATLER TRAVEL AWARDS 2009 – THE MOST HEAVENLY HIDEAWAY “A fresh arrival that whips Tuscany into a whole new shape.”

WINNER OF CONDE NAST RED HOT LIST 2009 “It feels like a friend’s home even though there’s a full range of hotel services”


“THE BEST ONE-ROOM SPA IN EUROPE” - DEPARTURES MAGAZINE “It’s worth the trip to Tuscany to find out why”

ONE OF THE SUNDAY TIMES TRAVEL’S ‘WORLD’S 100 BEST HOTELS’ “The Spa is a novelty, a one room rustic idyll”

ONE OF ROBB REPORTS PERFECT 100 TIPS “One ultimate experience in Tuscany”

HARPER’S BAZAAR “Best Italian retreat for Aesthetics”

THE FINANCIAL TIMES “A world unto itself… the Thottrups give you hope that someone, somewhere, is fighting against the clichés of chainowned five stars.”





Relais Borgo Santo Pietro


5 Star


Borgo Santo Pietro, 110 Loc. Palazzetto 53012 Chiusdino (SI)


+39 0577 75 1222


+39 0577 75 2943





Latitude: 43° 8’ 32.9124” Longitude: 11° 7’ 42.1602” (Lat. 43.143308 / Long. 11.128378)


• Take the road SS73 direction Grosseto •K  eep this road for approx 25 km (passing through Rosia) • After passing an old stone bridge on your left you will come to an old stone column on the right; keep left towards Follonica and San Galgano • Follow road up over the hill and down and when the road splits (at “Consorzio Agrario Siena”) keep left (do not go to Chiusdino) • After the petrol station turn right direction San Galgano • Follow the road past San Galgano and we are at the big iron gate and obelisk stone on the left just before driving into Palazzetto.


• Leave the airport in direction of Rome/Livorno/Genova • When arriving at the ticket machine follow Rome directions •C  ontinue on this motorway for approx 40 km (about 20 mins) to the pay toll • Follow Rome/Grosseto direction • Keep on this road approx 45-50 km • Turn off at Follonica Est • Turn left at the junction direction Siena and Massa Marittima • Keep on this road past Massa Marittima • Follow the road right up through the forest toward Siena • As you arrive in Palazzetto you can find us on the right hand side after 150/200 meters form the “welcome” sign, you will see the big iron gate and obelisk stone.


•L  eave the airport in direction Rome, the motorway is called A1 • Follow this for approx 15 km • Turn off at Firenze Certosa, after the pay toll turn right direction Siena • Keep this road for approx 30 km • Turn off at Colle Val d’Elsa Sud • Turn right and drive straight through the next 3 roundabouts •W  hen road turns sharply turn right towards Follonica/Grosseto (do not go straight towards Siena) • After following this road to its end, for about 10-15 km, you will arrive at an old stone column • Turn right direction Grosseto/ Follonica, this road is called SS73 •K  eep this road for approx 15 minutes, over the hill and down and when road splits (at “Consorzio Agrario Siena”) keep left (do not go to Chiusdino) • After the petrol station turn right direction San Galgano •F  ollow the road past San Galgano and we are at the big iron gate and obelisk stone on the left just before driving into Palazzetto.


Minivan Mercedes “Viano” 6 people plus driver for trips, journeys and transfers “E-class” Mercedes saloon car – 3-4 people plus driver Transfer to/from Florence Airport € 240,00 with van – € 200,00 with car (each way) Transfer to/from Pisa Airport € 280,00 with van – € 250,00 with car (each way) Transfer to/from Rome Airport € 500,00 with van – € 450,00 with car (each way)


free on the Hotel grounds


13 acres of grounds and gardens. Borgo Santo Pietro is a fully functioning farm with rose, herb and vegetable gardens, orchards, olive groves, and a bio-lake


Outdoor heated “Infinity” pool – Size: q 100 Depth: mt 2.80 Bio-lake “Island” pool – in construction for 2014


15 rooms divided in: 2 Deluxe rooms, 1 Superior room, 2 Jr. suites, 2 suites, 3 Jr. Garden suites, 3 Garden suites, 2 Ultimate Seclusion Deluxe suites



Deluxe Rooms • Sir Vincent: 25m2; large queen size bed 1.90 m x 1.63 m • San Galgano: 25m2; king size bed 2.00 m x 1.85 m Superior Rooms • Giardin de’ fiori: 28m2; extra large queen size bed 2.00 m x 1.63 m Junior Suites • Via del Pellegrino: 30m2; extra large queen size bed 2.00 m x 1.63 m • Studio Badia: 30m2; king size bed 2.12 m x 1.83 m Suites • Rinaldo di Soriciano: 50m2; super king size bed 2.12 m x 2.12 m • Valle Serena: 47m2; super king size bed 2.12 m x 2.12 m Jr. Garden Suites • Il Melograno: 40m2; king size bed 2.00 m x 1.90 m • L’Ulivo: 40m2; king size bed 2.00 m x 1.90 m • La Mora: 40m2; king size bed 2.00 m x 1.90 m Garden Suites • Rosmarino: 60m2; king size bed 2.00 m x 1.90 m • Maggiorana: 60m2; king size bed 2.00 m x 1.90 m • Basilico: 60m2; king size bed 2.00 m x 1.90 m Ultimate Seclusion Suites • Santo Pietro Deluxe Suite: 175m2; super super king size bed 2.45 m x 2.20 m • La Casa dell’Unicorno Deluxe Garden Suite: 75m2; king size bed 2.00 m x 1.90 m


The Villa is available for exclusive full rental, minimum 2 days


Valle Serena – Toscanità e Innovazione; lunch and dinner; closed Wednesdays. Also open to the general public Head chef: Stefano Santo VIP tables: 1 Chef’s table (seats max 5-6); 1 Romantic Grotto table (seats 2-4) Treehouse Brasserie and Bar: lunch and dinner; open every day Farmer’s Market Buffet: dinner; open Wednesdays only Trattoria Tradizionale: opening in 2014



Facials, Waxing, Tanning, Brows and Lashes, Make-up, Mud wraps, Body Scrubs, Hot Soaks, Cellulite Reducing, Skin Toning, Pedicure, Manicure, Hand & Nail treatment, Foot & Leg treatment Massages: Holistic, Serenity, Hot Stone, Maternity, Swedish, Aromatherapy, Exotic Tuscan Candle, Super Antioxidant Red Wine, Indian Head, Reflexology


Concierge 24/24, Tourist information and booking, Multilingual staff, Free WI-FI, Fully loaded iPods in every room, TV, A/C, phone, safe, Room Service, Mountain Bikes, Vintage Scooters, Shuttle Service, Babysitting


Horseback Riding, Tennis, Bocce, Cooking Classes, Wine Tastings, Honey Tasting, Children’s Playground including trampoline, Nature Walks, Hiking, Cycling, Swimming, Badminton, Croquet, Table Tennis, Yoga, Archery, Personal Guide, Personal Shopper, Flower Arranging, Art Lessons


We accept small pets. Dogs must be kept on a leash.




We accept all major credit cards


San Galgano: 1.5 km Siena: 36 km Monteriggioni: 40 km Beaches: 48 km San Gimignano: 52 km Montalcino: 60 km Florence: 89 km Talamone: 99 km Rome: 235 km


250,000 trees planted, organic herb and vegetable garden for use in restaurants and bars, bee farm for honey producing, solar-powered garden illumination, recycled watering system, bio lake, 0km meats, fish and produce, chlorine free pools


RELAIS BORGO SANTO PIETRO Borgo Santo Pietro, 110 - Loc. Palazzetto - 53012 Chiusdino (SI) - Italy Tel: +39 0577 75 12 22 - Fax: +39 0577 75 29 43 - P.IVA / C.F. : 01222790527

Borgo Santo Pietro - 5 star luxury in Tuscany  

Borgo Santo Pietro: from personal dream to luxury hotel in Tuscany. Our hotel was born out of the passion and desire to create and share a...

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