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By Elisabeth Borgecrona s3256530

1 Rider

2 Children

1 Small dog Bags

- sitting high - room for bags dogs children objects - low insteap -Children in the front

Plastic polycarbonate box and front plate

Stars reflex on the wheels

Bending forms

The original

- High back and sides -safety reflexor -A front grap bar -Made to fit any bike -Safety straps -Footwells - Take on /off hanger

OLD: - box front under seat - back for the rider seat NEW: - Take on/ off seat - No box under the child seat - No back for the rider seat

Disc brake: Shimano Hydralic Disc Brake Metallic/resins, aluminium Weight: 217 g Artnr: BR-M975 Crank: Shimano 9 speed 104/64 mm Aluminium Artnr: FC-M970 Chain: Shimano zino-alloy plated 304 g 9 speed Artnr: CN-7701 Front Hubs: Shimano Aluminium 108/10 mm spoke:hole: 40 mm spokes holes: 28/32/36 holes Artnr: HB-M970 Freehub body: Shimano Axle:Aluminium Freehub body: Titanum Over/axle: 135/146 mm QR skewer lenght: 168/173 mm Artnr: FH-M970 Wheel: Shimano Rimbrake Body:Titanum Axle: Aluminium 100/130 mm Rim height: 50 mm Artnr: WH-7850-C50-CL

Pedals: Lindbergs cykelsport Wheels singllespeed Reflectors, slipping modell 9/16 “ Artnr: 47-124 Grips: Lindbergs cykelsport 120 mm Artnr: 210221 Saddle: Mohlins Brooks B17 DAM L215xB177, 455 g Leather, steel frames Artnr: 21484 Handlebar: Mohlins spectra 6/10 mm Black steel Artnr: 3542 Shifter: Shimano Rotary control 3 bills, wire Artnr: ESL3S5E170LSB Drev: Mohlins Bakdrev nexus switches 16T silver, 3-8 Artnr: 22361 Chainguard: Mohlins Vevlagersmontering 370/163 MM screw bracket Artnr: 25307 Lamp; MohlinsFront/back, cateye HL-EL 135 (5-158) front TL-LD 130 ( 15-028) back Artnr: 103644

Child seat: Co Pilot Taxi Child seat High seat back, saftey grab bar, enclosed seccuried in its carrier slide N”Lock mounting Artnr: #20-0628 Performance bicycle 40 lbs/ 1 child, 81 bs Boxes: Kartell company Transparent polycarbonate plastic Wheels reflectors: Us reflectors/stars Front Fork: Mohlins Black, without brakes 1-1,8, 14 mm axle Artnr: 161428 Chain gurad; Mohlins Black L 370 mm H163 mm Artnr; 25307 Pamper: Mohlins Artnr: 25287


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