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Answer the questions from acts 1, 2 and 3. You can find them on the following pages in your books or here below: Act 1: p. 74 Act 2: p. 78 Act 3: p. 82 Put your answers into your folders. ACT 1 1. ´The old fashioned respect for the young is fast dying out' (page 22) is the opposite of what we might expect to be said. What would we expect to be said? In these times as in all times there is always talking about how young don’t respect their older. So that was expected, but he turned that phrase around. 2. Re-read the scene where Jack is proposing to Gwendolen. What opinions do you form of the character? I think it is very unpersonal and bad. Gwendolen doesn’t let Jack speak and finish his proposal propperly poor fellow. And she tell him before hands that she will say yes… then what’s the point in making the question? She turnes it to be really unromantic I think, but jack was trying to make it romantic. 3. Is Gwendolen afraid of her mother? why/why not? She is not afraid of her mother no, but she does listen to her and obey, because she is a little afraid of her father. She knows her mother well, and knows wha she mey do and mey not do. 4. What differences are between Jack and Algy? Jack is more strick, ang Algy more free spirits. But Algy does not belive in love and Jack is in-love. ACT 2 1. In what way does your impression of Cecily change, or develop, through Act 2? I though she was much more down too earth, but that changed right away after only 2 pages of reading with her on the scene. 2. Is the relationship between Algernon and Jack different in this Act? First Jack was kinda naughty but now Algy is the naughty one, he has something he want too get and Jack doesn’t approve, in secene one it was accacly the opposite. 3. What will be the effect on the audience of seeing Jack enter dressed in mourning clothes? The audience don’t know why he would be mourning, but then when it comes out that he’s mourning for his imaginated younger brother, people are really mad that he would fake his death and bring sadness to the good people who are near him. ACT 3 1. What impression do you get of Miss Prism in Act 3? I think she is really spoiled annoying lady who think mostly of herself. 2. What reason do you think Jack might have for refusing to give permission for Cecily to marry Algernon other than the explanation he gives (page 60)? He doesn’t want Algy to be happy when Jack doesn’t get his loved one himself. He knows Algy can help him with it but Algy hasn’t. 3. What difficulty is still unresolved? - though no one seems to mind - at the end of the play? That if Cecely and Aly could get married or not.

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