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(Translation from original version in Spanish by Minerva Laveaga Duarte)

Memorias del Silencio: Footprints of the Borderland was born from the idea of providing a space for the voices of farm workers and their families, as well as to offer them new academic opportunities. Most of the people who work in the United States’ fields are immigrants who arrived to this land in search of better jobs. The stories behind their travels, from their place of origin, to the place where they found work, as well as their experiences once in the United States, are innumerable. This project was intended to give voice to some of these stories in a way that would allow the protagonists themselves to narrate their experiences. For several months, I had the opportunity to work with the authors of these pieces in creative writing workshops. The intent of these workshops was to offer the students the necessary tools so that, little by little, they could draw up their stories. They read and practiced different literary genres (poetry, non-fiction, short story and essays) until each of them found their place in literature. Each author chose the genre in which they wanted to present their story, which resulted not only in a great variety of voices, but in a great variety in the presentation of those voices. In this book, the author’s roots and their dreams are far from being static – they move with them at every step. For this reason, we have considered it important to include not only what is happening now in their lives, but also, their past, their hopes and their thoughts.



Memorias del Silencio  
Memorias del Silencio  

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