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of the City of El Paso, permitted us to work with these students who are enrolled in the Spanish language GED program at EPCC. We added a component to the program that explored their creativity in narratives—prose or poetry. Our instructor, Ms. Minerva Laveaga Duarte has been outstanding in being able to work with these students to help them reach their creativity. Her disciplined visits to the classrooms and her motivation to work with this novice student body have produced rich dividends.

We at BorderSenses are thrilled at the outcome of this project. With

little formal training, the ability of these students to relive their experiences artistically gave this project a special meaning. Even in the art world, degrees and credentials are often overvalued. This project has demonstrated without a doubt that the ability to be emotionally expressive in writing has no boundaries; it only requires the right stimulus and context. Writing channels our thoughts and souls. It can vastly advance the cause of learning. Widening opportunities for minority voices can vastly improve literacy and better our community. We ask you to join us in celebrating the outcome of this project. The publication of Memorias del Silencio: Footprints of the Borderland is a testimony to the writers and the instructor. The selections were all composed in Spanish, but in order to reach a wider audience the Instructor, who is also the Editor, chose to create a special “Translations” section with some English translations representing all the works. Local artist Fernando Ramirez has been instrumental in illustrating these works using his rich imagination. Special thanks to web designer Alex Hernandez for his design and rendition. The efforts of other staff members (administrative and technical), Edevaldo Orozco, Dalila Salazar, Javier Sanchez, Ernesto Flores, and Carmen Seda are deeply appreciated.   If you want to know more about this project, please visit us at: http:// or you can email us at info@bordersenses. com.



Memorias del Silencio  

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