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What our students think about the Course ..... Craig Matear - Current HNC

I was originally offered a place at University doing a different course but decided I really wanted to do Visual Communication. I’d seen around Borders College’s

facilities when I was at school as part of the Options and Choices event, so I knew it had good facilities. The iMac computers and design software is so much better than at school, it’s the same hardware and software as used in design companies. At first I was a bit worried that I might not get on the course because although I had four highers they weren’t in Art or English as the college prospectus asks for but, I was able to get an interview on the basis of being able to bring along a good portfolio of artwork. I’ve been surprised how friendly everyone is, students and lecturers and how much support I get. All the work is project based so its like working in a design studio with a new project every 4 weeks. Things are going well, I’ve completed and passed my first two projects in Visual Communication Basics and Digital Imaging and we are going on to the next project soon which is about Typography.

We will be designing leaflets, posters, web sites, exhibition panels and packaging over the course of the HNC. I intend progressing to HND after completing this year, which will allow me to progress to University the following year. For me college is a good halfway house between school and university where I can progress with my design skills and knowledge in a situation where I get much more support before being ‘dropped in the deep end’ at university.

Ilona McCudden - Current HND

Before I came to Borders College I thought it was just for dropouts who couldn’t go to University. As it turned out

I didn’t get good enough exam results for University and while considering resitting in 6th year I thought perhaps I should find out more about college. The other factor was that I wasn’t totally convinced that I was ready to move away from home at this stage - never mind the expense of it. My attitude towards college changed completely when I went for interview. It was a bright, modern, new college with good facilities - iMac computers, Adobe Creative Suite software, scanners, graphic tablets and DSLR cameras.

My interview went well and I was accepted on the basis of my portfolio of previous artwork. Some of my friends

had laughed at me when I said I was going to apply for the Visual Communications course despite failing my Graphic Communication course at school! To be honest, before the interview, I didn’t really know what Visual Communication was but suspected it was another name for graphic design, which it is. I also soon realised that the staff were practicing professionals as well as teachers, which meant that they knew their stuff. I acheived my HNC in Visual Communications last year, with an A in my graded unit which felt like a huge acheivement. I really didn’t think I would enjoy the course as much as I have. I’m hoping to go onto Napier University next year. The good thing is that Napier and Borders College have an articulation agreement which means that I can join the course in 3rd year if my results are good enough.



Martha Schofield - Graduate HND

I absolutely loved my time at Borders College.

I was a bit worried when I started that I was going to be sitting in front of a computer all the time.

However, there were loads of opportunities to be creative and experimental with more traditional forms of art and I was always encouraged to take an individual approach. Visual Communications felt like ‘art with career prospects.’ I became aware of all the opportunities available for employment. During the course we worked on two real client projects which gave me invaluable experience. In fact my rebranding designs were chosen by the committee of the Jim Clark Rally.

Borders College, Scottish Borders Campus, Nether Road. Galashiels TD1 3HE Apply for the course at: For more information contact the Course Tutor:

I achieved my HND in Visual Communication last year, with an A in my Graded Unit and I also won the Student of the Year Award which was wonderful.

I’ve since gone on to 3rd year at Napier University studying Design and Digital Arts. I’m able to use the skills, knowledge and processes learned at Borders College. The course at college was quite structured with

good support from the lecturers and although I’m finding the University environment challenging, I need to do much more myself, it is exciting and feels like the next step towards my new career. If I can do well on my University course it will certainly give me the confidence to pursue a career in the design industry.

Designed by Angus Geidesz - HND Visual Communications - Borders College

“Makes you come out of your shell” -LAURA THOMSON

“Free to make your own work, you can twist, change stuff as long as you follow the brief”

“Makes you realise who you are” -SARAH FISH




“Before I came here I had no idea I wanted to do photography at all”

“The fact that you get to try lots of things in art that I have never done before”



For more information please contact: Designed by Angus Geidesz - HND Visual Communications - Borders College



“One to one tutorials makes it easier to get your head around problems”



Borders College, Scottish Borders Campus, Nether Road. Galashiels TD1 3HE Apply for the course at:

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