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BSPC People . . . who’s in-house? Each issue we get to know a BSPC professional from one of BSPC’s member firms and this week we are speaking to - Ron Hastings from Hastings & Co Tell us about your role within Hastings & Co? My main role these days is developing the company with a particular focus on property and the estate agency side of the business. I probably spend as much time out and about as I do behind my desk and I like to see our properties looking good and encourage everyone involved to set high standards taking extra time and care to capture photographs of both the properties and locations. I really enjoy the challenge and it’s rewarding to work with our hardworking team and the shared enthusiasm and positive attitude makes working a pleasure. There is never a dull moment and we all share the blue sky thinking approach (even on a cloudy day) and do our best for clients right across the range of property types with nothing too big or too small for us to take on. I also believe in working together and empowering our team so we have weekly property meetings and meetings with the legal team to check on progress which helps keep everyone in the loop and makes sure we deliver on our one stop shop service. Key to our success has been making everyone part of a winning team and I like to think that all share in the rewards.

How long have you worked with the firm? I moved to the Borders in 1984 and before I set up my firm in August 1998 I was a partner in another local firm in Kelso so I make that 17 years to date.

What do you enjoy most about your job? I still get a buzz when I go out to an exciting new property or location and have been known to take hours over the photographs but that’s what makes the difference and its great when this all works out with a successful sale and happy clients. I also enjoy investing in our people and it’s a thrill to see the way the staff excel by working with each other and sharing the same enthusiasm for what they do. I have always found that time and effort invested is repaid by results.

What keeps you busy when you’re not at the office? Music is my first love... after I got over the fact that I was no “Kenny Dalglish” and as age has inevitably caught up with me music keeps me going. In my younger days I would tread the boards with Kelso Opera (and anyone else who would have me) but I was no dancer so these days I am more of an old folkie playing at sessions around the Borders including a weekly event at the G & A in Melrose and the occasional Friday night at the Cobbles in Kelso.

Where’s your favourite place in the Borders? If I have to choose one spot it would be the view from near where I live at Minto looking down the Teviot Valley to the hills beyond Hawick and over to Ruberslaw . . . reminds me of the Lake District without the lakes.

Tell us about your home or dream home? We live in a lovely location at Minto with great views and peaceful surroundings. Before that we lived in a lovely old police station at Swinton but I was always on the look out for a house that ticked the boxes with a field for my wife’s horse and a vibrant music scene for me so here we are living the dream.

What would be your ideal holiday? A place where I could get there without any hassle travelling or packing so ‘Beam me up Scotty’. Having said that once I get there and settle down I enjoy holidays and of the occasional adventures abroad my favourite would have to be the time spent in India in the foothills of the Himalayas. The country and culture is deeply spiritual and a great place to experience a different world. The recent earthquake in Nepal reminds us just how easily that can be lost and never replaced.

What’s your greatest achievement? A few years ago back in Glasgow I was awarded ‘Sportsman’ of the Year for the under 12 team at Clarkston Amateur Football Club. Although I probably got that for being the best dressed and most polite rather than my football skills!

Name two things you can’t live without? My iPad and the Hawick News!

What’s your favourite Borders eatery? Too many to choose but I would probably need to go back to university days and the curry haunts of Glasgow and the closet to that would be the best Indian restaurant in the Borders - Khans in Selkirk.

Who is your favourite author/ artist or designer? As a lawyer it may surprise some but I am not a great reader. I would have to say that I am married to my favourite artist/designer and both her skills were put to good use developing our website all those years ago.

What’s playing in your car right now? I currently have a CD by Borders Singer Songwriter Dave Finnie stuck in my CD but I will be changing my car shortly - although not just to get rid of Dave!

What natural talent would you like to have? I would like to be able to perform on the piano and not just plonk and also to play the drums properly . . . not just annoy the neighbours.

BSPC People... who's in house?  

Get to know a BSPC professional from one of BSPC's member firms, Ron Hastings from Hastings & Co.

BSPC People... who's in house?  

Get to know a BSPC professional from one of BSPC's member firms, Ron Hastings from Hastings & Co.