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BSPC People . . . who’s in-house? Each issue we get to know a BSPC professional from one of BSPC’s member

firms and this week we are speaking to - Susan McKinlay from Taits Tell us about your role within Taits? I have a varied role and cover the main reception and deal with the property side of things. I deal with enquiries coming into the office by telephone, email and in person, the marketing and advertising of property and arrange and do viewings. I also cover cash room duties and any other office administration that is required.

What keeps you busy when you’re not at the office? I have 2 boys who love sport so I’m never short of games to watch and kits to wash. We also have a wee dog that keeps us busy.

Where’s your favourite place in the Borders?

Almost 2 years.

Ednam. My family are all from there and as a child I spent the majority of my school holidays at my Grandparents house there, lots of happy memories.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

Tell us about your home or dream home?

I like the variety of my job, and that every day is different. I enjoy meeting people whether out and about or in the office, getting to see inside all the properties, and the satisfaction you get when you put that ‘sold’ sticker on.

I have a 200 year old town house in the centre of Kelso that I love, my dream house would be that, but finished to how I’d like it.

How long have you worked with the firm?

What would be your ideal holiday? In our campervan touring round France.

What’s your greatest achievement? Completing the Yetholm ride out at Kelso Civic Week. My cousin Robert was Kelso Laddie in 2009, I’d promised him when he was little that I’d follow him if he was ever the Laddie. Got that phone call early 2009 “Suze, we need to learn to ride”. The emotion and accomplishment I felt riding back into Kelso Square was overwhelming, it was a memorable day. And the only time in 21 years my husband has ran me a bath and poured me a glass of wine!

Name two things you can’t live without? Sunshine and family.

What’s your favourite Borders eatery? The Bangladeshi Tandoori in Kelso, especially when my son is waitering.

Who is your favourite author/ artist or designer? John Grisham

What’s playing in your car right now? The Script

What natural talent would you like to have? I wish I could play a musical instrument.

BSPC People... who's in house?  

We get to know a BSPC professional from one of BSPC's member firms, Susan McKinlay from Taits.

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