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BSPC People . . . who’s in-house? Each issue we get to know a BSPC professional from one of BSPC’s member firms and this week we are speaking to - Linda Burns from Smiths Grant Tell us about your role within Smiths Grant I have a varied role within the Office. I am currently working as the Property Assistant, Cashroom Assistant /Receptionist all of which makes for a very busy day.

How long have you worked with the firm? The Firm has only recently gone under new management with Mr De Wert so technically I’ve only been with Smiths Grant for 5 months but approximately 18 years prior to that with what was known as the Duns Branch of IS&P - so I’m in with the bricks.

What do you enjoy most about your job? I enjoy interacting with the clients and being able to assist with their queries whenever possible. Satisfied clients are happy clients.

What keeps you busy when you’re not at the office? Apart from the usual mundane household chores I regularly participate in weekly Aerobic and Step Classes, and only recently joined another less energetic although equally demanding pilates class – but I am definitely a work in progress there.

Where’s your favourite place in the Borders? I don’t have a favourite place in the Borders as such. I do however enjoy country walks in woody areas away from roads and traffic and preferably close by to water.

Tell us about your home or dream home?

What’s your greatest achievement? I always wanted to be able to ski, horse ride and water ski. I learned to ski at an older than ‘normal average age’, a decade later I learned to horse ride and recently had a shot albeit very badly at water skiing.

Name two things you can’t live without? Definitely a decent cup of tea and the regular Saturday afternoon girly catch ups putting the world to rights over a large glass of wine (or two).

What’s your favourite Borders eatery? Again, I’ve not got a favourite but would certainly recommend the Haggis Battered Balls in H2O in Gala they are delicious.

My dream home would be a modern property with a large glass fronted upstairs livingroom with balcony overlooking magnificent countryside views. Quirky garden areas all around the house with various ‘sit ootery’ areas to enjoy the sunshine with a lovely rustic water feature. Another must have would be a large laundry/utility room with vast amounts of storage space so that all clutter could be easily shut off behind closed doors and look presentable for any unexpected visitors.

Who is your favourite author/ artist or designer?

What would be your ideal holiday?

What natural talent would you like to have?

It would be a combination type holiday. Starting with skiing in brilliant sunshine (with fresh snow in late evening) and then flying off somewhere exotic/warm to relax but with interesting cultural wonders to visit and someone else paying for it !

I would like to be artistic and creative and have the ability to completely zone out whilst creating my next personal masterpiece.

To be fair I don’t read much at all. I do enjoy (maybe not the correct terminology as they are pretty horrific true stories) the books by David Pelzer.

What’s playing in your car right now? Texas, Olly Murs and I have been known to sing along rather badly to my daughter’s One Direction CD which was left in the car.

BSPC People... who's in-house?  

We get to know a BSPC professional from one of BSPC's member firms - Linda Burns from Smiths Grant.

BSPC People... who's in-house?  

We get to know a BSPC professional from one of BSPC's member firms - Linda Burns from Smiths Grant.