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BSPC People . . .who’s in-house? Each issue we get to know a BSPC professional from one of BSPC’s member

firms and this week we are speaking to - Anna from Iain Smith & Partners Anna Loomis

Tell us about your role within Iain Smith & Partners ? My job centres around our busy Estate Agency department and I spend most of my time liaising with clients and assisting them with all aspects of the sale/rental of their properties. Handling enquiries, designing marketing materials and day to day administration also keeps me busy!

Tell us about your home or dream home?

What’s your favourite Borders eatery?

I’ve just bought my first house with my husband and it pretty much fulfils my dream requirements – a small village property with character and a beautiful garden. I feel very lucky!

Burts Hotel in Melrose brings fond memories to mind and I think the food is absolutely fantastic. Eating there is always a treat !

What would be your ideal holiday? Renting a cottage in the Scottish Highlands by the sea, with sunny weather and family.

How long have you worked with the firm? Since November 2014

What’s your greatest achievement?

What do you enjoy most about your job?

Writing and recording an album of my original music, and performing around New York City, where I lived for 2 years.

I’ve had a steep learning curve within this role, and I’ve enjoyed the challenges that have come with it. I think my favourite part of the job is working with clients from the initial valuation to the final sale. It’s an exciting and rewarding process and interesting to meet such a diverse mixture of people on a day to day basis.

What keeps you busy when you’re not at the office? Spending time with my family, writing music, going on walks in the countryside and experimenting in the kitchen – I love to cook!

Where’s your favourite place in the Borders? There’s a spot near the top of Gattonside Heights where I have often walked to and paused to reflect – in June the path is lined with whin bushes which smell wonderful and the panoramic view both up and down the river valley never fails to put life into perspective and make me feel better.

Name two things you can’t live without? Playing the piano and coffee!

Who is your favourite author/ artist or designer? I love the paintings of James Whistler and one of my favourite authors would have to be Anthony Doerr.

What’s playing in your car right now? Sufjan Stevens’ latest album “Carrie & Lowell”.

What natural talent would you like to have? I would love to be able to speak several languages fluently – I think some people have a gift for this but I find it quite hard!

BSPC People... who's in-house?  

We get to know a BSPC professional from one of BSPC's member firms - Anna Loomis from Iain Smith & Partners.

BSPC People... who's in-house?  

We get to know a BSPC professional from one of BSPC's member firms - Anna Loomis from Iain Smith & Partners.