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BSPC People . . . who’s in-house? Each issue we get to know a BSPC professional from one of BSPC’s member firms and this week we are speaking to - Amy Campbell from Taits Tell us about your role within Taits? I have a varied role at Taits. I assist one of the firm’s partners with daily tasks, deal with property enquires and carry out property viewings. I also cover reception and deal with general administration when required.

How long have you worked with the firm? I have worked at Taits for 1 year.

What do you enjoy most about your job? As my role at Taits is varied, I love that each day is different. I enjoy getting to see inside all different types of properties, learning new skills and meeting new people.

What keeps you busy when you’re not at the office? I love spending time with my boyfriend, family and friends – this involves travelling to Lossiemouth and Dundee. I enjoy going for walks in the countryside, visiting nice restaurants and shopping.

Where’s your favourite place in the Borders? Home, I live in a small village in between Lauder and Earlston.

Tell us about your home or dream home? My dream home would be an old farm house somewhere in the countryside, preferably with a bit of land and outbuildings.

What would be your ideal holiday? I would like to go back to Barbados in the near future.

What’s your greatest achievement? My greatest achievement would have to be getting over my fear of driving and passing my driving test. I sat my driving test so that I was able to work from the Borders.

Name two things you can’t live without? Chocolate and my family.

What’s your favourite Borders eatery? This is a tough one. The Lodge at Carfraemill is my favourite but I also love the Shish in Galashiels.

Who is your favourite author/ artist or designer? Tiffany & Co.

What’s playing in your car right now? Radio 1.

What natural talent would you like to have? I wish I was as musically talented as my Dad and my little brother.

BSPC's People... who's in-house?  

We get to know a BSPC professional from one of BSPC's member firms - Amy Campbell from Taits

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