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The Voice of Santa Cruz County Communities! Filled with contributions about the people, businesses & events of the Santa Cruz County area that make our community so wonderful! The stories include information about our history, towns, businesses, clubs, people, entertainment, education, community events and more! Each issue has the prestigious look of a national magazine overf lowing with content that is totally local and all about you! The ultimate goal is to provide a sense of close community living while connecting your local business with family, friends and neighbors within our target market area. Promoting our local business owners within our community provides our readers the opportunity to shop and buy locally and also promote economic development in our community’s. Our magazine is strategically distributed in high-traffic areas in Southern Arizona, including; chambers of commerce, resorts, hospitals, clinics, grocery stores, restau- rants, retail and commercial businesses and corporate offices. Since this is a great free publications new distribution points will be always be opening their door to Border Eco. Border Eco has a marketing plan for each and every business to reach their target market effectively and affordably. Our marketing partners will receive creative marketing solutions that are specifically customized for your business. This includes Print Display Advertising, Internet Adver- tising and E-Newsletter Sponsorships, Online Magazine, Direct link to your website and Social Network Integration. Your ad content is ready and available 24/7 for user- driven distribution via Facebook and Twitter. We invite you to be a business partner of Border Eco. Together we can connect your business with our community through print and online. Everyone has a story, what’s yours?



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Border Eco Magazine distributes 5,000 free magazines every month; with a pass on rate of 3 readers yielding 15,000 unique readers per month.

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Border Eco Magazine distributes in over 120 local offices, gas stations, clinics, restaurants, schools, supermarkets, and the many other community buildings and organizations throughout Santa Cruz County. Our readership consists of entrepreneurs, retail and business owners, activists, young newcomers, long-time residents, politicians and tourists. The main areas of saturation are Nogales, Rio Rico, Patagonia, Sonoita, and Tubac, Arizona.

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1 Ad/Issue $ 85 per ad $ 135 per ad $ 255 per ad

3 Ads/Issues $ 65 per ad $ 105 per ad $ 210 per ad

6 Ads/Issues $ 45 per ad $ 85 per ad $ 155 per ad

1/2 page Ad

$ 465 per ad

$ 385 per ad

$ 295 per ad

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$ 875 per ad

$ 585 per ad

$ 445 per ad


$ 135 per ad

$ 105 per ad

$ 85 per ad

Special prices available for Nonprofits upon request. *Classified ads do not include No. 3, 4, 5 and 6.

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Special prices available for Nonprofits upon request.

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2013 Media Kit  

Border Eco Magazine, Media Kit 2013

2013 Media Kit  

Border Eco Magazine, Media Kit 2013