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The Women, Infants and Children (WIC) Program improves the health of women and children by providing clients with the following:

• Nutrition education • Breastfeeding support (counseling, home visits, breast pumps)

• Vouchers for supplemental foods (including new fruits and vegetables, whole grains and soy)

• Referrals

For more information call 287-4994

Pregnant, postpartum and breastfeeding women, as well as infants under one year and children under age five are eligible to apply. Call 287-4994 for an appointment.



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This month’s edition is dedicated in part to the local mercantile business that over the years have helped shape the landscape of what Santa Cruz County is today. Our city has been greatly impacted

by the many businesses that have populated it. In the coming December edition, we will continue to feature other local businesses.


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In the late 1800s two young men, Manuel and Leocadio Escalada embarked on a long voyage across the seas looking for the land of opportunity. The travelers were only boys, Manuel was only 15 and Leocadio was 13. Their family, which included eight siblings, suffered hard times and were encouraged by their parents to across the vast ocean to seek their own fortunes. Penniless and exhausted, the boys entered the Americas, ambitious and ready for what might come their way. The Escalada brothers soon found work as clerks in a mercantile business in the border town of Brownsville, Texas. After twelve years of working, they had saved enough money to finance their own mercantile business. The brothers packed up and moved to Lochiel, Arizona, where they first established their business. At the time there was free commerce between Mexico and the United States and cattle ranchers populated the border along Arizona and Sonora. The mercantile business thrived in the northern parts of the state, but the Escalada brothers where the first to establish themselves in the untamed southern parts of Arizona. Native American raids were still a common occurrence at the time but the Southern Pacific Railroad decided that they would lay their rails into Mexico through the town of Nogales, which later sparked a boom in commerce and that lead to the opening of many industries that are still relevant today. Word soon reached the brothers in Lochiel of the plans that Southern

Pacific Railroad would traverse Nogales and they realized that the business they sought was there, so once again they packed up they made the trek to establish their mercantile store, Escalada Brothers in Nogales in 1892. With visions of the old west, one can only imagine what the mercantile store was like. The location provided all the dry goods that ranchers and farmers needed like feed for the cattle and horse. The ambiance of the store conjured the smells of the old west; the fragrance of new leather and freshly grown tobacco. Families flocked to the local store to get the items that they needed for their day-to-day lives. Ranchers, farmers and locals ran into each other there and it ended up becaming a social hub where locals would go to get their items and neighbors could get reacquainted. The business at that time was located right on the international border in the historic Morley Avenue area. This location allowed families to shop for their goods at Escalada Brothers, walk down Morley and continue on with their shopping at the various stores and maybe even walk over to Mexico for lunch at the “La Caverna” restaurant. By the year 1913, the Escalada Brothers began to sell wholesale dry goods to Mexico via the railroad. At this point, they were providing supplies to the large Sonoran ranches owned by the likes of the Eliases, Camous, Cubillas, Escalantes, Romeros and Sotos and alsoto the Arizona ranchers like the Parkers, Hathaways, Titcombs, Sorells, Vails, Noons, Clarks and others. The store was stocked with everything the

Nogales Chiropractic

& Sports Rehabilitation Center

Monday Friday: 8:30am to 5:30pm


• Laser Therapy • Custom orthotic fitting (support shoes) • Auto accidents covered • Work injuries covered

cepted Insurance assignments accepted Family plans New Sports injuries patients are seen Cold laser therapy promptly. ly. Massage therapy Se habla español. (by appointment only) • X-ray on site

• • • • •

1821 N. Mastick Way Ste 1 / Nogales, AZ • 85621

Phone: (520) 281-1300 Fax 281-4185 /


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One of the last mercantile stores in existence, it has stood the test of time for the last 119 years locals needed and if they didn’t have it, it was most likely that people would not be able to find it elsewhere. With their success, Manuel Escalada returned to Spain and in 1899 he married and brought home Domitila Revuelta. Manuel passed away in 1927 and his wife, Domitila, bought out the business from her brother-in-law, Leocadio, who longed for his home country and returned to Spain. From 1927 until 1934, Domitila owned and ran the business with the help of her three sons, Jose (Don Jose), Manuel and Louis. The three boys had worked all their lives in the family business and decided to purchase it from their mother in 1934. By 1973, Don Jose bought out his brothers, Manuel and Louis. In 1988, Tila, Joe and Simon took over the business after the death of their father, Don Jose. Throughout its time in Nogales, the business has been situated in four different locations, two of which were right along the International border. The two other spots were located in the Escalada Plaza in Nogales, where their headquarters is located besides the Escalada ranch. The business has weathered the test of time and has witnessed many historic events such as the time when Mexican President Alvaro Obregon made his was through the streets of downtown Nogales. Walk into the Escalada Brothers store today and it’s like walking into a piece of history. The Escaladas are dedicated to providing the same service for their customers as it was done one hundred years ago. Ranchers still walk in the store looking for the day-to-day needs a rancher of today might need, and because of its long history, most shoppers are known on a first name basis, something that is pretty much unheard of these days. The store is now ran by Tila, Joe and Simon Escalada and it continues to keep its traditions. Tila actively operates the store and the ranch. She received a degree in business from East Central State College in Oklahoma in

1964. Joe received a doctorate in botany and agronomy from the University of Minnesota in 1972 and Simon received his doctorate in veterinary medicine from Colorado State University in 1973, whose has an office in the Escalada Plaza. Before the rise of large corporations, there was the Escalada Brothers, a general store for the community that helped the way of life in a way that the larger shops could never duplicate. One of the last mercantile stores in existence, it has stood the test of time for the last 119 years as the only mercantile store still in existence that serves ranchers along the Sonoran and Arizona area. For more information about Escalada’s, please visit 1341 N. Grand Avenue or call (520) 287-6848.


The Escalada Brothers, above, in front of the downtown Nogales store circa 1928. Louis, Manuel and Jose Escalada, right circa 1953. Tila Escalada, below, inside the store still attending customers after 119 years since it’s opening.

2011 Border Echo


TIMELINE OF LOCAL CAPIN FAMILY • Hyman Capin is born in Ponevezh, Lithuania, in 1874. • In 1886, his family moves to Manchester, England, then one of the clothing capitals of the world. • Capin, 18, and his family emigrates to the United States in 1892. • Hyman Capin settles in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. • He meets Dora Loon and marries her in 1896. • Capin works as a tailor for several years. • Capin and his family move to Tucson in 1906 where he works as a tailor and operates a dry cleaning establishment. • The Capin family moves to El Paso, Texas in 1913 to take advantage of Capin’s expertise as a military tailor where he opens a shop and begins to make military uniforms. • He opens a branch tailoring and clothing store in 1918 and puts his son-in-law, Harry Chernin, in charge. • In 1919, the Capin family moves to Nogales, Arizona where Camp Stephen D. Little is located. • He opens a tailoring business and becomes the exclusive tailor for the military camp. • The Capins buy their first retail store in 1922 in Nogales, Arizona. The store is named Capin’s Department Store. • In 1924, they purchase a second store in Nogales called La Ville de Paris. • A retail location in El Paso, Texas is purchased in 1925 and is called the Boston Store. • In 1934, the family purchases a store in Texarkana, Texas. • The two stores in Texas close in the 1930s due to the Depression. • Hyman Capin retires in 1931 and dies in 1935.


Border Echo 2011

• Capin’s Department Stores are incorporated in 1949 as the Capin Mercantile Corporation. • In 1960, Capin’s expand their retail business in Nogales with an additional store called the Parisian. • They purchase Robinson’s Hardware Store in Nogales in 1967 and open the Duty Free Warehouse in 1968. • They expand the Duty Free Warehouse by opening another store in San Luis, Arizona in 1969. • Another Parisian store opens in Douglas in 1973. • The Capins build and open the Americana Motor Hotel in Nogales. • In the late 1970s, the Capins add two stores in

Phoenix, Arizona, which one of them ends up becoming Factory 2-U. • The Capin Mercantile Corporation sells their Factory 2-U stores to Family Bargain Corporation for $1.8 million dollars.


July 1, 2010 marked Dr. Eladio Pereira’s 25th anniversary at Mariposa Community Health Center. To recognize Dr. Pereira for his countless contributions to Mariposa, both patients and the community held a reception in his honor. Mariposa’s Board of Directors, providers and leadership team gathered to honor “Dr. P” and express their collective appreciation for his dedication, leadership and service. Dr. Pereira was the first physician to

be recruited after Mariposa became a private corporation in 1986 and was the anchor and drive behind the health center’s growing adult medicine department. Dr. Pereira’s leadership and respect in the medical community was well established when he accepted the extremely challenging position of Chief of Medical Staff and Clinical Programs in 1998. For the past 13 years, Dr. Pereira has bridged the disciplines of clinical medicine and management and has been a critical member of the leadership team.



Dr. Pereira’s leadership and respect in the medical community was well established when he accepted the extremely challenging position of Chief of Medical Staff and Clinical Programs in 1998.



Requestt may be made in writing or verbally by contacting the Recorder’s office at (520) 375-7990 375-7990. .m. - 5 p.m. The Recorder’s business office hours are Monday through Thursday, 7 a.m. - 6 p.m. and Friday 3 p.m. IF YOU ARE DISABLED OR ILL, YOU MAY REQUEST THE SPECIAL ELECTION BOARD BY CONTACTING OUR OFFICE. CE.

SUZANNE “SUZIE” SAINZ / SANTA CRUZ COUNTY RECORDER 2150 N. Congress Dr., Nogales, Arizona 85621



LUNES, 8 DE AGOSTO DEL 2011 A VIERNES, 28 DE OCTUBRE DEL 2011 Las solicitudes deberán ser por escrito o verbales llamando a la Oficina del Registro Publico al (520)375.7990. El horario de la oficina del Registro Publico es Lunes a Jueves 7 am – 6pm y Viernes 3pm – 5pm.


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The Lions Clubs from Nogales, Arizona and Nogales, Sonora along with the Camp Lowell Surgery Center in Tucson, Arizona coordinated Operation See on September 10, 2011 to help low income individuals from Mexico receive life changing eye surgery, which they would not be able to afford on their own. The Lions Club has been providing these operations for over 30 years and they go to extraordinary lengths to make them happen. Nogales Lions Club member James K. Clark is chairperson for the project and helps organize the project from start to finish. The project requires the patients to undergo an economic study and background check to ensure that there is a need for financial help and to be able to be cleared by Homeland Security in order to cross into the United States to get the needed surgery. “These are the poorest of the poor, many times these individuals have no documentation at all so we try to clear them with Homeland Security so they can enter the country to receive the operation,” said Clark. “We go through a long and rigorous road to conduct the surgeries. We need to clear the facilities, get the physicians, volunteers and clear the patients so that we are ready to go when we set the date.” The patients are transported from Mexico at 5am, so they could be at the facilities by 8am and have them prepared for the surgeries. Surgeons, nurses and Lions club members volunteer their services and time to perform the operations. Additional equipment was donated along with medications and supplies. In total, Dr. Jack Aaron performed 15 cataract surgeries with intraocular implants.


Border Echo 2011


Surgeons performs operations on patients. Lions Club member and chairperson Buck Clark explains process. Staff and Lions club members were at the facility helped set up the surgeries, assisted with the preoperative patient examinations, provided patient care, assisted and cleaned the rooms between surgeries. The patients, who were all from Nogales, Sonora, varied in age and were very happy and appreciative of the surgeries that they had received. “I am touched and very happy. One patient expressed that she will be able to see her grandchildren for the first time in her life. This is what it’s about, making a difference in people’s lives,” states Clark.

LIST OF VOLUNTEERS Volunteers Kaye Cagle RN Surgeons Chris Benstead Barbara Marco RN Robin Mendez Dr. Jack Aaron Ruthie Kimmons RN Susan Hunn RN Dr. Richard Marcello Robin Nandin RN Wilma Agnew RN Dr. Sanjay Sannan Eileen Merriman Tony Alvarado Dr. Thomas Boyle Grace Venegas Shawn Montgomery Dr. Lawrence Kaye Eddie Venegas Kevin Bastiste +8 other people Dee Sweeney RN Diane Hubbard RN Anesthesiologists Nogales, Sonora Linda Moss RN Kathy Smith Dr. John Bentley Dr. Z. Uras (¿) Germaine Barton Dr. Elson Revak Dr. Jesus Kaweo (¿) Pam Pagnam RN Dr. Screvan Farmer Dr. Carlos Munoz



Our dental office has been declared a FLOSS FREE ZONE. No longer will we burden you with outrageous flossing requirements. No more goopy string, snapping between your teeth. No more getting busted at your cleaning visits. Our intentions are good. Dentists want you to have healthy gums but unless we clean BETWEEN our teeth, gum disease will take hold. Gums will begin to bleed. Your amazing breath will move loved ones a few paces back. And the jawbone holding your teeth will literally dissolve. This generates business for dentists, but it’s not so good for your own health, self-esteem, and pocketbook. As you may know, I'm big on prevention. I’m constantly looking for those things that make it easier to keep our teeth and mouth healthy. Here are 3 things that can make a difference. 1. Toss the string floss. Substitute instead, a

WATER FLOSSER, a new name for an old device. Water Pik changed its marketing to better describe what its oral irrigator really does. And that's to blast out the bugs between your teeth with a jet stream of water. Studies show that flushing beats flossing by an incredible 93%. We personally have seen teeth, scheduled for extraction; recover completely after professional treatment and twice a day WATER FLOSSING. Be sure to direct the water jet (90 degrees) perpendicular to the tooth. Don't blast down into the crevice as this will only force bacteria deeper! 2. The SONICARE ultrasonic tooth brush. The bristles vibrate at a very high frequency creating a microscopic tsunami, exploding any plaque and bacteria in its path. Katrina in a brush. Again, the research shows significantly better plaque removal than with manual brushes. 3. XYLITOL is a natural sugar that cavityforming bacteria cannot digest. Remember, cavities are caused by a bacterial infection. Studies prove that a 3 to 6 month Xylitol program can actually starve the bad bugs in your mouth, eliminating the infection, the source of cavities. CARI FREE has developed 100% Xylitol based oral care products. They feature chewing gum, candy, toothpaste and mouth rinse. We stock CARI FREE in the office. SPRY is another 100% Xylitol product line manufactured by Xlear and

with similar products. Proper usage consists of at least 5 applications daily: 1. MORNING: brush with a Xylitol tooth paste. 2. AFTER BREAKFAST: chew 2 pieces of Xylitol gum or mints. 3. AFTER LUNCH: chew 2 more Xylitol products. 4. AFTER DINNER: chew 2 more pieces. 5. BEFORE BED: brush again with Xylitol toothpaste. Xylitol can be safely used by infants. It doesn't raise the glycemic index so diabetics can safely use it with approval of their physician. Xylitol is found in fruits, vegetables, and our own bodies and has no toxic side effects. I love this stuff! 80 to 90% of bad breath originates from infected gums, and decayed teeth. Mouthwashes, sugar mints, and regular chewing gum only add a cloying sweetness to bad breath. What’s worse, odor causing bugs love the sugars found in conventional mints and gums, which contributes to even more tooth decay and gum disease, and of course malodor. If none of this applies to you, great! But if you're part of the other 73% of the population, then some of this information should be useful. Dentists are always harping on flossing…it’s a genetic thing. OUR re-programming will be a challenge. You, on the other hand, should have a much easier transition. For more information visit 855 W. Bell Road, Suite 600, Nogales, AZ 85621 or call (520) 761-1600 or visit online at

Rudy Pérez Se Habla Español Licensed Bonded Insured • ROC214643

Rio Rico, AZ Presupuestos Gratis •

2011 Border Echo



The Esperanza Latino Teacher Awards is an award given out by Chicanos Por La Causa (CPLC) to honor educators who go the extra mile to make a difference in the lives of children. It is the only award that specifically pays tribute to Hispanic teachers in Arizona. In its 12th year, CPLC has selected this year’s winner for the first time in its history, someone from Southern Arizona has been selected. Nogales’ very own Mrs. Sofia P. Gámez of Francisco Vasquez de Coronado Elementary School is a recipient of this year’s awards. Gámez, originally from San Luis Rio Colorado, Sonora, came to Nogales in May of 1994. After graduating from the University of Arizona with a degree in Bilingual Elementary Education. Gámez continued her studies while teaching in Nogales and received a Master’s degree in Early Childhood Education from Northern Arizona University in 2009. Gámez had originally set her sights on becoming a doctor and had enrolled in the medical program at the University of Arizona. As a child, she was the educator in a family of five children and this lead her to change her major and pursue education. “My philosophy for teaching is that it is imperative to make a connection with the students, an honest, genuine one because otherwise, I’m not sure they will respond as they do in my classroom,” said Gámez. “I enjoy my job, and I try to connect with each child, I really take an interest in each one, and that I’m here just for them. We need to love our kids and teach


Mrs. Sofia P. Gámez of Francisco Vasquez de Coronado Elementary School recipient of this year’s Esperanza awards with her students.

them about how important education is.” “The bottom line is that she loves what she does, and I’m very pleased and honored that the organization has selected her as a winner,” Steve Zimmerman, Superintendent for Nogales Unified School District #1 said. Gámez is

NUSD #1 Teacher of the Year, was also a nominee for Santa Cruz County Teacher of the Year and is currently in the running for the state’s Teacher of the Year award. “Her philosophy on education is just amazing, and it ocmes right from the heart, you can’t teach heart, she just has it,” said Zimmerman of Gámez.

“The bottom line is that she loves what she does, and I’m very pleased and honored that the organization has selected her as a winner,” 10 Border Echo 2011

Steve Zimmerman, Superintendent for Nogales Unified School District #1 said


On September 28th, the Government of Mexico through the Consulate General of Mexico in Nogales, Arizona, and the Santa Cruz County Attorney’s Office held a ceremony of the “IME Scholarship Program” at Cochise College. IME Scholarship is a program aimed by the Mexican government, local government institutions, and private sector, among others, that contribute to development the education of Mexican or Mexican origin students in the United States. This program conducts its resources to support Cochise College students’ and will support graduates from Pierson High School to start their college careers. IME Scholarship Program began in 2005 to help raise the educational levels of Mexicans and Mexican-Americans in the United States. Since 2010, the program has broadened its benefits by extending scholarships to young Mexicans and Mexican-Americans. In Santa Cruz County, the program’s funds from the Mexican Government have been supplemented by the contributions of the County Attorney’s Office and Cochise College, each one provided $10,000. The Consulate General of Mexico in Nogales, Arizona will directly receive financial resources from the Mexican government to implement the program. The requirements to get the Scholarship are to be a graduate from Pierson High School, be Mexican or Mexican-American, have an outstanding performance and be in a adverse economic situation.



Young Audiences of Santa Cruz County and the Hilltop Art Gallery presented the 2nd Annual Youth Art Exhibit. The event took place at Kasa Mia Restaurant and featured local children’s artwork, dining and music. It was a two day event, one for adults only and the second one for the entire family. Tickets were sold for $20 per adult. Guests enjoyed live entertainment from “Pipe Dreams” with Georgia and Richard Conroy and Tiro with Luis Leyva. There was also a silent auction with all the profits from ticket sales and the auction going to the

Young Audiences of Santa Cruz County. Participants included students from elementary, middle and high school all around Santa Cruz County. First, second and third place winners were announced at the event. The event was in partnership with Alfredo I. Velásquez, Santa Cruz County Superintendent of Schools, Santa Fe Ranch, Bess Spiva Timmons Foundation, Nogales Chamber of Commerce, NUSD, ACA, YA National, Nogales Debutante Cotillion, Kasa Mia Restaurant and associated charities. For more information, please call Jeannie Perez or Monica Silva at (520) 397-7914.





• Urgent care for minor illnesses • New maternity and surgery centers • Wellness center for health and fitness programs • State-of-the-art diagnostic center


1171 W. Target Range Rd. Nogales, Arizona 85621

(520) 285-3000 2011 Border Echo 11


The Santa Cruz County Fair and Rodeo held its 96th annual event at the Sonoita Fair Grounds. Activites included a carnival, 4-H exhibits and auction, several hundred open division exhibits, ranch rodeo, barrel racing, team roping, all-day entertainment, food, premium and sweepstakes awards and barbeque lunch. The event was a weekend endeavor that started on Friday, September 16th and finished on Sunday, September 18th. Friday was Kid’s Day, which consisted of a perishable foods contest, a magician and a karaoke party. Saturday’s events included ranch sorting competition, pony express races, mounted shooting, local wine tasting competition, 4-H parade of champions and the fair dedication ceremony. Sunday was Military day and featured cowboy church, mounted shooting, 4-H barbeque and the 4-H auction. Highlights of the annual county fair included the annual chili cook off where superintendents put on their favorite aprons and played the role of chef and competed for best in show. There was a display of art from students from around the county, which was coordinated and judged by the Santa Cruz County Superintendent’s Office. Another highlight included the first ever wine competition which was judged by the mayors from Nogales, Patagonia, Sierra Vista and Keith Barth. For more information, contact the fairgrounds at


Alfredo I. Velásquez coordinates the judging for the artwork for the Santa Cruz County Fair and Rodeo

21 East Court St. Nogales Arizona (520) 287-5583 Santa Cruz County Provisional Community College District

12 Border Echo 2011

“Let Our Team, Take Ca re Of You”

USA: (520) 285-9022 520-223-2505 Plaza Pesqueira #14 Suite 1 and 2 Nogales, Sonora, México

Daily Drink SPECIALS



Not only is Hotel Fray Marcos de Niza a prominent feature of the city skyline but also a stable of Nogales, Sonora. Located in one of the tallest buildings in downtown Nogales, Sonora. Construction for the Hotel Fray Marcos de Niza began in 1946 and ended in 1950 due to the shortage of materials caused by World War II. This did not stop Jesús Irastorza Fernández, Francisco Irastorza Lavín y Bernardino and Esteban Ibarrola Martínez from achieving their dream of opening a hotel that would serve both visitors and residents of Ambos Nogales. Hotel Fray Marcos de Niza, named after the first white man of the Franciscan order that crossed through these lands searching for the seven cities of Cibola, opened on June 1, 1950. At that time, the hotel had 100 rooms, 2 restaurants, a bar, and the famous Sky Room ballroom. One of the most notable features of Hotel Fray Marcos is the Sky Room. The Sky Room is famous for it’s beautiful views located on the top floor of the hotel. It was known for throwing distinguished New Year’s parties, playing host to famous artists and musicians and only gained popularity as the years passed. Today, the hotel is geared toward business travelers and tourists who come to visit Ambos Nogales. It is equipped with 91 guest rooms, a restaurant, bar, meeting rooms and a business center with a conference room that suits every need a guest would have. The restaurant offers traditional Mexican cuisine and the bar offers a pleasant and tasteful atmosphere with a wide variety of drinks. The restaurant is open from 7am to 11pm, seven days a week and the bar is open from 11am to 1am Sunday through Thursday. (520) 431-31-23 For more information, go (520) 245-7028 online at or call 1-866-947AVE. OBREGON 228 NOGALES, SONORA, MEXICO 5969.


Panclhlao Vi

Avenida Obregon 125 . Col. Centro Nogales, Sonora, Mexico

Ortho A reva lo • Orthodontic (Dental Braces) Dentistry • Dentofacial Orthopedic Dentistry • ZOOM! Teeth Whitening • General Dentistry • Veneers • Cosmetic Dentistry • Restorative Dentistry • Dental Implants • Crowns & Bridges

Dr. He Hector A. Arevalo G., D.D.S. Arev (English Spoken)

Pla Pesqueira, No. 5-B Plaza Nog Nogales, Sonora, Mexico 84000

(520) 841-6302 (520) 313-5017 2011 Border Echo13

Dental Health C E N T E R

Insurancees Welcom Ph: (520) 223-3578

Obregon Ave. 130, Suite 202 y Campillo #38 Nogales, Sonora, Mex.




16 Border Echo 2011

Businesses along the Mexican side of the U.S.-Mexican border have come together to form a committee in an effort to try and bring foreign tourism back into the area. Businesses such as dentists, restaurants and Mexican shops (curios) are coming up with strategies and goals to boost the traffic in the area. The name of the committee is WELCOME TO NOGALES or BIENVENIDO A NOGALES in Spanish. A website was created where all the participating businesses are listed and people can look up the products and services these businesses have to offer. The purpose of the website is to provide people with as much information as possible, such as phone numbers, addresses, how to make reservations and other relevant information about the participating businesses. It would also provide a schedule of transportation services. As of right now, transportation services are offered from Green Valley to Nogales, Sonora but there’s hope of expanding these services to Tucson and Sahuarita. If your visit to Nogales, Sonora is for a medical or dental reason, you might qualify for a gas mileage deduction if you visit a WELCOME TO NOGALES certified business. For a low price, they also offer tour guides with security provided by local law enforcement and ends at a restaurant that is certified by the WELCOME TO NOGALES group. The tours are coordinated with the Department of Economy and Tourism. The participating businesses are encouraged to provide costumers with discounts, gifts and souvenirs when you visit their place of business.

NUSD VOTER INFO NUSD SPECIAL BOND ELECTION November 8, 2011 What is the main purpose of the Bond Election? The State of Arizona has not provided NUSD funding to construct, renovate, or repair school facilities. The buildings within NUSD are aging and in need of immediate maintenance and attention. In addition, Nogales High School needs additional classroom space to meet state requirements in mathematics and science. A successful bond election will fund: • Electrical, structural, and mechanical upgrades and repairs

Proposed Bond Estimated Tax Impact For every $100,000 of assessed valuation

Estimated Annual Tax

Residential Property



Commercial Property



• Roofing repairs • Security system installations • A science building at Nogales High School • Expansion and upgrades of athletic facilities These projects will assist with continuous,

Estimated Monthly Cost

high-quality delivery of services and promote the health and safety of students, staff, and the community who depend on these facilities for academic and recreational purposes. Proposed Bond Estimated Tax Impact

NUSD ELECCIÓN DE BONOS 8 de noviembre, 2011 ¿Cuál es el motivo principal para autorizar los Bonos? El estado de Arizona no ha proveído fondos a NUSD para construir, renovar o reparar propiedades escolares. Los edificios dentro de NUSD son viejos y necesitan mantenimiento y atención inmediata. Además, Nogales High School necesita salones adicionales para cumplir con los requisitos estatales en matemáticas y ciencia. Una elección de bonos con éxito financiará: • Reparaciones y actualizaciones eléctricas, estruc-

Impacto de Impuestos de los Bonos Propuestos Por cada $10,000 de valor de asesor Costo Annual Calculado

Costo Mensual Calculado

Propiedad Residencial



Propiedad Comerical



turales, y mecánicas • Reparaciones de techos • Instalación de sistemas de seguridad • Un edificio de ciencia en Nogales High School • Expansión y actualizaciones de edificios y campos deportivos y recreativos

Estos proyectos ayudarán con la entrega constante de servicios de gran calidad y promoverán la salud y seguridad de los estudiantes, del personal, y de la comunidad que dependen de estos edficios para uso académico y propósitos recreativos.

NUSD MAINTENANCE & OPERATION OVERRIDE November 8, 2011 What are the main purposes of the Override? • To establish and continue existing academic and extracurricular programs to maximize student achievement • To keep salaries competitive to attract the highest qualified staff in the profession. • To offset reductions to the budget What programs does the Override fund? • Afterschool tutoring

Proposed Override Estimated Tax Impact: For every $100,000 of assessed valuation| Estimated Annual Tax | Current Annual Tax | Annual Difference | Monthly Difference Residential Property $195.09 $118.33 $76.76 $6.40 Commercial Property $390.18 $236.66 $153.52 $12.79

• DARE drug resistance classes • Young Audiences assemblies • Support for Senior Project • International Baccalaureate • Educational field trips

•Academic addendums •Music programs • Athletic programs • Extra curricular clubs and activities • Recruitment and retention of qualified staff

NUSD ELECCIÓN DE ANULACIÓN 8 de noviembre, 2011 ¿Cuál es el motivo principal para autorizar la Anulación? • Para establecer y continuar programas académicos y extracurriculares para el máximo mejoramiento de los alumnus • Para mantener salarios competitivos y atraer el personal más calificado • Para compensar reducciones al presupuesto ¿Qué programas estarián afectados? • Tutoría después de clases

mpacto de Impuestos de la Propuesta Anulación: For every $100,000 of assessed valuation| Estimated Annual Tax | Current Annual Tax | Annual Difference | Monthly Difference Residential Property $195.09 $118.33 $76.76 $6.40 Commercial Property $390.18 $236.66 $153.52 $12.79

• Programa anti-drogas “D.A.R.E” • Presentaciones artísticas de “Young Audiences” • Apoyo al proyecto de graduación “Senior Project” • Clases avanzadas de Bachillerato Internacional (IB)

• Viajes escolares educativos • Programas académicos • Programs de música y deportes • Actividades y clubes escolares • Reclutamiento y retención de personal calificado

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EXTENDED HOURS 7 A.M. - 7 P.M To register to vote, please go to the Santa Cruz County Recorder’s office or call (520)375.7990 to request a voter registration form. You may also register to vote online @ Qualifications to vote in Santa Cruz County:

HORARIO EXTENDIDO 7 A.M. - 7 P.M. Para registrarse para votar favor de pasar a la Oficina del Registro Publico o llamar al (520) 375.7990 y pedir la forma de registro de votante. Puede tambien registrarse por medio del internet en Para tener derecho al registro en el Condado de Santa Cruz se necesita:

• Be a United States Citizen • A resident of Santa Cruz County at least 29 Days prior to the election • 18 years of age or more on or before Election Day • Not convicted of a felony or reason, or your rights have been restored • Not adjudicated to be an incapacitated person

• Ser ciudadano de los Estados Unidos • Residente del Condado de Santa Cruz por lo menos 29 dias antes de la elección • Tener 18 años de edad el dia o antes del dia de la elección • No haber sido convicto (a) de felonia o delito mayor o de traición, o que se le hayan reintegrado • No se le haya declarado ser persona discap discapacitada

SUZANNE “SUZIE” SAINZ / SANTA CRUZ COUNTY RECORDER 2150 N. Congress Dr., Nogales, Arizona 85621

18 Border Echo 2011

The Santa Cruz County Recorder’s Office is accepting requests for Early Ballots through Friday, October 28, 2011 for the NUSD #1 Special Election on the improvement bond issue. You may request an early ballot be mailed to you for a single election if you find that you will not be here or cannot go out to vote on Election Day, November 8, 2011, by making a verbal or written request to the recorder’s office or you may vote early in the Recorder’s Office beginning Thursday, October 13, 2011 through Friday, November 4, 2011. If you are ill or disabled, please contact the recorder’s office to request assistance from our Special Election Board and who are available through election day. You may also request to be included on the Permanent Early Voting List (PEVL) to receive an early ballot for any election you are eligible to participate. For this option you must make a written request to the Recorder’s Office. These are the options available so you as voters will not have to miss an election if you find you have a busy schedule, you are working or you can’t go out to vote because you have children at home or you are ill or disabled. The recorder’s office will begin to mail the Early Ballots on Thursday, October 13, 2011. I’d like to encourage our voters to vote their early ballots and return them personally or mail their ballots back to the recorder’s office no later than Friday, November 4, 2011 to assure that their ballots will be in our office and be counted for Election Day-November 8, 2011. As of this date there are a total of 10241 Voters in NUSD #1 and 2672 who have requested an early ballot. The last day to register to vote or make any changes to your voter registration for the NUSD #1 Special Election is Tuesday, October 11, 2011. The recorder’s office will remain open on this day until 7:00 p.m. You can also register to vote online at For further information to register to vote or early voting, please contact the Recorder’s Office at 520-375-7990. For further information on the bond issue, please contact NUSD at 520-397-7940.


Nogales Mayor Arturo Garino was honored at the White House on Friday, September 16 for his work on strengthening the local economy and creating jobs along the southwest border. The White House Champion of Change initiative profiles Americans from all walks of life who are helping the country rise to the challengers of the 21st century. The Champions of Change are known for doing extraordinary things in their communities to innovate, educate and build a better America. As Mayor of Nogales, Garino meets with local businesses and development leaders to encourage job growth in Nogales. As a member of the US-Mexico Border Mayors’ Association, he’s participated in recent meetings on cross-border trade supporting local commerce. He also serves as a Board Member for the SouthEastern Arizona Governments Organization (SEAGO), an association of local governments that is partnering with both the public and private sectors on major job expansion in the region. Garino met with White House officials to discuss his work and identify ways the federal government might be able to help him expand and replicate his efforts. The event was helped organized by NDN, an advocacy organization based in Washington, DC. For more information on the White House Champions of Change program go online at www.whitehouse.gove/champions.


City of Nogales Mayor Arturo Garino

COLLABORATE FOR SOLUTIONS BY DAVID RAMIREZ MATUS The City of Nogales partnered up with CARE, Inc, to host a breakfast on September 23, 2011 at the council chambers at City Hall to unite community leaders from different areas. The purpose of the forum was to have an open, safe and effective dialogue on finding solutions for problems throughout the community. CARE Inc. is a civic, nonprofit organization that serves the leaders of local government, faith, non-profit and business communities by providing a safe place for dis-

cussion, implementation, action and service that brings solutions to the needs of people. Professionals from those areas were asked to work and serve together to collaborate for solutions. The session began at 9am and finished at 11am. It started off with an opening invoation and continued with an introduction of all attendants. The session included a speech from Arturo Garino, Mayor of the City of Nogales and continued with Jon McHatton, a representative from CARE, Inc, who spoke about the For Our City program. The program was created to try and open

the lines of communication between different groups in the community and help get them to collaborate together to better the community. The session continued with attendee’s participating in group activities that addressed solutions for the city and how each entity could contribute. It concluded with attendees being asked to make a commitment to continue to participate in the program. For more information, visit the City of Nogales at 777 N. Grand Avenue in Nogales, Arizona or call (520) 287-6571 or e-mail or go online

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Miss Arizona hopeful is continuing her efforts to participate in the big competition later this year. Points of interest: Attended workshop for acting & modeling; met with past title holders; has new Facebook page titled Natalie Romo for Miss Arizona USA 2012. “I’m a month away from the the pageant, I have worked very hard to get here, I would also like to thank everyone who has sponsored me.” said Romo. If you are interested in sponsoring oor donating towards Romo's efforts, please e-mail her your contact information to: Missnogales2011

20 Border Echo 2011

Photo courtery Dan Lopez Photography

Natalie Romo’s Road to the Crown


The City of Nogales hosted a ceremony of remembrance to honor military Prisoners of War (POW) and Missing in Action (MIA) on September 16, 2011 at City Hall in Nogales, Arizona. The ceremony began with the arrival of colors by the NHS ROTC team and the Pledge of Allegiance. The NHS ROTC continued with the National Anthem and the POW Ceremony and the playing of Taps. Councilwoman Esther Melendez-Lopez conducted the Reading of Names of the military POWs and MIAS. The ceremony than continued with a proclamation by Councilman Jose Diaz. The NHS ROTC concluded the meeting with the retiring of the colors. For more information, visit the City of Nogales at 777 N. Grand Avenue in Nogales, Arizona or call (520) 287-6571 or email or go online at

FIESTAS PATRIAS BY DAVID RAMIREZ MATUS Fiestas Patrias was celebrated on Saturday, September 17 at the Pierson Vocational High School field with a great attendance from the local community. The celebration commemorates Mexico’s anniversary of its independence from Spanish rule. The celebration began at 6pm. with a variety of musical groups as well as other entertainment such as Grupo Boricua from Phoenix, NHS Mariachi

Mexican Consulate honors local priest, S.J. Sean Carrol Father Sean Carroll was honored this past September for his work with the Kino Border Initiative by the Mexican Consulate in Nogales, AZ. PHOTOS | EDGARDO MUNOZ

Apache, Ballet Folkorico, Bebechones and many more performers. The celebration also included a presentation of the Fiesta Queens, the signing of Mexican favorites like “México Lindo,” “Viva México” and an re-enactment ceremony of the “Grito de Dolores” with the Nogales, Sonora fire department honor guard. The celebration also featured many vendors that seved a variety of foods and services. The event, which was sponsored in part by the Mexican Consulate, concluded at 10pm.



40 MPG


40 MPG


26 MPG


40 MPG


22 MPG


31 MPG


1030 West Duval Rd Green Valley, AZ 85614

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+$ +

The Nogales Police Department has a new officer, Sgt. Shield. The police department’s Sgt. Shield will be in charge of connecting with children and the community. Sgt. Shield comes to us from Canada. Orginally built in Canada and shipped to the department, he showed up a little bit injured (damaged). His original date for start of duty had to be postponed due to the injury he sustained. The county attorney’s office paid for Sgt. Shield from Rico Funds. These funds are monies acquired through the prosecution of illegal activities and forfeiture.

Sgt. Shield’s name was the collaborative effort of the Boys & Girls Club and the police department. His design and final look was also a collaborative effort and the final design was approved by the Chief of Police, Jeffrey Kirkham. Sgt. Shield’s duties include public appearance and community liaisons. He will be helping the Nogales Police Department build rapport with the community and he will provide the police department with a much needed resource for public relations and communications. If you would like to have Sgt. Shield attend an event or come by your school, business, or organization or if you’d like more information, please contact Officers David Galindo or Gabby Eppley at (520) 281-9111.


TRADE ASSIST No Payments for 90 Days

Not all buyers will qualify for Ford Credit financing. Customer can defer first payment for up to 90 days. 60 months paid over 62 months at $16.67 per month per $1,000 financed regardless of down payment. 0% financing not available on F-150 Raptor. Trade-in cash available on ‘11 F-150. Rager and Super Duty. Trade-in 1995 or newer FLM or competitive vehicle, or terminate lease 30 days prior to or 90 days after new retail delivery. For all offers, take new retail delivery from dealer stock by 10/31/11. Offer varies on Super Duty in Texas. See dealer for complete details.

You’re at home with....

HORNE 1777 North Grand Avenue • Nogales, AZ 85621-1338

(520) 223-4422

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A.M. Tax & Accounting has been awarded the Business of the Month from the Rio Rico Chamber of Commerce..



he realty business has had their hardships these past couple of years due to the current economic crisis, which means that the American dream of owning a home has been put on hold. Locals are losing their homes, cars and jobs, which has resulted in a stream of abandoned homes throughout Santa Cruz County. Despite the current economic situation, hope remains in tact as people adjust to a new way of life and fight to achieve the American dream. Acclaim Realty in Nogales, Arizona opened its doors in August of 2010. It celebrated its first full year and the fact that it has managed to survive in the middle of these tough times. A collaborative effort that began in 2009 by a group of agents who not only shared a vision to pursue their venture but also had over 30 years of experience in the business. Acclaim Realty has opened their doors and has continued to succeed in such tumultuous times connecting locals with their piece of the American dream. “What we pride ourselves with is service. Talking to people regardless of how busy we are,


Los Picadientes






520-313-5696 130 W. White Park Dr, Nogales, AZ 85621

and after the sale we don’t forget about our clients. It’s the follow up with the buyers that we commit to,” says Aracely Stout, Designated Broker for Acclaim Realty Group. “Right now we have several great properties on sale. We don’t specialize in high end properties, but it seems that lately we have had good success with this market.” Over the past year, Acclaim Realty has set

out to establish a presence in Santa Cruz County and has had success building a good reputation with the community. “Our goal is to sell more homes and hire some more agents to present Acclaim Realty. We worked really hard to build the reputation of the company, so we are really demanding about who we want to represent us,” Stout said. Another area in which Acclaim Realty prides itself in is education. Every agent at Acclaim Realty takes realty educational classes to keep ahead of the curve and always be on the forefront of the real estate business and better provide its customers with the best possible deals. Stout is currently the president of the Santa Cruz Board of Realtors and has been involved with the group for the past nine years. “I wanted to be involved with the group because of the great opportunities I had to learn and educate myself and our agents in the realty business. It has been extremely rewarding, especially because of the fact that the real estate market we have today is completely different than the market we saw three years ago, and the opportunity to learn has been invaluable.”

# t 1 c i r t c s i D

ol Nogales Unified Scho

• High Expectations • Accountability • No Excuses

310 West Plum Street • Nogales, Nogal ales, AZ 8856 85621 5621 56 21 Phone: (520) 287-0800 • Fax: (520) 287-3586 2011 Border Echo 23


The grand opening for Chicanos Por La Causa’s (CPLC) new location was held on September 2, 201l. The event was held to celebrate its new building that was acquired in an ambitious effort to bring more services to the community. Centrally located in downtown Nogales, the building puts CPLC in the public’s view, something that the organization had been seeking when searching for its new home. The event was held in the parking area of the new facility where many community members and leaders came to show their support for the efforts of the organization. U.S. Rep. Raul Grijalva even made an appearance at the event. Grijalva spoke about the great work the organization is doing throughout the state and in Nogales. Alejandro Martinez, Housing Director of CPLC in Nogales, gave a speech and there was a small dedication from a local Father that included a blessing for the new building. Lunch, which consisted of local Mexican cuisine, was provided during the event.

“Now we have an ideal presence in the city with traffic right outside our door and suitable parking, so we can achieve our goal of being ‘THE’ housing resource in Santa Cruz County,” said Martinez. “When they need a home, they need counseling to buy a home, when they’re losing their home, we want locals to think of us first because we have the resources to help.” CPLC has been in Santa Cruz County for over 17 years, helping out local families achieve their dreams of owning a house. As an organization, CPLC has over 90 different programs, 40 offices and 900 employees in Arizona and Nevada. The organization is a non-profit entity but also has for-profit ventures such as property management and restaurants. For more information on CPLC, please visit 575 N. Grant Avenue in Nogales, Arizona or call (520) 281-9570.

Providing Insurance and Financial Services Home Office, Bloomington, Illinois 61710 DANIELLE M SANCHEZ-LEY, Agent 230 W Mariposa Road Suite C20 Nogales, AZ 85621-1023

24 Border Echo 2011

Phone: (520) 281-9759 Mobile: (520) 841-1648 Fax: (520) 761-3818



estled in the majestic Rio Rico mountains, you’ll find the Esplendor Resort at Rio Rico. Locals and tourists alike can indulge in these magnificent amenities like world-class golf on the Robert Trent Jones Sr. championship course, tennis on four lighted courts, or hanging poolside basking in the Arizona sun. It’s maginificant views and accomodations make it an ideal place for anyone to enjoy. For an exceptional dining experience look no further than the San Cayetano Restaurant and the San Cayetano Saloon and Bar. The Old West décor with breathtaking views was the set for the fairly popular PBS cooking


show, Prime Grill where it featured some of the fine dining options that are available at these locations. For lunch, head over to the San Cayetano Saloon and Bar where you can enjoy a delicious lunch where the atmosphere and décor are picturesque. The lunch menu features starters, sandwiches, salads, and lunch combinations. The

Southwestern Chipotle Chicken Caesar salad is an ideal candidate for those who love the sweet and spicy taste of chipotle chilies. The salad is made of romaine lettuce with a chipotle infused Caesar dressing drizzled with grilled corn niblets, diced red bell peppers, and grilled chicken breast. If you’re looking for something a little more filling, the lunch combination is highly recommended. The lunch combination is made up of a small cup of soup, half a salad and half a sandwich. Not only are both these choices light and filling but they’re also very delicious. If you’re in the mood for a sandwich, the Bistro Tender Steak sandwich features a delicious cut of steak and it’s served with caramelized sweet onions, jack cheese on a Kaiser roll. This sandwich is tasty and filling but will not leave you comatose after eating it, which is always a plus when having a quick meal or traveling. The menu also includes other lunch specialties that feature regional cuisine. There’s the enchilada style chimichanga that is made of shredded beef or chicken rolled in a flour tortilla topped with a red chile sauce with a side of rice and beans. Another well-known favorite is the Prickly Pear baby back ribs, which are slow roasted pork ribs smothered in prickly pear barbeque sauce that is made from the fruit of local cactus. The true gem and an extraordinarily succulent item is not a lunch or dinner menu but is proudly featured on the dessert menu. This delicacy is a Mexican style flan with its mouthwatering rich custard topped with a soft caramel layer whose decadence is fit for a king. Locals have enjoyed this dessert for years but the Esplendor Resort is worth the journey if only to taste this wonderful dessert. For more information about the Esplendor Resort at Rio Rico, please visit 1069 Camino Caralampi in Rio Rico, Arizona 85648 or call (520) 281-1901 or toll free at (800) 288-4746 or by visiting online at


WHEN YOU NEED A TOW (520) 470-5000 (520) 287-4849

Auto z a i D Inc.



261 West 3rd Street Nogales, AZ 85621-1327

1790 N. Mastick Way, Suite C Nogales, Arizona 85621

Direct: 520.281.1318 Cell: 520.980.0526 Fax: 520.281.1319



Border Echo 2011





Industrial Warehouse Rio Rico Industrial Pk. 22,500 SqFt Facility, with Dry Storage, Cold Rooms & Office space. 3 Acre Lot.

403 Calle Cipres - Rio Rico, az


746 N. Linda Vista Dr - Nogales, AZ


MLS #: 109945 Under 1/2 Acre, Liv/Dining Room Combo, A/C, Kitchen Facilities, Laundry Facilities, Mountain View, Brick Exterior.

Jose Dabdoub (520)980.0282 2691 N Bit Place, Nogales, AZ


MLS #: 110435 Established neighborhood in town near Hospital, I -19, 3 Bedrooms, 2 bath, 2 story, carport large kithcen, laundry room with utility sink Needs TLC

Virginia Bristol (520) 313.3002 1221 W Frontage Rd - Rio Rico, AZ AL CI R ME M CO


MLS #: 111026 Three bedroom two bath home located in Valle Verde. Very large kitchen area with two areas to do wash. Large walled yard with mature trees.

Angelina Lopez (520)287.3000


Duquesne Rd - Rio Rico, AZ D CE U D RE E IC


MLS #: 110371 Four acres located off Duquesne Road. Horse property and nice building site for home. Home plans included. Passed percolation test, fenced, city water, electric available. Show your buyers today!

Laura Lomeli (520) 313.1556

MLS #: 110943

For Sale Or Lease Commercial Property On Frontage Rd, In Rio Rico. 6000+ Sqft Gas Station And Convenience Store Plus 4 Retail/professional Spaces. 1 Acre Lot, Located On High Traffic West Frontage Rd. A Money Maker!

Jose Dabdoub (520)980.0282

973 Via Puebla - Rio Rico, AZ RE SU O L EC R FO


MLS #: 111065 Two story home in Estates 9. Home sits on 1.36 acres with three bedrooms, two baths, separate dining area, laundry room, evaporative cooling.

Mabel Soto (520) 313.6203 1409 Calle Cuervo - Rio Rico, AZ


MLS #: 110902

Four commercial unit building available on West frontage Rd, Adjacent vacant commercial lot also available. May be purchased separate or together.

Larger lot for this 4 bedroom, two bath home. Conveniently located to schools and freeway access. Will need some TLC.

126 Avenida Ostion - Rio Rico, AZ E UR S O CL E R FO

464 Sueño Corte - Rio Rico, AZ E UR S O CL E R FO

Louie Moralesi (520) 313.4244


MLS #: 110485

Spacious three bedroom home with in-ground pool, large covered patio, metal roof, nice views. Very conveniently located right off Pendelton.

Mayra Valencia (520) 313.5128

Are you interested in buying? IT’ IS TIME T Foreclosures Homes O BUY HVD Homes Auctions UP TO WITH A 50% PRICE REDUC Repos Homes ED

Owner financing with a down payment

“No credit No Problem”

Ramon Losolla (520) 455.7332


MLS #: 110844 Nice Avatar 2 story home in very good condition. Home is missing all kitchen appliances.

George Ortega (520) 313.5823

ES WE RENT HOM R 3B 4BR & CALL: Hector Aleman (520) 313.6423

3231 N Grand Ave • Nogales, AZ 85621


(520) 287.3000

Visit our Website

fax: 520.281.9095

1492 N Calle Dorada - No Nogales, AZ


1883 Roma Corte, Rio Rico, AZ


MLS #: 111001 In time to choose your colors on this new to be constructed home in desirable Meadow Hills Subdivision. Close to 3000 Square feet of living area with Vaulted Ceilings,Fireplace,Alder cabinets, granite counters, double pane windows, a fireplace in master bedroom and also one in living room, block construction with tile roof. This house is open and can be visualized any time.

Ramon Losolla (520) 455.7332

60 Avenida Pastor - Rio Rico, AZ


MLS #: 110429

MLS #: 110486 Conveniently located to Rio Rico schools and interstate highway. Solid built block house with fresh ceramic tiles throughout.

Hilda Rowe (520) 313.0968

Emily Wilson (520) 841-0960

657 N Veracruz St., Nogales, AZ



A rare find in Nogales, 1998 build spacious 3 bedroom 2 bath home. Property needs work, but worth the effort.Water damage present on this property. Great opportunity for an investor or handyman.

Carlos Ramos

Mabel Soto (520) 313.6203

(520) 455.7868

Free Class on Short Sales more info visit us

3013 N Sahuaro Place, Nogales, AZ

$240,000 A AV L IL ST

MLS #: 109830

MLS #: 110983 Two story Avatar home. Well-kept home, all-electric, A/C. Short Sale ¿?? Benefits of selling or buying a short sale

See other USDA and HUD Homes properties in the area… $ 59,000 482 W First St Nogales, AZ MLS # 111027 $ 48,000 425 Menudo Ct., Rio Rico MLS # 111033 $ 48,000 1414 Camino Milano, Rio Rico MLS # 111034 $ 54,000 2040 Via Madonna, Nogales MLS# 111035 $ 87,200 2325 N. Calle Empalme, Nogales Triplex


Meadow Hills Lots from


Maru Parra (520) 455-7785

2482 E. River Road Tucson, AZ 85718

970 Circulo Tumbleweed - Rio Rico, AZ

MLS #: 111028

Large lot, 4.38 acres of usable land. Two story home sits back from main street, three bedrooms, 2.5 bath, two car garage, tile roof, A/C.

Bob Oropeza


Beautiful three bedroom home on two lots features with a circular paved driveway. Second lot has a paved driveway with a cool cover for RV parking. Ready to move in condition as recent renovations have been made. Sewer connection a plus! Must see to appreciate!

MLS #: 111026

Beautiful 5 bedroom 3 bathroom home on corner lot. In desirable Meadow Hills. Large formal dining and living room .Cozy family room with fireplace. Skylights throughout the home. hardwood floors in all the bedrooms and tile throughout the rest of the house. Gorgeous private landscaped yard with mature trees and water fountain,Perfect for entertaining.Bonus workshop in back yard.

1426 Calle Morelia, Rio Rico, AZ

with owner financing available. Call (520) 287-3000

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NMLS#231719 / BK 114977 14977 boropeza@lgm bor LO-0914235 L&G /NMLS#138155

Cell (520) 940-6279 / Office (520) 299-9131 / Fax (520) 240-4507

Border Echo Magazine Edition 6th  

Border Echo Magazine, Santa Cruz County Premium Magazine

Border Echo Magazine Edition 6th  

Border Echo Magazine, Santa Cruz County Premium Magazine