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Bag-o-nomics 101 Whether you carry a purse, a man bag, a diaper bag, a briefcase, luggage, a lunch bag, a cosmetic case, a tote, shopping bags, or a combination of them, make sure you understand the impact of what's inside, as well as what's on the outside, too. Our collective bag power can tip market share to a healthier economy and a much healthier us.

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What does your handbag reveal or conceal? We carry around a lot in our bags: our personal belongings, our personalities, our fashion sense, our common sense and our actual cents. We lug our lives around in our handbags and you must admit, there is something fascinating about seeing what others have underneath their flaps and inside those zippered compartments. Most women (and some men) live by the motto, “Be Prepared�, making their handbags an essential accessory for every outing, as it holds all essentials. Simple bag-o-nomics - the more we demand, the more they supply. We do need to face the often unattractive truths behind the stuff we buy because being connected to our purchases will help us make better choices and that matters. Launch your own investigations into the stuff you put in and on your body, the stores and the companies you give your hard earned money to, and the products you put in your bag. Now here's the required transaction - read the following pages and then dump out your bag, edit and reorganize. It's a guarantee that you'll end up with a lighter load on our world and maybe on your shoulder, too.

IS IT REALLY CLEAN? Perhaps even more cringe-worthy than carrying around vinyl and other synthetics (as they can have high levels of lead, phthalates, and lots of other toxic gunk), is that researchers have constantly found that purses compare to a subway for germs, and carry more bacteria than many toilets! Make sure the outside of your bag that you carry around is part of your cleaning routine at home, too. By replacing your conventional cleaners with products you can find in your kitchen (think water, baking soda, vinegar), you will save your time, money, your health, and our planet. You reduce waste by using re-usable containers, you save money by not re-purchasing products on a regular basis, but most importantly, you know that you are cleaning your house with safe products that are free of toxins. Trust us, you do not have to sacrifice cleanliness. We don’t!


Stay fresh and clean Admit it, there's something gross about rubbing germs around and using chemicals on your hands to kill them (where do you think the chemicals are going?). Alcohol kills both bad AND

Jade & Pearl When soap and water aren’t available, use something that is safe AND effective. This is an all purpose natural sanitizer for hands, mouth, body, and all the surfaces we touch. It’s free of alcohol and other nasty chems, and as a bonus, it’s infused with Environmental Gem Stone Elixirs!

good bacteria and synthetic antibacterial (triclosan, for example) has shown it can lead to super germs... ick. Make sure you have the cleanest products on you to freshen you up while on the move.

worldCANDY Freshen up with a fragrant blast of citrus infusion. This roll-on blend of essential oils and organic jojoba oil is small enough to fit into any pouch or pocket, and is the perfect touch up whether you’re running errands after yoga, or out for a hot night on the town.

Wysi Wipes By adding water (or your liquid of choice) to these highly absorbent towelettes, you can turn the dime size discs into multi-purpose wipes. They are made from 100% pulp fibre, naturally scent free, and biodegradable.


Chew on this It's always good to have snacks stashed in your bag, so you can eat healthy on the go...and quickly. It's the very definition of fast food! But, consider what is in that package you are eating

Go Raw Bars This LIVE, raw granola bar is the ultimate nutrition to carry in your bag. Full of organic and sprouted seeds, this bar is great for your health and your taste buds too! No nonsense. No gimmicks. It’s the perfect snack or meal replacement.

and sharing with others. What is the packaging made of, and where is it going after you eat it? Were you aware that Aspartame is only "approved” as a sweetener because people who place profits above

Glee Gum If you must chew, skip the Aspartame and chew on something safer (and isn’t packaged in toxic, wasteful plastic blister packs). This gum comes in many flavours, and, are all free of artificial colours, flavours, sweeteners, and preservatives.

human life and well-being are too much in charge? Many ingredients will soon be reclassified as toxic…don't wait until it's too late.

Banana Brownies For instant energy and a tasty sweet treat, carry these dried fruit squares with you on the go. You wouldn’t know it from tasting it, but the only ingredient is banana! No added sugar, and it’s naturally glutenfree, vegan and delicious..


Be a super eco-hero If you want to lift your eco efforts to the next level, try kicking your other wasteful habits, too. Reusable zipper bags are amazingly versatile, for one. What else will you

Neat-os These reusable, functional baggies can be used to hold fresh organic produce, as a makeup bag, a snack bag, or even a pencil case. They are easy to wash (dishwasher-safe), made in the USA, and the window makes it easy to see and find whatever you’re stashing.

stash into your purse? A set of reusable towels, a reusable water bottle? The possibilities and alternatives to what you already carry are endless.

TerraSkin No pen? No worries. This amazing little notepad (approx. size of a deck of cards) requires no ink! You can write on it with a variety of metal objects including your key. Of course, if you’ve managed to scrounge successfully for a pen or pencil in the bottom of your bag, you can use that too!

Spork & Cork It’s a spoon, it’s a fork, and it’s stashed in cork. This super utensil is durable, washable, lightweight, and made from organic bamboo. Slide it in the cork sleeve and throw it your purse, briefcase, or sport bag so you’ll have this handy reusable whenever you need it.


Kiss and makeup Is there mercury in mascara and lead in lipstick? Yes, but is it in yours? Too often, the question regarding the safety of our makeup arises. Don't get caught in the debate. Just clean up your makeup bag

RMS Beauty For the times you want to shine a little less bright! This powder is made with the purest ingredients, leaves no residue, comes in one universal colour for all, and is perfect for all skin types. It has a soft and smooth texture, and leaves your skin feeling and looking great (and not like layers of a cake!).

with locally made brands, containing nothing but beautiful, clean ingredients. There are so many brands that are so accessible now, there is no excuse to not find new, safe favourites.

Living Libations Every bag needs at least one amazing lip balm that nourishes and moisturizes even on the dryest days. The RoseGlow LoverLips is packed with the petals of 300 roses! This mighty bouquet of healing plant power will leave your mouth feeling soft and dreamy.

Giddy Yoyo This raw love butter is an edible, organic, vegan, and cruelty free body lotion that nourishes dry skin, and even protects you from the sun! It easily absorbs into your skin, and smells like the most delicious chocolate, so we understand if you want to rub it all over just because.


Don't feel too dopey When it's needed, it's needed, but we should all try to cut back on the meds. Many remedies really just mask your symptoms and do nothing to treat the problem itself. Chances are,

All Terrain Protect your boo-boo' actually protecting them! Regular bandages have PVC and other icky sticky-ness, so why would you want that going on an already infected wound? (yuck!). These latex free bandages are built for heavy duty protection (because aren't you worth it?).

you will get better faster, if you just let your body get rid of the bad stuff on its own. Carry some of the safer stuff to help you, and those you are with in times

Arnica Montana

of need. Always be

This plant based remedy is used to reduce pain significantly to everywhere you hurt! It's easy to take and it's safe for kids too. It's worth looking into or using homeopathics and natural remedies.


at your local health stores or visit a naturopathic doctor

Therawise This bio active skin healing ointment is all good and helps heal wounds, reduces skin irritation and inflammation and contains antibacterial properties. An amazing Canadian company, and a truly remarkable all purpose ointment.


Managing the ups and downs... (pun intended) What's up with what's going on down there? It's time to get over the flushed cheeks and hot skin when choosing personal, personal care items and burying them deep in your

Natracare Tampons You probably don't give it much thought when you put a chlorine bleached, pesticide sprayed cotton tampon in your bag (or in you). When you use 100% certified organic cotton, you won't have to!

(reusable) bag. Stock up and be proud that you have the best alternatives to feeling good, and doing good, inside and out! Sir Richard's Condoms Condoms with a cause? Well we know their primary focus of course, but these 100% biodegradable, Fair Trade certified, latex condoms not only have stylish packaging, but the company donates one condom to a country in need, for every condom bought! Now that's doing a whole lotta good.

Dandy Blend You do not need those toxic energy drinks when you have Dandy Blend on you. Just dump a single serving package of this instant herbal coffee substitute into a cup (or your reusable bottle) and mix with either cold or hot water, and get the instant boost you need!


Drink and be merry It's so important to stay hydrated - it's probably the single best thing you can do for yourself, so make sure you always have room in your bag for a reusable, non-toxic bottle filled with water, tea, (organic

Klean Kanteen Klean Kanteen is the Original Stainless Steel Bottle and is committed to strong environmental and labour standards. The 18oz is perfect to throw into a bigger bag or purse and you can fill it with your fave cool thirstquencher. These kanteens don't have a liner so it doesn't retain flavours or make drinks taste funky.

cocktails, perhaps?!). This should be as natural as remembering to take your wallet when you leave your house.

Life Factory So long as you aren’t a three year old who throws things, this glass bottle is fantastic. Glass doesn’t leach chemicals or flavours, and the colourful silicone sleeve prevents slipping and breakage. The opening is wide enough for you to drop in ice cubes, or infuse with citrus and fruit!

Insulated Klean Kanteen It keeps your hot drinks toasty for up to 6 hours and ice drinks frosty for up to 24 hours. Just by filling up before you head out, you're saving your money, your time, your health, and our planet (all that goodness for one small!).


What about the bag? So, you know what to throw inside your bag of eco goodness, what about the bag you’re carrying? Regardless where you are going, be it the market, the airport, the beach, or out

Flip & Tumble Finally, a shopping bag that you won’t forget to bring along. These reusable bags roll up into a tiny ball (just like your socks), so you can easily stash them in your other bags (you know, the ones you do remember to take with you!).

on the town, you can opt for something functional, fashionable, easy to carry, and made by good people in a "fair" way. These bags look so good and will serve you well because they are so good.

Nau This bag’s versatile design transforms from a backpack, to a single strap shoulder bag, to an organizer bag inside your suitcase, making it the ultimate all-in-one bag. And bonus, it’s made from 100% recycled polyester and has an exterior sleeve for your water bottle!

Matt & Nat This super stylish vegan tote is perfect for any eco-fashionista. The outer shell is made from cork (which is completely biodegradable), and the lining in all of their bags is made from 100% recycled plastic water bottles!



Go Hands-Free. Your cellphone is an important item to have with you, but keep it away from your need healthy brain waves!

How Safe Are Cellphones? Law makers all over the world are starting to question whether cellphone use should be limited, especially for children. Research has shown that radiation from your cellphone can be linked to brain, neck and head cancers. Read articles and research that debate cellphone use and safety and decide for yourself whether you want to take precaution! (you do)

Pong Cellphone Case Sometimes being on your cellphone is just unavoidable, so cover up your phone with the first scientifically proven radiation reduction case! It promises to protect your head from radiation, while boosting signal, wifi!


Bag o nomics 101  
Bag o nomics 101  

Whether you carry a purse, a man bag, a diaper bag, a briefcase, luggage, a lunch bag, a cosmetic case, a tote, shopping bags,...