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Status : capital city of Bihor County, Romania Population : 183.123 Teritory : 125,56 km2 Mayor : Ilie Bolojan Postal code : 410 xx

„This city was always the metropolis, the capital of Bihor county and those of the lands short of Tisa River.” (János Szalárdi)

Oradea city

Historical overview Our city was founded by King Saint Ladislau I. as a bishopric. The city was settled within the walls of the Fortress of

Places of interest 

The Roman Catholic Basilica

The Szent László museum of

Oradea, which was often attacked and

Ecclesiastical Art

besieged by the Turks and the Tatars. They caused a distruction so huge , that the fortress and the town, which belonged to it had to be rebuilt. Thanks to the bishop János Vitéz , this harsh period was

conqueror , during the 1600s Oradea th

became a futile place. In the 18 century Oradea became once again densely populated area and a significant improvement was taking place in 1849. In the course of time Oradea had many nicknames: the “capital of Bihor County”, the “City of Art Nouveau” (due to the prevailing architecture built in this style) and it was often referred to as “Paris on the River Pece” by the famous

Hungarian poet, Endre Ady.

Oradea is considered a metropolitan area beacause it shares one industry and infrastructure with the

The garden of museum

“Petőfi Sándor” Park

Railway Station

Republicii street

followed by one of the revival and flourishing periods .Following the Turkish

Oradea, as a metropolitan area

surrounding towns like : Bihor, Paleu, Cetariu, Sîntion etc. Tip : we reccomand you to consider visiting the famous Felix and 1 Mai health spas Theses are situated just

The State Theatre

outside Oradea , at the distance only

City center

a few kilometres from the city . Trains

Black eagle palace

Moon church

“Ady Endre” museum

„1 December” Park

Fortress of Oradea

Different palaces

Enjoy your stay !

and buses are avaible to acces these places. Both spas are worth visiting , even if you just want a peaceful walk. Furthermore , do not miss the opportunity to see the famous water -lilies of both spas. They are considered unique in Europe.

Oradea Brochure KGB  

Oradea Brochure KGB

Oradea Brochure KGB  

Oradea Brochure KGB