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Boracay to turn Into an “e-trike island” With its vibrant green color, who would not notice Boracay Island’s electric-powered tricycles or the e-trikes. Continuation on Page 6

MARCH 2014







Lola Basing, Angol's precious matriarch who's a proud Boracaynon. Photo by Fred delos Reyes, taken in Angol beach while she was busy tending to her business.

BORACAY GEARS UP FOR APEC 2015 M Boracay Island has stepped up preparations to comply with the requirements for the possible hosting of two of the ministerial meetings of the 2015 Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC).

alay Municipal tourism officer Felix Delos Santos said Boracay has been into extensive preparations to ensure compliance with the criteria set by the APEC National Organizing Council of the summit that is expected to gather world leaders and top business executives in the country. Last month, members of the inspection panel conducted the second round of

assessment of the island’s readiness to host any of the meetings during the year-round activity. Delos Santos, during a conference with the inspection panel here last month, confirmed that Boracay has bid to host two ministerial meetings, one in December this year, and another, in November next year.

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EST. 2010

sun editorial

Lonely Girl People always leave but no one gets used to people leaving. I live here and so I say that I am, but I'm not really. No one gets used to that. No one gets used to that big gaping hole in your heart that was created because you unknowingly gave a piece of it away and sent it flying to far away places in the hands of who you thought was "the one". Stop. Don't go. Stay on this paradise island, if not to be with me then so I can have a look at you. Three things I should have said but didn't. Well, couldn't. In the end, you always think about the beginning. If you asked him how it happened, he'd tell you something different. To me, it started with the best new year's eve ever. Ever. It was fate, how I met him. It was quarter to midnight on new year's eve, I remember when I passed by The District they had a digital clock that was doing the countdown. A timer displayed on the sand in big red numbers 15:00. When I looked up from that, I saw him. He was walking toward me and as he told me later he was actually going the wrong way, he was heading the same direction as me: Exit Bar. He was walking behind me then and said to me hey guapa. Inside I giggled like a schoolgirl because a cute guy noticed me but outside I nodded and said what's up. That's right, I kept my cool. We reached Exit Bar and it was packed, as it usually is on new year's eve. I want to kiss that cute guy at midnight I said to my friend and the most free spirited individual I've ever met. You should, I'll help you he said. Before I could ask him how, he grabbed me by the hand and dragged me (so hard I almost spilled my drink but didn't, whew!) to where cute guy was standing and free spirit went up to him, tapped him on the back with his finger. Cute guy

turned to look at him. She's going to kiss you now, free spirit declared. Cute guy looked at me. Cute guy's friends looked at me. I didn't have a choice anymore did I? Hold my drink free spirit I said. So much for keeping it cool eh? I kissed him..and ran away. Free spirit ran after me and we looked at each other and laughed our behinds off, can you believe I did that?? I can't believe you did that!! She kissed the cutest guy ever free spirit told-actually screamed at anyone who would listen. I did I did I told-actually screamed at anyone who would listen. We are just a bunch of kids running around on this island, we only pretend to be functioning adults. I eventually found cute guy again later that night at Exit Bar still and he seemed to have decided not to let me out of his sight. We sat on a log out by the shore and watched the fireworks color the sky. Do you trust me? He asked. Yes? I said. And like a freaking movie, he sang to me I can show you the world…. We sang the entire thing. I had found myself a fellow disney dork. The rest of that night was amazing, but like all the others before him he had to leave. We talked everyday for weeks until his calls became few and far in between. A few random text messages here and there, it’s crazy how I still miss you, he would say but we never really talked anymore. Like I said, no one gets used to it. At least I don’t. I learned to let it go, and it just got easier every time it happened. The ringing of my phone interrupts my reverie and hey what do you know, almost a year later cute guy finally calls again. I swipe the green phone icon on my phone to answer, and he says hey I just booked a flight to Boracay for New year’s.

Managing Editor Amanda Virrey Creative Head Alfenor Dumdum Contributors  Freida Dario-Santiago, Pauline Astronaut Gary Fontaine Marlo Schoenenberger Sierra Michelle Bullock Azenith Resureccion Debora Eastwood Dra.Maria Teotico Karen Cabrera Christopher Mendoza Denise Nicole Tolentino

Photography Fred delos Reyes Denise Nicole Tolentino Lhen Brutton

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LETTER TO THE EDITOR Hi Boracay Sun It had been nearly five years since I last visited Boracay, and what a change in new buildings and venues. Many of the old bars and restaurants have completely dissapeared and new bigger buildings have appeared along White Beach. Also, the area across at Bolabog Beach has been completely transformed and reminds me a bit of the Boracay of 15 years ago, although many more foreigners are there now. This is a great sign of what the Department of Tourism has done in promoting our wonderful country, and especially Boracay Island to the rest of the world. I met Canadians, Romanians, Americans, Russians, English, Germans, Italians, Swedish and Chinese people, all who were having a wonderful time. Boracay has really come of age now and I was very impressed with your publication Boracay Sun that I got at the Red Coconut bar. Its good to see a community newspaper that helps tourists find their way around the island –well done and keep up the good work. More power!!! Steven Gonzalez

We would like to apologize to Ms. Amanda Virrey for the error of putting her as Editor-in-chief in last month's issue. We are very happy to announce though that she has joined the team as Managing Editor.

Pauline Astronaut

Noa Macavinta - Credit photo Max Eliseev

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MARCH 2014

as he had to go back and study. So he decided to establish the bases and setup the direction he wanted the resort to take in the future. Noa wants to promote long-term ecofriendly solutions by setting an example in his own environment. His goal is to prove to people that it is possible to be one of the best hotels in Boracay and be sustainable and profitable, all at the same time. "If you cannot make eco-tourism a rule, you can set a good example", he says. First, Noa wants to educate people on environmental solutions by offering books for the guests of Balinghai to borrow during their stay. All the plants and trees in the resort’s garden are labelled. He wants to show and teach the villagers around Balinghai on vermiculture so they could grow their own vegetable garden based on this method.

don’t act. But I am very hopeful about our generation. We are more educated about the environment and we care. Soon, there will be a generation of business owners who grew up here and love the Island. " One of his concerns is the lack of unity among Boracay establishments and foundations. "We need to come together and become one. People care but the different groups work against each other and fight. We have to talk with one voice. It’s us versus the outside business owners. It’s our job to talk to them. They don’t care how Boracay will look like in 20 years but we do. So we need to go, meet them and educate them about the consequences.” Noa is planning to make his way back to Balinghai within 2 years. He first wants to learn everything he needs to learn and meet the right people to develop the sustainable side of Balinghai in the long term. "Boracay is the most famous place in the Philippines. We have to set the example for others. If Boracay has to set a trend, let it be a good one", concludes Noa.


Since his birth in 1992, Noa Macavinta’s playground has been Boracay. At 15 years old, he went to Sweden, his motherland, and came back after 4 years, where he feels more at home. He is now working for AURA Hotels & Resorts. Before starting this new adventure, he spent a year working in his father’s resort on Boracay, called Balinghai, to incorporate more eco-friendly solutions. When asked why he chose to work in this field, Noa admitted that he would probably have never thought about it if not for his parents who both work in the hospitality industry. The year-long experience he had working in Balinghai made him realize his natural talents and interest in the ecology. "It is nice to do something you know you are good at", he says. Noa is passionate about the environment. He started learning more about eco-solutions by himself. "I’m just interested. I’m reading. I like to learn new things", he adds. Two of his family friends, Paul Henares and Paolo Occhionero, inspired him to take an active role in this field and showed him the way through executing it. Growing up around hotel and restaurant owners, he knew what was to be done. He is aware that it is a demanding job but what he loves is the fact that his decisions matter. "You can decide to build something to make money from but also create something that will count", Noa explains. Everyone in Balinghai knew that Noa was going to be staying in the resort temporarily

Balinghai is hoping to run on solar power soon and to see their restaurant use only homegrown vegetables from their garden. They are already using food waste to feed the worms in order to create a rich organic material for compost. "If our resort don’t damage Boracay more, it’s good. If we start by not making it worst, it’s a first step", Noa says. When asked what is the best way to educate people to be more sustainable, Noa answered that "It all depends on who you are trying to teach who. It’s about general knowledge and education. If ecotourism becomes the next big thing, you need to educate the locals on why they should care and be more concerned. For the tourists, we have to show them why they should travel in eco-tourism places. The business owners should be taught how they can earn while being sustainable." Noa believes that the most important thing about succeeding in life is to be consistent. "You cannot keep talking about it and not doing anything. A lot of people in Boracay complain but they

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"Boracay needs to unite and  become one voice" - Noa Macavinta

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Measles 101 Dra. Maria Cristina Teotico

With the recent spate of measles cases all over the country, it is now of great importance that everyone, especially parents become more aware of the disease and how it will and can affect our lives. From January to December 2013, 6497 cases were reported to the Philippine Department of Health. From these reports, 2232 were confirmed cases. Based on the report from the Research Institute for Tropical Medicine, the national reference laboratory for measles of the DOH, the number of laboratory confirmed that these cases have been increasing since March 2013, with the highest number reported in November and December 2013. Outbreaks have been reported in National Capital Region and regions IVA, VI and III affecting mostly children less than 2 years old. In the NCR, Manila, Caloocan and Las Pinas reported the most number of confirmed measles cases last year, while AKLAN reported 238 confirmed measles cases.

What is Measles?

Measles, also known as Rubella, is a viral respiratory disease presenting with fever, runny nose, cough and blanching often rash all over the body. This can sometimes be mistaken for other rash causing diseases such as Roseloa roseola (roseola infantum) and rubella (German measles), the measles’ less dangerous cousin. But being a virus, the course is usually self limiting.

How can it be acquired?

Measles is an extremely contagious (easily spread) illness and spreads through the air by breathing, coughing, sneezing or sharing food. Because it can travel though air, this means that you can get it even if you are just near someone and even if they do not cough or sneeze at you directly. It is so contagious that any child who is exposed to it and is not immune will most probably get the disease. It takes about 10-12 days from the time the individual gets exposed to develop symptoms. This is called the incubation period, or the time the virus multiplies inside the body without producing any symptoms. Patients with measles are considered infectious from four days before to four days after the appearance of the rash. This is why it has become a public health problem. The virus is often spread when people first get sick before even knowing that they have it.

What are the sypmtoms?

The problem, too with measles is that it often appears similar to the flu or having a bad cold, high fever, runny nose, sneezing, a sore throat and a hacking cough. The

lymph nodes around your neck may swell. Often you feel very tired, your eyes red and sore. When these start to get better, you then begin to get red spots inside your mouth followed by a rash all over your body. It is often worse in adults than in children. The disease may last from 7 -14 days.

How is measles diagnosed?

Your doctor will get a detailed history about your symptoms and examine you. If they suspect that you have measles, they might do a blood test to determine if the fever is of viral origin. If you suspect you have measles, please go to your doctor for assessment and advise.

How is it treated?

Measles usually gets better with home care. Isolation (staying indoors) is often key to prevent spread of the disease. If your child has measles, keep him out of school at least 4 days after the rash first appears. Keep them out of school longer if they are still not feeling well. Treatment is often supportive, treating the symptoms as they come. Fluids and plenty of rest are greatly helpful in mitigating symptoms. Vitamin A supplements also help.

What are the complications?

According to Infectious Disease Specialist, Dr. Mark Pasayan of the Reasearch Institute for Tropical Medicine, though most people get better within two weeks, about one out of 10 children with measles also gets a concomitant ear infection and up to one of 20 gets pneumonia. About one of 1,000 gets encephalitis (brain swelling) causing seizures or meningitis and one or two out of 1,000 die. It remains one of the leading causes of death among young children globally, despite the availability of a safe and effective vaccine. Worldwide, there is an estimation of 20 million cases and 164,000 deaths each year, mostly children under the age of five. Immunocompromised patients (those with other illnesses like diabetes, thyroid problems, HIV and AIDS) along with pregnant women and infants under the age of 12 months are highly susceptible and greatly vulnerable. For pregnant women who get the disease, there is a great chance of the virus affecting the baby’s development leading to some form of disability depending on the timing with which the infection occurs.

Why is it a problem?

What is alarming is that the emergence of measles outbreaks in the Philippines can be

attributed to the loss of herd immunity in the population, brought about by poor vaccination coverage. (Dr. Mark Pasayan, RITM). Herd immunity (or community immunity) is immunity that occurs when the vaccination of a significant portion of a population (herd) provides a measure of protection for individuals who have not developed immunity. (John TJ, Samuel R (2000). “Herd Immunity and herd effect: new insights and definitions”. Eur. J. Epidemiol 16 (7): 601–6). The theory proposes that for contagious diseases that are transmitted from one to another, the chain of infection is likely to be disrupted when a large number of people are vaccinated, protecting those who have not been vaccinated. The more people are vaccinated and thus resistant, the smaller the probability that a susceptible individual can come into contact with an infectious person, lessening the chances of having the disease, protecting the population as a whole. Vaccination is important. Most patients, if not all, of the confirmed measles cases in the latest Philippine

outbreak did not receive or have unknown history of any vaccination against measles. This is why efforts are being made by our local government as well as the private sector to vaccinate as many people as possible. The Pediatric Infectious Disease Society of the Philippines encourage health professionals and the general public about the urgent need to check their children’s immunization status and to update the measles vaccination status. The administration of measles vaccine to children, adolescents and adults with incomplete or no previous vaccination is strongly recommended. The measles vaccine and trivalent vaccine containing measles, mumps, rubella may be used. In outbreak areas, where measles involves infants less than 12 months old and have ongoing risk of exposure, measles vaccine can be given as early as 6 months old. For further information about measles and vaccination, please ask your doctor who will be glad to help you sort out the information you need.

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MARCH 2014


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P03 Christopher del Rosario Mendoza

Another illegal drug peddler was arrested in a buy bust operation conducted by joint operatives of the Boracay Tourist Assistance Center and Provincial Anti-Illegal Drugs Special Operation Task Group (PAIDSOTG) on the afternoon of February 16. The Suspect was identified as Jaime Conanan y Castro III a.k.a Jemjem, 29 years old, unemployed from Barangay Kalobian, Roxas City. Recovered from the possession and control of the suspect during the operation were two pieces of heat-sealed transparent plastic sachets containing crystalline substance of suspected shabu, marked money, cash and a cell phone while recovered from the poseur-buyer is a heat-sealed transparent plastic sachet of suspected shabu in exchange to one thousand pesos buy-bust money. An inquest case for violation of Sections 5 and 11 of R.A. 9165 “The Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002”, a non-bailable offense, was filed against the suspect. Conanan is the 8th person arrested since January 2014 during the intensified campaign against illegal drugs.

BTAC personnel together with members of Philippine Guardian Brotherhood-Boracay, staff of Boracay Foundation Incorporated, personnel of Boracay Island Water Company and staff of Municipal Environment and Natural Resources Office-Malay during the conduct of beach cleanup at Bolabog Beach as part of Boracay Beach Management Program of LGU-Malay.


By the Boracay Tourist Assistance Center

Be vigilant. Obtain all emergency numbers/hotlines from the tourist information desk. Report any suspicious person/activity to the police. Avoid going out alone, especially during night time. Carry your valuables securely. Never leave them unattended. Assistance call the police, dial 166. Your safety and security is our concern.

P03 Christopher del Rosario Mendoza

Members of Boracay Action Group spearheaded by Mayor John P Yap during the monthly regular meeting of Boracay Action Group held at Malay Action Center

SP01 Lyn Ibanez, Chief of Women and Children Protection Desk of BTAC during the conduct of community awareness lecture at Balabag Elementary School as part of 18th National Awareness Week for the Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation with a theme: “Proteksyon ng Bata, Tungkulin ng Bawat Isa”


Two wanted persons arrested

PSI MARK EVAN P SALVO, Chief of Boracay Tourist Assistance Center and PINSP FIDEL T GENTALLAN, BTAC Deputy Chief with the members of Philippine Coast Guard Auxiliary-Boracay led by Commodore Leonard Tirol, Adviser of Boracay Action Group having a short conversation before the start of Joint Monday Flag Raising Ceremony in Barangay Balabag Plaza, Boracay Island

The operatives of the Boracay Tourist Assistance Center arrested two wanted persons of two different cases on the afternoon of February 17, 2014. They were identified as Robbie Lee Magno y Cabrillos, 26 years old from Brgy Cabudian, Dueñas, Iloilo and Reymund Tubao y Mabasa, 23 years old of Brgy Calimbajan, Makato, Aklan. Magno was arrested by virtue of warrant of arrest issued by Presiding Judge Hon Elmo F Del Rosario of RTC-Kalibo for the crime of Qualified Theft and with recommended bail bond fixed at Php20,000.00 Tubao was arrested by virtue of warrant of arrest issued by Associate Judge Maribel D De Guia-Cipriano for the crime of Slight Physical Injury and recommended bail bond fixed at Php4,000.00. Magno and Tubao are now jailed at the BTAC locked-up cell and will be properly turned over to the proper court. (P03 Christopher del Rosario Mendoza)

Continued from Cover

From left: P03 Christopher Mendoza, PCR PNCO; P03 Conrado Espino Jr, Operation PNCO and SP01 Lyn Ibanez, Chief of Women and Children Protection Desk during the distibution of stickers as part of Sticker Campaign Project in partnership with ECPAT-Philippines (End Child Prostitution, Child Pornography and the Trafficking of Children for Sexual Purposes) and BLTMPC (Boracay Land Transport Multi-Purpose Cooperative).

P03 Christopher Mendoza, PCR PNCO and P03 Conrado Espino Jr, Operation PNCO of BTAC during the Blood Letting Activity dubbed as “Donate Blood, Donate Love” of Hennan Resorts in cooperation with Philippine Red CrossBoracay held at the Sapphire Room of Boracay Regency Beach Resort and Convention Center. BTAC Chief PSINSP MARK EVAN P SALVO discussed the ill-effects of drugs with the members of Boracay Ati Community during their monthly General Assembly Meeting held at MultiPurpose Hall of the Ati Village.

MARCH 2014


Police collar another drug peddler

Perosnnel of Boracay Tourist Assistance Center together with the staff of Trinity Spa-Boracay and a group of Chinese Tour Guides during the conduct of Community Outreach Activity at the Boracay Ati Community.

Into an “e-trike island” Compared to the regular petroleum fueled-tricycle, e-trikes can accommodate more passengers, 10 against 5 of the former. But more than its capacity to transport extra people in one time, and carry more luggage or some sports equipment of the adventure natured tourists, the e-trikes can further enhance the island's position at the forefront of green transport in the country. This year, Boracay will have at least 250 new units of e-trikes, a move that could fuel the island’s campaign towards sustainable development. The e-trike project is an initiative of the local government of Malay in partnership with the first and only mobile-based, microfinance-focused savings bank in the country, the BPI GLOBE BanKO. Through the project, Boracay’s tricycle operators can avail of a loan from the bank for them to replace their fuel-powered tricycles to the energy efficient e-trikes. Last month, 10 units of fiberglass made e-trikes have been turned over to the Local Government by the bank and its manufacturer, Gerweiss Motors. All e-trikes are also equipped with GPS (Global Positioning System). Currently, around 20 units of e-trikes have been ferrying tourists around the island. Malay Mayor John Yap meanwhile expressed hopes that e-trikes will soon take over the streets of Boracay. “We hope to see the full operation of e-trikes in Boracay by 2016,” he said.


E-trikes uses solar electric power, captured by the solar panels installed on its roof to charge the batteries to increase the operating range of the tricycle. The solar panels collect the heat and support generated electricity to make the engines run. E-Trikes also use lithium-ion batteries, a form of battery widely used in consumer electronics such as mobile phones. The battery can run up to eight hours on 10 percent solar power and 90 percent electricity. Gerald Biloria, president of Gerweiss, also the Filipino inventor of e-trikes said drivers could save more compared to motorized vehicle. "If currently the price of gasoline per liter is P50, e-trike drivers would only consume P20 worth of electricity in the similar value," said Biloria. The Gerweiss is also putting up solar panel systems for the e-trike charging facility in this resort island to ensure the sustainability of the program. Since it uses solar energy, it is free of carbon emission and does not contribute to noise pollution.


He added that they have chosen to host meetings on the said dates because of good weather condition during the period.

The Blood Program of the Philippines operates in accordance with the provisions of the National Blood Services Act of 1994 or Republic Act In tripartite cooperation with the Department of Health and the Philippine Blood Coordination Council, the Philippine Red Cross (PRC) is one of the key organizations tasked to provide safe blood to the country through its active role in advocacy, promotion of voluntary blood donation, donor retention and care and the operation of a network of 74 Blood Service Facilities all over the country. The PRC gives comprehensive blood services, which include donor recruitment, collection and storage of blood, blood testing, processing and supply to the hospitals in accordance with the provisions of R.A. 7719. An Annual Valentines Day Blood Donation Program is hosted by the multi awarded HENANN RESORTS in Boracay Island (Boracay Regency Beach Resort, Boracay Garden, Regency Lagoon, Boracay Beach Chalet). They have received the coveted SANDUGO AWARDS for 3 consecutive years now due to the consistent support on the National Blood Program. A total of 57 Blood Donors have been successfully bled, gaining around 25,650 cc of safe blood. The Blood Drive were conducted by the chapter with support of the Aklan Chapter as a Blood Collecting Facility. The Board of Directors Auditor, Mr Errol Ledesma, Assistant to the President of the resort is an avid supporter of the blood donation drives and a donor himself, a true living hero. A donor can donate 4 times in a year every 3 months and could help save 3 persons at a time making him a living hero of saving as much as 12 persons in one year! Call 288 2068 for more live saving tips.

MARCH 2014

In a report presented to the APEC team, Delos Santos also confirmed that the local government of Malay and the provincial government of Aklan are already paving the way to fast track construction of major infrastructure projects, especially the gateways to the island. “We are doing continued upgrades with our facilities and conducting close coordination with all the stakeholders involved,” said Delos Santos. Among the developments mentioned by Delos Santos are the ongoing expansions of the jetty ports, both of Caticlan and

Boracay, and the extension of the runway of the Caticlan airport. Aside from the major access points of the island, the inspection team also assessed the conference facilities, accommodations, security and emergency preparations, as well as, the utilities and infrastructure of potential venues in Boracay. Among the particular sites inspected were the Boracay Regency, Shangri-La Boracay Resort and Spa, Fairways and Bluewaters, and Alta Vista Boracay. Meanwhile, Ma. Angelina Sta. Catalina, the Deputy General Conference Management and Services Ambassador, head of the inspection team lauded the preparations of the island.

Marlo Schoenenberger


Aklan Governor Joeben Miraflores with APEC inspection team during their recent visit in the province's facilities.

She admired how Boracay responded to the recommendations made by the APEC team during the first round of the APEC inspection held last year. “Boracay is very organized, and I think with all things considered, much of our work will be facilitated,” she said. She also said that the result of the second inspection will be submitted to the National Organizing Committee, the group responsible for deciding on the most appropriate sites to host the various APEC meetings. Boracay was one of the sites shortlisted to host the APEC meetings. Others were Metro Manila, Clark, Tagaytay, Albay, Iloilo, Cebu, Davao, and Bacolod. APEC is composed of 21-member states, including United States, Australia, Brunei Darussalam, Canada, Chile, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Peru, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, Chinese Taipei, Thailand, Vietnam and the host country, the Philippines. An estimated 5,000 delegates from APEC-member economies are expected to attend the meetings. The first ever APEC Leaders' Summit in the Philippines was in 1996, held at the Subic Freeport.

Henann Resorts hosts an Annual Valentines Blood Donation Drive

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MARCH 2014


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World Championship of Beach Ultimate (the World Cup of beach Frisbee). The first one was in Maceio, Brazil in 2007 against Australia in the finals and the last one against the USA in Lignano Sabbiadoro, Italy last 2011. Led by pioneer James Yap, and key players Boboy Famorcan, Ben Yap, Panoy Delos Santos, Xtian Guerrero, Clyde Sullano, Jude Lee, Wendell Simbulan, Hendrix Maming, Datu Sumndad, and Jeffrey Rodriquez, they will try to finally get the gold medal at next year's World Beach Championship in Dubai. Watch and cheer for our local heroes as they defend their crown and play against some of the best teams in the world. The Venue is at the beach front of Casa Pilar Beach Resort and Paradise Garden Resort, Station 3 on March 14, 15 and 16, 2014.

ICTSI PKA Tour to promote different kiteboarding spots around the country Pauline Astronaut

I was lucky enough to work for the Philippine Kiteboard Association Tour during the first leg on Boracay. They invited me onboard for the rest of the Tour so I grabbed the occasion to have fun and travel around.

The light wind did not stop the kiteboarders to giving us an exciting show during the Freestyle International. Cabrinha rider Estefania Rosa Dos Santos was the winner in the Women's Single. Freestyle Academy Ali Dudfield came second while Norwegian Rebecka Maudal took third place. For the Men's Single, Along Gajisan showcased great tricks and took first place. Doque Delos Santos was second and 12 yearold Chrisitan Tio was third. Finally, the much awaited Cabrinha Hang Time Challenge was won once more by Doque Delos Santos with a jump of 4.64 seconds. Atte Kappel was second and Bong Fernando came third. We are now getting ready for the fourth and last leg in Puerto Princesa, Palawan on March 7 to 9. For more information, go to the Facebook page of Philippine Kiteboarding Association or email


On January 30, our bus left Manila, filled with the PKA organizers, the media representatives and kiteboarders from Manila, Caliraya, Puerto Galera, Puerto Princesa, Davao and Boracay. We arrived at Vigan Heritage Town on the morning of the competition. The competition was taking place on Puro Beach, Magsingal. While waiting for the wind that never came, we enjoyed this amazing and virgin beach with music, food and good company. After calling it a day, we enjoyed Vigan and its specialities: bagnet, longganisa and Calesa rides of course. Our second day was luckier as we went to Santa Maria beach. We got to wrap up three races and the Freestyle competition. The wind was quite light for our last day but we managed to finish the Cabrinha Hang-Time challenge, where the riders have to jump as high and long as possible. Doque Delos Santos, ICTSI sponsored rider from Boracay was the big winner by taking the podium in the 3 categories. He stepped on the first stair of the podium in the Cabrinha HangTime challenge, followed by Ronel Mateo in second and Ryan Cahilig in third.

Bong Fernando, a Cabrinha Greenyard team rider kept his first place in the Twin Tip Course Race while Doque Delos Santos took the second place. Ronel Mateo came third. For the Twin Tip Race Masters Category, a fierce race ended in 3 way tie on points. It was only broke by the rule of last race position in such cases. Jay Ortiz, PKA president came first, Swedish Atte Kappel, Flysurfer sponsored, was second and Carlo Leongson came third. In Freestyle, Dong Manuel stepped on a podium for the first time on the higher step. Roldan Astronaut came in second place. Doque Delos Santos and Ryan Cahilig shared the third place in a tie. Jingjing Gajisan was the only woman finishing the gruesome race and took the first place in Twin Tip Race. After a sunny awarding, honored by the presence of the Mayor of Santa Maria and Congressman Ronald Singson, we had a last stop for an amazing send-off dinner at Narvacan beach. A local feast presented in bamboo tableware was awaiting the 35 Kiteboarding Participants, the crew and media. After a few days in Manila, we met again on february 6 and took a bus to Lake Caliraya in Cavinti, for the third leg of the Tour. Soloviento

(meaning « Sun or Wind » but also  « Only wind »), the sponsored venue is a itsy bitsy little paradise Island in the middle of the lake, surrounded by breathtaking scenary. After crossing the lake on a barge, we all settled down in our respective rooms, tents or trailers. The wind was too light for the first day of the competition so everyone enjoyed fishing, kayaking, swimming, Stand-Up-Paddling and sunbathing in the grass. Within two days of light wind, we were able to do a few races, the Freestyle competition and an exciting Hang Time challenge. For the twin Tip Race Women Category, Boracay-based JingJing Gajisan lead the way again. Kara Leongson came second and Liezl Tio was third. In the Mens Category, ICTSI sponsored rider Doque Delos Santos took first place, followed by Bong Fernando in second and MJ Cahilig for third place. PKA President Jay Ortiz took first place in the Masters Category. Eddie Garcia came second and Carlo Leongson was third.

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The 12th Boracay Open International Frisbee Competition takes off at the pristine White Beach of Boracay on March 14-16, 2014.26 teams compete for the honor to become the best beach team this side of the World. With around 400 participants, this is Asia's biggest beach ultimate tournament. Our local heroes, the Boracay Dragons, try to defend their crown as they fight for their 11th consecutive Boracay Open title. Top players from Australia, Canada, England, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, the USA and around the Philippines will try to get the title from the Dragons. The Boracay Dragons are the 2nd best beach ultimate team in the world as they had a silver medal finish twice at the


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Cruise Ships Make

Boracay Filthy Rich Are the cruise ships docking on Boracay sea beneficial to the island? In a statement published last month in Boracay Sun, there will be 15 cruise ships scheduled to make a port call on the channel of Boracay-Panay in the next two years, in the goal to make Boracay as the country’s cruise capital and as a top cruise destination in Asia. Ten are scheduled to dock this year, four of which have already docked, and six are foreseen to dock until the end of July, bringing in around 11,000 passengers.  For the remaining five cruise ships, four will arrive next year and another one in 2016.   11,000 passengers will pay the compulsory fees upon entering Boracay, such as the Php 100 Terminal Fee and the Php 100 Environmental Fee, thus there will be a total combined figure of 2,200,000 on top of the forecasted 1.2 million tourist arrivals for the year, which will equate to a whooping 242,200,000 for this year alone.  This will make Boracay Island and the Province of Aklan filthy rich. From this success, the island is said to expect a separate docking area for the cruise ships. On hindsight, when this news reached Dr. Miguel Fortes, a Marine Biologist who has been studying the coastal environment of Boracay with a group of Japanese scientists, he described it as “the doomsday” of Boracay.   Before the arrival of these cruise ships, Dr. Fortes and his colleague experts at the CECAM Boracay Initiative have already noted the excessive tourism development as the main culprit of Boracay’s environmental and socio-cultural problems through the highlyadvanced scientific studies they have made on Boracay. Dr. Fortes even expounded on the subject matter in an article he wrote for the national newspaper, The Philippine Star, published as “Lessons Unheeded in Boracay” in 2012, at which he identified the negative impacts on the environment and the society that excessive tourism brings to Boracay.  Below is an excerpt to the said article.


More infrastructure beyond the carrying capacity of the specific site in Boracay means greater vegetation loss, soil and fertility reduced, Low terrestrial biodiversity means loss

of natural buffers & protectors, more heat reflected (area becomes hotter) Less protection from hazards, disasters (e.g. landslides, flooding) means more silt, nutrients to the sea, which means loss of coastal biodiversity (coral reefs, seagrass), which means more ‘lumot’ (green algae), undesirable species, which means less natural buffers & protection from coastal hazards, disasters (e,g, strong waves, winds), which means coastal erosion, accretion, which means loss of sand and degradation of sand quality, which means less ‘clean’ tourists. And, interacting with the social aspect, the vicious cycle continues until Boracay is irreparably lost.


Environmental effects (above) means increase amounts, kinds of waste, which means health and sanitation threatened, which means more subsidy needed, which means less people’s access to local resources, which means heightened dependence on imported products, subsidy, which means dilution, loss of cultural diversity, which means increased corruption, crime rates, which means increased dissent, which means heightened distrust to authority, which means

greater societal divide, which means more development which are unreceptive to local actual aspirations and needs, which means more infrastructure beyond the carrying capacity of 1.2 million tourists per year, which means less ‘clean’ tourists. And, interacting with the environmental aspect, the vicious cycle continues until Boracay is irreparably lost. From the study done by Dr. Fortes and the CECAM Boracay Initiative, stakeholders of Boracay were not short of information that could still save the island from further erosion. Nonetheless, not all have the same vision for the island.  Some want to preserve the natural beauty of the island, while others want to generate more income for economic growth even to forsake the environment. And what of the tourists coming from the cruise ships.  What could their experience be like in their brief moment on the World’s Best Island of 2012 (by Travel + Leisure)? Well, the scenario starts with the cruise ship anchoring on the seabed connecting Mainland Panay and Boracay Island.  The guests then fall in line inside the ship until the tender boat brings them to the port of Cagban.  Only a hundred passengers can fit on the tender boat, so the rest will have to wait longer.   On the Cagban Port, an official committee welcomes the cruise guests with big smiles, a hat and a floral-printed cloth necklace tied with a coconut husk, which shows Boracay Island, It’s more fun in the Philippines, and

the symbol of the DOT at the back. The guests receive the warm welcome with a smile and goes straight to the reception hall of the port for necessary information.  Not all are willing to spend more time to fall in another line before they could have their Boracay experience.  Some go straight to the Transportation Stand, where tricycle drivers grab the opportunity to earn chartered fares from these guests, as opposed to taking individual passengers.  They ask questions about the nearest currency exchange center, the nearest beach, the best landmarks, etc.   After acquiring their desired information, pretty much from random people hanging about the area, they board the tricycles and go to their desired destination. Along the tricycle ride, they see a bustling panorama of buildings and shops closely erected next each other, trucks carrying heavy loads of cement and gravel, motorbikes, cyclists wearing air masks, and a build-up of local commuters waiting for a ride. A bulk of them are driven to D’Mall.  Already the busiest hub on the island, these time-constrained visitors are subjected to go elbow-to-elbow with big groups of guests that are dropped off by hotel vans.  They buy the things that they need, plus souvenirs, and then they reach White Beach, the area of Station 2 where it is always full of people - a bunch of vendors, tourists and beggars - even on low season. They stay on the island to eat, swim, sunbathe and take photos, all for four hours, while the ship uses the time to discharge its waste.  The guests later dispose of their consumed garbage to the heaping garbage bins scattered along the beach. When all passengers are back on board, the cruise ship sets to depart, leaving our precious island with more wastes, more guest feedbacks, more global exposure, and more money. So, yes the scheduled cruise ships will really make Boracay filthy rich.  But will it really benefit the island?  In terms of achieving a wider market and more income for the businesses here and for the projects of the local government, yes, but for the environment, the cruise ships will bring in more challenges to solve in preserving the true nature of Boracay.  Let’s just hope that this endeavor goes to the sustainability of the island, so that its tourism, economy and Mother Nature are all fulfilled.

(1) Adviser, (43) Members who will serve as the eyes, ears and hands of the Organization






A.Y. 2013-2014



40 30


20 Manocmanoc, Boracay, Malay, Aklan

Argao Elementary School President: MA.TRISHA CASIDSID

Argao, Malay, Aklan

Balabag Elementary School President: RIZELL JANE L. LANTARA

Balabag, Boracay, Malay, Aklan

Boracay Island Global Academy President: AVERILLE SACAPAÑO

Manocmanoc, Boracay, Malay, Aklan

Caticlan Elementary School President: EDRALYNNE S. SACAY

Caticlan, Malay, Aklan

Conperey Integrated Learning School President: DAN JAPHETH C. BERONDO

Caticlan, Malay, Aklan

Cubay Elementary School President: JOHANNA S. AGUIRRE

Cubay, Malay, Aklan

Malay Elementary School President: RALPH WENCY T. TUMAOB

Balusbos, Malay, Aklan

Manocmanoc Elementary School President: ROWENA P. DANAY

Manocmanoc, Boracay, Malay, Aklan

Mission Of Love Integrated School, Inc. President: PHOEBE JEAN N. BELARMINO

Balabag, Boracay, Malay, Aklan

Mountain Of God Learning Center, Inc. President: JIRAH KATE C. SOLANO

Yapak, Boracay, Malay, Aklan

Nabaoy Elementary School President: T/F

Nabaoy, Malay, Aklan

River of Knowledge Foundation Academy President: JULIA C. FRENZEL

Manocmanoc, Boracay, Malay, Aklan

Yapak Elementary School President: JESSA S. CASTILLON

Yapak, Boracay, Malay, Aklan

10 0

Public Schools

• According to the data as shown above, there is a gradual increase of Red Cross Youth Councils established in PRIVATE SCHOOLS for A.Y. 2013-2014 and was able to retain the number of RCY Councils for PUBLIC SCHOOLS. • Most of the Schools with NO Red Cross Youth Councils established are considered to be Primary Schools. Preferably Elementary Schools Only are qualified but not limited to Red Cross Youth Membership & other activities.



6000 5000 4000



Boracay Island Global Academy President: IVY BANTILAN

Manocmanoc, Boracay, Malay, Aklan

Boracay National High School President: ANGELICA HOPE PANGANIBAN

Balabag, Boracay, Malay, Aklan

Boracay National High School – Extension President: JASLYN I. AMACIO

Manocmanoc, Boracay, Malay, Aklan

Conperey Integrated Learning School President: JANELLE T. GREGORIO

Caticlan, Malay, Aklan

Lamberto H. Tirol National High School President: ELAINE D. SOLANO

Yapak, Boracay, Malay, Aklan

Malay National High School President: PHSYCHE JANE T. DELA TORRE

Motag, Malay, Aklan

Public Schools


Private Schools

3000 2000


Private Schools

1000 0

1,619 932

A.Y. 2012-2013

A.Y. 2013-2014

• According to the data as shown above, there is a drastic increase of Red Cross Youth INVOLVEMENT/ ACTIVITIES/ TRAININGS in A.Y. 2013-2014 for Public & Private Schools both in Mainland and Boracay (data as of the moment) compared from last year A.Y. 2012-2013. (As of December 2013) CHAPTER YOUTH COUNCIL S.Y. 2013-2014 • Represents the Youth of Boracay-Malay Chapter and at the same time they represent their School being the President of each Red Cross Youth Council. • Chapter Youth Assembly held last August 25 2013, where 60 Red Cross Youth Volunteers attended.

C. SENIOR RED CROSS YOUTH COUNCILS S.Y. 2013 - 2014 Description


Malay out of School Youth/Vocational Courses/ Young Professionals President: KRISTEL CAHILIG

Malay, Aklan

• IVY BANTILAN, the Chapter Youth Council President is a Junior Student from Boracay Island Global Academy and our representative for the Board of Director for Red Cross Youth Services and has 8 Officers to support her in the Council.




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Agape Boracay Academy President: ROSH ALEJANDRO C. SOLIDUM

A.Y. 2012-2013



BORACAY SUN MARCH 2014 11 events | beyond boracay | entertainment | arts&culture | Sports | Lifestyle | opinion | features | community | island news | contents

TRAININGS Basic Course LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM • Comprises of 3 Courses namely; Youth Volunteer Orientation Course, Leadership Formation Course, and Basic Leadership Training • Certificates are provided for the finishers of the program , 16hrs for seniors and 8hrs for juniors




Number of Graduates

September 5, 2013

Junior RCY

46 Bonafide RCY

October 19, 2013

Junior RCY

36 Bonafide RCY

3. Boracay Island Global Academy

September 27, 2013

Junior RCY

26 Bonafide RCY

4. Boracay Island Global Academy

February 9-10, 2013

Senior RCY

12 Bonafide RCY

1. Agape Boracay Academy

2. Balabag Elementary School

5. Boracay Island Global Academy

December 14-15, 2013

Senior RCY

18 Bonafide RCY

October 5-6, 2013 (Batch 2)

Senior RCY

28Bonafide RCY

7. Caticlan Elementary School

December 20, 2013

Junior RCY

31 Bonafide RCY

8. Lamberto H. Tirol National High School

August 13-14, 2013

Senior RCY

54 Bonafide RCY

6. Boracay National High School – Extn

9. Malay National High School

March 2-3, 2013

Senior RCY

38 Bonafide RCY

10. Malay Out Of School Youth

March 11-12, 2013


24 Bonafide RCY

August 20, 2013

Junior RCY

40 Bonafide RCY

12. Nabaoy Elementary School

December 16, 2013

Junior RCY

43 Bonafide RCY

13. River of Knowledge Foundation Academy, Inc.

December 18, 2013

Junior RCY

25 Bonafide RCY

11. Mountain Of God Learning Center, Inc.




• Lecture-Demonstration last for 2hours, non-certified




Number of Attendees

Boracay Kids Lifesaving Team

Bombom, Balabag, Boracay, Malay, Aklan

May 2013


BSP & GSP School Camp – Balabag Elem School

Balabag, Boracay, Malay, Aklan

August 2013


BSP & GSP School Camp – Caticlan Elem School

Caticlan, Malay, Aklan

August 2013


Cubay, Malay, Aklan

August 2013


BSP & GSP School Camp – Malay Elem School

Balusbos, Malay, Aklan

August 2013


BSP & GSP School Camp – Manocmanoc Elem Sch

Manocmanoc, Boracay, Malay, Aklan

August 2013


BSP & GSP School Camp – Yapak Elem School

Yapak, Boracay, Malay, Aklan

August 2013


BSP & GSP School Camp – Lamberto H. Tirol NHS

Yapak, Boracay, Malay, Aklan

August 2013


BSP & GSP School Camp – Boracay Nat’l HS Extn

Manocmanoc, Boracay, Malay, Aklan

August 2013


World First Aid Day Celebration

Manocmanoc Covered Court, Boracay

September 2013


BSP & GSP School Camp – River of Knowledge Foundation Academy, Inc

Manocmanoc, Boracay, Malay, Aklan

October 2013


Red Cross Youth First Olympics Orientation

PRC Boracay-Malay Chapter Office

October 2013


Diniwid Kids with Mermaid Instructors

Diniwid Beach, Yapak, Malay, Aklan

October 2013


FIRST AID TRAINING • Under the Red Cross Youth 143, also known as the Junior First Aider’s Program (JFAP) TOTAL

• 8hrs for juniors and 16hrs for seniors • Wherein they can volunteer at their School Clinics as little nurses or attend First Aid Stations when needed School

1. Balabag Elementary School

3. Boracay Island Global Academy

MARCH 2014

• Skills demonstration includes proper techniques on bandaging, carries, and splinting

BSP & GSP School Camp – Cubay Elem School

2. Boracay Island Global Academy



4. Boracay National High School – Extn

5. Lamberto H. Tirol National High School



Number of First Aiders trained

October 20, 2013

Junior RCY

36 RCY

February 16-17, 2013

Junior RCY


September 11-12, 2013

Senior RCY

WATER SAFETY /LECTURE DEMONSTRATION • Proper mechanics in swimming were introduced and how to save lives • Introduced in a FUN (games & activities) and informative style School/Organization


Number of Attendees

Basic Water Safety Orientation-Preparation for Festival of the Winds Season 2

May 2013

30 participants/Junior & Senior RCY Volunteers

Boracay Kids Lifesaving Team

May 2013

60 participants/Junior RCY Volunteers


January 26-27, 2013

Senior RCY

24 RCY

Basic Water Safety Orientation- Diniwid Kids with Mermaid Instructors

October 2013

60 participants/Junior RCY Volunteer

September 19-20, 2013

Senior RCY

28 RCY

Junior Life Guarding Training/Volunteers


3 participants/Community RCY Volunteers

TOTAL 6. Malay National High School

August 16-17, 2013

Senior RCY

23 RCY

7. Malay Out Of School Youth

March 13, 2013


24 RCY

8. Mountain Of God Learning Center, Inc.

August 21, 2013

Junior RCY

38 RCY

9. Nabaoy Elementary School

January 10, 2014

Junior RCY

38 RCY







• Chapter Youth Council Officers and Volunteers initiative to extend their help for the afflicted families of the Super Typhoon Yolanda.



Number of Attendees

Red Cross Youth Clean-Up Drive (Acquaintance Activity)

Front Beach, Station 3, Manocmanoc, Boracay, Malay, Aklan

June 29, 2013

80 RCY

Chapter Youth Assembly

Boracay Regency, Convention Center Boracay, Malay, Aklan

August 25, 2013

60 RCY

World First Aid day

Manocmanoc Covered Court Manocmanoc, Boracay, Malay, Aklan

September 15, 2013

60 RCY

Presentation skills Workshop

Lavintin, Bolabog Beach, Balabag, Boracay, Malay, Aklan

September 28, 2013

15 RCY

Red Cross Youth Month - First Aid Olympics

Nigi Nigi Main, Station 2, Boracay, Malay, Aklan

October 27, 2013

96 RCY

World Aids Day – HIV/AIDS Prevention Education

PRC Office and Front Beach Area, Boracay, Malay, Aklan

December 1, 2013

20 RCY

Mangrove Workshop – Environmental Advocates

PRC Office, Ambulong, Manocmanoc, Boracay, Malay, Aklan

December 17, 2013

25 RCY

Bat Counting/ Bat Awareness by the FRIENDS OF THE FLYING FOXES

Eco Village, Yapak, Boracay, Malay, Aklan

January 26, 2014

10 RCY

FIRST AID PATROL (Boracay Ati-Atihan)

Front Beach, Boracay, Malay, Aklan

January 12, 2014

10 RCY

Psychosocial Support for RED CROSS YOUTH (SOCIAL SERVICES)

PRC Office, Ambulong, Manocmanoc, Boracay, Malay, Aklan

February 8, 2014

10 RCY

• Red Cross Youth 143 Team




Number of Attendees

Chapter Youth Council Officers & Volunteers (Relief Operation Packing of Goods)

Aria Restaurant, Front Beach, Balabag

November 17, 2013

30 RCY Volunteers

Red Cross Youth Volunteers (Musical Event for a Cause)

Bombom & Pats Bar Creek , Front Beach, Balabag

December 7, 2013

5 RCY Volunteers

Red Cross Youth Council (Boracay Is.Global Academy)Relief Packs/Gift giving

Boracay Is.Global Academy School Grounds

December 17, 2013

18 RCY Volunteers

Chapter Youth Council Officers & Volunteers (Relief Operation Packing of Goods)

PRC Boracay-Malay Chapter Office

December 20, 2013


10 RCY Volunteers


SAFETY SERVICES (SS) • FIRST AID PATROL / FIRST AIDERS / VOLUNTEERS • Red Cross Youth Volunteers trained with First Aid ONLY or with BLS-CPR.




Number of Attendees

First Aid Patrol (Oplan Holy Week)

Front Beach, 5 Stations (Long Beach, Boracay, Malay, Aklan

March 27-31, 2013

35 RCY

District Meet First Aid Station

Malay Elementary School (Balusbos, Malay, Aklan)

August 30-31, 2013, September 1, 2013

25 RCY

Unit Meet First Aid Station

Malay Elementary School (Balusbos, Malay, Aklan)

September 13-15, 2013

25 RCY

2013 Barangay Election First Aid Patrol

4 FA Stations (Caticlan, Manocmanoc, Balabag, Yapak Elementary Schools)

October 28, 2013

10 RCY




HEALTH SERVICES (HS) • In support of the GLOBAL HAND WASHING CAMPAIGN for 2013 • Proper HAND WASHING TECHNIQUE demonstration to all Public/Private Schools



Number of Attendees

Community Involvement/ Ati Village Cubay

Cubay, Malay, Aklan

June 25, 2013

25 RCY

12 Public Primary & Secondary Schools

Boracay & Mainland

October 14-18, 2013

2,290 RCY

7 Private Primary & Secondary Schools

Boracay & Mainland

October 14-18, 2013

350 RCY

Global Hand Washing Celebration by the Boracay Island Water Company (BIWC) & Other Stake Holders/ Sponsors

Willy’s Beach Club Hotel, Front Beach, Balabag, Malay, Aklan

October 19, 2013

60 RCY

Ati Village YOUTH (Cubay & Boracay)

Cubay & Boracay Ati Village Community

October 16-17 2013







Number of Attendees

Teacher in-service training: Environmental workshop

Malay National High School

October 31,2014

299 DepEd Teachers

Red Cross BLS-CPR & First Aid Lecture Demonstration

Malay National High School

October 31, 2014




MARCH 2014




• Community Involvement/Participation with other Stake Holders/Humanitarian Organization


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BORACAY SUN march 2014 14

My Boracay Stories ... and Beyond

Part Five: The Moonrise

Gary Fontaine I first noticed it as I was dragging my small baroto up the beach in front of our Bolabog home after skin diving in the late afternoon. It was a faint, pastel, pinkish glow in the clouds low to the east over the Sibuyan Sea. I initially thought it was a reflection from the sunset over the Sulu Sea in the west, hidden from me by the hills behind our cottage. As I tied up the baroto and walked up the steps, the late afternoon turned to evening and the glow became richer. I put my diving gear away, opened a cold beer, walked onto our deck and looked out over the sea. Framed between the 'cocos' lining the shore and rising above the horizon over a glassy lagoon was a massive, blood

red sphere that I then perceived as the sun incredulously rising, again! As I watched, it became a huge glowing crimson orb filling the sky and — its reflection — the lagoon. The cicadas stopped chirping. The dogs stopped barking. The 'atis' and other locals walking along the road stopped and stared. Even the fish that skimmed the surface for blump insects halted. And the moon rose! It was my first moonrise. I mean back in the US we have a “harvest moon", but nothing like this. The sky, the lagoon, then the entire sea became deep, blood red. And the allure! That is why this is a story. As I watched, it pulled and pulled like it was a magnet. And

as the evening otherwise turned to night, I was compelled to run back down to the beach and my baroto and paddle into the sea. This was a call to being, an invitation to play in another reality, in a strange land that I could not deny! I untied my baroto, somewhat miraculously succeeded in dragging it over 400 meters of now nearly exposed sea grass and urchins into the lagoon. From years of experience I easily found the channel through the reef to the open sea. And out to sea I went in deafening silence except for the sound of my paddle in the water. Until, again incredulously, a half kilometer or more from the shore I saw lights under the water and heard the splashing and voices of a man

and woman diving for squid in the open sea. Alone! I said “sira ulo ako, ikaw?” (something like “I'm crazy, you?”). They waved and continued splashing. The moon, no less gigantic, no less red, was now nearly overhead. Sensing a vague fear of being so far at sea at night with no one knowing but the squiders, I turned to paddle parallel the reef. I followed it for a kilometer or so and heard music drifting over the water from a restaurant that I knew. It was at the end of 'our' beach, but had never visited. I looked up to a moon now becoming more normally real. I sought a passage through the reef and onto the beach in front of the restaurant. Two staff appeared out of the darkness to lend me a hand. I picked up my tee-shirt, soaked from my carelessly tossing it on the wet floorboards as I chased the moon and headed for the entrance. The lights were colorful and bright. All the staff and the lady singer welcomed me with intense smiles as I staggered in my wet sinelas to the bar. There were no customers other than a lone man also at the bar. The singer came over to me and said, while holding up my wet shirt, "I'm buying this man a beer!" The man at the bar said “Hello, I'm from Perth." I said, "What!?" How is that possible on an evening like this that I would have such chance encounter? Because, I had also once for a time been from Perth! So we talked as on a stage in front of all the staff for hours. Then I left. I paddled home along the shore inside the reef and dragged my baroto back over the still exposed

sea grass (had the tide got stuck during all this time!). I know — because I remember the evening so vividly — that this description is simply my inadequate attempt to describe my experience of “a sense of presence.” Those of you who have likewise had such experiences — when for a time everything is so real, so immediate and so vivid that you remember them forever – will understand. You, too, remember them so vividly. And you, too, yearn for repetition. That may be why you travel, why you are here. You, too, are a “presence seeker in Strange Lands!” It’s addictive. By the way, you presence seekers might be interested in my eBook – “Presence in Strange Lands” available online at eBook Mall (w w w.ebook ebook/presence-in-strange-lands/ gary-fontaine) or as a Kindle Book ( Presence-in-Strange-Lands-ebook/ dp/B001KBZFU8/ref=sr_1_2?s=bo oks&ie=UTF8&qid=1331673126 &sr=1-2). Remember, every place is a “Strange Land” to somebody!



Azenith Resurreccion

Boracay is hands down one of the most famous and beautiful islands in the country; but very often travelers and even Boracay dwellers who have stayed longer than a few weeks can feel the island fever, and need a bit of a break. Luckily, the island is close to several surrounding towns and islands that are easy to get to and worth a visit. One of the mainland towns an hour's drive from Caticlan is Ibajay, a bustling and joyful place, rich in culture and idyllic nature spots. It can be reached taking a bus or van that is heading to Kalibo Airport. The road from Kalibo Airport to Caticlan crosses the famous Ibajay pontoon bridge, spanning over the wide and clear Ibajay River. Ibajay is right past the river, spreading out from the riverbank, all around the Saint Peter The Apostle Parish Church, up to the coastline. The town is famous for its own AtiAtihan, the "Ati-ati" Festival, which happens on the 3rd week in January.

The Ibajay Ati-ati festival is the first ati-atihan festival dedicated to the Santo Nino in Aklan. Legend has it that the Spanish who came to Panay in the 1500s gave a statue of the infant Jesus to the Ibajay people when they were converted to Catholicism, and they paraded the statue to the church, dancing and singing. Compared to the betterknown Kalibo ati-atihan, the Ibajay one has retained a more religious aspect, with the culmination of the festival during the procession of the Santo Nino statue from the church back to the convent. It is a spectacular time of joy, music, and colors for Ibajay locals and visitors, with 'sadsad' dancers parading around in a trancelike dance for several hours of the day, and other revelers painted in black, wearing fantastic costumes, some carrying wooden sticks with an assortment of cooked seafood and even whole chickens on the ends as offerings for the Santo Nino. Apart from the festival, there is a lot to see in and around Ibajay, there is an old market in the town that dates back to the

1930's, a large town hall, Solidom Park in the center of town, and a beautiful, nearly deserted beach a 10 minute walk from Saint Peter's Church called Ilawod Beach. The beach is very clean, quiet, and lovely for a swim or picnic. Act ivit ies around I bajay include Stand Up Paddle boarding on the Ibajay River, visits to nearby waterfalls including Suli Falls, Binaliwan Falls and Manaphaw Falls, among others. Other places worth visiting are the Mangrove Pa rk na med Kat u ngga n i n Ibajay, which holds the largest concentration of mangroves in the country, the Mina-a Red River, in Barangay Mina-a, which is a deep swimming hole surrounded by red silica boulders, making the actual water appear red. There is also Campo Verde, a place where one can go horse riding, camping, trekking, and mountain climbing, it also houses the Lingganay Cave in Barangay Regador, and Kuyapnit Cave in Barangay San Jose (Kuyapnit means baby bats, which the cave is full of).

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BORACAY SUN march 2014 16

Boracay Athletes Graced Ilocos Sur's Sun Soaked Beach Fest

players on the wide stretch of its beach. Taking dip breaks in between games in their bikinis and shorts, the place looked like the usual Boracay tournament day. The sand is a mix of granite, corals and seaweed. It is so fine that it it seemed like the darker shade of Boracay sand. Some players were found teaching a group of eager local kids how to throw frisbees. PUA players have been doing clinics all over the country and this gesture has birthed a new breeding ground of ultimate athletes.  Boracay Dragons, as expected, bagged the 1st prize in this tournament. Misfit Monkeys got 2nd and Sunken Pleasure 3rd prize. At the same venue but offshore Cabugao beach happened the dragon boat races. It beamed as the highlight of the event, as teams struggled to manifest a good race due to the unexpected occurrence of strong gusts of wind and swelling of waves.  Spectators were thrilled by the sight of racing boats and the capsizing of some,

which paddlers were rescued by the local coast guards and life savers. Still, it progressed as a good race with the officials later on deciding to lessen the number of paddlers on a boat, and by taking off the dragon head and tail for the safety of the paddlers. The finals was an exciting head to head match among the top teams of the event: Manila Waves, Boracay All Stars, PYROS, and Manila Dragons (order of ranking as mentioned).  The awarding program of the dragon boat and Ultimate frisbee events took place after the sumptuous dinner at Cabugao Resort poolside sponsored by the province. A buffet of delicious Ilocano favorites, with a 50-kilo roasted whole calf was feasted by the participants. Drinks were bottomless, as each group of players warmed up with their distinct party spirits for the prepared band concert by the beach. For most beach athletes, other than a good game, heat or ride, parties are one of the best rewards in any tournament. And Ilocos Sur has definitely fulfilled it and set the lever high by bringing in the Boracay style of partying into the unique Ilocos style. “What happens in Ilocos Sur, remains in Ilocos Sur,” is a tag line reinvented by some of the participants.   Ma ny may have t hought before of organizing this kind of multi-sporting event but it takes one to initiate and simply do it.  Extravagant as it appears to be, the rewards are fulfilling for new trends are set, history was made.   T h is k i nd of event may be a good example for other provinces who have nat ural resources and would like to ta ke part i n t he i ncreasi ng popularity of sports tourism in the Philippines.   As it appears to be, all the participants especially Boracay athletes are always ready to discover yet another beautiful sport i ng dest i nat ion i n t he country.

and inflammations in joints and tendons were reduced, their blood pressure was controlled, and skin problems were reduced. Malunggay can act as a water purifier, since as well as being a detoxifier, it is a coagulant agent; it can attach itself to hazardous bacteria and other materials, and purify them. This detoxification happens in the body as well, and the cleansing effect has proven to kill intestinal worms. Malunggay is high in calcium, vitamins A and C, and contains 3 times the

potassium as bananas. Lactating mothers are encouraged to drink Malunggay as it helps increase breastmilk, and Malunggay apparently has aphrodisiac properties as well. Malunggay leaves can be bought in most local markets, and the tea can be brewed at home, or bought in stores that stock local teas. It is safe to drink a cup of Malunggay tea everyday, and worth doing so, or adding a few leaves to any dish to see an improvement in your health.

Azenith Resurreccion It takes a great idea, willpower and the means to make a one-of-a-kind event possible. Ilocos Sur’s Sun Soaked Beach Fest showcased five of the most popular beach sports competitions held at the same time on the pristine beaches of this charming province in the north of the Philippines last January 31st until February 2nd, 2014. Rep. Rona ld Si ngson of the District in Ilocos Sur once envisioned havi ng t he k ite boarding, dragon boat, Ultimate frisbee, beach volley and surfing competitions in one venue.  The idea came about after having witnessed the various sporting competitions in Boracay and other places in the country every year.  “Why not host all these events in Ilocos since we have all the natural resources. We have beautiful beaches that we can show to the world, ” he said in his media interviews.  An avid supporter of some Boracay sports teams through his hotel  - The District, Cong. Ronald shared his idea to his Boracay friends who has linked the Philippine Canoe and Kayak Federation (PCKF) to officiate the dragon boat races and the Philippine Ultimate Association (PUA) to handle the frisbee tournament.  He also arranged for the Philippine Kiteboarding Association (PKA) Vigan Tour during the PKA Tour Boracay Leg early in January. PKA hosts the ongoing kite boarding tour, recently in Caliraya Lake and will zero-in on Puerto Princesa on March 7, 2014.  For b e i ng h a nd s - o n i n coordinating all these events, with his persistence in inviting teams personally, the event progressed and materialized even with only a short time of preparation.  Su n S oa ked Beac h Fe st gathered about 500 participants: a conference of surfers from La Union, Pangasinan, Siargao, and other surfing spots in the country;

a few teams of local beach volley ball players; about 30 local and international kiteboarders arriving from Boracay, Manila and Davao; 8 teams of Ultimate frisbee from Subic, Tuguegarao, Manila, with our very own Boracay Dragons; and 8 dragon boat teams with the Boracay All-Stars, as the only non-Manila team. Viga n Cit y g r e eted t he athletes with nice cool weather on January 31st. Participants and holiday tourists, especially the first-timers enjoyed the atmosphere of being brought back to the Spanish colonial era while strolling the famous world heritage site - Calle Crisologo. The unique fusion of old Philippine and Easter n desig ns of the buildings that are complimented with western architecture has made it a picture-taking favorite background, flooding the social media networks of the different communities of the participants.  The hotels around downtown plaza were fully-booked as the front offices declared it was due to the beach festival and Chinese

New Year holiday. Stores and establishments were flocked but seemed ready for the influx of shoppers and diners. One could get used to the beating sound of the shoes of the native horses carrying the Kalesa while wandering around or enjoying the famous Ilocano favorites like Pinakbet, Bagnet, Empanada and Chorizos in one of the restaurants. Along the famous street held the Sun Soaked event welcome party - at the club called The Legacy. Here, the Ilocos Sur pr ov i nc i a l tou r i s m of f ic er addressed welcome greetings a longside t he Ph i l ippi ne Kiteboarding Association’s (PKA) program. The rare sight of the mix of competing athletes in one dance floor encouraged everyone to a dance showdown among camps of athletes.  O n Febr ua r y 1st, tea ms gathered at Cabugao Beach, a 45-min to an hour drive from Vigan for the Ultimate frisbee finals and dragon boat event.  The 2-day Ultimate Frisbee tour nament sun-soaked the

Malunggay Tea

The Philippines is very rich in natural resources, and when it comes to health, there are a lot of native medicinal plants that are worth looking into. One of the known but less tried ones is Malunggay. Dubbed the "Miracle Plant" in recent years for it's immunity boosting properties, Malunggay is scientifically named Moringa Oelifera and is native to the Philippines as well as parts of Asia, Africa and Central America. Traditionally Malunggay leaves are brewed as tea, and taste a bit like spinach, but the plant is also commonly used in tinola, clam and other soups, salads, or vegetable stews. Malunggay pods are rich in amino acids and can be eaten raw or cooked. The seeds are sometimes ground and used as seasoning, and

the roots can be dried and used as a paste similar to horseradish. Most locals who have had Malunggay within their reach have reaped the health benefits of the plants for a long time, but the medicinal effects haven't been discovered by the rest of the world until the late nineteenth century. The University of Leicester conducted studies on the plant's benefits, and confirmed health benefits such as lowering of cholesterol, minimizing the effects of asthma, and assisting the respiratory system. In the 1940's, The Department of Biochemistry at the Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore found that Malunggay leaves contain the compound "pterygospermin" that is known to have antimicrobial, antibacterial, anti fungal properties.

So what exactly are the health benefits of Malunggay and what does it cure? Malunggay is reported to contain benzyl isothiocyanate, which has anti-cancer and chemoprotective properties that strengthens cells to handle chemotherapy and fight cancer. It also is said to lower blood pressure, promote good eyesight and relieve headaches and migraines. It has agents that rest the nervous system and promotes good sleep. It helps prevent diabetes and the growth of cancer cells in the body. Individuals who drink it daily have reported that their ulcers were healed, tumors restricted, their arthritis pains

Villas, Dieter came up with the Yoga - Love – Rice concept. Yoga, where we merge with our souls, Love, where we heal and Rice where we create community. The core inspiration of The Vessel. So, while I try to be still in my mat, happy tears flow. I remember what his beloved son Jove has always reminded us all, Dieter never really left. He is all around us. “ -Abbey Clarino is a resident of Boracay and worked with Dieter before he passed away on May 22, 2013. She still lights an incense everyday in honor of him.

Dieter SchrottmannThe visionary behind Mandala Spa & Villas and the Vessel

Dieter Schrottmann’s, most recent masterpiece was the building of the newly constructed Mandala Spa Event Center along Angol Road in Manoc-Manoc (behind Mandala Spa & Villas). Built as a platform for healing arts and community events, he envisioned it to be not a “convention center” but rather, a “non-conventional” center for non-conventional events. Built with sacred dimensions and natural geometry, and inspired by the humble “puka shell” that is endemic to Boracay, the private space is organic in every aspect. Oval shaped with an entrance that spirals inside, the 240 square meter space is made from recyclable materials such its wooden floor, its 9-meter high ceiling made of woven bamboo, and its ambulong (caucus) roof. The centre is but one of Dieter’s legacies for Boracay, and we believe it will become a living testimony to his greatness and the richness and utter beauty of the life

he lived, as it hosts serendipitous gatherings, and as it brings Boracay and the Philippines to the world. Known as The Vessel at Mandala Spa & Villas, is a container where empowerment and inspiration are the main conductors as each event hosted intends to root one’s being with a sense of healing and well-being. Co-created with Architect Thomas Mueller and natural engineer Benny, The Vessel showcases Philippine ingenuity and true artistry. For upcoming events and daily schedules please visit www. or refer to the information below: March 12th & 13th, 2014, 2:00pm - 5:00pm: Kundalini Yoga workshop on Authentic Relationships 
May 17th - 23rd, 2014: Vinyasa Classes with Julie Martin “On May 30, 2013, I finally found the courage to step foot on my dear Dieter’s last masterpiece,

The Vessel. A few days before, we gathered around his favorite balete tree, among family and friends to celebrate the life and times of the man I considered to be my mentor, ally, father and friend. As I open the big wooden door, I was engulfed with a lot of emotions. It was exactly what he had envisioned two years ago. From the big ass fan, to the wooden ballet floors, to the impossible puka shell-shaped roof (most of the architects said it was a crazy desig n a nd could not be done). The journey of creating this sacred space is a story worth re-telling. Flash-backs of him sitting on h is deck pa s sion ately

PRC Boracay-Malay Chapter Caticlan Office Soon To Open (2014)

Construction and design team Thomas Mueller, Benny and Boyet

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convincing his Mandala Team that this is the dream project, despite the many challenges we were going to encounter. And oh he just went on, not looked back and laid the first foundation in November 2012. Together with a team of designers, architects and good old local workers, he saw the realization of what was to be the first of its’ kind in Boracay, a sacred space for people to discover themselves through yoga, art, da nce, music a nd well ness therapies. An extension of his original creation Mandala Spa &

The Vessel hosts its' first yoga event

Featured Design/Space – The Vessel

Marlo Schoenenberger

BORACAY SUN march 2014

O ne of t he g reatest news items of this year is the fruition of our office in Sitio Tabon, Caticlan, Malay, Aklan (among other life saving activities including blood donation). This Valentines Day of 2014, Director Gretchen MartirezWest showed the future site of the Philippine Red Cross BoracayMalay Chapter Caticlan Office, after being presented during the Board Meeting last Feb 12, 2014.   We l o o k f o r w a r d t o t h e inauguration of the office and the Caticlan Academy, where our office is located.  We would also like to extend our thanks for the continued and sustainable support. We need your help to further our humanitarian activities for Malay Town and beyond. Thank you.

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BORACAY SUN march 2014 18

The Heat Is On

Escape to the magical sandbox of Boracay Island’s world-famous White Beach and toast to the most incredible summer season yet Freida Dario-Santiago

According to CNN Go’s 50 Best Beaches in the World (www.cnngo. com), “Beaches are the Valium of the travel world. They soothe, they relax, they make you realize that "real life" occasionally needs escaping.” And as beaches go, Boracay Island stands out for its distinct powdery white sand and pristine turquoise waters, and the endless horizon that presents equally endless possibilities for all – from day to night, to sunrise! The top summer destination of choice for Filipinos and summer travelers, that means more hot bodies glistening in the sun and under the stars as throngs of sun worshippers flock to the island for some fun in the sun, and some serious partying at the country’s beach capital, renowned as Travel + Leisure’s World's Best Island Getaway and TripAdvisor’s ‘Travelers' Choice 2013’ awards “Number One Top 25 Beaches in Asia” for the fourth year in a row. As the great Bob Marley sang, “Sun is shining, the weather is sweet. Make you want to move your dancing feet!” Kickoff a soulful summer at these events that promise an unforgettable summer season! Happy second anniversary Area 51! For more updates, visit us on Facebook at boracay.sun and on our website at w w w. s u n boracay.c o m .

VENUE/HOST: APLAYA BEACH BAR AND RESTAURANT WHAT’S HAPPENING: Checkout Aplaya at Boracay Beach Resort, a brand new addition to Boracay’s beach chill out scene. WHY GO: Aplaya Beach Bar and Restaurant plays host to exclusive beachfront sunset parties and regular theme parties (think Nikki Beach and Ibiza!) and serves up sumptuous Italian cuisine and Mediterranean mezze and pizzas. With successful restaurants and clubs in Shanghai, Tuscany, Milan and Formentera Ibiza, the owners promise a vibrant international vibe and beach party and dining scene from morning to midnight, breakfast to late night cocktails and a DJ set daily. Vamos ala Aplaya! WHERE: Find them at the Boracay Beach

Resort beachfront (formerly Café Del Mar), between Station 1 and 2 (a short walk from D’Mall towards boat station 1).

VENUE/HOST: AREA 51 WHAT’S HAPPENING: New Moon Party with the Jungle Boys – March 4 (Tuesday); Boracay Open Frisbee Party – March 14 (Friday); Full Moon Party with the Jungle Boys – March 17 (Monday); Private Party (By invitation) – March 29 (Saturday); Area 51’s Second Anniversary & Black Moon Party with the Jungle Boys – April 1 (Tuesday) WHY GO: Situated away from the party strip, AREA 51 “Top Secret Facility” reinvents what it means to party in Boracay, with an underground vibe where free spirits are allowed to soar in a relaxed and unpretentious party atmosphere, reminiscent of the old Boracay, promising a unique clubbing experience. One has never really partied on Boracay until they step foot in AREA 51, known for their legendary monthly Jungle Full Moon party, hosted by none other than The Jungle Boys, with the distinctive island vibe and incredible music by resident DJs Manster, Erwin Edralin, and Reo Mendoza – beloved by the locals as “the best DJs in the world,” who promise to take Boracay on an unforgettable journey until sunrise on these special dates! Find them on Facebook and stay tuned for more event announcements at / area51boracay. WHERE: Lugutan Beach, South of Bulabog Beach. Special packages are available for birthdays and group functions. For reservations and event bookings, contact Jude at (+63 917) 327 4824 or Karen at (+63 917) 716 1626.

VENUE/HOST: PHILIPPINE RED CROSS BORACAY- MALAY RED CHAPTER (BMRC) WHAT’S HAPPENING: Million Volunteer Run (MVR) Part 3 Prelude Sunset Runs – Saturdays WHY GO: The Boracay-Malay Chapter of the Philippine Red Cross, invite everyone to get fit, run for humanity, learn to swim and surf with the lifeguards, and save lives! Enjoy an early bird promo for the MVR 3, at Php450 by joining and registering at the Red Cross Office, Tiki Bar, and Willy's Beach Resort until March 15. The Php450 fee entitles you to an official Red Cross MVR t-shirt and gift certificates. Proceeds will go to the Red Cross disaster fund, training in public schools and barangays, and for the rescue barracuda boat and rescue kayaks. WHEN: Sunset Run every Saturday, from 5PM to 5:30PM. Actual MVR 3 event will be in April 2014 (date to be announced) WHERE: Sunset Runs are from the beachfront of Station 3 (Tiki Bar) to Station 1 (Willy’s Rock). Register at the Red Cross Office, Tiki Bar, Willy’s Beach resort, or call (+63 36) 288 2068, email them at, or visit their website at MVR 3 in April will be held at Nigi Nigi Nu Nuos (Nigi Main).

VENUE/HOST: COCOMANGAS SHOOTER BAR WHAT’S HAPPENING: Nightly Happy Hour, from 7:30PM to 9:30PM WHY GO: Happy hour has never been this good, especially when you can enjoy your favorite poisons at 2 for 1 on beers, local spirits and, their famous jam jars. Yup, that’s two long island jars for the price of one! Established in 1987, Cocomangas was one of the first party bars in Boracay, and is now the oldest original running bar on the island. Established in 1987, Cocomangas was one of the first party bars in Boracay, and is now the oldest original running bar on the island. Running on it’s 27th year, you can bet that this Boracay institution knows how to throw a party. Join the drinking contest at 9:30PM and get a chance to win excellent prizes! It’s always fun times watching tourists slam down their infamous “Still Standing After 15” shots! Still in the lead is the Philippines! Head over to Cocomangas

and do it for your country! WHERE: Cocomangas Shooter Bar, Main Road, Balabag. For reservations and more information, call (+63 36) 288 4455.

VENUE/HOST: DISCOVERY SHORES BORACAY WHAT’S HAPPENING: Summer Cruising Aboard the Summer Wind WHY GO: This summer, it’s all about cruising in style, comfort and luxury. Discovery Shores resort guests on an exhilarating private afternoon cruise aboard their exclusive Summer Wind yacht to experience a sunset unlike any other you have ever seen, with your very own deck steward to attend to your every need. Departing from Discovery Shores’ magnificent beachfront at four in the afternoon, marvel at the sea and sky’s changing colors as you skim Boracay’s crystalline waters, in full view of White Beach. A snorkeling stop takes you on a breathtaking underwater adventure as you journey into unknown territory and discover the beauty of the island’s aquatic views. Emerge to savor exquisite cocktails and canapés as the sun dips into the horizon. Return to the idyllic resort feeling connected, rejuvenated, and utterly swept off your feet in enjoyment and sheer indulgence! The Summer Wind Sunset Cruise is offered exclusively for in-house guests from 4PM to 6PM, at Php35,000++ for six (6) persons, Php45,000++ for ten (10) persons, and Php55,000++ for 20 persons, with a Php2,500++ charge per extra person, inclusive of snorkeling gear and a guide, canapés and desserts, one round of cocktails, and soda or iced tea. Bookings and confirmation should be made at the resort only and are subject to weather and tide conditions, with chances of cancellation. WHERE: Discovery Shores, Station 1 beachfront. For inquiries and reservations, please approach the front desk or call (+ 63 36) 288 4500, (+63 2) 720 8888 or visit http://www.discoveryhotels-resorts. com.

VENUE/HOST: DOS MESTIZOS Spanish Restaurant & Bar WHAT’S HAPPENING: Monday Nights With Alejandro – From 8PM onwards WHY GO: Swoon to Spanish guitarist Alejandro Rodriguez every Monday night, to his harmonious renditions of "Volare", "Bamboleo", "Besame Mucho", and more of your favorite Spanish and Latin songs. Enjoy their famous Tapas and authentic Spanish cuisine and jars of sangria, sing along and dance to your heart’s desire! WHEN: Mondays from 8PM WHERE: Dos Mestizos, Sitio Manggayad, Barangay Manoc-Manoc (If you’re walking along White Beach, turn into the road at the Tourist Center). Call (+63 36) 288 5786 for reservations, and visit their website at For more information visit this link:

VENUE/HOST: EPIC BORACAY WHAT’S HAPPENING: Summer Kickoff Party – March 28; Epic Boracay Theme Nights WHY GO: Mark the date: March 28 and kickoff the summer party season at Epic, the epicenter of Boracay’s thriving nightlife! EPIC Boracay is undisputedly a must for all day dining with Chef Carlo Miguel’s signature Beach Cuisine, and world-class partying by night, and there’s always something happening, every night of the week, with their Theme Nights: Mojito Mondays, Ladies Night Tuesdays, Foosball Wednesdays, Ebony Grooves & Beer Pong Thursdays, Weekend Warrior Fridays & Saturdays, 4+1 Beers on Sundays, and BBQ Nights daily, with music by resident DJ Acidburn and DJ Adrian. And did we mention that Happy Hour is from 12noon to 10PM daily! WHERE: EPIC Boracay, beachfront, D'Mall, Station 2. For inquiries and table reservations, call (+63 917) 809 8149, (+63 36) 288 1477, email francesca@, visit www.epicboracay. com for more details. For event updates, join them on Facebook: epicboracay, Twitter: @epicboracay and Instagram: @epicboracay.

(behind Mandala), which he called “The Vessel”. Built as a platform for healing arts and community events, he envisioned it to be not a “convention center” but rather, as a “non-conventional” center for non-conventional events. Built with sacred dimensions and natural geometry, just like MSV, and inspired by the humble puka shell that is endemic to Boracay, the private space is organic in every aspect. Oval shaped with an entrance that spirals inside, the 240 square meter space is made from recyclable materials such its wooden floor, its 9-meter high ceiling made of woven bamboo, and its ambulong roof. The center is but one of Dieter’s legacies for Boracay, and is a living testimony to his greatness and the richness and utter beauty of the life he lived, as it hosts serendipitous gatherings, and as it brings Boracay and the Philippines to the world. His legacy is in changing lives, and he will most definitely live on in the hearts and minds of all of us whose lives he touched so deeply and in so many ways. He coined Mandala’s tagline “Experience yourself”, which brilliantly summed up his mission for all those whose lives he touched, while his ethos in life was “Life is meant to be enjoyed, and not endured.” Experience the magic of “The Vessel” by simply dropping by, and join the island’s unconventional souls as they celebrate life at the life enhancing activities and events.

Please book 1 day in advance, minimum of 3 persons (Php1,500); Mermaid Scuba Diving – Inclusive of introductory lesson, scuba gear, and boat. Scuba diving license is a prerequisite, please book 2 days in advance (Php3,500 and Php2,500 for succeeding sessions); Mermaid Fitness – A low impact workout to shed off inches from your waist, improve stamina and improve overall fitness and last but not least, Modern Mermaid – Underwater swimming with the aid of an underwater scooter, ideal for those with difficulty holding their breath for a long time. PMSA Ocean Hour Beach Cleanups – Every Saturday at 4:30PM PMSA joins the international weekly beach cleanup
movement called Ocean Hour. With the influx of tourists, it is our duty to take responsibility to each do our part in preserving the island’s greatest treasure – its beaches. A group of self-motivated people have decided to BE the change they all want to see in the world, by picking up rubbish along the beaches every Saturday at 4:30PM. PMSA is raising funds for garbage carts to be used during Ocean Hour beach cleanups. Donors’ logos will be placed on every cart. For more details email Anamie Saenz at WHERE: For PMSA class schedules and locations, join them on Facebook: Philippine Mermaid Swimming Academy, email, or visit their website at For advanced bookings call (+63 917) 324 3947.

Event Schedule for the month of March: Jazz Class with Ed Aniel Wednesdays and Fridays, 10:30AM to 12noon Pole Dancing with Ed Aniel Thursdays and Saturdays from 2PM to 3:30PM; Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from 7PM to 8:30PM

VENUE/HOST: PADDLE DIVE KITE SURF PUB (PDKSP) + SMOKE WHAT’S HAPPENING: Rockeoke Nights WHY GO: Finally a proper gastropub on Boracay! Owned and operated by a group of sports enthusiasts living on Boracay, PDKSP + Smoke is a local hangout place – for the locals to dine, drink and sing to their hearts’ content, with live entertainment every night and rockeoke on Wednesdays and Fridays! Here’s what’s happening every night of the week: Mondays Blues – Blues and The Beatles live music with Linver and guest local DJ (9PM to 12AM); Alternative Tuesdays – with live 90s music by Ryan and DJ Kim (from 10PM); Rockeoke Wednesdays & Fridays – with live music by Alfie (from 9PM); Pub Thursdays & Vespa Club Night – with live 80s Jazz music by Steven (from 9PM); 80s Saturdays – with music by DJ Kim and DJ Manster (from 10PM); and Sports Day and Movie Night Sundays – Present your own movie collections, first show is at 11:30PM. It’s a great place to meet the locals and a welcome change of scenery from the usual tourist traps. As a sports pub, they encourage their customers to join in dragon boat practices, bike tours, Frisbee clinics and much more. Serving their famous Bulalo served in 3 ways (soup, crispy and sizzling), Kao Pad and Pan Grilled Fish, Smoke Restaurant offers a satisfying Boracay dining experience. WHERE: Along the Main Road (across BIR and Nirvana). For reservations and deliveries call Rea at (+63 928) 500 0085 or (+63 36) 288 2747.

VENUE/HOST: PLAZOLETA Chi Gong with Tza Leube Saturdays from 9:30AM to 10:45AM

Belly dancing with Bhairavi Thursdays from 12noon to 1:15PM Yoga by True Yoga Vinyasa Flow, Hatha, led Ashtanga and Anusara Yoga Wednesdays from 4PM to 5:15pm

WHERE: The Vessel at Mandala Spa and Villas is along Angol Road, Station 3, Manoc Manoc. To inquire about class rates and to reserve a space, call (+63 36) 288 3405, email msv.thevessel@gmail. com or, or visit their website at

V E N U E/ H OS T: PH I L I PPI N E MERMAID SWIMMING ACADEMY (PMSA) WHAT’S HAPPENING: Mermaid Swimming Classes and Ocean Hour Beach Cleanups WHY GO: Recently returning from taking the world by storm at their live guest performances at the MGM Grand, Macau, the Philippine Mermaid Swimming Academy introduced the global phenomenon called mermaid swimming right here in Boracay Island. They have since been making fantasies come true for people of all ages and

WHAT’S HAPPENING: Plazoleta Beach Market WHY GO: A cornucopia of unique finds, the wide range of homegrown and locally produced and regional goods from local traders and vendors include handicrafts and jewelry by Lawiswis, resort wear by Lonely Planet, clothing by Pipeline, handcrafted leather goods by Django, Messy Bessy products from Niña Bustamante, designer jewelry by local artists, and more. For the foodie, it’s a food fest of healthy and delicious snacks and drinks such as Thai food by Siam, deli sandwiches, burgers by Pow Burger, and customized fresh juices and shakes by Tilo Korb’s Oh! My Juice. This one-stop flea market and treasure trove for communitybased and Earth-friendly products provides the most authentic local shopping experience, with live tribal music and the latest island gossip to perk-up the morning! What better way to start the weekend right? Bring your own shopping bags or baskets. WHEN: Saturdays and Sundays (weather permitting), 10AM to 5PM

WHAT’S HAPPENING: Daily Yoga classes at 9AM Offering Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa Flow & Anusara-inspired classes. Avail of the special Weekly Unlimited Pass (unlimited yoga for 7 days) for only Php1,500 and a Drop-in rate of Php400. Mats are provided. If you are an island resident or staying for at least 1 month, ask about their monthly rates. The same great, inspiring, well trained and seasoned yoga instructors of True Yoga on White Beach now hold a weekly afternoon class every Wednesday at 4PM at The Vessel at Mandala Spa & Villas – an utterly amazing and space to practice and an awesome venue meet other soulful yoga practitioners. The same drop-in rate applies at Php400, with a special 25% discount for island residents. The classes vary between Vinyasa Flow, led Ashtanga and Anusara depending on the teacher for that week. WHERE: True Yoga is located at the 2/F of True Food Indian Restaurant, Station 2. The Vessel at Mandala Spa & Villas entrance is along Angol Road, ManocManoc (behind Mandala Spa & Villas). For inquiries, call Nicole at (+63 917) 700 2292, (+63 918) 916 2252 or email For classes at The Vessel, you may call (+63 36) 288 5857 or 58 to reserve a space.

march 2014

Ashtanga Commumity Yoga Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 6PM to 7:30PM By donation

WHAT’S HAPPENING: Sunday Brunch – Every Sunday WHY GO: Sunday Brunch at the White House Beach Lounge spells “family day” like no other for friends and family, with live DJ's at the poolside, a lavish brunch menu will be served from 6:30AM to 2PM by Station Juan Café’s Chef Martin Jickain, with brunch cocktails at the Beach Lounge, and an all day party from 7AM to 7PM at the amazing beachfront location along Station 1, with the bar, pool, tanning beds and beach, only at White House Beach Resort! WHERE: Station Juan Café at White House Beach Lounge, White House Beach Resort beachfront, Station 1, beachfront. For inquiries and reservations, call (+63 917) 595 5996 or (+63 36) 288 3064, email or visit their website at


Tantra Yoga with Bhairavi Mondays from 12noon to 1:15PM; Fridays from 2PM to 3:30PM

WHAT’S HAPPENING: Soulful Encounters and Activities at The Vessel WHY GO: “The Vessel” at Mandala Spa & Villas is the living legacy of, and created by the late and legendary visionary, pioneer, fearless defender of the environment, wise sage, lover of life and a rock star, Dieter Schrottmann, who joined the world of the immortals on May 22, 2013. He was beloved as a guardian of Boracay, its steward and one of its founding fathers. One of the very first foreigner to live on the island when there was only beach,



Mantra and Meditation with Sierra Knolle Thursdays from 9:30AM to 10:45AM Kundalini Yoga as taught by Bhajan with Sierra Knolle  Tuesdays from 12noon to 1:15PM


WHERE: Plazoleta beachfront (in between Shakey’s and Boracay Regency), Station 2. For inquiries and table rentals call Bryan at (+63 917) 723 7582 or email bravo_

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WHAT’S HAPPENING: Liberalia Freedom Party – Every Saturday night; Island Underground Party – Every Wednesday night WHY GO: Liberalia is a beach party and the first of its kind. Revisit Boracay’s past, when partying meant communing with nature and dancing barefoot in the sand under the stars. It's the Boracay version of the ancient Roman Empire festival “Liberalia” or the festival of Liber Pater and his consort Libera. The Liberalia Freedom Party on Saturday nights plays host to international and local guest DJs, with exotic cocktails. So expect the unexpected as anything can happen on Boracay! The Island Underground Party on Wednesday nights rekindle the original “Old Boracay” vibe with reggae music from 8PM to 11PM, followed by underground music all night long. Open to all, entrance is FREE, and rain or shine, the party is on! WHERE: To find out where to go and for more privileged “underground” information and updates, check out Liberalia on Facebook. Free shuttle service is available only for the Liberalia Freedom Parties on Saturdays, starting at 10PM, to and from the party and the Main Road in front of BPI (next to D’Mall).

genders, offering an escape to the mysterious mythical world of mermaids through “mermaiding” – a term they have coined to describe immersing oneself in a new and fun way of swimming. “Mermaiding” is both an artistic expression and a fun way to keep fit and improve one’s swimming skills, while gaining confidence and poise in and out of the water. Classes include: Introduction to Mermaid Swimming – 2 hours including tail rental (Php1, 500); Mermaid Snorkeling – Introductory course is a pre-requisite.


water, and sand back in the late 70s, he was consumed by the vision of a sanctuary for the body and spirit on the island. In 2004, he co-created and established Mandala Spa & Villas (MSV) which is recognized globally as one of Asia and the world’s finest spa resorts and notably the country’s quintessential wellness provider, spa brand, and best destination spa in the Philippines. His last grand venture and labor of love was the building of the newly constructed Mandala Spa Event Center along Angol Road in Manoc-Manoc


Sioux Rose


It’s not a bad idea to view spring as your personal-biological clock. Before the alarm sounds, you are sound asleep. Up until March 21 (the spring equinox), it’s Pisces’ hour of dominion on the cosmic clock; and this sign of dreams happens to govern your own. Pisces represents your 12th house, the zone that holds sway over all that ’s unconscious. Would you drive a car or start a business from the sleep state?  Not likely. However, this zone can be mined for inner guidance. That means the weeks prior to your birthday signify a strategic time for doing prep work or research. Once the sun returns to your sign on March 21, you naturally tap into an an nual process that renews your body, mind, and spirit. Scientists explain that we use less than 10% of our brains. Like old computer files, fascinating data can be  discovered by probing the contents of the inner self. This “mining operation” yields its most powerful results from March 12-14. Mercury lags behind in foggy Pisces. Avoid major decisions on March 22-23 when Mercury, planet of plans and ideas merges with Neptune, the bearer of confusion. When the sun enters your sign, an ambush is waiting. Rebel star Uranus crossing your sign falls into a crossfire with Pluto, the planet of power struggles. Although this cosmic traffic conflagration peaks in early April, you  may sense the effects by the end of March. That’s when love and money star Venus meets a wall in the  form of Saturn, lord of karma (on the 30th-31st). Your desires may be obstructed by conditions or someone else’s opposition. The ensuing fireworks spill over into April. 


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March 2014 Horoscope

march 2014



Work i ng w it h ot her s i s vital now, so it’s important to align your interests with those who share common intentions, goals, and aspirations. The sun’s annual visit to Pisces triggers the power inherent to your 11th house. Call it synergy: it’s a positive force unleashed when t wo or more persons share an objective and make efforts to bring it to fruition. Something mystical supports these types of endeavors. 

I n o t h e r wo r d s , m ag ic ca n happen, a nd pla netar y alignments help that prospect along on March 12-14. Even if you think of yourself as more of a pragmatist than a dreamer, pay attention to the messages relayed by your intuition. Pisces is a highly imaginative sign and w it h messenger Merc u r y headed there on the 18th, ideas of a highly creative nature inspire your thought process. You could get a bit swept out to sea with unrealistic plans, goals, projects or intentions when Mercury merges forces with Neptune on  the 22nd-23rd. Meanwhile, the sun (great solar battery that it is) enters your reclusive 12th house, Aries,  on the 21st to signal your most strategic time for rest, reflection, and renewal. Ruler Venus takes a hard hit from Saturn during the last days of the month. Delay or disappointment may tie into a matter that pertains to love or your monetary flow. 


Wit h Pisces, t he f ish, gover n i ng your c hart ’s key professional sector, you advance in your career by doing at least two jobs at once. Now, as the sun excites your 10th house (career sector) you’ll be extremely busy meeting tasks that would ideally involve two or more employees. You can strategically showcase your talents, efficiency, and capac it y for i n novat ion on March 12-14. Those days allow you to  advance your interests on the job. Ruler Mercury enters Pisces on the 18th to merge with Neptune (the ruler of that sign) on the 22nd-23rd. While this con nect ion is good for cartoonists, film animators, and trance mediums, it’s dangerous for anything practical, mundane, or reliant upon specific details. Best  not to make any binding commitments (or plans) those days. Mars infuses your romance sector with lots of passion. From the balance sign of Libra, Mars compels you to learn what it means to be a partner, and work with another to fulfill shared objectives. March sets up a juggling act in prompting you to both balance tasks and balance your interests within the context of a close relationship. The sun advances to  Aries on the 21st to light up your social sector. Nonetheless, love star Venus takes a hit from Saturn on the 30th-31st (and all signs will feel it). Don’t count your monetary chickens before they hatch. It’s wise to curb the tendency to criticize the person you love, as Aries time ignites short fuses and people feel their tempers shorten. You could inadvertently send the person you care about towards the nearest door.  


Water signs like yours are inherently mediumistic. You “pick up” on cues from your environment. Many Cancers take on the mood of the persons they associate with. During March, the sun crosses Pisces, the most psychic sign on the dial. This highly intuitive sign governs your chart sector of higher  understanding (the 9th house); so it’s likely that your supersensible sensibilities will intensif y. On the plus  side, intuition could guide you to the answer to a problem that’s plagued you for some time. Guidance may barrel your way from a book, film, counselor, chance meeting, or your own gut reaction… especially on March 12-14. Messenger Mercury enters Pisces’ watery realm on the 18th and there merges the language of soul with that of the more earthbound intellect. Translation? You can see and understand  things you never quite realized before. This bout of enlightenment can shift the ways you interact with others. And that could be a good thing. On March 22nd-23rd it will be difficult to discern the real from the fantastical because deceptive tendencies run high. Stay away from long-term plans or binding contracts at that time. The sun enters Aries on the 21st to stimulate your chart’s most ambitious sector. Make  your work stand out on the job by doing your best to shine. Love & money star Venus gets into a fix on the 30th-31st. Guard your wallet and don’t make expenses you really can’t afford. 


Fe w c a t s e n j o y b e i n g submerged in water, and fiery Leo, the big cat is no exception. That’s why each March when the sun, your ruling planet, passes through Pisces’ virtual sea kingdom, you tend to feel out of your element. When the force is not riding with you, it’s foolish to take on projects you just don’t  have the zeal to complete. Pisces governs your 8th house: the zone where healing and transformation happen. These soul gifts arrive when one gives up old resentments and cleanses their psyche through the practice of forgiveness. If you can do that, something magical may occur close to March 12-14. The 8th house also defines the way we share money (as well as our very selves) with others;

sexual intimacy included. Your ego could significantly melt down into another at this time, so make sure this other is worthy of you. Mercury’s power of discernment is muted when it merges with dualistic Neptune on March 22-23. Your inner compass is too foggy for sound navigation; plus you can delude yourself into thinking what you wish were true indeed is… rather than seeing things for what they are. When the sun enters Aries on the 21st, clarity emerges little by little, and you begin to see things more clearly.  Unfortunately, Venus clashes with Saturn, the planet of heavy gravity, on March 30-31 when a prized fantasy could fall to earth with a thud. 


The sun’s annual visit to Pisces heats up your relationship sector. Pisces governs your house of partnership, and following the theme of the two fish, it sets duality and possible confusion into motion.  Don’t be surprised if you feel divided about someone or something. Your greatest clarity emerges on March 12-14. Planets then align to provide you with deep insights, ones useful to understanding your closest ties. Human beings have a tendency to project what they think is right onto others. Your lesson is to accept others on their terms. Consider it a test in stretching tolerance. Ruler Mercury enters Pisces on the 18th liberating rigid beliefs from their former concreteness. You may even feel disoriented, especially on the 22nd-23rd. Those are powerful days for gaining personal insights, but notespecially recommended for forming binding agreements. The sun’s entrance into Aries on the 21st energizes your 8th house of joint finance. You may find occasion to wheel and deal in an effort to arrive at a financial arrangement that pleases all (the) parties involved. In spite of your Herculean effort to play King Solomon (through demonstrating absolute fairness), Venus, the planetary arbiter of love and money matters, conflicts with Saturn on the 30th-31st. A karmic matter from the past could now boomerang and bring with it, a lesson you thought was already resolved, as in “case closed.” 


The holistic health community recognizes that our emotional issues affect our body’s tissues. The sensitive sign of Pisces

governs your 6th house health sector. The two fish portray the relationship that exists between mind and body (or body and emotions). With this sector now spotlighted, pay attention to your body’s signals since prevention— in the form of catching a problem early-- is worth pounds of cure. Be e sp e c ia l ly a ler t to a ny messages that stir on March 12-14. These days may prove significant to  your work, too. Powerful planets align to send support towards your job sector. With Mars spending extra time in your sign, you’ve developed the capacity to do more on your own. While the sign of  partnership (yours) prefers to rely on a sig n i f ica nt ot her to sat isf y tasks, the cosmos is facilitating greater independence on your part. Messenger Mercury enters Pisces on the 18th to join forces with Neptune on the 22nd-23rd. This dreamy influence could see you lose your focus (on those days). Watch what you eat and drink since you could react strongly to anything that insults your system/normal physiology. The sun enters Aries on the 21st to stimulate your partnership sector. If you’re solo, spring should prove your most strategic season for attracting new love. However, ruler Venus hits a symbolic wall on the 30th-31st. Romance could disappoint those days. Allow others room to be human, and to thereby make mistakes.  


Cosmic chemistry is real, p owe r f u l , a n d s o m e t i m e s overwhelming. When planets pass through your element— water—they empower you at the deepest levels. The sun’s annual visit to Pisces stirs a most inspired chart sector, your 5th house. This is where the artist within comes to life. You can express yourself with great creativity, even zeal. The 5th house also compels you to connect with children more profoundly than would typically be the case. Plus it serves as the Zodiac’s kingdom of the heart. That means March is the month to stimulate your ardor and deepen intimacy within romantic ties. You could  learn something vital about a loved one on March 12-14—true power days, or recognize the essence of the bond (or connection). When messenger Mercury unites with nebulous Neptune, you’re able to read the language of the soul. What ’s revealed pertains to the realm of the spirit, not the mundane. So avoid business or financial commitments on March 22-23. The sun advances onto Aries on the 21st to energize your 6th house of work and health matters. You should feel a new surge of vitality, or summon the focus to begin a challenging, if evocative work project. Venus throws a monkey-wrench into plans on the 30th.  Everyone is not on the same page. Let conflict pass quickly. Don’t add fuel to the flame.



The sun’s annual visit to Pisces stirs your 3rd house communication sector. It’s your personal high tide for new ideas. However, your usual access to finesse and patience will be required to bring them to fruition. You’ll feel called upon to tie up a multi-faceted/complex project close to Virgo’s full moon on the 16th. If you’re a perfectionist, you’ll need to practice tolerance or your critical acumen could offend someone who’d better serve you as an ally. Merc ur y, t he Zodiac’s mercantilist and dealmaker enters the  imaginative, albeit nebulous sign of Pisces on the 18th. It merges with Neptune, the planet of illusion, on March 21-23 when it’s best to carefully review projects or any contracts timed to this anything but pragmatic “hour.” Except ionally keen insights head your way on March 12-14, so pay attention to what you learn or recognize on those dates. Once the sun enters Aries on the 21st, it sheds light on the state of your domestic life. You may want to move furniture around, shift the ambiance of your home, or  devise better ways to get an intransigent relatives to “go along with the program.” Capricorn seldom gives up until they reach the mountain summit; however, that doesn’t mean you won’t have to revise  plans or assume a different approach when your ruling planet Saturn tangos with Venus on the 30th-31st.  Diplomacy can defuse conflicts; yet it may be in rather short supply at that time. 


Money will be much on your mind since the sun energizes your chart’s income sector until March 21. Put your unorthodox genius to work by cultivating novel ways to increase the flow of currency; or you can discover a strategic way to invest it. Your best dates for wise, long-term maneuvers (planning for your future) are March 12-14. Virgo’s full moon on the 16th brings the imposition of discipline. Either you internalize it, or someone else makes efforts that force you to toe the line. If you’ve been avoidi ng or  evadi ng certai n responsibilities, you may need to “own up.” Venus enters your sign on the 7th and she helps you to mag net i ze what you desi re (a nd draw it c loser). Mercury sharpens your thought process while in your sign until it enters t he more diff usive realm of Pisces on t he 18th. The winged messenger joins forces with murky Nept une, on t he 21st-23rd. You’re not usually seduced by con artists or anyone intending to sell you a dream (that lacks foundation). St ill, it ’s st ill wise to g uard aga i n st decept ion on t hos e dates. T he su n adva nces to Ar ies (on t he 21st) where it c l a r i f ie s you r fo c u s. News may emerge on  the 30th that cont a i n s sho c k i ng conte nt. Ma rc h’s s e c o nd new mo o n plugs directly into your ruling planet, Uranus. An unprecedented d i s c o v e r y h a s yo u r n a m e written all over it. 


Birthday time means the sun comes “home” where--like a great solar battery--it’s positioned to recharge you in body, mind and spirit. March naturally serves as your power month; and this March begins with a new moon in your sign. March 1 presents an excellent time for you to take inventory, that  is, an overview of your life. You’re seldom more aligned with cosmos—or yourself. Messenger Merc ur y enters Pisces on the 18th to enliven your thought process with endless streams of new ideas. In fact, your imagination works overtime when Mercury merges with your sign’s ruling planet Neptune on March 21-23. What you gain in the way of visionary insight you forfeit in the way of practicality or any sense of the pragmatic. So don’t commit to mundane agreements at that time. Virgo’s full moon on the 16th can agitate close relationships. Tolerance for differences runs in short supply. Besides, your partner is apt to make insensitive demands on your time and energy. Turn critiques (or lines of criticism) around through humor, if you can. The sun advances to Aries on the 21st where it energizes your moneymaking sector. Unfortunately, Venus, star of banking as well as romance hits a symbolic wall. Karmic heavyweight Saturn puts a hold on plans close to the 30th. In fact, a second new moon occurs just then, in Aries to merge forces with Uranus, the planet of unexpected developments. Upsets operate as Providence’s way of re-routing you. In other words, Plan A is not always the best one. Plan according. 

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There will be lots of activity around the home sphere as the sun makes its annual journey to your “domestic sector.” Not only will you be more aware of the overall ambiance of your living environment,  you’ll be keen on the ways that relatives and kin interact. So if there’s any need for improvement in either arena, you’ll have your not exactly cosmic work cut out for you. Major insights head your way on March 12-14 that could provide something concrete in the way of benefits. Virgo’s full moon on the 16th will have you tackling challenging tasks at your workplace, or otherwise compelled to tie up multiple loose ends. No sign cultivates efficiency more than Virgo, and it happens to govern your chart’s professional zone. Mercury, the planet of ideas and contracts merges with murky Neptune on the 22nd- 23rd, days to avoid binding agreements. The sun enters Aries on the 21st where it stimulates your recreational sector. You’ll want to become more active, especially if you’ve fallen into a sedentary routine. In fact, lust and libido both pick up temp. Venus in Aquarius enhances your desire to step out of familiar boundaries. Your inner “explorer” is ready to express. However, Venus, star of romance (along  with monetary matters) faces a snag on the 30th-31st when something unexpected could rattle the status quo. In the long run, this disruption could trigger an opportunity where you least expect it. 

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TALES OF TABLAS... An islander’s discovery of a lifetime

The Lola Adventurer I have lived on an island for 15 years now and do not plan to change that in the near future. After ditching the life of cars and high-heels to flip-flops and sandy beaches, I was quite contented with the simplicity of what island living has to offer. So when the opportunity to visit

a neighboring virgin island just 38 minutes from Caticlan on a speed-boat or 2 hours by public boat, I packed my over-night bag and jumped on in. With a crew of three, The Captain Mr. Fast and The Bullock Family plus their little pup Sophie, we left Cagban at 8:30 am on a cloudy Friday. Navigating alongside White Beach (to avoid

rain) and to the Northern tip crossing over to Carabao Island, then to the Southern part of Tablas Island, we were greeted by the island of Sta. Fe. Surprisingly beautiful, the Sta. Fe strip is an unspoiled beach where nature is lush and the water is clean. The beach stretches out as far as the eye can see, similar to standing on Angol beach looking to station 1 on Boracay except here there are absolutely no structure, no boats, only trees and the blue ocean. A visit to the lonesome holiday beachfront home owned by an American named Bill was our last stop before heading to the next surprise. Looc Bay, home to the the 48-hectare Looc Bay Marine Ref uge a nd Sa nc t uar y was off icially opened i n t he municipality after four years of contents | island news | community | features | opinion | Lifestyle | sports | arts&culture | entertainment | beyond boracay | events

intensive community education on t he value a nd bet ter management of marine resources. The local government, together with the community through t h e i r Ba ra ngay Fi s h e r me n Organization and Looc Baywatch Task Force, worked together to ensure t he safet y of t he Looc's marine resources. The marine sanctuary was awarded two Trailblazing GalingPook awards in 2000 and 2007 by the GalingPook Foundation for being the best Coastal Resource Management program. We docked at Tablas Fun Resort - for a quick refreshment and cold drinks. We learned that there is a PADI dive center and that Tablas offers World Class dive sites; wrecks, great walls, caves and The Famous Blue Hole! Going off the track, we drove down to the East coast Aglicay Beach Resort and not only was this a tranquil haven of white sand beach but a very good spot for windsurfing and kiteboarding. The water was a so clean and alive that from the edge you could

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BORACAY SUN march 2014 24

already see the marine species inhibiting there. Wanting to see more, we headed to the town of Ferrol, where our host Chris Bech prepared a sumptuous lunch of no nonsense Prime Steak cooked to perfection by him, sided with the juiciest organic tomato from his very own farm. This is just the start of an interesting afternoon with his neighbors Greg, an American pilot who moved to Tablas and is building his dream house with his wife and daughter, and Mayumi, a Japanese lady who is the proud resident on almost 5 acres of land with mango trees. While they recount their stories on how they found home in Tablas, I can’t help but wonder how these foreigners who come from afar have discovered this gem even before me. The view from the house was just relaxing me to a point where I was putting my feet up and just zoning out. After a few more glasses of wine to celebrate the day, we were on to the next spot; this is what sealed it for me.

Binucot Beach

Driving down the hill is a cove that just took my breath away. The rock formations that enveloped the white sand stretch extends to the other end where a marine and turtle sanctuary is protected. At this point, I just wandered in abandon breathing in the newness. At the same time dreaming of how I can stay here forever. It was quite appealing to know that there are only two

places we could stay. One was atBinucotSunset Cove Resort by the couple Willie and Michaela, which are romantic native huts with the luxury of hot showers and comfortable beds and just next door was Binucot Beach Resort by Peter and Uwe, modern air-conditioned rooms for only $40/night including breakfast. Unfortunately, a not so good experience happened to one of our friends Heinz. By the Sea Resort owned by an Italian couple named Flavio and Chiara charged him thousands of dollars for bad service and lousy accommodation. Not only did they receive an advance payment for a long-term stay, they kicked him out of the resort for no reason and kept the rest of his payment. Surely a place I will not recommend to any guests.

Casa Villa M

Just when we thought we have seen it all, we were whisked away to this secret hide-away which was going to be our designated accommodation for the rest of our trip. Casa Villa M, the private estate of Gunter and Joanne Matschuck sits on a 2.5 hectare property perched on a hill, landscaped gardens and views of the sea. Walking in, this Spanishinspired abode opens up with natural seating areas from the 20-seater narra dining area to the little coffee table nooks, all made from native materials from Philippine provinces. The walls are adorned by the couple’s personal collection of art, musical instruments and travel artifacts.

A t rip is not complete without a “pasalubong” to bring back home to friends. I asked Chris what Tablas had to offer and his reply that in three years time I could be bringing home export quality Pili nuts got me curious. In the Philippines, the Bicol region because of it’s volcanic

A little info on the Pili

The Pili Nut has the flavor of pumpkin seed when raw, and takes on an entirely different identity when roasted. It is soft yet crisp, with an easy crunch that surprisingly melts in your mouth, making it a favorite snack food among Filipinos. The same delighted acceptance is true even in other countries that have already obtained the nut as an imported staple. Driving up to Bech’s Organic Pili Nut Farm located in San Andres, Agpudlos, Tablas, Romblon in the highlands reminded me of the terrains of Tagaytay but with 360 degree views of the ocean not to mention a waterfalls that serve as natural irrigation to the pili. When we reached the top, rows of pili plants covered

Casa Villa M - Highly recommended for the affluent travelers who are seeking the fine touches and artistic ambiance. Service is great and the food delectable. Aglicay Resort - Top choice for privacy and nature-trippers. Very secluded and might not have the amenities of a central resort. Be prepared to have basic supplies like off-lotion and cellphone load. Sunset Cove Resort - My kind of place to stay, very relaxing breeze, eccentric furnishing and the happiest staff you could ever have. Binucot Beach Resort - Modern, very clean and reasonably priced. Suitable for travelers who want the luxury of a pool and restaurant. By the Sea Resort - Awful service and a rip-off. Not a place I want to visit nor recommend.

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Fruit of Interest: The Pili Nut

grade of agri-land, is the most known producer of this crop. I was interested to find out and the trip to his farm was in order.

My Ratings for the resorts I visited:

Nita, the caretaker greets us with a big smile and reminds us that a massage for 2 awaits us at the Gazebo. My heart skipped for this is my weakness. As I surrendered to the loving hands of my masseur, I still take in the day that has been, saying thank you silently to the universe. An hour and a half later, I sit by the infinity pool for the show about to come. At 5:54pm, the star of the day did not disappoint… the perfect sunset unveiled.

hectares of mountain-side the seedlings of which coming from Bicol. Municipal Agriculturist and farm expert Mr. Dario explained that the pili is known as a “stress tree”, that is, the more it is shaken and beaten by storms, the more it blooms and bears better fruit. The pulp of the Pili fruit is eaten as a vegetable. Blanched in hot water for about three minutes, it is perfect for salads, or simply dipped in fish sauce for that tangy kick. But the most important part of the Pili Nut is its kernel. With its testa stripped off, it is a slender, yellowish-white core. The kernel is the raw material used in various recipes. The kernel and the pulp are excellent sources of oil, used for baking, cooking or cuisine. The Pili tree sap, known around the world as the Manila Elemi, has a cool, zesty scent that is favoured for perfumes and aromatherapy oils The secret to success with the Pili Nuts trees is in the organic volcanic soils that they grow in, all trees are given organic feeds and supplements and all the water is from the rain, or our creeks and rivers, all natural, non polluted. With global tastes now putting a premium on much healthier edibles, and with the insistent clamor for new snacking alternatives, the world market is more than ready to welcome the Pili Nut among its gamut of highly-valued food products. For more info on Pili farming and investment opportunities i n Ta b l a s v i s i t w w w .

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BORACAY SUN march 2014 26

Boracay’s Bats are declining! Chantal Brown On t he nort her n part of Boracay island, in the hills of Brgy, Yapak, lives one of Boracay’s biggest hidden treasures, the fruit bats or ‘The flying foxes’ as they also are called. Together with the insect bats, they have a very important role in Boracay’s ecosystem, that many people are unaware of. The bats take care of the majority of the reforestation of Boracay and Northwest Panay Peninsula. Boracay’s water source comes from the forest in the main land that the bats reforest. The insect bats that are found in our caves keep the insect population under control as one insect bat can eat up to 3000 mosquitoes in a night! The seeds that are dropped by tropical fruit bats account to 95% of forest re-growth on cleared land. This fact should make these animals sacred! O n t he last bat cou nt conducted 23rd of February 2012, by Friends of the Flying Foxes (FFF), Batcount Philippines and supporters from Shangri-La and Ecovillage, the survey showed that ONLY 740 BATS remain. Boracay used to have 15000

bats in the early 1980’s and by 2002 we measured 2800 bats, an alarming decline. Disturbance and capt uring has been the main cause of decline through the years. But now, with only 740 remaining bats, we have to take action before it is too late. Bats are often referred to by conservationists around the world, as ‘Bio-Indicators’. This term means that bats reflect the overall health of the ecosystem. So the decline indicates a stressed ecosystem.

So how can we help?

 The roost of the bats and the area they live in has to be created a wild life sanctuary, to give them the space and protection they need to survive. The hills of Yapak and above Puka beach are one of the last remaining roosts of these bats and one of the areas that has not yet been destroyed by construction, and we do think that we should make an effort in preserving the area for the bats and for future generations to see what Boracay was once all about. We would like to make it a wildlife sanctuary and national park to protect not only the fruit

during the day, touching them, and damaging their cave causes them disturbance and stress. It is possible to see the bats and learn about these interesting animals without damaging them. Yo u c a n help the bats and us to make a change, s upp or t t he FFF and our c a u s e . We urge the local management of Boracay Island to allocate f u n d i n g and support from the environmental fees generated from the local a nd for eig n t o u r i s t s coming to the isla nd. T h is suppor t ca n help implement

conservation programs for the species on the island. The Friends of the Flying Foxes, a small NGO formed in 2001 on Boracay Island, composed of

wildlife enthusiasts, is working on this project. FFF wants to protect the bats and in doing so protect the environment of Boracay and its neighboring areas.


natural environment. The species may carry any number of pests and diseases that our wildlife may not be adapted to. The new species may also be more competitive and need the same habitat as one of our native species, causing a Boracayan species to be outcompeted by an exotic/foreign species. It is important that we try not to introduce any new species in Boracay to protect the beautiful wildlife we have here for all to enjoy for many years. As concerned citizens, we all should report when we see illegal activities, and definitely not support the places capturing our wildlife. The well known “batcave” where the insect bats live has been badly managed. Unfortunately, some people have been damaging the cave, and the animals that rely on the cave for their shelter, by tapping and touching the fragile cave. The FFF hope to work with tourism operators to educate them and tourists about how to learn about bats without disturbing them. Waking the bats up while they rest

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bats that are endangered here but also wildlife such as turtles, lizards, monkeys and birds. Sadly, some people do not understand how sensitive the bats are and how important they are. Capturing the bats without a permit, or disturbing a roost (place where a bat lives) such as a cave or tree is ILLEGAL. The FFF has recently been working with local government officials including the DENR (Department of Environment and Natural Resources) to stop the display of the Flying Foxes at the Everland Aviary at Mt Luho. The capture and display of these bats is illegal and should be stopped immediately. Some of the bats had been captured and brought from places outside Boracay, therefore these bats can’t be released on Boracay. As an island, the species we have here have evolved over time in the surroundings we have and in conjunction with other species here on Boracay. To introduce any new plant or animal species poses a great threat to our

march 2014 27

march 2014


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Boracay’s Brilliant Bats!


Boracay is fortunate to have three species of Fruit Bats or ‘Flying Foxes’ as they also are called or Kabog in the local dialect. The bats are the large flying fox, common island flying fox, and the golden crowned flying fox which is not only endangered in the Philippines but worldwide. These bats have a fascinating life here on Boracay. Bats are mammals just like us, but bats are the only flying mammal in the world. They are in the Order (group) Chiroptera, which contains both insect eating bats (70%) and fruit bats. Worldwide there are approximately 1240 species of bats, and in the Philippines there are fifteen species of fruit bats. Internationally bats perform essential roles in pollinating many plants, including many fruits that we rely on for food, and for keeping the insect population under control. Bat droppings also help fertilize the ground and support plant growth. Bats have been around on this planet since the time that dinosaurs walked the planet, and they have evolved in some fascinating ways to acquire the food they need. Bats are brilliant flyers, their flight is silent and they use their good vision (it is a myth that bats are blind!) to navigate from their roost (home) to their food source each night. Insect eating bats have another additional skill called, echolocation, where they rely on sound waves to help them navigate and locate food. To simplify what echolocation is, imagine running around in the dark and shouting, and listening to the sound bouncing off objects

to help you know where to go. We would struggle, but insect eating bats have perfected this skill so well, they are able to capture the smallest mosquito while flying at great speeds and avoiding crashing into trees or other bats. The sound that the bats make is at a frequency too high for us to be able to hear. With the use of a ‘bat detector’ the sound is brought down to a frequency that our ears can hear, and once you have heard the choppy sounds and the squelches as the bats eat a mosquito mid flight, you will never think of bats in the same way! Bats require a lot of food each night to provide them with the energy they need. Hunting is hard work therefore on average an insect eating bat will consume 3000 mosquitoes every night. The insect bats here on Boracay are much smaller than the fruit bats. A fully grown adult’s body would be no larger than the size of most modern mobile phones. Conserving the insect bats is fundamental to controlling the mosquito population in Boracay. The fruit bats of Boracay have their roost here, but their main feeding ground is not only Boracay but the Northwest Panay Peninsula. All the roosts of the bats are located in Barangay Yapak. At this time of year, ‘Amihan’ , the bats roost in the trees in colonies (groups) in the area between Puka beach and Shangri-La. When the season changes to ‘Habagat’, the bats move up and inland and roost on top of the hill near Puka beach and also at Ilig-Iligan to get the shelter they need from the wind.

Each night, about twenty minutes after sunset, the bats wake up and begin to warm up for their big flight, and can be seen circling around the trees where they roost. Once they have stretched their wings, many of the bats then begin their 40km flight to the mainland to feed on fruit trees. Some of the fruit bats remain on Boracay every night to feed, but most of them fly to the forests of Panay to feed. 95% of the forest in this area are planted by the fruit bats. As the bats are creatures of habit, they roost in the same area all the time just changing with the wind for shelter, and make the flight every night shortly after

sunset. If you are at Yapak or on White Beach to watch the sunset, keep looking up, and between 20 and 40 minutes after the sun sets you will see these enormous and magnificent bats flying along the coastline. The bats are heading to the Northwest Panay Peninsula to feed on some of the 300 species of plants that grow there. This natural phenomena is more important than you may think. Many of the plants that the bats eat, need the seeds to be passed through the bats’ digestive system to enable it to successfully regenerate. The fruits these bats are eating contain seeds, and the bats bring these seeds back to Boracay, and plant the seeds by pooping them out here! We can thank the bats for the beautiful green flora we have here on Boracay, it is their hard work of flying to the mainland to feast that helps keep the forest in Panay and Boracay regenerated. Luckily all three species of Flying Fox are protected for conservation reasons. The Giant Flying Fox is listed as ‘threatened’, the Golden Crowned Flying Fox is critically endangered and is found ONLY in the Philippines, and the Island Flying Fox has a stable population.

The ‘Friends of the Flying Foxes’ (FFF) aims to educate people and to conserve the Flying Foxes and all wildlife on Boracay. The voluntary group wants to preserve the area at Yapak where the bats roost. The development over the last twenty years has caused rapid and significant change to the natural habitat. Animals need to be given space to live and time to adapt to change. When the environment changes rapidly, by human intervention (construction for example), wildlife is put under pressure to adapt. Food becomes m o r e s c a r c e, c o mp e t i t i o n between bats and other species (such as monkeys) increases, places to roost decrease and disturbance and pollution cause stress. Bats, just like us and all other mammals, do not cope well with stress, and as a result, all of these factors can contribute to a decline in population. Sadly, once any species or habitat is gone, it is very challenging, and costly, to replace or re-introduce. We wonder how much it would cost for us to do the job of the bats in collecting seeds on the mainland, treating them and planting them every night?! How much would it cost us to manually pollinate all the fruits we need by hand rather than letting the bats pollinate the fruits for free? If you would li ke to be involved with conservation on Boracay, please join the Friends of the Flying Foxes group on facebook, where we will be updating you with ideas of how you can help.

Some interesting bat facts to take away: • Bats are not blind, they have good eyesight. • Bats are nocturnal, they sleep in the day and feed at night. • Bats spend a lot of time cleaning themselves! • The Giant flying fox has a wingspan of up to 1.8 metres. • Our Flying Foxes bring seeds from the mainland to help re-forest our green island. • Bats can live for up to thirty years. • Bats have one pup (baby) each year, they feed it milk and the mothers carry the pup on their tummies during their flight to find food every night.

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TOURIST GUIDE 2014 p a M e h T n O s s e n i s u B r u Put Yo FOLD AT THE DOTTED LINE FROM






















































Resorts and hotels D3 3-5-7 Boracay D5 7 Stones D5 Aissatou Beach Resort B9 Alta Vista Hotel B6 Ambassador Hotel D3 Angol’s Point Beach Resort D5 Aqua Boracay by yoo, beach front apartments A7 Artista Beach Villas C5 Astoria Boracay C5 Beachcomber Resort C7 Bella Vista B7 Best One C5 Boracay Beach Club D3 Boracay Beach House C5 Boracay Beach Resort C4 Boracay Garden Resort E3 Boracay Hills C6 Boracay Luxury Homes C4 Boracay Mandarin Hotel b8 Boracay New Coast D3 Boracay Ocean Club B5 Boracay Plaza C4 Boracay Regency C5 Boracay Sandcastles, The Apartments B6 Boracay Shores D4 Boracay Tropics D4 Canyon de Boracay D3 Casa Camilla D4 Casa Pilar Beach Resort B6 Chalet Y Beach Resort and Chalet Tirol C6 Cohiba Villas D3 Dave Straw Hatt’s Inn B6 Discovery Shores B8 ECO Village D4 El Dominador B8 Fairways & Bluewater B6 Friday’s Boracay D4 Golden Phoenix Sands Hotel b7 Grand Vista Hotel D4 Holiday Home de Boracay D3 Hotel Isla Boracay B8 Hotel Soffia C5 Jony’s beach resort D5 Laguna de Boracay C5 La fiesta resort D3 La Isla Bonita B6 Las Brisas Boracay Resort C4 La Carmela de Boracay D4 Le Soleil Apartments D5 Levantin E4 Lingganay Boracay B6 Litonezima Beach House C6 Little Prairie Inn D4 Luna Rossa D3 Mabuhay Beach House E4 Monaco Suites the Boracay D3 Marzon’s Resort

B7 Microtel B7 Mikas Place B6 Mayumi Beach House A7 Nami Resort B6 Nigi Nigi Too Beach Resort D4 One MGM Hotel B6 One White Beach A7 Orinda Beach Resort B6 Palms of Boracay D4 Paradise Bay D5 Pahuwayan Suites D3 Queen’s Resort C5 Real Maris Resort C5 Red Coconut B6 Residencia Boracay B6 Robinson Beach House B6 Seawind C6 Seraph Hayan Jacuzzi Villa A8 Shangri-La Resort and Spa C6 Sitio Boracay A7 Spider House c5 SPR Boracay Real Estate Inc. A8 Sol Marina Resort B6 Sur beach resort D3 Surfside Resort C7 Tanawin C5 The Club Ten Resort C4 Tirol and Tirol A7 Tropicana Ocean Villas & Apartments C5 True Home B6 Two Seasons Resort C4 Villa de Oro B6 Villa Kaloo Beach House B6 Waling Waling Hotel A7 West Cove c6 White Coral Resort B6 White House Beach Resort B6 Willy’s Beach Club Resort c9 Zoe Mei Restaurants & bars F1 Andoks C5 Aria C5 Ariel’s House d4 Azul Bar C5 Bamboo Lounge D3 Bei Kurt und Magz C5 Bistro Valhalla C5 Bite Club C4 Boracay De Paris C4 Boracay Paradise C5 Café del Mar

C5 Café del Sol C5 Caruso italian Restaurant C4 Club Summer Place C6 Cocomangas D3 Congas Bar C5 Epic Bar C5 Gasthof C5 Hama C5 Jammers B6 Kasbah Bar C5 Lemon-I Café C4 Le Soliel De Boracay A7 Mama’s Fish House C5 Ole C5 Pat’s Creek Bar C5 Pinoy Delights Resto D3 Red Pirates C5 Shibaya C5 Tilapia ‘n Chips C5 Timog café C5 Tito’s Restaurant C5 True Food B7 Wahine Beach Bar C5 Werdenberg C5 Zuzuni Boracay Activity locations D3 Blue Mango Dive Resort C5 Boracay Therapeutic Massage E4 Boracay Water World Resort D3 Boracay Yachting C7 Butterfly Farm C4 Calypso Diving Resort E4 Cool Waves C5 Diamond Water Sports C5 Freestyle Academy B6 Go Kart C4 Greenyard Fun Board Centre B6 Happy Dreamland B6 Horse Riding Stable c5 Harmonya Spa D2 Island Hopping B5 Kiteboard Centre D3 Mandala Spa C7 Mount Luho View Deck C5 My Fish Spa C6 Poseidon Spa C6 Patio Pacific C5 Quintessence Spa D2 Red Coral Boracay C6 Reef Riders C9 Ride the Zorb C5 Sea World Dive Centre C5 Timog kiteboarding E3 Tirta Spa C4 Victory Divers C7 Zorb Park E2 White Sand & Clear Waters Corp. C5 Amazing Show

Commercial locations C5 Budget Mart C5 Clear View Optical C5 Cool Stuff C5 Crafts of Boracay C5 D*Mall C4 D*Talipapa D4 E*Mall C5 Florista Flower Shop C5 Island Surfwear C5 Nothing But H20 General locations D1 Angol Point A8 Baling-Hai C10 Bat Cave D2 Cagban Beach E2 Cagban Jetty Port F1 Caticlan Jetty Port B5 Coral Garden F3 Crocodile Island G2 Crystal Cove A6 Friday’s Rock F1 Godofredo Ramos C8 Ilig-Iligan C9 Ilig-Iligan Beach D5Lugutan Beach E2 Manoc-Manoc Beach C9 Puka Shell Beach A8 Punta Bunga Beach A5 Ship Wreck (Camia II) F2 Tabon Jetty Port F3 Tambisaan Jetty Port E4 Tambisaan Reef G1 The road to Kalibo d5 Tulubhan Beach D6 Tulubhan Reef A6 Virgin Drop A9 Yapak Miscellaneous D4 Allied Bank c5 All Seasons Travel and Tours e3 Beth Shalom Academy c5 Boracay Sun Office D3 Boracay Fund D3 European International School c5 Groovin’ Tags C6 Holy Rosary Church C5 Jaspers D4 Kingfisher’s Farm D3 LGU Building D3 Orchids Resort and Villas D3 Paradise English a8 Shambala a7 Wild Life Expo C4 Life Gaurd Command Center d4 Boracay Coast Gaurd c4 Police Station d3 Red Cross d3 BFI e3 Boracay Fire Department d4 Metropolitan Clinic


puka ShEll BEach

1-6 persons

Island Hopping

Php 2,800

php 200 Per person 3 hours Island Hopping Cruise off the shores of Boracay in a local plus Banka boat checking out beaches, snorkeling and just enjoying the entrance fees 7-10 persons beautiful sites around the Islands for three hours. Php 3,300 per person 4 hours island hopping plus php 200 Per person Php 1,600 entrance fees Seafood lunch with soft drinks.

Altavis ta Hote l Shang ri-la Re sort & Spa

Zoe M ei

Ecovilla ge

ilig-iligan BEach

punta Bunga BEach Booty’s Sunset Cruise

Party off the shores of Boracay with drink all you can local beer and rum, Rocking music, fire dancing and the best view of Boracay’s sunset! Pick up is at 3:30pm, contact us for availability.

Barangay yapak

Php 2,200 per person

Resort Sol Marina

Baling-hai BEach

X-Treme Fun Flyboarding

Find your balance and experience flying like a bird or swim through Php 3,900 the water like a dolphin. Take a trip to nearby Carabao Island and per person enjoy 15 minutes of flight with a certified instructor inclusive of lunch and drinks.

Pick up the phone and book your acitvity with our experts Be escorted by our friendly Tour Guide to your activity and enjoy.

(0 3 6 ) 2 8 8 - 9 9 9 9 0999-889-0042 0917-394-8083 **Prices are subject to change without prior notice.**

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diniwid BEach



lapuz lapuz BEach

Boracay Newcoast Fairways & Bluewater

o Exp ife ildl W


Vista Grand

m Gy acy Leg s dio Stu ay rac Bo

Build your own activity packages! Choose 3 activities and get


Bora c Pa ay Ter Onelms of Braces Bora orac cay ay F P D rida Terraiscoverys Boraclace Well y Shor ay Land ness es eam Amb Kasba Spa y Dr p p h a Cha a Bar H Res ssad let Y L Beac as Brisa idencia or Hote h Re s Bora Borac l sort a c y a and y Res o Cha let T rt ir Two Park S Cha ol a Zorb Whit SUReasons Rlet Y Vista n Sp e Ho bea esor o Bella id se use B ch re t o P Mt. 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Speed Boat Rentals Kiteboarding Wind Surfing Legacy Gym - Training sessions for MMA, Muay Thai, BJJ and Boxing Stand Up Paddle by the Beach Aqua Sub Professional Photography Service Wedding Proposal Assistance OffShore Fishing

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Station 2

BolaBog BEach



lugutan BEach

King and Queen Package by Bella Isa

A 7 hour romantic extravaganza that begins with 4 1/2 hours of decadent spa treatments, sunset sailing and a dreamy 3-course candlelight dinner on the beach with a gift package which includes a handmade Bella Isa native gift bag, sarong, organic soap, and a bottle of your favorite massage oil. An unforgettable romantic experience!

Php 6,750 per person


Station 3

Tree H


tuluBhan BEach

Php 500++

Four Hand Massage Uplift your energy and revitalize all your senses by having two massage therapists work on you

Php 1,800

Enjoy a relaxing 1 hour massage in the comfort of your own room! Refresh your body and soul.

at the same time. Enjoy a 1 hour and 30 minute four hand massage with choices of Lavender Oil, Peppermint Oil or VCO Oil in your own private room.

per person (corkage + transportation fee) per person


oint Greenpnces Reside wel Inn Island Je ce Pla Dante’s ch Resort LM Bea

Call in Hotel Room Massage



Boracay Water World Resort


Boracay Hills

Golden Tree Spa Golden Package

Feel like royalty in this new golden spa experience combined with a romantic dinner sharing sweet memories on White beach. The package includes black stone massage which is a perfect stress reliever!

Shell Gas Station

Beth Shalom Academy

Php 3,500 for one person

Cool Waves


Php 6,500 per couple

Barangay Manoc-Manoc Boracay Fund Paradise English European International School

rESortS & hotElS BarS & rEStaurantS actiVitiES/Spa/Shop Boracay SErVicES

Petron Gas Station

cagBan jEtty port

Boracay firE Station

cagBan road

what’S on whitE BEach?

Monaco Suites de Boracay

Tirta Spa

taMBiSaan jEtty port

Lingganay Boracay

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Tatak Natin Souvenir Shop

Fully Furnished, Cable TV, Internet 4 Rates Daily, Weekly, Monthly

Master Siomai Station 2 Beachfront in front of Boracay Chalet and Main Road Barangay Balabag beside BPI.

Large Studio, 2 Bedroom Apartments P800, P1000, P1200, P1600 / Night

P108,000/ P150,000/ P180,000/P220,000/ Year

Tel # ( 036 ) -288 -5309, 288-5974

Station 1 next to Army Navy

Real estate & property

“A Showcase of Philippine Products” Stall # 3 & 4 D’market D’Talipapa Zone 7 Brgy. Balabag Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan Ruben “Benjie” S. Valencia Contact Number: 288-3864 /



Townhouse Hotel / Hostel 8 Room Rates P300 - P950 24 Hour Check - in / 24 Hour Airport Service

Book by Email: / Tel -( 02 ) - 854 -1435

7 Stones With monthly promotions and ideal location on Bulabog Beach offering stunning views of Boracay’s “other” beach and a laid back and romantic evening atmosphere.

Red Coconut Beach Hotel Aria Gelato With 18 flavours of homemade gelato ice cream made fresh each day, don’t miss your chance to cool off in the tropical heat with your favourite flavour today!

The Red Coconut Beach Hotel stands as a distinguishing beachfront landmark nestled in the heart of Boracay, with the reputation of establishing lasting fond memories of your vacation in paradise. As unique as its name, it offers comfortable accomodations and gracious hostpitality to each and every guest.

Philippine Red Cross Boracay-Malay Chapter Telefax: (036) 288 2068 Hotline: 199 or 919 Smart: 0939 9028 069 / Globe: 0917 3247 465

Job listings & Classifieds HIRING:

Buying things

The Lazy dog bed & breakfast

coco bar

Very seldom used resort wear & bikinis 1k & below

The Lazy Dog Bed and Breakfast is looking for a Housekeeping personnel: Male, Can work all around (flexible), Must have pleasing personality, Must be reliable. Call 0920-945-4845 for other details.

Coco Bar is now accepting applications for bartenders. Excellent salary and benefits and great people to work with. Please submit all resumes to or or call 288-3758 for an interview.

Very seldom used resort wear and bikinis. Price range P1k and below. Text 0947-742-0071

Hiring waitress, cashier, and bartenders


Hiring Waitress, Cashier and Bartenders: At least 5 feet tall, Preferably an HRM graduate or equivalent, At least 6 months experience is necessary. Email your resume: Put Boracay Job Hiring as the subject of your email.

My Boracay Guide is looking for an Accounting Assistant for the Transportation Department. Fresh graduates or with experience are welcome. Contact MyBoracayGuide if interested.

> Discount drop. Only 800Euro for Cabrinha CrossBow 16m kite. Perfect condition! > 10m F-one Bandit for sale. (with the bar). 600Euro. Negotiable.

kites for sale:

Demo\Showcase: Gumamela Resort (near 7Stones\ LazyDog). Phone: +63 9475867677 (Daniel)

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