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By Rob - When you review the options available for baby shower gifts, a trip through the baby department at your local department store could leave you more confused than when you began. What do they really need? What would make a really special gift? Is there anywhere to turn for great baby shower gift ideas? This article will cover a few practical ideas, which can be coupled with a little creativity, to find a truly memorable baby shower gift that any parent will appreciate. What Is Boppy Noggin Nest

If you're thinking of a rattle and a few diapers, do a little homework first. Although today's parent needs many things to assist in taking care of baby, before you send them a year's supply of Huggies, make sure the parents plan to use disposable diapers. Assuming your friend will raise their baby just like you would could open you to an awkward situation at the baby shower. A bouncing swing seat can be a handy tool for the busy parent, especially if there are siblings to care for. A foot rattle performs a dual role of contributing to baby's motor development while offering entertainment. Another practical baby shower gift, especially for a first time parent, could be an entire basket of infant health and safety supplies.

Boppy pillows are great for playtime, and mom can find use for these handy pillows whether she is breast feeding or using a bottle. Boppy pillows support the weight of the baby and free up mom's hands to take care of other issues. They can be especially useful with twins.

So, are these gift ideas lacking the personal touch? Do you want a baby shower gift that speaks to the special relationship you have with the parent to be? New mothers will appreciate a gift that makes them feel special, boosts her energy or allows her to feel pretty and pampered. How about a day at the spa? If you would like to give a special gift to both parents, how about an evening of free babysitting? If you're comfortable caring for an infant, you can even offer to let the tired parents go away overnight. More and more department stores offer a baby shower gift registry. It's always good to know that you're giving a gift the parents have picked out before hand, a gift you know they can use. If you think that's the easy way out, you could find a way to personalize the gift, possibly by throwing in one of the suggestions you've just seen in this article.

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