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Follow these Tips of ELO Boosting so you don’t cause Controversy Not everyone is a fan of ELO boosting, but the process is likely here to stay! It can offer value to someone needing to improve rank or to get help with a certain level. However, you do need to follow the rules so you don’t end up banned. You should never use this type of advantage during a competition. That is unethical and gives you an unfair advantage. Stick to the use of ELO boosting for relaxing, friendly play. Your friends and family won’t really care if you have gotten the help of a booster. However, it is still a good idea to keep such information to yourself. All you need is other players in the game starting trouble because they aren’t in favor of it.

Quiet Play However, keeping it quiet that you are using a ELO boosting provider can be tricky if you are one that often chats. The booster isn’t going to interact with other players, that can be a giveaway they are there on your behalf. They have one goal in mind, to get you to the agreed

upon level and to move on. Any incoming messages during their play for you won’t be answered. Be ready for this to raise some eyebrows if you are often chatting and answering right away. In fact, you may want to ease up on that a bit before you have the booster play for you. This will reduce the likeliness of anyone seeing red flags during this taking place. It is a good idea to keep this type of benefit to yourself so you don’t stir the pot!

Moves at a Realistic Pace They may have to slow it down for you too during League of Legends. It is going to be noticed if you are just blazing through the levels when you were struggling to get through one. They should complete the ELO boosting at a pace that looks realistic. They should also do it at a time that coincides with when you would be playing. If the ELO boosting is taking place when you are at work or when you are hanging out with friends, that is going to be noticed a something out of the ordinary. Those are minor details, but they may pick up on it if you often play at the same time they do. Don’t hire a booster in another country who will be playing when realistically, you would be sleeping!

Don’t Hire Anyone with Low Honor

Always verify the amount of honor the person who will booster for you has. This is very important because if they have a low honor score, they are taking part in activities that may get you banned. It isn’t going to do you any good if they play for you but then you wind up being banned from playing the game due to their actions. You need someone you can trust to play for you and get you results. Always verify what they bring to the table before you move forward. It isn’t enough that they are a good player and they can get you through the levels. Their integrity should be just as important to you before you reach out to them for ELO boosting. Make sure you compare prices for the services offered. You don’t want to pay too much for someone to help you. Not when there is so many wonderful options out there that could assist you while staying under the radar! When you take all of this into consideration, you can keep it a secret you got help.

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Follow these tips of elo boosting so you don’t cause controversy  
Follow these tips of elo boosting so you don’t cause controversy is offering safe and trusted services. Our boosters are using VPN programs that provide additional security against detectio...